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  1. By chance, Kevin finds love at a Texas Party
  2. Darkness enveloped the area behind the stage where Kevin stood with his hands clasped together, nervously waiting to make his move. Dubya was speaking. Kevin felt a tinge of insane jealousy run up his spine and cause his blood red hair to stand up a little when he heard the crowd cheering for Dubya's wife, who had just been introduced. Out on the stage, the scene was tense. The crowd was turning against Dubya quicky, and it was all Kevin could do to stay calm. He unlinked his fingers long enough to reach into his pocket and grab a lucious piece of dark, rich chocolate and pop it into hi
  3. Dubya was inordinately stiff by the time the electric buggy arrived back at the clubhouse, and he wasn’t sure if he could lay the blame with the overly bouncy route his driver had taken, or the rather wordy briefing he’d received from the whitehouse liaison to Homeland security. He was further miffed to see both Ryan and Kevin sitting on a bench outside the pro-shop. “GW!” Kevin and Ryan said together as they spotted Dubya, and leapt to their feet momentarily, before the handcuffs attaching them to the bench, and the laws of physics, forced them back again. George frowned. ‘His boys’ see
  4. “You did what!” Ryan sputtered. He was in a small, fast, and very luxurious Lear jet on his way to Dulles airport; to be followed by a hop to the Pentagon, and a meeting with the Secretary of Defence. Ryan had been whiling away the journey planning a sweet evenings revenge on Dubya and Kevin. He’d just got around to wondering which of them would choose the Donald Duck silk boxers, and who would pick Mickey Mouse, when his cell phone rang. “Ryan.” He answered peremptorily, and then listened, his mouth opening in amazement. “I said shock, not shot you blithering idiot! Please don’t tell me
  5. "Yes… No, I did just as you told me… " Brett Jenkins paused and frowned at what the voice in the cell phone was telling him. "That's not exactly what we discussed this afternoon… Sure, I understand, but…" He blushed as the voice scolded him. Then he cringed at the possible consequences of a rebuttal. His mind escaped from reality for a few seconds, as he pictured the gorgeous body lying across the green satin quilt spread upon the bed. "Yeah, yeah, you'll have it your way. Don't worry, there are offers one can't refuse," he joked. He closed the cell phone's lid. There was some work a
  6. As he climbed aboard his limo that would take him to his daily 2-hour golf practice, Dubya's heart was torn. Arnie's voice had brought him back old memories. Maybe seeing Kernan the Savage 25 years ago had been one of these experiences that had forced him to admit to himself he was attracted by men. The strong, poignant narrative about a boy estranged from his family and growing up to challenge the forces of evil, and the glistening muscles of the actor of Bavarian background had made for one of the heaviest artistic moments George had ever experienced. This movie had given him the stre
  7. It was lucky, Kevin thought, that it was still early. The image of the president's party waiting to be seated played out in his mind, and he couldn't help chuckling. "Why are you laughing, Kevin?" Nick, the waiter for the presidents table, asked, looking at Dubya in awe. Kevin prided himself on his swift thinking, and this was as swift a plan as he'd put together since the sixth grade debacle with his hated home-room teacher and the stink bomb. He smiled as he turned to Nick. "He's not the president, Nick. Just some jerk look-alike hired by Ryan Everett," Kevin narrowed his eyes me
  8. As Kevin walked through the door, a thin film of perspiration had formed on his forehead. Not being sure whether he was over dressed or slightly underdressed, but as he set his eyes on the others in the room, he realized he had dressed perfectly. True, he was going to stand out, but in a good way. Although he was one of the hottest guys in Texas, he wasn’t conceited about it at all. Little did he know what the night would hold as he walked toward the open bar. Kevin ordered his drink, a double shot of Hypnotic, then he walked out onto the dance floor to socialize. Just as he was spotted the
  9. NickolasJames8


    A moment of reflection in a rocky relationship that never dies
  10. NickolasJames8

    Chapter 1

    I can forgive the things you’ve said I can forgive the way you played with my head I can forgive your arrogant ways I can forgive the games that you play I know you can’t help it I know you can’t change I know it’s a pattern I know that you’ll stray I feel like I love you I feel like a fool I feel like your brother I feel like a tool I can’t help that I stay here I can’t help that I try I can’t help that I love you I can’t help that I cry I want it to work I want you to know I want to change with you I
  11. “There he is!” Taylor shouted, pointing at the large calico that had taken refuge on the back patio, somehow managing to get himself cornered by Nick and his friends. “Someone give me the hose,” Nick said mischievously, grinning from ear to ear at the prospect of teaching the big cat a lesson. For months, Nick, James and Jim had been chasing him away when they’d catch him on their lawn going to the bathroom. A few times, Nick heard his dad comment that he wanted to shoot the cat with a bb gun, but he never acted on his threat. But this time, in the presence of four of his classmates,
  12. Nick felt a wave of excitement run through him as he peered out the window of the bus he was riding in and saw his papu standing next to Tom at the bus stop. Both men smiled amusedly as Nick waved out the window before the bus came to a complete stop. As soon as he heard the loud rush of air come from somewhere underneath the bus, he knew it was okay to get up from his seat and walk with Taylor to the front of the bus, where he smiled politely at the bus driver. “Have a good weekend boys,” she said with a warm smile. “Thanks Miss Julie,” Nick and Taylor said almost in unison as they step
  13. “Can you spend the night after my party?” Taylor asked hopefully, sending a wave of stress through Nick that must have shown, because his hopeful look seemed to fade and was replaced with one of disappointment. Before Nick could speak, Taylor looked at the ground and sadly muttered, “Never mind.” “I can ask my dad,” Nick said, trying to sound enthusiastic but feeling badly because he knew Taylor’s feelings were hurt. “Can you ask him now?” Taylor said, his hopeful tone back. Nick shrugged and turned toward the end of his driveway, where Jim and James were standing at opposite ends wi
  14. “Are you and my dad going to get married?” Nick asked out of the blue, prompting a look he couldn’t quite read from Lori as they sped down the interstate. “What makes you ask that, sweetie?” she responded, her face now registering a smile. “I don’t know,” Nick shrugged. “That’s just what I think. Then you’d be my stepmom.” “Yeah I would, wouldn’t I?” she said warmly. “Do you think you’d like that?” Nick smiled shyly and nodded, then turned his attention to the traffic around them. He was used to seeing heavy traffic on the interstate at all times, so he was a little mesmeri
  15. “Would you like another hamburger James?” Charles asked, holding the long stainless steel spatula up. A plume of white smoke escaped the grill as soon as he lifted the lid, and the aromas it brought with it were mouth watering in Nick’s opinion. James had gobbled down two hamburgers, and Nick was working on his second one, something that seemed to make Charles happy. “No thank you sir,” James answered politely from his spot at the picnic table. “They were delicious, though. Thank you for making them.” When Friday rolled around, there was no indication that the weather would allow
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