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  1. Myr

    Searching for prompt topics

    The search is built in and there's really not much we can do about it. The Story Search works as well as it does because it is search titles only. @Timothy M. One option for the Writing prompts is to change the sort function to "Title" It should let you find the prompts faster.
  2. Myr

    Searching for prompt topics

    I typed prompt 597 in the search box on the red menu. It found your topic asking where it was and the topic you were looking for? I also think age of a topic has an effect on search. This isn't Google where there is infinite resources devoted to finding everything, everywhere.
  3. 3d printing is fun I have my own now. Prusa Mk3S shipped straight from the Czech Republic. other than an initial hiccup, it's run like a champ.
  4. Myr

    Problems today loading GA?

    There are no issues that I'm aware of.
  5. Myr

    Post stories in other languages

    I know that Fictionpress is set up to handle many languages. https://www.fictionpress.com/
  6. Looks cool. Probably great for watching (Twitch, Mixer, Whatever). Not my sort of game genre. I like single player, story heavy games most.
  7. Myr

    Writer Flow

    Has it been 47 already? wow! Thanks Comsie! You are really great at giving me things to think about while writing. There have been a few stories I've read where the story was moving so well that it pushed right past the grammar issues and other things. To be honest, I tend to miss grammar things if the story is flowing properly. It's kind of like a stream... if it is flowing fast, it just rolls over obstacles. If it slow, then it starts hitting every rock and pebble in the stream, breaking up that flow.
  8. Myr

    Bioware's Anthem

    So... I played the demo. For the first time since Baldur's Gate came out in 1998 (!) I will not be buying a Bioware game at launch. I'm even okay with Mass Effect Andromeda, minus them setting up some things and totally blowing it. That wasn't the main studio though. Anthem is out of the main studio and while the game looks great and it is very cool to fly around in your own personalized Iron Man suit... the game lacks purpose and story per all the reviews. I'm totally turned off by the multiplayer. Other people constantly ruin my enjoyment of games. This little less so since it is not player vs player, but it's still no good. I want to explore on my own and do things instead of having to be teamed up to get anywhere. Hard pass. I'll check the bargin bins in a month or 2 when it's down 70% before thinking of getting it.
  9. Myr

    xbox 360 games suggestions

    You'll have to adjust the filters... I'd recommend System= xbox 360, Game Genre = Roleplaying, then once you have the list... click on ratings to sort the best to the top. https://www.trueachievements.com/games.aspx There are links to buy and other media. Gives you tons of options.
  10. Myr

    xbox 360 games suggestions

    Skyrim is an excellent game.
  11. Myr

    Chapter 1

    Thanks Gary! I've been slowly but surely working in the background. There will be more of Jerry seen in stories.
  12. Myr

    Rich Boy: Growing Pains

    This book is complete. There are 30 chapters total. I'm doing a scan with Grammarly to fix most of the comma errors prior to post. dkstories seems to have absolutely hated commas.
  13. Myr

    TES5: Skyrim, PC

    I know... I got it. looks gorgeous in 4k on my Xbox One X. It's just a time thing
  14. Myr

    TES5: Skyrim, PC

    Well, I used to be an adventurer but then I took an arrow in the knee.
  15. Myr

    What happened to the Ask an Author blog?

    They are in Author News Blog:

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