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  1. Feedback is fun. It helps me know if the reader’s are understanding what is is happening.
  2. jamessavik

    Fox vs. Hounds

    Working on it. Keep your shorts on Judge Smailes. (please) 😳
  3. A flashback can be a useful way to reveal a character's backstory. It has to be handled right to make it clear that it is past event and why it's important for character development.
  4. jamessavik

    Fox vs. Hounds

    The Feds are already looking at dear old Ms. Sturgis. Farmer's solution was the lesser evil when there weren't good choices. No, Farmer isn't St. Christopher. He's a damaged guy, but he's a smart and resourceful one.
  5. jamessavik

    Fox vs. Hounds

    Damn spelling checkers. Fixed- sorry.
  6. Jack Murphy was stunned. No suspect had ever called him minutes before an entry. He had to think on his feet and asked, “How can I help you Mr. Farmer?” Farmer replied, “I believe we want the same thing: for none of our boys to get hurt. Let’s start there and see if we can accomplish it.” Murphy asked, “Are you offering to surrender sir?” “No Detective. I’m not”, Farmer said with a determination that brooked no argument. “I’m not a young man and have no intention of living out my life in prison. No Detective, I’m not planning on surviving this. I’m warning you that the house is
  7. Chuck Farmer may have hosted the weekend parties, but he didn’t like them. He cordially detested the men who pawed his boys, but it was better and safer for them under his watch than it was in the Park. Being Saturday night, the usual suspects were here: Jeremy Aubrey, Cade Brock, Miguel Gomez and Kevin Sutton. Tonight they were joined by Tony Benardi and his little brother Angelo. Anywhere Tony went his little brother Angelo was sure to follow. Another pair of younger kids, Dale Moss and Frank Ballard arrived. Those two followed Cade and Kevin around like a couple of puppies. All t
  8. Deputy Harris could watch it all unfold in real time with his drone’s eye view. He imagined announcing it like a play by play of a sports match. He cleared his throat, made sure he was transmitting on the team channel and said, “This is Hawkeye. It’s now ten-thirty. Four vehicles are in the subject driveway and five juveniles have entered from the back. They seem to have a hideout way back in the woods with top cover. It has got great concealment; I had to spot it with infra-red. Two or more juveniles are still there. One juvenile just departed the subject’s house and is moving West on the tr
  9. Getting Carlos, Karl and Cole to stay was a lot easier than anticipated. Karl and Carlos had been tight with Seth and David before their promotion to high school and were just fine with hanging out. Cole was even easier. He was enjoying the company of his little comedian bud Ike. Phillip had to spread some attention around. Tanner found Phillip’s lap to his liking and suddenly a bunch of his boys descended on him. All in all, it was a peaceful, domestic scene. Javier would have called it groovy but, his sense of humor took some getting used to. He was nice and settled for about fort
  10. jamessavik


    The bathroom door opened, and Phillip saw Richard standing behind him. He was still composing himself when Richard said, “We call him Pops. That is what he is to us. Pops taught me that sometimes you have to act and, given what I know you’ve heard, I can’t blame you.” Richard walked over, leaned against the counter and said, “Don’t insult my intelligence by denying it. I think your reaction just now speaks volumes. Just don’t let any of the Lost Boys ever know. They’ll stab you.” Phillip asked, “You won’t?” “A few years ago, I might have. I’ve grown up. Another one of Pop’
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