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  1. W_L

    Chapter 13

    Thanks for reading, funny you mentioned each of them was there for Min in different ways. Forgot to mention this in my Author's notes on cultural idiosyncrasies, Japanese mourning rites includes the wearing of Black being part of the tradition, which Chip unknowingly is doing, along with White (immediate family members and close friends of the deceased should wear only Black). However, it is also considered bad luck to wear Black, Japanese superstition holds unfortunate events will transpire on those who wear it. (Is WL foreshadowing something will happen to Chip? His clothing is the only one I described ) Black is the color of misfortune and depression in Japanese tradition White is the color of Happiness, Spiritual Completion, and in terms of Marriage, "Death" and "Rebirth"
  2. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16281053-hunter-of-demons A gay romantic paranormal investigation procedural story set in Charlestown, South Carolina between an exorcist and a possessed telekinetic human with a vampire spirit with a distinct personality. The premise is interesting, the setting is unique in the contemporary American South, and the characters are very complex. Jordan L. Hawk is also a unique gay fiction author, being a trans-male writer from North Carolina, I did not kno
  3. W_L

    Chapter 13

    "United we stand, divided we fall", I think was derived from the concept you speak of I think at the heart of this story is one of trying to create comfort.
  4. W_L

    Chapter 12

    That's why it's an unorthodox approach, it's something that if ever used in real world settings would likely not be a psychological standard. A confrontation with a neutral group would help Brad far more than individual confrontation, because what Gary did to him was done under the presence of a group organized by Gary Gaston. Cook, aka Dr. Evan Hooker, is hybridizing two concepts : Group therapy with positive social interactions through the theoretical presence of the residents of Keller Hall and Attack Therapy, an aggressive form of confrontation therapy where the patient is directly challenged by stimuli. These 2 things work best in tandem with Brad, because despite his words and behavior to everyone around him, readers learn as the book progress through the patience of Beau's own selfless comfort that Brad is highly empathetic. Part of Brad's current issues and behaviors stem from prolong interaction with Gary Gaston, who is a textbook sociopath. Interesting note is that Brad being very empathetic, like Gary being a sociopath, work best in group settings rather than alone, when it comes to how he operates seeking approval or emotional support. There's a similarity and difference between them. Ultimately, I think Cook's therapy probably would have failed without Beau acting as a catalyst to activate his dormant empathetic instincts. Cook set everything up hoping to stimulate Brad's empathetic nature through one of the residents, but outside of Chip's non-sequitur encounters, he never connects with any resident.
  5. W_L

    Chapter 13

    Thanks for reading, Grief is a complicated issue and sometimes personal desires are messy line in the sand. Informed consent and friendship do not always match up in the real world, being human is not something easy.
  6. W_L

    Chapter 13

    Aye, the heart of their connections and their friendship though is based on something far more significant for all of them. I also liked showcasing a small glimpse at each of their personal lives. -Paki being into art was hinted at earlier, it fits him -Francis' lack of interests except exercise reminds readers that he is still stuck on Brad, who motivated him to exercise and become the gentle giant we know. -Warren's sterile room with only textbooks and photos from his boyfriend, Noah, punctuates his life. He's afraid of attachment, so his interests are solitary and requires a bit of active vetting. -Brad's reading interests in non-fiction books and his gay porn collection was hinted in chapter 2. -Mentioning Beau's horse mucking reminds readers of his rural background in Minnesota.
  7. Good friends are hard to find, good connections are forged in the heat of adversity and challenge.
  8. Chapter 13 is now live, Here's some Author's Notes: -Some indirect inference on Brad and his mood shift as the effects of Methadone wears off. It's revealing a bit more about the man behind his initial appearance or foul moods, he's a very empathetic person, but it doesn't mean he's selfless. -I indirectly revealed a major explanation in this chapter: Why are all the residents of Keller Hall there? The answer is simple: Each boy had felt a sense of abandonment Francis- Was abandoned by Brad after the big state Football Championships that caused his blindness Paki- Having failed his robbery attempt and lost his hand was abandoned to die on the streets as an example Warren- Being abandoned by his former lover Derek, which resulted in him being burned and traumatized Min- Being abandoned by his family and causing his boyfriend death through the same accident that left him quadriplegic Brad is a combination of all their issues and he has a unique empathetic streak, if he could connect with these guys as he is starting to now, he will be able to cope and rise above what Gary did to him. -Chip's Pokemon of the day is : Gothitelle. Basically imagine a non-gender conforming goth with psychic powers to predict when you will die in a Pokemon form. Gen V, Black and White era, had some weird stylistic choices. He went depressed and goth due to breaking up with Robby. -Yes, Min wears diapers, which as a wheelchair bound man isn't that odd. I've met many guys who have had to do that. There's a shame to the concept of wearing diapers due to perceived weakness. -Some South African Xhosa word translations babelaas- Hangover impumlo- Nose -Some Japanese word translations tomodachi-tachi- Friends (Plural for group), standard catch all for friends daishinyuu- Close/Best Friend, this is a deeper level of friendship in Japanese culture. It's an intimate type of friendship based on mutual kindness and understanding with one another.
  9. W_L

    Chapter 13

    After reading Mrs. Potter’s short text message, dread and guilt flowed like a raging river. I pulled Brad up to come with me. We had no time for plans or ruminations about the past or potential future that awaits. We walked through the wooded areas instead of the lighted path back to Keller Hall. I no longer worried about Gary Gaston descending from the shadows. I blamed myself as childish and unfounded as those feelings were. Min’s boyfriend was dead, the same boyfriend he had loved for years,
  10. SNAPE Someone Naughty Anticipates Potter Erection ALBUS
  11. https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/35114241-ravensong Book 2 in this series is a very big improvement and shows off T.J. Klune ability as writer. He also does a huge amount of world-building, story organization, and conceptual planning. Book 1 was slow and very difficult to read in my view, but book 2 was genuinely something I couldn’t put down, because Book 1 never resolved the relationship dynamics of the male couple. Length-wise, it is 400 pages long and 20 hours 18 minutes on audi
  12. POUND Puppies Offers Understanding, Needs Daddy TAILS
  13. W_L

    Chapter 12

    True, Gary and his family don't value human beings. As for Brad confronting Gary to get better, it's part of the bigger issues. Last chapter @Geemeedeeasked a really good question on why must Brad attend classes in person? The answer is in this chapter, he has to confront Gary, the manifestation of Brad's hatred and fear. Also, not sure if people ever wondered what Brad does during his days: He's auditing classes online, so it's not like he isn't participating, he's not ready to commit as an actual student and ultimately, Gary doesn't know about his presence due to him not being on the student rolls.
  14. Gary and Brad are on a collision course. Gary is escalating his game.
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