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  1. Myr

    Cover photo Size

    Promising Author group setting has been corrected for profiles cover images.
  2. Myr

    Cover photo

    This appears related to one of the new features that is intended to improve speed on mobile. The company has still not released a patch. I have turned off the feature and the system is rebuilding content currently.
  3. Myr

    Cover photo Size

    This is not related to the profile cover images. It sounds like a setting issue. I'll look into it.
  4. Thanks Everyone! It sure does, doesn't it? 🤪
  5. First thing this morning, I applied a new Stories Archive software update. This was a minor update that was mostly focused on bugs. Added new feature on forum posts that shows how many Stories you have reviewed and how many story/chapter comments you have made Added "Story Review Guidelines", "Story Comment Guidelines" and "Chapter Comment Guidelines" feature that pops up a box when clicked that can offer general site guidelines for posting comments and reviews. If you click on them currently, you'll get "Coming Soon" Added a story-only reputation count, that is currently only showing to staff. We're working on getting that changed so that it shows to staff and the author. This directly affects those in the story moderation queue and the automatic promotion out of it. When browsing by World, Series, or Story, miscellaneous media items will no longer appear in the list. Only banners for promoted author groups will show. The "Featured Story" that the staff pins on the first page of the story listing, will now properly not cover the story search bar for non-author groups. On stories where there are many Authors, Editors and Beta Readers, they will now be listed alphabetically. (Main Author is always listed first and additional authors are alphabetical) Unpublished chapter count where dozens of chapters were listed as unpublished is now corrected. The meta data on stories should now correctly reflect published chapter data not everything. (error was seen where it would say there are 10 chapters, but only 6 would be visible) Miscellaneous bug fixes. The only major feature still in the pipeline are the Statistics. We've been collecting them since Jan 2018. There are more than 18,000,000 hits since that time. The release of the new forum version that required a lot of rewriting, delayed it. There are also a number of bugs, some of them very stubborn, that we're still working on. Some of this is caused by the default behavior of the underlying software that we have to work around. (double notification thing on reactions, for example) Stay Tuned and be sure to follow this blog. It helps me track how useful people find these posts.
  6. Editors, beta readers, other authors are now listed alphabetically.
  7. The author was able to list them alphabetically. This will be in the next update. They were being listed by member number, apparently.
  8. This isn't Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram... we must pay for everything we store either directly or in our backup files.
  9. I have contacted the programmer for more details on this.
  10. Myr

    Cover photo

    Yes, there appears to be an issue. It has been reported to the forum folks.
  11. Myr

    Notification quirk

    The bug report refers to this topic, so the programmer will see it.
  12. Myr

    Notification quirk

    See last post... Bug has been reported, it has not been fixed.
  13. Yes. And Thanks Everyone! There is a sequel to this one in another anthology. And I do plan to continue that, of course.
  14. Myr

    Notification quirk

    I have reported the bug.
  15. Myr

    Notification quirk

    I'd check those links. It's entirely possible that they reacted to different chapters. The ones together being the same chapter and the second one a different chapter.
  16. Myr

    Embedded link problem

    This seems to be a story bug. I've let the programmer know.
  17. Myr

    Mini painting 2

    I"ve started printing my own. painting comes soon
  18. Myr

    Mini painting 2

    Looks good
  19. Myr

    Finished mini!

    Nice job!
  20. If I ever end up in that situation, something on the site breaks. Lol
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