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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Harry Potter 3 opens this week in the USA.


It opens unopposed. No other new movies will be opening against it. The other studios are too scared. Also, early reviews are indicating that this is the best Potter movie so far.


WB is so happy with the actors, that they have offered to sign the principles for the 3 remaining movies. (5,6,7; they are currently filming 4)


Now, if JKR could just get off her lazy backside and right the last two books... we'll be able to see these actors grow up through the whole series...

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:boy: Something i ran accross.

Cuaron also juiced up the romantic tension between his young stars, 14-year-old Daniel Radcliffe (news) (as Harry), 14-year-old Emma Watson (news) (Hermione Granger) and 15-year-old Rupert Grint (news) (Ron Weasley) - an idea that comes both from Rowling's books and from the real-life flirtiness that Cuaron sensed around the Potter set.


"There were a lot of kids around," he says. "And there was a lot of whispering and passing notes. You could feel the pollen in the air.


I love the quote "You could feel the pollen in the air." Just what is pollen anyway. :lmao::2thumbs::great:

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According to an interview with a London newspaper, she is in the process of writing the sixth book. She says that it will be closer in size to the first three books, but that book number 7 will be as massive as books 4 and 5. Also, she said that she's already written the final chapter for the series; so that it is just a matter of getting from point A to point B. I hope the journey doesn't take too long. :D

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This artical is cracking me up.Artical

But Cuaron seems to have most enjoyed directing Radcliffe, Watson and Grint. Before the shoot even started, he asked his young stars to write essays about their characters.


As it turns out, each actor did the essay as their character would have.


"I was very pleased because I wrote a whole page," Radcliffe recalls. "But the next day, Emma came in and had written sixteen and a half pages" - just like the goody-two-shoes Hermione would do.


Grint still hasn't finished his essay.

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Guest Nelson

has anyone heard anything about the third movie not having qudditch? Cause if not i think that is real stupid cause the third book has the most quidditch action!

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10th? that sucks... I'll probably be going to see if for the second time that weekend. (I promised my cousin I'd bring him)

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Guest Euler

This is unheard of. Synchronization of actors and yet-to-be written books. It would really be nice if they can pull this off. I am still concerned how willing the actors are especially the lead cast. While others think that they may be losing out on their childhood, I believe they are lucky they are getting experiences that most children should have.

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no... same actor... he's just growing up to be a hotty ;)

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Oh and another thing, does anybody know what that head who was directing Stan in the Knight Bus was supposed to be and the other heads that stopped Ron and Hermione from entering The Three Broomsticks? :blink:

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I have seen it twice and I love it. I love the way that they were able to pull of the twist and turns and still make it how it was supposed to be. Fun and enjoyable. I heard that they are already making the 4th instalment. Hehe can't wait to see what that one is like.


Pyro :-)

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Yup, they are hard at work on the 4th installment.


I saw it again on Saturday. Really good second time around too. I'm liking how these guys are growing up ;)


I also spent lots of time writing on PoD 29. Finally seem to be working past my block.

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