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This is actually Comicality's topic of disscusion this week, I asked him if I could repost it over here. I would like to see everyone post on this subject.


Any way now for Comicality's post.


Have you ever looked at a cute guy on a train, or at the mall, or in the movies....hell, maybe he stood next to you at the urinal...whatever! Hehehe! And thought yourself..."DAMN he's hot!"? I mean, everybody has their own tastes and preferences. Everybody has their own likes and dislikes. But sometimes...that standard gets a little 'pigeon-holed', don't ya think? I mean, seriously, there have been some times when I think, "I'm gonna smash this screen if I see just *ONE* more medium length, slim, blond haired, blue eyed, fair skinned, teenager!" It's become the standard, the poster boy for someone attractive. Where does this come from? Where are all of our brunettes and red heads? Where are our guys with a little hair on their bodies, or maybe a bit more muscular, or maybe a goth boy, or someone unpopular, or maybe with a bit more meat on their bones? Where are the different races, and cultures, and lifestyles? There are a billion preferences out there! So why use the same one over and over?


The question this week is...


=What defines the standard of beauty in these stories? Can it change? And do you feel that stories might be forcing an image of beauty on people reading?=


It seems as if anything outside of the above average cute blond teenager gets treated almost like a 'fetish' and seperated from the herd. How come? Is true beauty limited only to the people born this way? Is this kind of thing 'learned' by the rest of us, whether writing or reading it online? Is this a depiction of true beauty, or is this a brainwashed vision that we keep going strong without even knowing it? Have you ever considered those blond haired, blue eyed, teens were gorgeous....and asked yourself 'why'?


The board is open! Let me hear your thoughts!

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This is a very interesting topic. There have been a few stories that I read on the net that involve love with a handicap or deformed partner. I really enjoyed them a lot, I guess that I am just an old romantic at heart.


Today this thread really came to mind for me. I was in a public building and there was this handicaped young man there that was walking with two cructhes. And you could see by the hard time he was having, that he was very close to being parapelgic. He was having an awful time getting around, but was very independent and would not accept any help from anyone.


The thing that I found the most fasinating, was that I was highly attraced to this man. He was just there for a few minutes and was gone, he was surrounded with people and I did not even get a chance to say hi. The really crazy thing is that his physical type normally would not turn me on in the least. I can not even tell you what it was about him that attracted me.


I live in a small town so there is a good chance of us meeting again. I hope that it happens. I know nothing about him, weather he is gay or straight or don't give a damn. But I would really like to get to know this guy, and I don't have a clue as to why.

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No I did not know that Rainbow, I am gald that you have such a great relationship.


When you said that you were wheel chair bound, it sure brought back a flood of memories for me.


During my teen years there were only two boys that knew for sure about me. One was bi and the other one was straight. I am going to talk about the straight one. His name was Mark and he had all kinds of medical problems and was paraplegic. Hel also only had limited use of his arms and hands, he really had a rough life. He was one of my best friends and we talked and shared all our feelings. When I realized I was gay he was the first one I told. He cautioned me not to tell anyone else or I would loose the friends that I had. About a year after I told him, his doctors delivered some very bad news to us. They told us that Mark was going to die. They did not know how long he had. Mark took it surprisenly well, he told me later that he had already guessed that it was coming and had already dealt with it.


He told me that the only thing he was really sorry about was that he would not ever be able to experince sex. He had a strange look in his eye and it dawned on me what he was really asking. He was really afraid I would only do it for him if he returned the favor. But heck, I knew he was straight and would not ask that. And yes I did take care of him. Several times over the next few years.


Mark died during my first year in the Navy. I happened to be home on leave and was able to attend the funeral. Marks mother pulled me aside after it was over and asked me to go have a cup of coffee with her. She told me that she wanted to thank me for my friendship with Mark over the years. She then dropped the bombshell. She had been standing in the hallway the day that we had talked about him not having sex. She gave me a big hug and told me I really was a special person.


I can not belive the emotion that is coming back as I write this. Mark died 33 years ago.

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Hi Sparhawk


Thank you for your kind comment about Mike and I.


Your story about Mark and yourself touch me very deeply, because I too was wondering whether I would know the pleasure of a close relationship with a guy. What you did for Mark was wonderful but I suspect your relationship with went beyond that. I am sure both of you were close friends any way, and what Mark mom said to you were special friend to him.


Thank you very for your story.



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Thanks Rainbow


Mark and my relationship was a very strange one. I never fell in love with him as a lover, but we did both love each other as brothers. I was always a daydreamer and lived out in the clouds and Mark would always bring back to earth. He was very mature for his age and was always able to point me in the right direction when i was very imature. It is really funny before reading your post this morning I had not thought of him in at least 10 years. Now he has been on mind all day. Remembering all the little things.......how mad he use to get at me when I would not concentrate on a game of chess (heck I knew I would loose no matter what....hehehe). They are all good memories though. About a month after I got back to the ship, I received a package from Marks mother with some of his personal belongings in it. She said that she knew he would want me to have them. Because the memories were so hard for them there, they moved shortly after that and I never heard from them again.


Thanks Rainbow for bringing back some wonerful memories.





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Hi Mike,

What a wonderful story. I'm glad you two had time to become good friends and were able to be yourself around him. I know you miss him greatly but remember those good times you shared and know that he is smiling down on you. I bet if you close your eyes, you can see him in your mind.


As for my relationship with Rainbow, he is without a doubt the warmest, most sensetive guy in the world. He is handsome and sexy and oh how I love running my fingers through his silky hair. In my book, he is a 100 out of 10. Yeah, he is the joker of the two of us and that is another quality I so love about him. Even when I'm miffed at him, he can crack a joke and all is forgiven. I LOVE YOU RAINBOW, NOW FOREVER AND ALWAYS


Take care :)

Mike :sword:

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Hi babe.


I told you were looking at me with rose tinted spec I am nothing like what u describe me as. But I love you for saying it love you now and forever too. :wub::wub:


I willnt say any more because the other guys might blush with emabbasiment if I said any more :D



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i love bears. the furryer.




You got to it before I did. :D - You know, that was really how the bear subculture popped up. It was a way for all the marginalized body types to assert their acceptability. Frankly, I couldn't imagine shaving my body hair, nor does such attract me per se.


But then again, I've always gone after men older than me. *shrug*


Back to the original question, I think the reason they're so described in erotica is because they were the ones working on their body and having the prescribed body type was instant success on the meat market. My current story has no such person. I have a slightly husky narrator and a thin guy who's never been the workout type. They're just both normal guys.


I dunno.. that's what attracts me.

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