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  1. Yeah bloody shame. They posted something about possibly retiring.. Possibly . After reading the thing it sounds more like probably. Hey why can't Justin Bieber retire... He makes us gay people look straight. Why do the good ones always have to go first.... Uhhh stupid world it is.
  2. Yeah hahaha mines not much different except when he's napping hahaha
  3. Them I hope, 😂🤣😂
  4. Lol so that's how it all started. Dumb people with their dumb and boxed up politics..mankind... . Figures.
  5. Don't know.. Maybe it does?
  6. So as someone who listened to lots of noise from county, folk songs, to modern day stuff, through the seventies and eighties, I believe I have a solid understanding what it sounds like when you got somethin that cripples the peaceful surface of your soul and you love it. Yep that`s heavy metal, from Black Sabbath, Dio, DC, `Tallica, Maiden, Megadeth, Motorhead, Death, Sepultura, Rage against the machine, Soundgarden, Tyrant, Violent force, Overkill, Arch enemy, The scorpions, Slayer, even Marilyn Manson...ring a bell? Hahaha yeah The ultimate noise makers, I like a lot of a lot of genres, but what made the stereotype that all of em are satanists? Is it the lyrics? Or the harsh and beast like sounds? Or was it people like "I wish I could play like that..." ? Not saying that metal is all there is, but I`m kind of interested how it all became evil?
  7. Former Member

    So says who?

    Exactly. Most of them think the bloody kid factory means love... And that it's all about sticking the stick into the vertical smile... You know like the experiments with monkeys putting the cube into the rectangular opening hahaha a big step forward with evolution?
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