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  1. JAR, I could give something a go at the weekend. Message me with the sort of thing you have in mind framework-wise. Battling vast databases during the week, so some writing without numbers would more than likely do me some good.
  2. "What's up with you? You're all bouncy and happy, we don't like it" - I like to zig when they think I'll zag.

  3. Have been re-reading from the start. Still love them lads/wolves. Such a well done set of stories.
  4. "I love how brutally honest you are in the morning before you've had coffee". "You should hear him in the afternoon when he HAS had coffee". Inward glow of pride.

  5. Weird dreams less than an hour into a night's sleep... now I need coffee.

  6. Using this spot to store my scratch notes as I begin the journey that is writing a story.
  7. I have a thing for typewriters. I wrote my college papers on a 1937 Remington streamline, and use this Olivetti at work today.
  8. Coffee and I have a very special relationship. I was once told, "you're a freak... I've never seen someone drink five cups of coffee before bed, and then sleep so soundly".
  9. Welcome aboard. Question, can you explain what the pictures in your gallery mean?

    1. nordmanni


      Hi. Thank you. They're small parts of who I am, especially the coffee (which is a large part, admittedly).

  10. LOL, that I did. Just read the last. Sigh. Deep sigh. Once the MetaLogue and final promt are published I'm going right back to the start and reading it all over again. By the Gods those guys have a perfect love.
  11. Discovered these stories last week - have enjoyed every single word of them. Huge thanks to the author, and a Prime-style hard stare too... I'm not sure I want their journey to ever end.
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