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  1. Like any other spice, used sparingly, adverbs can be useful. Where they are most useful is characterizing by action. It doesn’t just tell you what the character did. It tells you how they did it.
  2. Version 1.00 of anything should be considered a prototype, not a product.
  3. JamesSavik


    Condolences. Cats steal their way into your heart and they always depart too soon..
  4. The Unibomber's downfall was the publication of his Manifesto. When it was published people who knew him could easily recognize his peculiar brand of insanity.
  5. How did I amass forty-four short stories? Doing prompts of course. I'm going back through them and cleaning them up.

  6. They should probably call a battlefield beating a Wellington because Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington aka the Iron Duke, delivered a thorough drubbing to Napoleon at Waterloo.
  7. JamesSavik

    Sexual Pacing

    Text p0rn is fun, and it has its uses... err I mean place. Isn't it more fun to see how Sean and Patrick got in the funky hotel waterbed in the first place?
  8. AP LInk: Meatloaf - Dead at 74 What many people might forget about Meatloaf was his part in The Rocky Horror Picture Show Mearloaf's most remembered album was Bat Out of Hell.
  9. Note to Self: You aren't twenty anymore. From now on, when bench pressing, you DO NOT bounce the weight up and off your chest. This no longer works like it used to. OUCH!

    1. clochette


      Wanted to impress the youngsters at the new gym huh? ^_^ take care buddy

    2. JamesSavik


      No... just forgot I wasn't one of them anymore.

  10. I had to change gyms-my old gym gave up because of the China virus. My new gym, I don't like much. They have a different brand of workout machines. It's taking a while to get used to it. Aspirin is my friend.

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