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  1. In this context, reactions and emojis are treated rather differently. Reactions are more directly tied to the emotional archetype, such as love, hate, sad, etc. Emojis are more intended to cover the details or spice up plain written text. This we already have. Though it could be more 'in your face'. I love using @Carlos Hazday in my examples... The "Review" button appears on the last chapter of a story at the bottom when the story is marked as complete. I do when there are relevant things to ask. A lot of things are driven by the underlying forum software and d
  2. Likes are also reactions. The system is not capable of separating these as the system does not see them differently AND it fundamentally requires a member account, otherwise it would be purely spam. I am reviewing options to add to the system that would allow guests to read the first chapter of a story and then require you to be logged into your free account to proceed. (except for FanFiction categories, as there are rules on any sort of content gating on that). Another option I'm considering is allowing an author to opt in/out of this. The more generic 5 free articles is harder to
  3. I have used the disclaimer feature of our story archive to add a note at the top and bottom of all chapters in the "Fiction" category. This is the largest category. I will continue to monitor our comments and if they go up, I'll look into deploying this in more places and getting an update to the system for prompting feedback.
  4. As has been discussed on the forums reactions are site wide. The main intention of the "I Read it" is for the forums and acknowledging something. We don't have the ability to use them selectively on different parts of the site. As I specifically mentioned that all we could expect was spam or anger if we forced comments, the apparently not clear enough implication is that No, we're not going to force commenting.
  5. This has been a struggle since the get go. I'm a writer myself, even if I struggle to find the time between working full time and keeping GA up and running. I know feedback is important. But each other has a different level of desire and need for it. I've been wracking my brain on how to: Lower the barrier on providing feedback. Overcoming the majority of readers high threshold for free writing a comment. For security sake, I can't allow guests to post. The staff would be chasing spam 24/7. Reactions only work when people log into their account. Reactions aren't quite
  6. I am checking to see what keeps us going as writers. People that are writing and posting, please take a minute to answer these.
  7. Be sure to check out this week's article on Context!


  8. Myr


    There are a tremendously large number of people on social media that wouldn't see context if it walked up behind them and gave them a well-deserved kick in the backside. This is definitely a great reminder to keep context in mind. Thanks @Comicality!
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