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  1. What a wonderful story. Absolutely made my past few days reading through all the chapters. Thanks, Com, for posting an update today. Really looking forward to Artie meeting Scottie... that’ll be fun. And Tristan’s mom meeting Jesse. And and and...
  2. Smooth sailing. Hope it goes through flawlessly Still hoping to get a chat feature back
  4. hatrið mun sigra by hatari from iceland.
  5. drown

    Nice day

    Yes you have! Blue skies, snow, serenity.
  6. drown

    Nice day

    That is an amazing view.
  7. Thank you. 😌 He actually did explain what happened all that time ago. When my mother had died, his idea of how his life is going to play out changed completely. His focus was on some day taking care of his grandchildren. He said he was selfish and apologized.
  8. I told my dad when I was 17. We were in the kitchen. After working up the necessary courage, I calmed myself and simply said, "Dad, I'm gay." (in German). He was silent for a moment and said, "this is worse than the death of your mother. Go to your room." We just never really talked about it again and after a few weeks, things seemed to be back to normal. I wasn't going to bring it up again. I had moved away to study and when I had my first serious relationship, I told my father that I wanted him to meet someone. So he met the man of my dreams when he came to visit for dinner. It was a good evening. His only response was to later tell me on the phone that he had bought a bigger guest bed if we wanted to come visit him together. I cried. Fast forward 18 years—I'm living with the man of my dreams and the relationship with my father couldn't be better. I guess this is an "it get's better" story.
  9. It's been 9 years...

  10. HAPPY NEW YEAR Handsome!

    I rarely see you but when I do it makes up for the times I dont.

    Be well and happy!

    Love from Joey~

  11. Happy New Year to you as well =D

  12. Cia

    Happy New Year Toby!!! I hope yours is just as wonderful! I'm glad to see youhere, it's been a while. Are we going to see more?

  13. Lugh

    how is my most wonderful artist type dood in this happy new year?

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