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  1. Reading non-LGBT sci-fi series: Harry Turtledove Worldwar

    This is fun alternate history fiction series with the basic premise: what would happen if a 21st century equivalent alien civilization traveled to earth via controlled atomic fusion (relativistic speed) on a mission of conquest during World War II in year 1942? The alien technology is only a century ahead of WWII combatants and their invasion sparks a lot of interesting questions on the meaning of "humanity", persistence of prejudice and bigotry despite proof that humanity or "races" or "classes" among its populations are "divinely chosen", and so many more topics.

    Also, for heterosexual/bisexual audiences, there's a good amount of lurid sex scenes between male/females.

  2. Re-reading Harry Potter Series, Book 1-7, finished book 1 and am now in the middle of book 2

    I am wondering if Time Lords and Wizards co-existed in the same multi-verse; a Ford Anglia that can fit 8 people, luggage, broomsticks, and animals sounds pretty similar to a good Doctor :)


  3. May the Fourth Be With You!


  4. This is a really sweet story from one of the most recognized gay reporters in media. https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/30/media/anderson-cooper-father/index.html Hope he, his partner, and his new son Wyatt the best.
  5. I am attempting a new story, not sure if it will be Novella or Novel length. It's modern fantasy tale regarding the most famous traitor of all time, Judas Iscariot. The summary to describe the story: "The most infamous traitor in history, or was he? To all the world, Jude is just a mid-level thirty-something Accounting manager, trustworthy, honest, and loyal to a fault. A stranger with connections to his past will re-open old wounds that never healed over the last few thousand years." Some supernatural elements and mystery involved with modern twists Any interested editor please PM me and I'll send a draft of chapter 1 and 2.
  6. Agreed, an ending should fit a story and American sensibilities are more geared towards HEA ending at any costs sometimes hurting the story. I love the Wedding Planner like any romantic movie watcher, most of all, because the hero doesn't make it in time to the wedding and his love interest made the choice. Contrast that with an ending like The Graduate, the lover runs off with the bride to be in a somber and romantic ending, which is also really good too as I find "Nothing/Unresolved" endings good modern realism. I can imagine both a tragic ending and a happy ending for characters based on my mood when re-watching it.
  7. One of the best and hardest things a writer can ever write is a proper ending for a story. In the past, a majority of fiction has focused on Happily Ever After (HEA) or at least Happy For Now Endings (HFN), since it's much more desired to give a reward to both characters and readers for going on extended journeys in your narrative. Of course, there is an opposite side to both these "good" endings, tragedy. The ancient Greeks probably found out that a good tragedy spurs more discussion than a charming happy ending, Shakespeare's greatest plays were also tragedies too like Julius Caesar, Macbeth, and Hamlet. In modern times, we also have started seeing "unresolved issues" ending. Basically, an evil writer is teasing his/her readers, then leave them without any satisfaction. It's a great way of creating a cult following for a story, promise something and keep promising new things as story progresses, but do not give a satisfying conclusion for all issues. J.K Rowling made Harry Potter mandatory reading throughout the original 7 novels by keeping reader's attention (though I am not a fan of book 8/the play that shall not be mentioned). What type of ending do you prefer?
  8. Since Hockey is not being played, I am reading a gay romance about hockey players. It's part of 2 book series. Fun, sexy, romantic, and inappropriately perfect.

    HIM by Sarina Bowen


    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Hey, Teddy.   :hug:

  9. I was being stalked by a female black cat, she kept walking towards me and followed me for a few blocks. When I let her come towards me, she hugged my leg,  then skirted off to my right side.

    Am I doomed?

    1. Zombie


      it’s not looking good

    2. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      Maybe she needs a home?   :)

    3. Timothy M.

      Timothy M.

      Pretend to be British - they think black cats are good luck. :yes: 

  10. Watched "Prince of Egypt" yesterday, just because I really liked the music and thought Dreamwork's animated version is better to Charlton Heston's live-action 1956 version.

    However, the side effect is the music is still stuck in my head.


    1. Page Scrawler

      Page Scrawler

      It is a good movie.   :yes:

  11. Playing Buffy the musical episode "Once More with Feeling" soundtrack as I read; don't know why?


  12. I should probably re-read Circumnavigation, but there's so much to explore!

    For me, when choosing a story, I do gravitate to classics I loved and explore outwards from there. A lot of GA stories are like potential partners, so as a reader, I guess I am monogamously remaining loyal to a story's concept. After a story is over, I will try to find others like it; some are one chapter reads (no offense it's me, not you, story) or I will fall in love from through a series. There needs to be a lasting impression with a story for me.

    I wish GA had a suggested story follow-up, like Amazon or other sites, where authors and reader can make suggestions for new stories to read after you are done with the one you read.

    1. Daddydavek


      People can leave story comments on the other tab from story reviews.  Anyone could leave a comment suggesting a follow-up story.....

  13. Pants if temp is under 50 F, but otherwise no pants I am also partial to No shirts as well on warmer weekends We all do what makes us happy and relaxed in these troubled times
  14. Reading "Saving Silas", a harlequin gay romance between an abused 19 y/o gay college kid and an 33 y/o ex-army gay EMS. It's a 3 hour novelette, but it's cute short story on amazon.

    Netflix is fun in burst, but sometimes a light gay novel is far satisfying, at least to me.

  15. BeeJay

    I agree. We have enough folks here in the U.S. who politicize COVID-19. On the other hand, to those who say it's much ado about nothing, let's remember back in the 1980s when the U.S. government decided to ignore HIV and AIDS. Cornoavirus needs attention, but it doesn't need to dominate our lives.

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