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My Contribution To The Enviroment



Ok, so as most people know, I'm not much of an environmentalist. I believe that global warming is a hoax and that we need to industrialize Africa so that the people of that continent can enjoy the fruits of a thriving economy. I also believe that relaxing environmental standards on industry will benefit the entire world in the long run.

But I'm not completely void of environmental stewardship. I stopped eating red meat, pork and chicken almost a month ago and I'm working on my pesky addiction to seafood as we speak. I also drive a gas stingy Japanese car (a Honda Civic) and have taken a vow never to own an SUV or an American made (GM, Ford, Chrysler) car. But I think that's not enough. So here's my new pledge.


I vow never to buy a subscription to a major newspaper or magazine.


In 2006, it was estimated that it took nearly 4 billion trees a year to publish newspapers around the world alone. That's not including magazines. In the United States alone, we consume 187 billion pounds of paper each year. Add to that the fact that most newspapers are delivered by cars, and most likely, not very nice cars. Or even worse, if it's a big paper route, a truck or SUV, and that's some horrible pollution all the way around.

So I'm asking anyone who reads this to reconsider your subscription to the newspaper. You can read the news online just as easily, and with minimal damage to the environment. Also, cancel your magazine subscriptions and read them online too. Or better yet, don't get online subscriptions to the newspapers and magazines because of the selfish way that they've destroyed our environment. Look for publications that are published exclusively online and give them your business instead.


Ok, I'm done now. :music:


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