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  1. II was eligible Oct. 1st but 12 step groups are just as disordered by COVIDidiocy as everything else. Finally got it today.

  2. side quest cat strikes again


  3. Reading and editing my own work and reading published authors, I have noticed that sometimes we fall into and overuse sometimes awkward phrasing. For instance, in one of my favorite authors books, everybody scowls: She scowled at him. The hot dog vendor scowled. I scowled. The cat scowled. In another authors books, everyone must be telepaths as all they seem to do is look a question at each other. This is something we are all apt to do and a place where an editor can be invaluable. Can you identify the use (and overuse) of these little verbal faux pas? What are some of the best of these and, the worst?
  4. I find myself watching Perry Mason now and then. Of course its dated but, it does a good job with its 5 act structure and presentation of a great murder mystery: character, motive, method, opportunity. You can change those elements and move them around but, they have to be there or the whole structure collapses. Some of the best ones are quite old
  5. This young musician is well worth a listen...
  6. This young guitarist is well worth a listen.


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