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    Talon's backstory is so heartbreaking. To lose both parents and then to be ostracized, bullied, and tortured that way!! He is a better man than I am because I would have definitely amputated Mallex's arm in a way no magic could ever repair it! Fingers crossed that Eon means what he says in support of Kalian...but what I really wanna see is Eon put Mallex in his place (pretty please). Another superb (and quickly updated) chapter. Can't wait for the next installment.
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    Great strides for Kalian! Mallex is such a power-hungry tool. He definitely doesn't deserve a year much less any time to "be better" but I suspect this is Kalian formulating a plan of escape for himself. Also, in my mind Talon looks like Adam Driver (hottie) so I'm all for him 100%
  3. Former Member

    At Last

    Another awesome chapter. Talon is fine just as he is. A little sass has never hurt anybody 😂
  4. Former Member

    The Dark

    Lovely beginning. Can't wait for more 😁
  5. Loved the way you wrapped it all up. Gonna miss these guys 😭
  6. Not gonna lie, my heart skipped a beat when Penn asked to shower first after spending the day with Jason...but that was smoothed out easily. These two are so obviously meant for each other! Also, it would be great for closure if Lee and Nash actually do have lunch and talk because Nash clearly still has questions. Friendship is out of the questions but it would probably be better for Nash to hear it all straight from the source and keep moving forward with his life. One more!!! Can't wait.
  7. The kids waited for the perfect moment to continue the wolf howls and cat meows. Awesome chapter. Can't wait for the last two!
  8. Penn's POV about the conversation with his brothers would be good too... just throwing that out there. I'd love to read how he, Ryan, and Logan plotted and executed that sweet move on "poor unsuspecting Nash" and then the follow-up after the high five. But I'll also take whatever you give me @Mrsgnomie
  9. What a rollercoaster of emotions these two (and Mrsgnomie) have put us through. Mature communication with a little bit of humor. Perfect recipe for a successful relationship going forward.
  10. This is such a tough scenario. I feel like Penn's family can see that both of these fools belong together. Their methods are just off-putting and downright trashy but they are pushing them towards a goal: Realize what you had/have and make a decision. I commented on last chapter that I wanted Jason to be Penn's HEA, but after this chapter it's very obvious that these two cannot just have a platonic friendship. Loved the chapter Mrsgnomie. I graciously await the next installment.
  11. It would be awesome for their characters to get their HEA together. Let's see how Mrsgnomie weaves this web!
  12. Jason is a great choice for these exact reasons. That whole misunderstanding and then not trying to hash is out and ignoring Penn only come back and try to "win him back" just doesn't sit right with me. Personally I'm pulling for Jason and a move to California. Let Penn sell the house to Nash since he's so attached to it, and let Nash meet someone new and have his happily ever after too. This story could literally go anywhere at this point and this is what makes it amazing, in my eyes.
  13. Nash. Jason. Neither. At this point, it's gonna be a rollercoaster either way
  14. A grand hot mess of desperation and apologies and lust. And jealousy.
  15. I hope Lee is indeed the "storm" that's coming.
  16. Former Member

    Chapter 11

    I absolutely love the ending, but then again I "got" the hidden clue. So beautiful. Thank you
  17. Glad to hear that you and your family are alive and well
  18. I hope the wall are well insulated otherwise all the other guests got to hear a wild ride! ;–)
  19. Are we sure that Aaron is straight? He has some unusual interests for a hetero guy. And Beth does have a history… ;–)
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    Chapter 1

    I’ve missed my favorite Lego minifig head! ;–) This is an interesting concept. It’s unclear to me just how much hearing Anders has. He uses implants, but was he lipreading the delivery guy’s words or does he have limited hearing? We know that Nico is interested in Anders, but how do Tommy and Tyler fit into the story? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I need to wait to read the following chapters. ;–)
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    Chapter 2

    The gang is clever to exploit the talents of young Damien, Mattie, and Reggie. Lots of adults would dismiss the information they discovered. (But then again, lots of men would dismiss Harry’s assistance as well due solely to misogyny.) It should be exciting to reread Henry’s adventures uncovering the antichrist. The rise of the megachurch phenomenon is frightening. Of course, being an Agnostic, the increase in power and influence of any organized religious organization or institution scares me.
  22. Every time I thought I’d hit rock bottom, I found new, lower levels I could sink down to. Homelessness was the most humiliating and frustrating thing I’ve ever endured. With lots of help, especially from many people who didn’t know who I was, I was able to climb out of that black hole and become housed again. If not for my obsessive (stubborn) personality, I might not have succeeded… ;–)
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    Billy clearly has Cognitive Dissonance – just like me! ;–) People have told me they like me because I smile all the time – I think I’m either frowning or neutral in my expression, but many people around me have a permanent scowl so the difference might make me look cheerful in contrast. Other people tell me I’m a nice guy, but I’m only following the suburban Social Contract I was raised with (which is very different from the more urban Social Contract where I now live). I have an excuse for everything… ;–)
  24. IQ doesn’t have any connection to ‘common sense.’ There’s no association with EQ (Emotional Quotient) either. I can personally confirm the latter. ;–)
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