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  1. Myr

    eBook Publishing

    That's the hope.
  2. Slowly but surely making my way through the Fall 2018 Anthology stories. 

  3. Myr


    Interesting story @Carlos Hazday. Good characterization and good hook with leaving out the issue during the initial discussion with the Mayor.
  4. Myr

    One Little Snowflake

    A great sci-fi short story with a lot of good characterization.
  5. Myr


    A great short story that highlights true friendship.
  6. Click "My Stories" Find the story you wish to add to a Series or World Click the Plus sign on the bottom right corner of the story listing and select "Add Story to Series" or "Add Story to World" 4. Choose which Series/World you wish to add. For Series Only: You can set the order of the series by pushing the "Up arrow" and "Down Arrow" on the stories until they are in the proper order. The red "X" will remove the story from the Series.
  7. I have done some updates on the underlying server software today. If you were around while I was doing this, the site was going up and down like a yo-yo. A reboot and a couple of services restart later and I think we are up and running. Everything I tested seems to be working and all the big red warning flags I was getting have cleared. (for the technically inclined, we went from PHP 7.0 end of life version to PHP7.1. I had to get the extensions right and update the caching system. bleh. I hate command line linux) In theory, we should be good. If you bump into a hairball, be sure to post below with as many details as you can so I can reproduce the issue.
  8. Myr

    eBook Publishing

    what topic?
  9. Myr

    eBook Publishing

    We have a love/hate relationship with eBooks. We've very recently, as part of the new year cleaning up, removed eBooks from the site. They were getting little traffic and the software for handling them was less than ideal. There is a possibility of us getting back into it in the future. But we are currently resource constrained (time/staff). We are an official publisher complete with our own set of ISBN numbers we can issue. To be successful in eBooks you have to go all in and still, you're competing with either Amazon (Gay Authors isn't even a spec of dust in comparison) or as an author, you are competing against other eBook authors.
  10. Myr

    Followed stories

    If you browse to the stories page and use the filter, you can see what stories you follow: If it doesn't filter, simply hit the - and do it again. It sometimes gets confused.
  11. Myr

    Writer Burnout

    Yes, I know this feeling all too well. I get it almost every day when I get home from work and there are emails sitting there and tasks to do on the site. I've got a novel or two in my head waiting for that moment when I have both the time and the energy to actually write it down. I was on a YouTube loop last night. Then I broke the loop and started going through the "Everything Wrong With..." series on various movies. That ate the whole night. But I was pretty energized this morning and knocked a lot of things off my list. Including finally getting that email to all our authors written.
  12. As mentioned in previous announcements, we are undergoing clean up and consolidation. As part of this, some of the temporary links that were on the forums have been removed and placed in the newly streamlined "Help" menu. Help -FAQ = a list of common questions with links to the answers. Help Topics = a database of common questions and answers Step-by-Step Guide to Authors = How to become an Author on the site. Support = Open a support ticket if you need help related to your account or other private site related issue Staff = list of staff on the site with contact information Guidelines = site rules Writing Resources = a page full of links to handy writing tools, guides, and articles About Gay Authors = a bit of history of the site. A reminder that we encourage you to have your account set to receive news email from the site: https://gayauthors.org/notifications/options/
  13. Myr

    Images no longer featured?

    That time something happened. It's back.
  14. Myr

    TES5: Skyrim, PC

    I've only Skyrim'd on console. About 120 hours to date. lol. (though not recently)
  15. Myr

    Safari unable to find server

    This is an issue at your end. Either with your device or like @Slytherin you have a blocked connection.

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