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[dkstories] Imperialis Tellus

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For long time DK fans, you may recognize Dan's concept for IT, which he also reworked to be a story in a story as Ganymede within his "Phone Call" story.  The beginning of IT was written and hosted on DaBeagle's Doghouse website as well.


Dan decided to focus on some of his other stories, especially Do Over around that time.  Fortunately, someone who wanted to get into the movie business came across information for IT a few years back, got in touch with Dan and the two of them kicked some ideas around.  Although he had not written much of the actual IT story, he had the background, character workups, summaries of the other alien races and a general timeline.  He used some of these details in Phone Call, treating Ganymede as a Sci-Fi TV show.


So Alex Bright, the person who wanted to get into the movie business offered to shop the idea around and has some interesting successes, although nothing that came to full fruition.  To help shop the idea, there were even a few panels of a comic, along with graphic workups of the aliens.


Now Alex is trying to promote IT on filmbreak.com and we'll see if the interest is there. I urge any of Dan's fans to make an account on filmbreak and click the various buttons to Hype and share the concept page.


The full URL is http://www.filmbreak.com/projects/imperialis-tellus


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