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  1. An Emperor and a Queen visit Silver Shore Valley Kyra arrived at Silver Shore Valley on a cool afternoon a month after the great manor construction ended. She did not come alone and brought her son Byul with her. He was eight years old and quite an adventurer. He kept his two attendants on their feet as he ran around the manor in mad exploration. “I’m so sorry, but your days of peace are temporarily over,” Kyra said to Jihan and Kastan. “Byul is a ball of energy. I don’t have the
  2. lilansui

    Chapter 1

    Totally, hehehe Highest compliment, thank you, I'm a great fan of the manhwa source material. Kingdom is a very creative and engaging piece of art, very full of gory scenes of which I scream through, but that's a side story, hehehe. Thank you, Loring. Thank you too Aditus for reading. We all keep stepping forward, bravely, daily. I'm glad you enjoyed it. True, I agree. In the end, we can only do the best we can for our families and those close to us. Survive, do what we can to live and get through, day by day. Manage situations that find us because of what and who we can't control, and be grateful for good health.
  3. lilansui


    Edwin and Lothar have a bittersweet ending. I am glad Marcella is walking now. It's worth it, but I am sad that Lothar may have lost, though that is difficult to judge as his life is long as is Edwin's as an angel. Bittersweet is the right word for me. Thank you for an entertaining read.
  4. Oh Edwin, this choice, I suppose he was always going to make it this way for Marcella.
  5. lilansui

    The Duel

    Lothar redeeming himself is goals. I hope he gets him back.
  6. lilansui

    The Domain

    Oh gosh, Lothar. I suppose that's the only choice for now.
  7. lilansui

    The Betrayal

    Lothar, I am sad about you 😢
  8. Lothar was kind with Edwin about his sister. Edwin's really carrying a heavy memory. As for Lothar taking Ida...I really hope he doesn't break Edwin's heart.
  9. lilansui

    The Spies

    Lothar should recuperate with Edwin, hehehe
  10. Oh, Aguilar is bad. Poor Mildburg. First time the death card has not been so ominous. I love how it was used here. We do lose other things in life, even some habits die off. I love Sigrid.
  11. lilansui

    The Priestess

    Dad is suspect.🙂
  12. lilansui

    The Hermit

    Oh, oh Mildburg. The mystery thickens
  13. lilansui

    The Talisman

    Lothar is an interesting character. In truth, Edwin should be cautious about him, I understand why Mildburg would give him the protection. Yet, it's telling, when Edwin hurts Lothar, his first instinct was to remove that gem and be sorry. Lothar grows on me, I am curious about him. The search for Ida continues...
  14. lilansui

    The Pact

    Lothar is definitely not fair, Edwin's soul is suddenly on the table...it's dancing-with-a-demon hehehe
  15. lilansui

    The Visitor

    Oh, Edwin has been duped! That was some dream, I'm sad for him, this creature using his desires like that, wow. On a side note Ida's sister is awesome 👌
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