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Atlas Shrugged

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I appears that Atlas Shrugged may finally make it to the big screen. Since the book actually has three parts the movie will be made as a trilogy. Which might be a good idea since it is a massive work it really couldn't very well be reduced to one movie without destroying the story.


Here is a link: Atlas Shrugged article

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Wow, speak about mixed feelings. Atlas Shrugged has that kind of egoistic supermanism that I absolutely loathe... but it is very attractive. Oddly, now that I think of it, the book had a very movie-like feel. Maybe it'll catch on -- especially with the Tea Partiers right now.


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File this under Will never happen in a million years.


Atlas Shrugged takes a big smelly dump on the collectivist/leftist/mommy state ethic.


Hollywood is sold out so far to the left that they are chasing Joe Stalin.


Might happen after the Bush tax cuts expire and the Hollywood elites get taxed out of their mansions.


File it under Maybe.

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Where you fit on the political spectrum may well determine if you'll enjoy or hate the book and/or the movie, if it truly gets made.


The book was less favorably received by those on the left of the political spectrum than by those on the right. A lot of Ayn Rands philosophy, which is the foundation for the book, is anathema to the philosophy of Liberals and Progressives.


Anyway, this was just a bit of news about another attempt to make a film from the book. There have numerous failed attempts since the book was first published in 1957.


Welcome back, James. Hope you had a great vacation away from the rat race.

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