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A Knight To Remember - By ChessDude

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Hi guys, I just wanted to create a discussion thread for my story A Knight To Remember.

It's a love story focused on a high school senior named Ian Ferri, who goes after the boy of his dreams, but has a hell of a hard time figuring out how to even find him, since he'd only ever seen him in an Instagram post one of his friends commented on... Hopefully you guys find the story funny and engaging.

I wanted to write a romance that FEELS like an adventure story, without all the crazy plots twists or wild storylines. Hopefully I'm accomplishing that.

This story was largely inspired by the following works:

  1. Oh Radio Tell Me Everything You Know - Nifty
  2. Crosscurrents - GA
  3. How I Got Carter - GA

All three of those stories influenced my writing, and I hope - and feel strongly - that those of you that really like those books, will like mine as well. Anyway, hopefully some of you guys have comments/questions/concerns or perhaps just want to vent about one of the characters. I'd be happy to hear it all.

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