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What does it mean to follow an author?


What does it mean to follow an author?

When you follow an author you will receive notifications (based on your settings) when they upload a new story or chapter.


How do I follow an author?

  • Visit the author's stories profile. (Click Authors and find your Author.  Author's story profile page list all the author's stories)
  • Click on the 'Follow' button
  • Select how you receive notifications (if you haven't already)
  • Uncheck the box if you don't want others to see that you follow the author
  • Click 'Follow'


How do I unfollow an author?

  • Visit the author's stories profile
  • Click on the 'Following' button
  • Click on the red 'Unfollow' button



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    Chip Andrews was living a great life with an accepting family and a loving boyfriend.  Though not everyone had a fortunate life after people known as time shifters began escaping into this world from the supposed future.  Chip was a champion for these people; however, things start to become complicated after encountering his childhood friend, Topher Maguire which quickly leads to a domino effect.  They both have a lot of baggage that involved their once close friendship with Chip suddenly becoming a target by unknown forces as Topher continues his search for the truth while protecting the man he once loved.  Welcome to Hullabaloo, New Mexico.

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