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  1. Well just to make it clear for people who do not know, I suffer from Congenital Glaucoma, I was born with bad eyesight, and am legally blind with very low vision. One thing I've learned as I read stories, there really isn't much diversity or representation of people with disabilities in various gay fiction genres. People like me exist throughout the world in various forms; for instance, my last boyfriend was deaf, but it very hard for me to find any kind of story that reflect that kind of relationship. Suffice to say, I wanted to started writing again, because I felt a need to represent m
  2. Still looking for an Beta reader/Editor, I also am fine with any creative dislike of the story line or my descriptions of the mindsets:


  3. Chapter 1: (Danny Deere) This was not what I imagined my summer would be like. Like seriously, who would imagine being trapped on a plane that was about to crash. The pilot was probably dead, I think I heard Bobby screaming something about his “heart”, but I can’t be sure. My natural hearing is not exactly “normal”. Usually, I explain it to people like it’s the hearing version of near sightedness just for a simple analogy to the complex issues with my ears. Something happened when I was a baby that caused damage to my hearing, so I am technically deaf. I can hear some
  4. With Comforting Touch now written and undergoing editor review, I am working on a new story. It's an old school kind of novel about two sixteen year old boys stuck in Canadian Wilderness after their bush plane crashes. I am estimating between 20-25 chapters at 3k words per chapter. Usually many of these wilderness survival stories I've read or seen are individually based, like Tom Hanks' Castaway. If they have more than one character, it would usually be a group effort and social commentary like William Golding's Lord of the Flies. I rarely read stories about two people of the same sex an
  5. Oh my good news, I just began writing a new novel length story. It is fun!

    Really interesting premise with an old school backdrop, so when I am done with Chapter 1 and 2, I'll look for an editor.

  6. I read this stories years ago, when you first published it on Nifty and I just re-discovered it now. It's an interesting plot concept with 2 boys finding their romantic matches/soulmates.
  7. I am more plot oriented than sexual writer, but I must concede that after realizing my sexuality is different than my sexual orientation, it kind of made sense. Sex for me is part of a lot great fictional stories, Harry Turtledove WorldWar series featured a lot of heterosexual sex scenes in graphic details, but he's still considered one of the greatest authors of the Science Fiction genre. For my writing, I've evolved to aspects of sex, where I will explain the ingredients of sex, but do not give you graphic blow by blows. For that, I want reader to use their imagination: Take t
  8. Geographically the island could still fit North American or South American climates, depending on the season. May I suggest that you consider giving your boys "Fishing Spears", they were one of the earliest fishing tools early man developed and Native American were using it until the 19th century. They also developed more complicated fish traps by utilizing inedible fish bones to lure larger fish into "fish pools", by doing that and using a spear you can get much more fish. A fish spear is also fairly simple to fashion as well. (Beware though, do not give your boys bows or design arr
  9. Correct for natural occurring coconuts, there's also modern varieties of coconut, Maypan Coconut, which is a hybrid. They were created via F1 hybridization of palm trees in the Americas. @Vikki It's not a bad story, I can tell you spent a good deal of time on it. It reminds me a little of the opening of LOST American TV show.
  10. Fascinating, I like the concept and setup. Indian backgrounds are a nice touch.
  11. W_L


    Interesting premise
  12. As I've been on a hiatus for 4 years or so, it feels a bit odd to write again and to open my story to readers' opinion. Still, I think having a spot for discussion might be useful for readers, so I'm creating this thread. Feel free to discuss the story, ask about characters or plots (including the question what is fact/fiction?), disagree with my story development, and respectful constructive criticism is fine too. The story is posted on GA and on IOMFATS.org under my pen name over there Wendell Locke. It's a gay romance story dealing with modern themes and story elements,
  13. So the next story in the Comforting Touch series is live now: Fanning Flames The story goes into areas I rarely explore in the past. It was an interesting exercise. One area that people might have caught on from last story, I think the best way to describe my sex scenes in this story is with one word, Sensuality. Using your hands, your nose, and your tongue is just as important to the experience as any other area. While Sexuality is what many people like to describe in both heterosexual and homosexual romance, but, in my opinion, the sensual nature of being with someone nee
  14. Story # 3 of Comforting Touch Series is now Live!

    Fanning Flames

  15. W_L

    Fanning Flames

    Jason is getting his life back together with Ben's love and help. However, the unexpected arrival of Ben's sister, Jade, throws their happy little bubble into chaos. New experiences and feelings arise in Jason that could cause problems for their budding relationship.
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