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  1. I didn't review the last chapter. I knew in advance, via my terrific ESP what was going to happen....boy was I wrong.... I loved Christian's lightbulb of dating David again....and those (takes a deep heaving breath) yellow roses....... The home movies sound like they are just what the doctor ordered, but I guess we'll have to wait and see... Oh yeah, and I think when Christian and David get back to normal, while they honeymoon, you ought to inflict the little ones on Tag and Jimmy....make them change their minds about adopting.
  2. I'll bite. I retract my false accusation. I found no cliffhangers.
  3. By the way, I think I had 4500 word output yesterday....haven't erased any of it yet.

  4. I am using Evernotes to Journal and communicate with Word Docs. I really like it as a journal.

  5. I think the biggest cliffhanger is your statement that you figure there are only 9 more chapters. I absolutely love this story and I have faithfully showed up here each week whether or not our KING OF THE CLIFFHANGERS did, but 123 chapters so far.... I feel like I'm in a bad Monty python sketch....no ending in sight..... Did I read right...Trevor Shane and Basingstoke all on board? Guess I'm in it for the long haul..... Thanks for the really great ride CJ In case you take anything I've said as insulting ...I compared you to a Monty python sketch....even a bad one is terrific.
  6. I just saw a forum asking what word output per day the writers here were turning out. I read once where a fictional author, a book by Mr King, or someone similar, had word output of between 5 and 100000 words a day. That's a walloping lot of words.

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    2. Richard Cole

      Richard Cole

      Lugh, the longest piece I have written so far is 20k. Thanks to you and you too Roan for both your insights...

    3. Cia


      I don't have a daily constant. Typically I write in bursts and if I don't feel it, I don't write. I think, on average a week, I write 5-15k, depending on my projects. Forcing myself to write daily takes HOURS more time than just writing when inspiration strikes.

    4. Richard Cole

      Richard Cole

      Thanks Cia ....


  7. I'm wearing a soft cast on my left hand and wrist. It makes typing a challenge.

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