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  1. Accidentally double posted, sorry. LOL, people are posting much faster than I can respond, but that's certainly my fault. Thanks, Graeme, I definitely do agree with the sentiments of that book. I suppose it's a much more efficient way of saying what I said as well.
  2. Interesting points. I feel "unequivocally male" as you mentioned, but the concept of gender is certainly something I've thought a good deal about. In asking myself the question of "what does it mean to be male?" I've come to the conclusion that the answer is "not much." Let me start by saying that I think the physical concept of sex is a different concept. Certainly I have a male body and certainly I enjoy my male body and have a strong preference to retain my male body rather than have a female body. From a sexuality standpoint, I have a clear and obvious preference for male bodies. Alth
  3. Well, I'll express the evidently minority opinion that I think this was a mostly positive and good thing. First and foremost though, I would need to know more far details to make a more informed evaluation. I think people tend to run a pretty wide gamut with regard to gender expression. Certainly their are some very butch boys and some very feminine girls and certainly there are some very butch girls and very feminine boys. However, I don't think either state of being accurately describes most people. instead I think most people fall somewhere in between, while usually aligning at least s
  4. I like blogging. I like just sitting around and thinking or chatting about a topic. Writing out my thoughts is nice because it helps me frame them in a more concrete way. It's nice just doing it in my head, but it's more fun and more satisfying on a computer screen...not on a piece of paper, physically writing sucks. Typing is nice though. Anyway, over the years I've grown thoroughly attached to this site and its members and whatever else I'm doing in my life I still enjoy a place to just sit and thing, and type about it, so I figure it might as well be here. A few short updates about my l
  5. Welcome back!!! :)

  6. Nice to see u make a visit

  7. Tob!! :D *pounces back*

  8. Starbucks rocks! hang in their, Eric! I'm sure you'll get over this stressful patch and find yourself happier (and calmer) than ever before! Good Luck -Kevin
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