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In my area, Subaru and Mazda have run holiday ads promoting charitable organizations. With Subaru, if you purchase one of their vehicles, they'll donate to your choice of one of the several organizations they support. With Mazda, if you test-drive one of their vehicles, their employees will volunteer some of their time. If you end up buying one of their vehicles they'll donate to one of their supported charities. (These two brands have run similar ads in the past.)


On the other hand, Lexus and GMC Trucks seem to be encouraging greed. The Lexus ads feature children being coerced into asking Santa for a Lexus by a parent or other adult relative. The GMC ads compare the experiences of a neighbor who has braved the Black Friday sales, including an extremely early morning wakeup, to the protagonist who has slept in, but "saved" more by buying a truck. There's also an ad which features parents acting like children while their children good-naturedly grumble about not having gotten much sleep as they drink cocoa and smile indulgently over their hyperactive parents who are hyperventilating over the new car in the driveway – clearly not the best ad since I can't remember who's running it!


Toyota is running a feel-good ad with friends arranging long strings of holiday lights in a snow-covered field. A passenger dressed in a military camo uniform looks out a plane window to see a welcome home in lights greeting her.

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