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How can I share my favorite stories off GA?


Can I share links to stories/chapters?


Yes.  In fact, at the bottom of each chapter and at the bottom of the story details page (above the table of contents) there are social media links. 


  1. FaceBook:  You must be signed in/connected to FaceBook for this to work.  There is a FaceBook like button that allows you leave a personalized comment.   It will post to your FaceBook saying that you liked an article and link back to the story/chapter.
  2. Twitter: The first button is for Twitter and will tweet the link.  You must be signed in/connected to Twitter for this to work. 
  3. There is also Google +1, Digg, Pintrest, etc... and the ability to directly email someone.
  4. You may post a link to any story on any site anywhere it is legal to do so.  Please check with each place you intend to post before doing so.
  5. You can blog about the stories you have read.
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