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Something that I've been doing with my stories here is to pick a consistent font and type size.

The object of doing this is it makes the stories easier to read.

This is the default font and type size.

This is my preferred Tahoma size 20.

I've noticed that it makes stories easier to read on both the PC and phones.

The smaller font tends to be much closer together and in long paragraphs, it makes for more difficult reading.

The larger size spreads it out the text and makes for easier reading.

There is a lot you can do with the controls in the story vault, but I advise two things:

  • Remember the KISS principle
  • Stay consistent

I just wanted to throw this out there as there are numerous stories that I enjoy, but some give me a headache the craft of their writing has nothing to do with. 

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I am not sure what you are saying about font size because the example you give above shows your chosen Tahoma 20 which appears big on my tablet and a default text size which appears small. However the text size when I read stories online is in between both and pretty much perfect because I chose it, all you need do to adjust the text to suite yourself and your device is to use the inbuilt text adjustment A+ or A- from the menu at the top of each chapter, where you can also toggle to white text on black, 3/4 or 1/2 screen and paragraph indents or none. You really do not need to force a text size which negates the inbuilt function!

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