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  1. chessdude

    Road Trip

    That's what you get when you repeatedly lie to someone for years! After Brett said that he would forgive him for telling the truth before he left, even IF I had kept a secret that long (which I wouldn't have), I'd have told him right then and there. Gonna be rough roads ahead.
  2. chessdude

    The English Year

    It is pretty interesting. But extremely slow - in terms of the main plot. Too slow, in my opinion. I understand building up the story, but this one really takes it's time. Journey down this road if you are patient.
  3. chessdude

    Brett's Reward

    Sooooo... Billy just stands by and watches his man get the shit beat out of him? Dafuq? I mean, that's pretty shitty. Anyone lays a finger on my boyfriend they lose a hand.
  4. I understand we are supposed to be mad at Brett for stealing the pain pills. But the young man is hurting and he's trying to numb the pain any way he can. If I were Billy I would just bring it up and tell him he needs to get help. I've been where Brett is, not with all the anger, but with being a conniving teenager who acts before thinking. I wouldn't hold it too much against Brett if I were in Billy's shoes... I saw some comment calling Brett a P.O.S. I think that's way too harsh in my opinion. He's just an impulsive and angry teenager.
  5. Pedophiles are attracted to prepubescent children. Sure he may be predatory, and even dangerous, but his behavior is not pedophilia.
  6. chessdude


    Ok first off I love this story. That being said, it would be more realistic if we found out that they were shapeshifters from alternate dimensions trying to save the world, than it is to believe they've been 'boyfriends' for a year and not had sex. I mean, if one of them confessed to being a vampire it would be easier for me to believe. I'm not entirely sure what your motivation is for adding this incomprehensible wait time. If this were to happen in real life then they should be awarded the world record for voluntary celibacy between to boyfriends. I understand wanting to be a closet-case at that age. I was one, big time. But if I were Billy and in this secret relationship we see here, I wouldn't have been able to keep my hands off Brett, much less resist him! Alas, I will trudge on.
  7. chessdude

    Chapter 23

    I see where you are coming from. I didn't intend to be overly critical. The story is very good and I'm enjoying it. Good work.
  8. chessdude

    Chapter 23

    So we get a detailed description of his first-time meaningless encounters with the other the girl and Jeff, but when it comes to the first-time with the guy he's in love with it's all just glossed over and barely covered?
  9. chessdude

    Chapter 1

    7 inches soft? I mean come on dude. I understand this is fiction but I mean we need some semblance of reality here. I mean, I'm wondering if I should even read on, considering this is moving into the realm of science fiction.
  10. So he's had three sexual experiences and in none of them did he feel the need to reciprocate? Really strange. If I were Kevin that first time would have been our last.
  11. chessdude


    Well, I refused to read this story for quite a while simply based on the premise. I thought it would be more or less a journey into the mind of a rather perverted and sexually-obsessed individual. That being said I ran out of stuff to read and gave this one a shot. After reading it I have to say that I firmly believe that it's @Comicality's best romance. It is still updated on Nifty, and I'm glad that he didn't cave to pressure by people judging this story based on the synopsis alone. This really should be listed as a romance, because that is what it is. Don't judge this one based on the synopsis alone. The legal implications associated with a consensual relationship of this type are part of what makes this story so interesting.
  12. chessdude

    With Trust

    It's a shame that this story was abandoned. It is Dom's best story of all, in my opinion. And it stops at a rather agonizing period of the story angryface.jpg Regardless, hopefully Dom magically reappears to finish it, or someone of similar talent finishes the story in similar style to the chapters we already have. It would be such a shame if this story never got the conclusion it deserves.
  13. Pretty good. I'm not entirely sure what I'm reading to be honest. The plot is taking a little long to reveal itself. Feels much more like a memoir than a fictional story. Hopefully some central theme/conflict of the story reveals itself soon.
  14. I mostly like this story. My one real issue is that it's really hard to believe that two 17 year old boys who are in love and have been together for some time are afraid to consummate the relationship. Anyone who has been a 17 year old boy should find this extremely difficult to believe.
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