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  1. I think that it is also important to ask Readers what inspires them to write a comment, or react to something they have read. Authors, we are creative and very in need of feedback. Readers, they read and stick along a series or short story depending on how much it captures their attention. I will confess to reading stories on this site, and others, going straight through an authors entire catalogue until I find a story they haven't finished. Then, because I want to know when it will be finished, I ask the author, or write a message, "hey, when will the next chapter be up?" Authors, I
  2. I love feedback from readers in any form, likes and/or comments. It is lovely to know that the reader took the time to like a chapter, especially on a binge read. You can sometimes read a story moving through and forget to like as you read, but then you go back and like all the chapters. I really love it 😁 and take that as an awesome thing.
  3. lilansui

    Chapter 24

    This is a whole mood! 😁😁😁😁
  4. lilansui

    Chapter 24

    I've got you.🤗🤗 I've also really enjoyed writing for these two, so I will work hard to end it right. Promise. There's also little snippets from cut scenes all over my notebooks. I will polish them and post. 😉 I am so using this now. Love it!
  5. Chapter 24 Ferino closed his butchery door and turned in time to watch Duke Silver’s carriage pass by, moving at a slow steady pace. The ghost warriors flanked on each side rode their horses to match the pace of the carriage. Rumor was that Prince Jihan was severely injured and Duke Silver was returning him home, hoping to nurse him to health. Ferino thought it wishful thinking. No one could survive a fall down a cliff. Even if Prince Jihan survived, he would be in chronic pain or disfigured. Either way, Lady Nisa would have her way with the Duke and he was free of her f
  6. Chapter 23 Kastan woke first leaving Jihan and Rashan in bed, he dressed for the day and left to meet Naveed and Temu downstairs. He found his two generals having their morning meal with Set. The kitchen had prepared a large bowl of vegetable stew; fried fish, rice and an assortment of side dishes were laid out on the table. A steaming pot of tea sat on a warmer in the middle of the table. The three men started to get up when they saw Kastan approach their table in the dining room. “No,” Kastan said, stopping them. “Please, sit, eat your food.” Kastan pulled out the
  7. Chapter 22 “You didn’t have to yell at him so much,” Jihan complained, watching his sister coordinate with the woman Set had placed to manage the unfinished inn and the sleeping quarters in the administration house. The manager’s name was Seol and she placed Firuz in the room across the master’s chamber Jihan would use with Kastan. Rashan was taking his bath in the room next to the master’s chamber. He had one of Safan’s assistants helping him. Andiya had brought Deona and the healer Jihan found her. They were helping Seol. Andiya finished giving her instructions to Seol, an
  8. Chapter 21 “The Burning Feather has engaged Prince Consort,” Fortan, the Empress’s Advisor said. “They are pursuing him into the Lost Forest on the road to the Silver Shore. Our contact is confident they will succeed.” “They don’t have any other choice,” Rushi said, pounding cinnamon sticks into a powder. “If they fail, they must disappear. All of it should fall on Nisa.” “Understood,” Fortan said, with a short nod. “I’ve made your position clear.” “What of the trade station and Lord Revi?” Rushi asked. “He should have control of the trade station before Silver Shore V
  9. Epilogue Five Years Later On a sunny Friday, at noon sharp, a prince and his princess sister finished their messy lunch. Their nanny, Lady Nancy, and their Dad, Crown Prince Leon, helped with cleanup, wiping small mouths and messy fingers. Then, when they were presentable, the little prince ran out of the nursery to his father’s shock. Leon picked up the little princess, smiling when she made pleased noises at the lift. Lady Nancy ran after the little prince in a bid to get to him before he fell. “Kleo, don’t run so fast!” Leon called out, trying to slow his son when
  10. 19 Six Months Later Leon walked through the west side hall at the Capital Palace heading to the auxiliary residence used by Gia and her mother, Erika. The last six months felt like he had gone through a crash course in leadership. His royal family had looked to him for guidance on where to go next, especially when Constantin and Isaak’s trial took over the kingdom’s news. The trial took too long, with the final verdict coming in a week ago. Constantin and Isaak were now incarcerated at Yongi Maximum Prison serving lifetime sentences for murder. Meanwhile, the Capital Pal
  11. lilansui

    Chapter 20

    Haha, team Jihan and Kas is going to take this fight to Rushi. And, Kas will stop being so nice, I promise. Haha. I hope christmas cheer is raining down in your lives, no matter the situation. Celebrate the smallest wins this year, they are pretty big things if they made you smile even once. All my love.
  12. lilansui

    Chapter 19

    Thank you for catching that. Fixed now. I posted late at night, feeling half asleep, just edited it again. Not so long, next chapter is up, totally big fight for Jihan's life. Hahaha. I hope so too. Shan has his moments, Jihan has had a rough time with his Pa. Lord Duyi is almost like a villain to him. I really did forget Jihan's change. Oh well, she could face trouble from Meen Kau again, hahaha, or Garren from the Eagle's Claw could get it for him.
  13. Chapter 20 Kastan swung his sword defending against the three soldiers sparring with him. The tremendous force of his strike drove them back. He attacked and countered, the sound of clanging swords filling the early morning. When he stopped to give the soldiers training with him a breather, he looked up to see Yasmin standing on the edges of the practice field. “Your Grace,” Yasmin called. “Your Grace, it’s time for your morning meal. Please wash up so that you can eat.” Kastan stared at her remembering Jihan’s order to remember to eat. How easy it was for Jihan to order him to tak
  14. Chapter 19 The meeting lasted longer than Jihan wanted, but when they were finished, all parties were happy with the expected profit division. Jihan offered to walk Niall Byn and his partner, Ven, out of the Eagle’s Claw. The main hall was filling with customers having tea or a midday meal as the sun was at its highest already. Jihan returned any greetings that came his way from old acquaintances until they came to the busy entrance doors. Jihan moved to the right of the large front veranda, so as not to block the entrance. He turned to Niall and Ven. “You’ll always have a room
  15. Chapter Eighteen Kaveh Miran lived on a hidden island in the middle of the Silver Lake. It felt like an untouched paradise filled with fresh water rivers and wild forests. It hosted a small village filled with Kaveh’s most faithful attendants. These attendants helped build Kaveh’s home on a flat hill, overlooking the lake. This manor boasted a series of impressive high walls, arched doorways and windows that allowed the cool breeze into the halls. It was a place worthy of tranquil silence. Firuz appreciated the peaceful scenery, and Jihan watched him enjoy the excitement of exploring t
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