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What Are Achivement Points/Member Ranks/Badges?

What are achievement points?

  • Achievement Points are rewarded for different actions you can do on the site.  The points vary depending on action and sometimes where that action occurs.  (Posing a comment on a chapter rewards more points than posting on the forums, for example)
  • Examples: Follow a Story, Post a Story, Write a Story Review, Write a Story Comment, Write a Chapter comment, React to a story, react to a chapter, follow a blog, like a blog, comment on a blog, etc
  • There are too many actions and point variables to list, but if you are participating on the site, especially by posting stories or supporting the authors with comments, reactions, and reviews, then you'll be earning achievement points

What are Member Ranks?

  • Member Ranks are shown on your profile and under your name on the top right of the page (on computers). (On mobile devices and small screen formats, the rank is at the bottom of the menu. Points until next rank are listed there along with a progress bar.
  • Member Ranks
    • Member
    • Seeker
    • Novice Scribe
    • Initiate Scribe
    • Apprentice Scribe
    • Journeyman Scribe
    • Adept Scribe
    • Heroic Scribe
    • Master Scribe
    • Grand Master Scribe
    • Legendary Scribe
    • Fabled Scribe
    • Mythic Scribe
    • Epic Scribe
  • Achievement points are biased towards writing content, whether that be stories, story comments, reviews, chapter comments, blogs or blog comments or other activities, the posting content gets more points.  Reacting to and following content also rewards points if you are more shy about posting anything.  Our goal is to support and encourage our authors with a supportive community and reacts and comments upon their hard work.

What are Badges?

  • Badges are small recognition icons that show up in your profile when you complete certain tasks for the first time.  (You won't get the same badge over and over again via the automated system.)  It is possible to receive manually awarded badges more than once. For example as a reward for a great post.
  • Badges typically also receive additional Achievement Points that cause your member rank to go up.
  • To see your badges, go to your profile and click "Recent Badges".  This will also show you our Member Rank Progress.
  • There are over 80 badges in the system as of this update and we plan to add more on a regular basis.  Most of the badges are tied to posting stories, writing story comments, writing story reviews, writing chapter comments, logging on to the site multiple days in a row, and others.


Example of some possible badges:
badge examples


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