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  1. those poor seagulls and pigeons! The bad sort of dueling banjos is in Georgia. Kentucky gets the Steve Martin/Kermit the Frog type of dueling banjos. And for the data type people... Reading Data from the last 90 Days was also posted yesterday.
  2. As part of our effort in 2022 to give more data to authors and readers about what's getting read here at Gay Authors, I am posting this Tag and Genre Reads report. For the numbers shown, please realize that they are tabulated based on the tags and genres associated with each story times the number of times that story is read. Since all stories can have more than one tag and more than one genre, you can't add together individual numbers and have anything meaningful. One other note... we are still in the process of integrating our new sub-genre options on stories, so a fair few stories haven't been updated yet. Primary Title Secondary Title All Reads Romance General Romance 3,379,757 General Fiction Drama 3,229,723 Action/Adventure Adventure 1,318,956 Fantasy General Fantasy 846,467 Comedy Comedy Modern 659,853 Thriller/Suspense Suspense 622,346 Historical Non-Contemporary 497,109 Science Fiction Soft Sci-Fi 421,121 Mystery General Mystery 365,129 Paranormal Romantic Paranormal 308,407 General Fiction Coming of Age 296,027 Horror Horror - Modern 198,416 Poetry Free-Verse 152,156 General Fiction Prompt 146,731 Non-Fiction Creative Non-Fic 144,490 Romance Contemporary Romance 121,247 Paranormal Shifters 83,214 General Fiction Rich Boy 52,644 Romance Paranormal Romance 47,590 Historical World Wars 41,690 Non-Fiction Reference 39,967 Western Western Modern 39,381 Romance Romantic Fantasy 37,695 Fantasy Low Fantasy 33,008 Poetry Mixed Forms 29,123 Romance Romantic Sci-Fi 28,429 Poetry Haiku 27,732 Action/Adventure Action Fiction 26,281 Science Fiction Space Opera 24,182 Literary Fiction Historical Literary 23,565 Western Western Historical 23,563 Fantasy Dragon Fantasy 23,034 Science Fiction Apocalyptic and Post-apocalyptic 22,221 Fantasy Alternate History 19,680 Thriller/Suspense Techno Thriller 19,619 Romance Historical Romance 19,607 Poetry Limerick 18,260 Fantasy High/Epic Fantasy 18,179 Historical Alternate 18,116 Historical Cold War 17,984 Action/Adventure Super Hero 16,203 Romance Romantic Western 15,717 Western Western Romance 15,532 Thriller/Suspense Psychological Thriller 15,303 Poetry Translation 14,672 Fantasy Urban Fantasy 13,812 Literary Fiction Contemporary Literary 11,838 Science Fiction Hard Science Fiction 10,748 Thriller/Suspense Military Thriller 10,467 Action/Adventure Nautical 10,431 Paranormal Paranormal Mystery 9,767 Science Fiction Science Fantasy 9,733 Fantasy Grimdark 8,935 Fantasy Mythic Fantasy 8,236 Thriller/Suspense Political Thriller 7,365 Fantasy Arcanepunk 6,860 Fantasy Gaslamp 6,354 Science Fiction Steampunk 6,354 Fantasy Historical Fantasy 6,062 Historical Ancient Orient 5,958 Mystery Cozy Mystery 5,089 Comedy Comic Fantasy 4,634 Paranormal Vampires 4,185 Poetry Sonnet 3,721 Fantasy Medieval Fantasy 3,673 Horror Psychological 3,233 Non-Fiction Autobiography 3,230 Fantasy Anthropomorphic Fantasy 3,166 Science Fiction Libertarian Sci-Fi 2,920 Western Weird West 2,308 Science Fiction Military Sci-Fi 2,092 Action/Adventure Spy-Fi 1,622 Non-Fiction Letter 1,387 World Building Science Fiction World Building 1,376 Fantasy Fairy Tales 1,346 Fantasy Sword and Planet 1,124 Mystery Historical Mystery 1,040 Paranormal Werewolves 997 Historical Ancient Greco-Roman 872 Poetry Lyric 801 Poetry Rhyming 801 Poetry Blank Verse 800 Thriller/Suspense Historical Thriller 666 Thriller/Suspense Supernatural Thriller 614 Science Fiction Space Western 613 Historical Industrial Revolution 588 Fantasy Science Fantasy 406 Horror Monster 312 Horror Splatterpunk 312 World Building Fantasy World Building 297 General Fiction Experimental 165 Poetry Epic Poetry 115 Comedy Tall Tale 115 Science Fiction Cyberpunk/Tech Noir 3 Primary Title Secondary Title All Reads Relationship gay 3,597,222 Age young adult 2,342,266 Age teen 1,952,622 Time Frame modern 1,624,808 Age mature adult 1,429,327 Setting north america 1,267,680 Relationship adult 1,245,173 Theme love 1,065,538 Sex anal 1,054,810 Theme coming of age 987,686 Relationship friendship 937,599 Tone serious 748,196 Tone light-hearted 739,067 Sex oral 678,264 Sex first time 556,921 Relationship under 18 546,303 Time Frame 20th century 524,513 Relationship bisexual 477,136 Setting europe 458,048 Paranormal magic 453,517 Theme coming out 425,537 Paranormal were-creatures 412,032 Tone dark 391,497 Sex no sex 366,731 Other abuse 359,967 Setting alternate earth 319,111 Setting australia 307,983 Setting university 280,665 Other military 268,174 Other psychology 262,965 Other crime 255,994 Theme suspense 252,690 Other adopt 252,060 Setting urban 247,125 Relationship brothers 235,210 Other parents 233,223 Setting school 230,696 Other fighting 229,858 Setting rural 229,109 Setting college 224,342 Sex casual 216,520 Time Frame future 214,118 Other religion 210,266 Setting high school 190,324 Paranormal vampire 177,240 Other sports 174,303 Paranormal aliens 173,590 Age senior 170,356 Other celebrity 156,714 Other fostering 152,257 Relationship roommates 151,378 Theme depression 148,521 Other music 148,305 Setting travel 137,954 Sex masturbate 137,459 Other philosophy 132,666 Sex rape 132,592 Age child 131,563 Setting boat 126,031 Paranormal demons 110,293 Setting suburban 108,846 Other disability 107,364 Other animals 104,766 Relationship interracial 102,979 Paranormal psionics 98,692 Setting space 94,407 Sex bdsm 92,067 Other politics 87,872 Paranormal sorcery 85,528 Sex violent 85,460 Other death 85,311 Setting war 83,745 Time Frame medieval 82,474 Theme hate 78,008 Setting off-planet 77,173 Other medical 73,774 Theme christmas 71,414 Other death-defying 70,963 Other police 60,890 Setting workplace 60,335 Paranormal mages 59,695 Paranormal zombie 59,683 Time Frame ancient times 59,537 Sex fetish 59,477 Theme holiday 59,262 Creative Non-Fiction autobiography 54,960 Paranormal ghosts 52,582 Paranormal angels 52,158 Setting road-trip 51,227 Sex incest 47,206 Setting world war 46,771 Paranormal wizards 45,195 Sex group sex 45,013 Setting vacation 41,289 Paranormal mind control 40,247 Theme suicide 31,397 Setting asia 31,388 Relationship lesbian 30,793 Paranormal witchcraft 28,075 Other mental health 25,690 Paranormal mutants 23,546 Theme halloween 23,388 Relationship transgender 21,962 Setting africa 21,291 Paranormal with wings 20,916 Other firefighting 20,310 Relationship menage 19,955 Other hiv-aids 19,820 Creative Non-Fiction journal 12,393 Setting antarctica 11,840 Setting train 11,675 Time Frame renaissance 11,357 Creative Non-Fiction review 7,747 Creative Non-Fiction faq 7,728 Setting south america 6,338 Creative Non-Fiction interview 5,462 Other non-binary 3,450 Creative Non-Fiction biography 3,200 Setting plane 2,650 Time Frame industrial age 1,809 Relationship pansexual 1,402 Setting bus 461 Relationship asexual -
  3. Myr

    Sexual Pacing

    "Sex Sells" is definitely still a thing. (Romance is the largest Genre). Just reminder to new authors that Gay Authors is also looking for plot . Our friends over at Nifty specialize in the Erotic Story Archive space. But well paced sex scenes certainly appeal to a fairly large portion of our audience.
  4. sickeningly sweet is another definition of cloying, yes. and I hear you...
  5. Welcome back to week 3 of Back to Basics! Thank you for the great comments on our first two features! This week is all about the action (and everyone knows action sells)... verbs! Verbs are words that indicate action or states of being. Types of Verbs Action Verbs - verbs that show movement or change. Billy jumped onto the wagon. Verbs of Being - verbs that express a state, usually a form of "to be" The boy was hungry. Linking Verbs - Verbs that connect parts of a sentences and are often hidden forms of "to be". If you can swap verb without changing meaning, it is a linking verb. The tea tasted sour. = The tea was sour. Auxiliary Verbs - Verbs that express more about the main verb by altering the tense, mood, or voice (example: passive vs. active). You can join the team vs. You must join the team. Transitive vs. Intransitive Actions verbs that require a direct object to complete its meaning. Action verbs that do not require a direct object acted upon are intransitive. Transitive Verbs push, cuddle, hug, shine Billy hugged Joey. Intransitive Verbs gallop, march, limp The horse galloped. Some verbs swing both ways depending on the sentence structure: Transitive She opened the window. He closed the lid. Intransitive The window opened. The lid closed. Forms of Be am, being, been, is, are, was, were References: Kern, Jara. (2020). The Infographic Guide to Grammar. Adams Media Venolia, Jan. (2001). Write Right! (4th ed.). Ten Speed Press
  6. I must say, I like where this is going...
  7. Are you restricting just quantity or the size, age, shape, color and purpose as well?
  8. Wow! Thanks for all the replies on week 1! Ready for Week 2 of the Grammar Guide? This week is Back to Basics: Adjectives An adjective modifies a noun or pronoun to give more information about a person, place, or thing. Adjectives answer such things as: which one? what kind? how many? There are few different kinds of adjectives: Articles Can be definite or indefinite and they point out or refer to a person, place, or thing Definite article: the Example : the book Indefinite article: a, an Example: a book Demonstrative Emphasizes the importance of the person, place, or thing (always followed by the noun/pronoun) Examples: this, that, these, those Indefinite Used to describe a group including an unknown number Examples: many, less, neither, some Possessive Describes who has or owns something Examples: my, your, his, her, its, our, their Interrogative Begins a question ❓ Examples: what, which, whose Proper Formed from a proper noun and requires a capital letter Examples: French pastries, Mexican tacos, Japanese animation And there you have it! Next week we jump into the active world of verbs. Let us know what you think below and if you want to play around with the home game, give an adjective that isn't used often. References: Kern, Jara. (2020). The Infographic Guide to Grammar. Adams Media Venolia, Jan. (2001). Write Right! (4th ed.). Ten Speed Press
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