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my name is viv...



... and it's been 12 days since my last blog. Whatever :P I can quit anytime, I swear!


So much to say, and I'm sure I won't even remember it all so forgive me and I'll apologize in advance for the random crap that is to follow....


Okay so... Petey has officially made me Westlife's newest fan!! *Giggles like some crazy 16 year old* ... Talk about ways to hold onto my youth eh? PS. I LOVE Shane... *Screams like an insane fan!* okay well tone it down a little maybe but you get the idea. Anyway I REALLY love the song World of our Own! Amazing lyrics! :D


So I know to them this is just me being supportive, and I am, but... I really, REALLY mean the following so you both can just deal! You guys are both very talented writers who give a very strong message in your stories. Your stories come from your hearts and that is part of what makes them so great, the other part is how they are expressly 'you' and you both are amazing people with beautiful hearts! :wub: So read their stories... http://www.gayauthors.org/eficiton/viewstory.php?sid=119 by Dave and http://www.gayauthors.org/eficiton/viewstory.php?sid=122 by Dezlboi, they have more in the efiction section, but these are the newest of their projects. :2thumbs: and then give them some feedback!


Tony and his girlfriend are having drama... and I am trying to be neutral about the advice I give him and not just say break up with the girl.. but I kinda think he should. I really don't think they are the right people for each other... not that it's my choice to make. Sigh...


Okay so I have to say.. thanks Foxy! The super starter of all things in my forum almost... I was so excited to come home and see what people had to say about the anthology stories... and you had started that topic and :wub: thanks! That, and I love reading your reviews~


I feel like my head is spinning, so much has happened and I'm trying to remember it all :wacko: I've been kind of on an emotional rollercoaster the last 2 weeks and I think it's finally over... :D and before you all think it... it was not hormonal... this time! :rolleyes::*) I tried to stick up for myself... finally, and I still don't know how well that went, and I gave all kinds of pep talks to some really great guys! Anyway, I think the best part was Davey though :wub: like always, he managed to find a way to make me smile like crazy! Love you Sweetie!


Okay Davey sent me this quiz... http://www.blogthings.com/howevilareyouquiz/ thingy... and I took it... and apparently I am 32% evil :unsure: Me?? Evil!? 0:) Psh, as if! I would tell you all to go take it but it must be broken or something.


So, it was 105 degrees here the other day and the weather report said 'feels like 111' and I was thinking... like it f**king matters at that point! :o and then the next day it was thundering and rainy and humid as all hell and just... miserable.


I've been reading like crazy and not getting any writing at all done... and I can't really decide if I want to finish FBTE first or start on A Time for Truth... and editing like crazy too! SO many good stories going on right now!


Okay so... hope everyone has a great week! Ronnie!! OMG good luck hun! :hug:


Love ya,



PS. Sweetie! :wub: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many thank you's! Snowy... :wub:


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That was quite the little rollercoaster there sweetie!

Im glad I made you smile, hopefully after tomorrow I'll be able to make you smile even more :lmao:


Im with you on wishing, Ronnie good luck, I don't know him at all but you talk so nice about him I feel like I kinda do. So GOOD LUCK Ronnie, I hope things work out great for you. I think I speak for just about everyone here when I say if you need to vent to someone I'll listen. Viv can hook you up if you want it.



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Hey Viv! Awww you're welcome :wub: . You did a WONDERFUL job on Just Say It and I hope everyone reads it and talks about it! :D


I too would definitely like to give Ronnie and extra :hug: and a good luck!


anyway take care and have an awesome day!


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Aaah Sweets,



I think we don't say it enough, but we really appreciate the way you listen to our ramblings and try to help us find solutions. No matter what problem we have, you're always able to get us to look at it from another perspective or come up with ways to deal with it.

Yet, i sometimes think we don't listen well, to understand when it is time to reverse the situation so you can tell and we listen and try to help.


I do hope you get an answer on the issue of you sticking up for yourself. And I hope everything turns out fine.


Like everyone around here, I'm :2thumbs: for Ronnie and hope he finds the courage to go through with it. Not like me and back down at the moment of truth.


Anyway, lots of :hug: 's





PS should I hide now?

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