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  1. Myr

    Story Tag Request

    Drug Use is a moderation issue.
  2. I've turned it off on mobile.
  3. Yup. Confirmed. I've made a bug report. You can use "Activity" -> "Latest Story Reviews" from the Red Menu as a work around for now.
  4. I do. The initial goals are based on our weekly average for the last few months.
  5. That is a good idea. I will add it to the feature request list for our programmer.
  6. It's back. The forum software folks are attempting to track down a bug with the blog and one of the first things they always do is 'turn off third party apps'. Stories fits that bill.
  7. @Timothy M. It means 61 out of 90 new chapters and 787 out of 950 new chapter comments. 61 means the number completed so far and 90 is the goal for the set period of time. "New Chapter" is a newly posted chapter. A "New Chapter Comment" is a newly posted chapter comment.
  8. We have posted a new version of Stories on the site. Things are going well so far. It correct a number of small issues. We've also added the ability to put up a goal box for feedback items. You'll see it on various points on the site. Be sure to do your part in hitting our goals to give Authors more feedback!
  9. Myr

    Add story to series

    @Timothy M. This should be fixed now.
  10. @Carlos Hazday This should be fixed now. Please verify they are in the right order.
  11. This should be working now.
  12. What is the difference between "Follow Member", "Follow Author" and "Follow Story"? "Follow Member" is the option on the forums member profile page. Following a member will alert you to all their new content. "Follow Author" is when you follow an author from their stories profile page. Following an Author this way alerts you to new stories they post. "Follow Story" is when you follow a specific story from the story's Table of Contents page. Following a story will alert you to new chapters and/or new chapter comments, depending on your Notifications settings.
  13. I've clarified. it now says "Follow"
  14. This is the uncompleted third part of the Worthington Sinclair story. Only 3 chapters are available to be posted.
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