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  1. lilansui

    Chapter 4

  2. lilansui

    Chapter 3

    😁what have I done 😂 thank you for enjoying this story. Aww, anytime. Thanks for reading too.😁
  3. Chapter Four Tani sat in the library until the sun disappeared in the horizon. Night filled the skies and the house filled with light from the lamps mounted on the walls. The library door opened, and in walked a tall man. Tani looked at him because it was the first motion in the room. The tall man was dressed in a white tailored shirt and dark trousers. His feet in leather sandals. His red shoulder-length hair was in a short bun. The light from the lamps illuminated his chiseled fea
  4. Fourteen “I’m on a boat heading to the mainland,” Himura reported to Raphael. “The cargo cave is secure. Our man activated the steel security doors on the outside. I left him at the beach with incoming reinforcements. He’ll alert our network.” “Lucian?” Raphael asked, rubbing his brow at the thought of the Pajari brothers. “He left the moment he realized you were gone,” Himura said. “I’ll take a commercial flight to Sri Lanka. No need to wait for me.” “Okay, see you
  5. lilansui

    Chapter 2

    Thank you @Danilo Syrtis I have made the change. Looks like I was too excited to post. 😁😁 @seakinkletsthank you for reading. Each story I write is a new journey. Often in different worlds. I lingered a longtime in The Reluctant Consort. It hasn't been easy to get away from Jihan and Kas. Thousand Years is my attempt to get going. Give it a chance. I will work hard not to disappoint.😉
  6. @dutch woman Thank you for this, and loving The Reluctant Consort. 😁🤗🤗
  7. @Aditusthank you so much for this wonderful review of The Reluctant Consort. It made my day. I am sorry for discovering it a month later. 💐💐 Thank you.
  8. Chapter Three Dante studied the tall sycamore tree on the edge of Viola’s property. It should have burned leaves and branches, but it did not. It was safe and looked…greener. The presence he felt on the tree had protected it from his fire spell. The unharmed tree was the only evidence he could use to verify the powerful aura that seeped into his house, forcing him outside in search. Shaking his head, he returned to the house, closing and locking the kitchen door. Normally, he wo
  9. Chapter Two It was a warm midsummer’s night. Scents of roses and jasmine in bloom warred in the small vibrant flower garden. Crickets sang in the night, and the sound of water flowing in the brook at the edge of the property added to the music. Standing on the tallest tree, Tani Ryuzo watched a two-story house built in the middle of the property, a complicated mood settling on him. He supposed the house represented the perfect American dream: a husband, wife, two childre
  10. lilansui

    Chapter 1

    Hi George, thank you for reading, and that's really wonderful about black soil. It's really very fascinating how many different types of soils there are in the world. I will remember your advice.
  11. lilansui

    Chapter 1

    Yes, we're jumping into a bit of magic and a warlock story. Thank you @Danilo Syrtis fixed it. Happy Holidays to all.
  12. Chapter One The sunrise turned the vineyard landscape into a beautiful spectacle. Dante Arturo drove along the main path between the fields in an open jeep. He loved mornings at Artri House, but today felt different. He worried in the face of the beautiful sunrise. Driving faster, Dante brought the jeep to a stop near a sizeable olive grove on the edge of the property. Getting out of the jeep, he grabbed the bag filled with sample containers and walked fast, hurrying do
  13. Dante Arturo is a bloodborn warlock, his power born of fire. He has one problem. He has never fallen in love, and has decided he does not have the luck to fall in love. Until he meets Tani Ryuzo. A powerful being who makes him wish for a thousand years of love. But Tani is ready to give up on love, after all he has waited a thousand years for his beloved and only gotten betrayal in return.
  14. Laner Visits Silver Shore Valley Two weeks after the Emperor’s visit at Sun-filled Manor, Rashan asked his parents to move out of his chambers. He was turning twelve in a month. Jihan’s first instinct was to say no, but he deferred to Kastan, so they listened to Rashan’s reasoning. Kiyan had requested for Yan and Yija to remain at Sun-filled Manor. This way they could study with Rashan without interruptions like in the palace. Kastan and Jihan agreed to watch out for them as long
  15. lilansui

    Chapter 30

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Jihan and Kastan's story. What a lovely message to find! I hope it was a fun journey. Still working on the last of this, hahaha, thank you for making my day.
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