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  1. Hehehehe,,,.........I rember when we were hoping to just get a hundred or so!!!! Myr really has done quite a good job here. If any of you had any idea of the time and effort he has put into to this...................... Folks he does not get pay so thanks are all he gets unless you might support the sight that is...........hint.......hint......hint....... Merlin, thanks for your great efforts........You have done well! Hugs Mike
  2. ya, ya, I know about the new carter book coming, just trying to be one of those terrible readers plying away at the author to get what they want first!!!!!! I really did enjoy the "Falcon Banner" much to my surprise, but with you as the author it should not have been. The only complaint I really have with it at all, is that the ending or rather intermission, did not leave me feeling complete with the story. I know that there will be more but somehow it just seemed to need a little more before the first book was complete. I read way too much and I am very bad at remembering names, but my favorite member of the cast is the engineer............ and if you let the doc steel him away, I will be very upset Well done Christopher I am looking forward to many more years of your great efforts. Mike
  3. Well I really must apologize as I have not even started Sow yet. I like to let you get way ahead of me so that don't ask for chapters out of place. But I don't think that I even told you yet how much I did enjoy the Falcon Banner Now if I really had my druthers, it would be more of Carters. You do a really good job with everything of yours that I have read. Now when are you going to give a try at Fantasy?????? I bet you could do a good job with a "Mercedes Lackey" spin off?????? Keep up the great work, you have yet to write something that I did not enjoy!
  4. Looks good Myr! It could be very interesting.
  5. See folks, all you have to do is "ask and you will receive"!!!!!!!!!!! Now if that would just work with all the other authors!!!
  6. Good communications is the way to a great relationship. If it bothers you then discuss it with him and get it out in the open. If you do not then it will fester in you and then it will become a big problem. Good Luck Mike
  7. I think these guys have the right idea, it would be hard to follow a story totally wrote in that manner. Mike
  8. Sparhawk


    I followed the link to freemarketnews to read the article, and came up with a error report. I then did a search on the site for aol and got 0 Hits. I went back and checked the feedback section and there was one article, but had nothing to do with this post, it was about blocking of a persons website.
  9. hehehehe I guess that it is the age difference, I don't have a clue who you are talking about. giggles But that is okay, I imagine most of you don't have a clue(with some exclusions of course) of the programs I metion.
  10. Thanks a lot, you got him, yepsir That is him. it would be interesing to see what he turned into now, that is for sure.
  11. Good luck Friendly, just take it easy and go slow and get to know him. Who knows maybe that spark will get ignited and you will have what you dream of, or at least a good friends. It is nice to have a lover and I think that every one here thinks so too, but let me tell you, if it was not for my friends, well they are the gule that keeps me together. Mike
  12. Actually my very first crush was a actor but not john wayne, he was my second crush, when I was 12 I use to watch this program on tv called the "Rifleman". I have not a clue to what the kids name was but my real first crush was the Rifleman's son on the program. He had such a cute butt! But my best friend david was also in the running back then.
  13. Now Dio, you have to tell us which one of the three it was!!!!! You can not leave it like that.
  14. I am a lousy one to ask about that, I get a idea and I write. I like the note idea and I will have to give that a try. I get ideas all the time, but when I sit down to write they just seem to dissappear.
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