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  • About the Gay Authors FAQ

    Gay Authors offers two ways to view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).  You can view a list of help related questions or you can view the topics directly using the links below. If the help here is not sufficient, please open a support ticket by selecting "Contact Us" at the bottom of any page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I become a Promising or Signature Author?

Promoted Author Criteria:

Promising Authors:

  • Demonstrate a basic level of writing ability
  • Actively seek and accept assistance to improve their writing
  • Participate in and contribute to the GA community
  • Promote the GA site (ex. If posting elsewhere, link back to GA)
  • Show initiative in promoting their work and growing their reader base, and/or are open to learning how
  • Actively engage their readers (respond to reviews)
  • Promising Authors must be willing to agree to post concurrently on Gay Authors any new material with the exception of personal blogs

Signature Authors:

  • Have an existing body of quality writing
  • Established a strong reader base on GA
  • Actively participate in the GA Community
  • Cross-promote and link back to GA when posting stories elsewhere
  • Encourage off-site readers to join the GA community
  • Actively engage their readers (respond to reviews)
  • Signature Authors must be willing to agree to post concurrently on Gay Authors any new material with the exception of personal blogs

Classic Authors

  • Signature Authors can request "Classic Author" status if they have reached the point where they will no longer be posting new stories on a regular basis.
  • Authors that have already been established on other sites and are coming to Gay Authors to post their content, can apply to be considered for Classic Author status. 

How do I let the team know I want to become a promoted author?

  • Nominations can be made via PM to any Author Promotion Team member.  You can find the list of Author Promotion Team members in the Staff Directory.  The Author Promotion Team is also actively watching for authors that meet the criteria.

Who can nominate an author?

  • Any member of GA can nominate an author for promotion, including the author themselves.
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