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  1. R.I.P Buddy. :*(

  2. Futuristic Sci/Fi still can cover so much, from near future to galactic empires 10,000 years in the future. One great series for the far-flung future is Foundation, by Isaac Asimov. If you're looking for online Sci/Fi, Dreams of Humanity by dkstories here is (to me) a great Sci/Fi and militaristic story. If neither of these are what you're looking for, give us a bit more of an idea of what you'd like.
  3. First a reminder - today is the LAST day to offer your suggestions for the 2015 Anthology Themes! Visit the thread to offer your suggestions for the 2015 Anthology Themes! Thread will close at 11:59 PM (US Mountain Time) on July 20th This was a great week with men all over the place - err, I mean Mann Ramblings all over. We started the week with a great review by Joann414 of Mann's The Luxorian Fugitive. A slightly dark sultry tale set on the spacecraft The Santa Claus - tied together as only Mann can. Our Premium Feature story of the week is Boy Called Slave by Nephylim. This is one
  4. One of the great aspects of GayAuthors is the variety of ways that members can improve their writing, from various writing tips to the availability of editors and beta readers, to these - writing prompts that encourage authors to take a chance and see where a prompt may lead them. Based on the responses we've had in the past, these prompts have a tendency to take on a life of their own and really capture the imagination of both our fledgling as well as veteran authors. This week, we've got two new prompts courtesy of PromptGuru comicfan - try one (or both) out and see what you may make of
  5. Ya, but living together would have just been too weird... I personally like how it ended up (so far)...
  6. First, congratulations to Renee who is relaxing on a family trip. This gives me the chance to <bwah ah ha> TAKE OVER! And it is a great week that I get to look back on, starting with our look at July's CSR Book Club selection of Advent by Promising Author Cole Matthews. Be sure to stop back on Monday, July 28th when we'll discuss this great story. Our Premium Tuesday blog entry for this week was Waiting for the Sign by dkstories, continuing our look at the great stories available as thanks for our Premium Content supporters. Cia gave us a great writing tip on Overcoming the Obst
  7. Renee is off playing so I get to sneak in and give everyone a review of this, our last week of June. Can you believe after Monday that the year is half over? Wow! We had a great start to the week here, with a review by Renee of Promising Author Dark's short story The Matchmaker is Grounded. It a very sweet story and a quick read that will bring smiles to your face, and Renee does a great job of enticing you with her review. Continuing on with our Premium Tuesday feature was a look at Coin in the Fountain, written by comicfan for the 2013 Summer Premium Anthology. If you missed reading it t
  8. Not sure if there are other Broadway/Showtune aficionados out there, but I have been listening over and over to the new soundtrack out for If/Then and stars Idina Menzel (Rent/Wicked/Glee/Frozen) with supporting cast of Anthony Rapp (who was in Rent with her), LaChanze and James Snyder. Thumbnail description: Elizabeth (Idina) comes back to NYC after a broken 12 year marriage (to Oren who doesn't show up in the play at all). She's about to turn 39. Two friends give her a choice - go with her bisexual friend from college Lucas (Rapp), or go with her new lesbian friend Kate (LaChanze). Luca
  9. REALLY enjoy being back - does feel a little strange, especially when dealing with new people (I was out for 15 months). We also just moved into a beautiful new office building, and so there is a little bit of adjustment to that, but that is also true of everyone else in the office. Biggest adjustment is actually my yellow lab - now, when I get up and immediately jump into the shower, she puts her head down and gets depressed. She's like this when she sees luggage come out - she now is associating an early shower to me leaving for most of the day. I do have a second dog, a beagle, so th
  10. The plan is that all of Do Over will be reposted here - sorry that it is being a slow process
  11. Trebs

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  12. While not an author, I have beta'd for some, and one thing that comes to mind is timing. One author had a woman saying she was six weeks pregnant, and then having the baby 11 months later. They also had baseball Spring Training starting in April. So, a little tweaking of the story before things went too far, and a more plausible timeline was created. One other tip and this is something the author came up with - when writing, have an excel document open in the background to create a "Character bible". When you create a character, or write a description, add them to the bible, with such
  13. Promising Author no more - please join us in congratulating our newest Signature Author, Andy78! Between his 34 different published stories, tons of reviews written about others stories as well as responding to over 93% of the reviews of his own stories, and all of his forum posts and works as a site moderator, you wonder if he's somehow manipulating time to be able to do it all Andy78 has a few longer stories, but it is his wonderful short stories that truly capture the imagination and make you smile. Fantasy, thrillers, westerns - something for everyone. Check out Andy78's stories h
  14. Waiting for the Sign is a great story - and the other two stories (Rising Star and Hard Knocks), while not traditional sequels, do show a bit more of Cal, the Pistols and others... One random bit of trivia - like Jake, I'm half-Japanese, and when Dan needed a last name, I gave him "Iwai" to use as it is my Aunt's married last name. The maiden name for my mom and aunt is Ito - which appears in Dreams of Humanity.
  15. Peek-a-boo! Ya, Renee was kind enough to allow me to do another Weekly Wrap Up while she is out of town. So let's look back on our week then. We started by looking at our Featured Story: Leopard Skin Cover by Signature Author Graeme. I was privileged to have been a beta reader for this great story and Wildone's review wonderfully captures the interest of this story. Premium Tuesday gave us a look at Incomplete Recollections by Johnathan Colourfield, a part of the Summer Premium Anthology. You can read the description in the blog post as well as find out more about how to purchase a premium
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