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PINK lemonade



So yeah... did you know that what they put into the pink lemonade to make it pink is actually grape juice? I find this funny cause I LOVE pink lemonade and I really don't like grape juice at all... weird huh? :blink:


So, I can't go into details here... so don't even ask... but... I LOVE Rich! I mean, I know you already knew that... and so did I for that matter... but :wub: he did something so sweet for me and it has shown me something and made me smile like crazy! So, thanks babe! I love you! :wub:


So it's official... Tony is now single again, and I am trying to deal with his somewhat broken heart. It's funny cause I think if he had taken the initiative to break up with her instead of vice-versa... he wouldn't be so sad... but I know he was thinking about it too. I'm just waiting for him to realize this is okay and in the end, probably a good thing... I just can't say that to him right now. But... poor Tony! :hug:


Okay so I randomly and out of the blue got this email from... Rich's brothers' ex girlfriend, who he has a son with. When Rich and I were just getting together I remember the first 'family function' he brought me to was Michael's first birthday party... and now the kid is 14!! :o and SO cute! and... looks just like his dad. I miss the guy ya know!


I think I'm tired... is that allowed? :unsure: I don't know, I'm pretty sure it's not, according to the mom manual, but a nap sounds REALLY good right now and I only got out of bed like 2 hours ago -_- I do recall there being some rule about the dog watching the kids though :wacko:


Working again tonight...


Some people I need to hug! Luc :hug: Sweetie :wub: Angel!! I miss ya :wub: Eric the beautiful! :wub: The man... :hug: for being so smart and so strong... Ronnie, Natey, Tobi, Petey, :hug:


Umm, Kev... where the heck are ya? Worrying me is NOT nice! :wub:


Have a good weekend everyone!



PS. You have a GREAT shoulder! :wub: Nice meeting you Vin! :D


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Yeah, Viv, what's up with that? I feel like we haven't talked in like a week... :(


Maybe we can catch up tonight. :)


Maybe Vin will be around again. :D


Love ya,

Your Diesel Angel

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Sorry Vivian,


I've been busy hidding out in public washroom while wacko's are creepin me out again. :unsure:


Talk to you soon.




PS. Oh wait I'm talking to you right now while I write this. :lmao:

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