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  1. Hey maybe you can help me. I have a story I'd like to publish - but as I go to post it it asks for the Editor & a Beta Reader. I tried put in my pen name but that didn't work where do I go for this. Thanks
  2. Wow really - Well I always say to each his own - but not being one who likes clothes a lot - I prefer a Tee or untucked out of pants shirt - I don't see the straps as easy to get out of - looking positively I'm sure they have to extend foreplay a bit.
  3. Yes shoveling is chore that my old back rebels at. But the blower is self propelled. It does all the hard work. It'll leave a little residue that I usually scrape with the shovel or just let nature do it's work and melt.
  4. Outer wear shorts guys - like cargo shorts - hey dodger was worried about zipper chafing. Now end of April till beginning of November I go commando and wear short pants and tee shirts - so to stop zipper chafing you tuck the tee in. You only see a tee tucked into underwear in underwear advertisements.
  5. maybe fashion suicide but kool commando balls
  6. Come on it's not that bad. For me the Holiday Magic as you call it is an extravagance that has grown out of proportion. Plus I kind of like getting the snow blower out and doing battle with the elements. When done and the storm has passed and the sun is shinning down on the clean fresh snow; the air is clean and crisp. For sure it is a wonderful site. For sure you are tired, there is sweat on your brow, your body is warm now from your efforts even in the cold. As you walk back to your house you survey your work; a little smile comes on your lips knowing you've done a good job. Inside the smell of hot coffee strikes your nostrils. Your lips can't wait then you sip and rest knowing you have bested the elements again. It's not so bad to have met the challenge and won.
  7. Of course nudist camps will tell you it is against our nature to be covered. Going commando is no where close to that extreme but commando is healthier.
  8. Actually in Asia male toddlers go with out any covering out in public. It was explained as much healthier without a wet diaper chafing their skin.
  9. Obviously you have not had the balls itching problem. Plus having your privates being loose and swinging free with cool breezes pleasuring your most special parts. When you want to show encouragement to another you can have your pecker peek out to see what's up. For sure commando is the only way to fly.
  10. In the late spring, summer and early fall, if I don't go commando my nuts sweat and ultimately itch something fierce. Ya gotta have air circulating down there. Heck it's easy to be careful about the zipper, Plus tucking your tee shirt into your shorts ( always wear shorts) protects against any chafing. Plus much easier to get to your dick for any extracurricular activities. Sorry Dodger commando is the way to go for sure, but to each his own.
  11. Cleaning standards don't align? A universal situation and since no gravestone mentions spotless floors, I feel it's a minor issue. Floors, houses, material things come and go, stay healthy and happy inside yourself--adapt and/or invent. This thought this won't eliminate dirt and it may structure an atmosphere where more respect is offered to the person who makes the good life happen. Be glad for the subconscious; you words will linger to reemerge later in your children's lives. Encourage them to study Microbiology. As a kid, I reveled in using the Electrolux floor-cleaning attachments and the smell of the paste wax that came in a yellow tin. That old machine drowned out all the noise around me, my socked feet stepped across the reflected light, I inhaled the unique aroma of carnauba from a distant palm. No one bothered me for hours as I pushed the whirling brushes left and right--I imagined kids around the world with brooms, mops, shaking rugs outside in the same moment. A spiritual task, cleaning floors, it developed a perspective that the repetitive motions of mundane chores were akin to chants of the monks. v
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    Talon's backstory is so heartbreaking. To lose both parents and then to be ostracized, bullied, and tortured that way!! He is a better man than I am because I would have definitely amputated Mallex's arm in a way no magic could ever repair it! Fingers crossed that Eon means what he says in support of Kalian...but what I really wanna see is Eon put Mallex in his place (pretty please). Another superb (and quickly updated) chapter. Can't wait for the next installment.
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