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  1. chessdude


    Thanks so much man. That’s one of the highest compliments you could pay me. I agree. I think that, although it’s clearly fiction, it isn’t outside the realm of possibility. I want there to be a good amount of realism to it. Like you I’m sure this sort of thing has happened to someone somewhere at some point. I’m writing their story lol.
  2. chessdude


    Hehe, The amount of emails I've gotten from people who have similar feelings as Ian has astounded me. I mean, it's just really amazing that so many people have gone through all those same insecurities and somewhat "forbidden" feelings. I think that adds an interesting dimension to his character. I had no idea so many people would relate to it! Thanks man.
  3. chessdude


    Haha, I guess only time will tell! Thanks for commenting Arran. I appreciate it so much.
  4. chessdude


    Haha! Sorry to put you through that. But I felt it was kind of an important and interesting way for that whole somewhat taboo topic to be revealed. But no this book will not be filled with foot scenes lol. You should be safe for a while haha. Thanks for the comment!
  5. chessdude


    Such a great comment man. I've been out of town the last week so I'm just now able to read these. Thank you so much. I love the broken necklace analogy. This was a scary chapter to write for me, mainly because it sets the stage for the upcoming conflict. I'm so glad you liked it man. ❤️
  6. chessdude


    Thanks man. That means so much to me.
  7. chessdude


    Thanks so much man!
  8. Ollie won $2,300 bucks! He came in second place behind GM Igor Morozevich! I finished out the tournament with 2.5 out of 5. Ollie tells me that that’s a great result. In a couple days I’ll be able to check my rating online at the USCF website! I’m official! Ian Ferri, tournament chess player extraordinaire… Shit… Maybe I should get some business cards printed. It was Monday evening and I was sitting in my room doing some makeup work for the fourth period class I missed last Friday. I was just getting into the groove when I heard a stampede plowing up the stairs… The door to my ro
  9. chessdude


    Thanks man! I wonder how Ollie will react when he finds out about Ian’s foot thing? I guess we’ll have to find out lol. Thanks again buddy and I’m glad you are enjoying the story.
  10. chessdude


    Thanks so much man! I appreciate the encouragement! I happen to love this chapter also for the same reasons as you. I hope you continue enjoying the story!
  11. Thanks man! Teenagers aren't the most predictable individuals! We'll see how this change in their relationship develops over time...
  12. Thanks Bryan! I agree completely... Teenage love impacts a person more than almost anything they'll ever experience again. I'm so glad that I'm capturing that. Writing this story has been such a fulfilling experience... Much more so than I would have thought. I'm as attached to these characters as anyone lol! Thanks again, dude. People like you are my rock. Whenever I get down I come back to the comments here and the many emails I've received from people reading it on other sites, and it just means so much to me. Can't wait to write the next one!
  13. Thanks so much Chris! I really appreciate it!
  14. “Ian… It’s time to get up.” I heard in my ear. “Just… five more minutes.” I said, still in a blur. “You said that five minutes ago! Now get up!” I heard Ollie say, in a loud whisper. I opened my eyes, adjusting to the morning sun, which was piercing through the closed blinds. “I made you this.” Ollie said, as he pushed a steaming mug towards me. Coffee? My man made me coffee! “Dude… I love you.” I said, and then my brain activated, “I mean, thanks.” After a few huge gulps of the piping hot liquid, I finally felt like a human being. Ollie was already dressed and
  15. What a great comment! Thanks man. I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yes, one way of looking at a "bad bishop" is to say it's useless. But there's another way to look at it: A bad bishop is trapped. It's trapped in by the very pieces that are supposed to support it! It wants to fulfill it's purpose, but it's being blocked. I think from that point of view we can see how Ollie might feel that way (Think of Oscar and his dad holding him back from things he might otherwise be more open to). Nice to see a reader that knows the game! Thanks again buddy.
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