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So I feel i should explain this poem before anyone reads it (if its worth anyones read). I originally wrote a poem, it was a total of like 2 lines, and that poem inspired me to write a story about that poem (along with some other things haha). But before the idea of a story, i got the idea to expand the poem and make it longer: this is what came of it (before i scrapped it and decided to make it a story instead). and to keep confusion out of the way, the first few lines (that seem superfluous and looks like it belongs elsewhere), its a metaphor for how the guy is feeling.


Also, the part that talks about the "working moon" is based off a drawing that was drawn for the original inspiring poem. Ill attach it for those that want to know my personal thought of the Station of Space, if you wish to keep your individual view (which i recommend), then don't look at the attachment (a picture of the original poem and picture).


EDIT: ok nvm cus i cant figure out how to get a picture loaded to this topic so...no picture of the moon i guess





The mountain stood strong and mighty in front of me.

My hands start to quiver as the harness "clicks" together.


Your arms surround me as your warm scent engulfs me.

Soon enough the world of dreams sets in both our minds, only for us, to meet again.


I steal your hand and pull you into space,

soaring through the vast arctic breadth of shadow watching the stars pass by us.

The gaping hole in your mouth is thanks enough.


A ridge ahead is my surprise;

for as our eyes topple the lofty hill you see the Station of Space.

The moving, working moon surpasses any earthly project by far.


"Should we go?"

"Yes, I want to see it."


The day we both awake from our nightly gaze is the day I die inside.

This empty universe we traverse, save you and I, is not a dream or a muse but is a stroke of hope for the future.

Now I close your eyes and hope.

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