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  1. Be sure to check out this week's article on Context!


  2. Myr


    There are a tremendously large number of people on social media that wouldn't see context if it walked up behind them and gave them a well-deserved kick in the backside. This is definitely a great reminder to keep context in mind. Thanks @Comicality!
  3. Probably related to the inactive account removals still going on. (accounts with 0 posts and no visits since before 2020 are being removed, especially if they have not subscribed to our newsletter.) We can only remove a few hundred accounts at a time without crashing the server and only in the mornings when the site is less busy.
  4. Just a quirk of the system and how it caches. nothing to worry about unless you are seeing it everywhere or every time.
  5. Exercise 1: Secret government organization finds and trains people with extraordinary powers while keeping those powers hidden from society.
  6. I think your perspective here is too broad... You can change someone's life by having an entertaining story right at that moment someone is down.
  7. I'm very aware. Unfortunately, our programmer has been unavailable due the BS going on in the world.
  8. There is another article up in Writing Tips!  Be sure to check out "Character Motivation"!


  9. Myr

    Character Motivation

    Thanks Comsie! This provides another tool in the toolkit of writing. This ties in very nicely to a book I just picked up on developing characters. It helps me to see many different viewpoints and approachs on this.
  10. @Serelec I'm still processing, as time is one thing I'm always short of. I'd recommend much smaller chunks and 1 exercise at a time. I'm pretty sure more than a few people saw the wall of text and ran for the hills.
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