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  1. W_L

    Chapter 9 - Pepper

    Awe, shoot, I forgot to do my final comment as well like @ColumbusGuy It was pleasure working with you Nick, the story turned out real well and the chracters were fun to read. Pepper is an adorable dog, and I like how you portrayed the relationship of a dog and its family. People assume that it's just the pet owner, who adopts the dog, but it's also true that the dog adopts its humans.
  2. I am still looking for an Editor and Beta Reader for my Dining-themed story.

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    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Six chapters?!  :blink: Ummm, sure. I don't have any shifts to cover until Monday, so I guess I can read it.  :gikkle:

    3. W_L


      @Page Scrawler I have 12 chapters right now with 35K words, I didn't want to scare you :P


      Seriously, I can give it to you 1 chapter at time to make it easier to read :)

    4. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Let's go for it!  :D

  3. Cool, I'm just playing around with the Zortrax M200 at work, they're Polish 3D Printer company. It's a little older now, but still usable
  4. Happy Belated pi Day @Drew Espinosa

  5. I'll soon be posting a request for a Beta Reader and Editor this weekend.


    My Novel/Novella is at its halfway mark, 8 chapters and 20K+ words. I wrote it in 2 weeks, which I am really surprised by.


    Again, this new story wouldn't have been possible if @Nick Brady didn't inspire me to write a Modern fiction story from my own life experiences. In Working with Nick on Love is Blind, I rediscovered my own love of writing, not just for the pure thought provoking stories, but the stories we can find as well in everyday life.

  6. W_L

    Most hated fanfic tropes

    Didn't know there were Omega werewolves sex slave boys, but I wonder if the author could actually make it work, similar to the concept of Orion girls from Star Trek. Basically from Alpha Canon and Beta Canon, outwardly their world seems like it's dominated by powerful strong masculine brutes with henchmen in traditional setting and poor defenseless sex slaves. However, in reality, the entire society is actually dominated by these sex slaves, who use their seductive abilities to manipulate the strongest males in their society and are the true oligarchs. @Thorn Wilde If I ever had to write Werewolf fanfic, I'd probably clean that up this way, much more fun than just natural sex slaves and makes these character far more scary. In terms of tropes, I hate: -The hero develops a skill that you never knew he had until the end to save the day, I've seen this in a few HP fanfics. It's a contrivance and the worst kind of Deus ex Machina. -More recently in stories, love polygons with the advent of mainstream LGBT characters. Look you don't need to have characters fighting over one another in order to make it entertaining, if the story devolves into that, then you're just doing a day time talk show. I mean does this sound any good: My best friend is in love with me, his brother is in love with me, I am in love with their cousin, their cousin is in love with my best friend, and my sister is in love with his brother. If you want love triangles fine, but don't make everyone involved in one. -The hostage being your boyfriend/girlfriend situation trope, this one has been around for a long time. I get it, this adds tension to the story to have your lover in jeopardy, but it becomes less interesting if you keep doing it over and over again. A notable example, The Walking Dead made that mistake with several key characters, then when they do die, it is less impactful than it should be, because the writers didn't respect their characters.
  7. W_L

    Chapter 8 - Making Plans

    Wonderful chapter Nick, sweet and loving
  8. W_L

    Chapter 7 - Christmas

    Very charming chapter, Andrew's mother was very nice and the boys had lovely emotional depth.
  9. Awesome, I am partial to Mumbai curry myself I get heart burn, when I eat curry now, but it's worth every antacid. PS: @Thorn Wilde, take a look at the Mumbai Street Food scene, it's really cool. While I love food, I have resisted for a long time to open the floodgates of talking or writing about my food experience. I come from a family of cooks and restraunt workers. I love food and the most fun memories I had were around food. Wayne write that menu and if you need more recipes, I can offer up some Asian specialties for you.
  10. W_L

    Chapter 6 - Decisions

    So happy about this chapter, it's fun, sexy, tragically comedic , and at the end very human.
  11. That's really cool, adding personal melody to a story. I can't hit a note if my life depended on it, but a long time ago, I also attempted to write a song into a story. It was one part poetry and one part rap. Anyone here ever incorporate exotic foods and cuisines into their writing?
  12. Hope my newest story will be enjoyed, I'll probably post it over here on GA eventually.


    I want to thank @Nick Brady for helping me move past my setbacks.  Nick, in helping you, I've realized my life experiences can be inspirations for non-fictions/semi-fictional stories.


    I love Sci-Fi and speculative fiction, but I am not stuck on a genre.


    0's and 1's ended too soon, but the lessons I've learned from writing that story and almost 10 years of bouncing from reading and writing gay fiction are even more important.

  13. W_L

    Homosexuality: Not sex, but survival

    Question is when does sexuality manifests? Most kids don't have sexual preference or orientation immediately until puberty. I look at it as an innate trait, like people might be blond in their youth and maroon in their 30's. Using the hair color example, some people will try to mask their maroon hair with hair coloring products to stay blond just like gay guys might try maintaining a heterosexual relationship in order to avoid the "gay" label for their reasons, but you are who you are and that's the innate reality of you.
  14. We all have various hobbies/interests beyond writing and reading, sometimes they become part of our writing or are what attracts us to certain authors. A hobby of mine is traveling and history, so I am attracted to museums and architectural works. Even though I only have limited 2D vision (you need a 2nd eye in order to create 3D vision), I love experiencing and touching things. Though the way I experience travel and history might be different than you guys: Things like the Mona Lisa, while I understand are aesthetically beautiful, to me are a long line with pushy people taking smartphone photos. In contrast, I can appreciate marble and bronze statues textural state by feeling them, though I try to avoid the parts I actually want to touch a little longer (anatomical correctness and all ). Renaissance statues are among my favorites, while I cannot touch the original David or Hercules, the models of their equivalence are extremely detailed and show the depth of work that original artists put into them. When I visited China, the Great Wall of China to me wasn't awe inspiring, unless you count the thousands of stairs up and down it to be inspirational, then yes for a fitness instructor or Rocky Balboa. However, the Forbidden Palace really was inspiring for the sensations like feeling the wooden beams, smelling the gardens, or imagining yourself either as the emperor, a court official, a eunuch, or even one of the thousands of women vying for attention and love of one man at the same time trying to maintain power and position against the other 999 women after the same things. The concept of palace intrigue may have many origins, but Dynastic China was where it was played to its peak, when after centuries of Darwinist selection, a single woman not only rose above all her peers, but eventually rose above all men in the country as an Emperor herself. That's one of my many hobbies
  15. That's amazing, I wonder how he's able to control the other arm? I love robotics and prosthetic limbs are an important application, using legos as your base material is a cool idea with a few adaptive applications.

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