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  1. I love UFO studies from the purported crash landing at Roswell to the official investigation by the Air Force with Project Blue Book. I agree with @Myrsomething is going on with these strange aerial phenomenon, but it may be neither extraterrestrials nor human governments testing new technologies. We have nothing to offer an advanced civilization with contact and if they can traverse light years, they don't need to appear to us visibly, we already know how to create our own cloaking devices. As for countries with such Tech, it's possible, but such aircraft test flights could be dange
  2. I feel old re-reading my list from 2012 on the 1st page of this thread. I've been on this site for a decade Pokemon still seems to be the common denominator for a lot of us. Dorkly had a really interesting/funny video on differences between Pokemon gamers and generations:
  3. I watched this last week and this song conveys so much humanity. It's still in my head. Back in the 90's Disney had its Renaissance of animated movies, but Dreamworks proved with Prince of Egypt, it could be a contender with amazing songs, voice actors/actresses (including Patrick Stewart, Val Kilmer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helen Mirren, and Sandra Bullock). and a timeless story retold without being too stern or too cartoonish, there's good reason why this movie is considered an animated classic by audiences who grew up in the 90's.
  4. 1st dose done, no reactions as of yet. Filled out a few forms and had to wait 15 minutes after taking vaccine to leave in case of allergic reaction

  5. That's interesting, steampunk and Norse/Celtic Gods are an interesting combination. As to erotica, I love the romance plots that makes the payoff between two guys worthwhile. A scene can last a few pages, but love between two well-developed characters lingers for readers. Gay Romance is one of my favorite elements in stories. Feel free to join the Author group and ask for assistance or ideas. A lot of us have written stories on various topics and subjects.
  6. My vaccine date is set, 1st dose is 4/3/21 in the morning. I qualify under my employer and disability status with one of the conditions.

    Afterward, I'll grab a free doughnut, compliments of Krispy Kreme :P (if Starbucks offers free coffee, I'm set for the year) :o

    Update: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There's no Krispy Kreme near me!!!!

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, teddy.  :hug: Glad to hear you're getting the shot/s. But too bad about the lack of Krispy Kreme.

  7. Just posted a thank you comment to the readers and especially the commentators of Never Ending Struggle


  8. W_L

    Never Ending Struggle

    Thank you for reading and the review Thank you, I had considered this story for a longer novel, but decided against it, since I am working on a novel that is a bit more time consuming Thank you, the aim of this story was to try and be realistic. I hope I found a balance on how regular people live and love Thank you, yes money and fame isn't what makes HEA story works, it's sometimes just being there with someone you love. -------- Thanks to all the great readers for taking your time to read this little story
  9. And how about The Expanse, the most realistic of the futuristic Sci-Fi shows
  10. My favorite Sci-Fi universe, if I were to write a fanfic, would be Expanse Series The show opened me to the books and I enjoy it. The characters are set in a realistic 24th century, kind of the counterpoint to Star Trek. The concept is intrastellar within our solar system, not interstellar with humans being factional, and the aliens who can travel between stars are so far beyond us, it's laughable that we try to interpret their technology. As the character of James Holden said in the books when talking about the advanced proto-molecule, a cool piece of living tech, Humans are like ap
  11. Does anyone remember an old Anime called Trinity Blood?

    Catholic Priests fighting vampires, humans colonists from mars returning to earth, nanotech, steampunk tech, and zeppelins. I was just reminded of this old Anime and manga from my youth. It's the kind of explosive imagination that combines fantasy, science fiction, history, and philosophy that merges all the genres.

    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      I know of it, but Twilight has ruined the vampire genre for me.

  12. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Symphony No. 41 is his longest symphonies that he composed:
  13. As you type, I'll just take this off your hands
  14. Good to know, I won't mention the "centre of the universe" I know Toronto is treated like Canadian version of New York, didn't even occur to me that the hate is similar for their sports coverage (American Football's coverage and booth reviews come out of New York as well, so lots of team hate the calls). Being a Bostonian, we sort of live in the shadow of Bobby Orr, who was an Ontario boy oddly enough and probably the youngest prodigy in the history of Hockey. He's among the short list next to Wayne as the Greatest Hockey Player of all time. I remember the stories about his father pushi
  15. @wildone Wayne Gretzky was an amazing Hockey player and it's sad to hear his father passed. I only saw him towards the end of his career, but I was old enough to see the effect of the Gretzky rule and post-rule era in the NHL. Side note: Are you a Calgary Flame, Toronto Maple Leaf, or Montreal Canadiens fan? I know there are more Canadian teams, but those are the 3 that comes to mind that have beef with Edmenton Oilers.
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