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sometimes I wonder...



... how many questions he can come up with in a day. And sometimes they're random, and sometimes observant. Sometimes inquisitive and curious, and sometimes silly and sometimes asked with the intention of annoying me, but no matter the type or the cause, it seems he has an endless supply.


Some of the more recent have been...


Q: Why do chips come in a bag?

A: To keep them fresh.


Q: How do you make water?

A: Uhh, I don't.


Q: How is your beautiful-ness?

A: My beautiful-ness?


Q: What happens if I squeeze this ball inside here?

A: It will hurt, now go put your pajamas on, please.


Q: How come it's raining?

A: I guess the clouds got too heavy carrying all that water around.


Q: Which one is our car?

A: Cause you forgot which one ours was in the few hours since I dropped you off at school?


Q: Why is it called a jaw breaker?

A: Because the candy is really hard and if you try and chew it, you could break your jaw... :P


I love that he wants to know EVERYTHING... how things work, why things are the way they are, what will happen if. I wonder if, as he gets older, if the questsions will become more complicated, or just stop since he'll know the ways to find the answers himself.



So, Mother's Day came and went, and one of the most entertaining parts, for me anyway, was that my son made a plan... written directions with illustrations to follow. He clearly got his dad's artistic ability... since I have none.



The book Billy sent me arrived today! :D I read a little already, and it reminds me very much of something he wrote... should be an interesting read... thanks, Billy! :hug: If anyone is interested in reading along with us, the book is called Fall on your Knees, by Ann-Marie Macdonald.


I went and saw Steve earlier today... it's FREAKING RAINING!!! at the end of May... in California! My flip-flops got wet, we Jamba'd, and I made sad faces at him since he's broken and won't let me fix him. Plus side... totally didn't get lost going there or coming back... and getting to snuggle him :wub:


Rich is whining cause we're waiting to go see Indiana Jones on Saturday with Steve and he wants to go toniiiiiiiiiiiiiight! I told him repeatedly he could go with his friends tonight, but he's refusing... and to me that means he isn't allowed to whine since he chose it.


So, I ended up in a store today looking for a present for someone, and looking like a complete girl and walking out again. It's gonna have to wait until I can consult someone with a penis... that's all there is to it. :P





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aww... Matty's plans look so uhh.. planned out :lol: He sure is gonna be a good person when he grows up :) And did he really make breakfast? :o


And I wonder what kind of present are you trying to get?? :P

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