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  1. I watch my boss as he walks up to me. His name is Henry, a thick chocolate candy of a man. Henry is about twice my age but clearly takes good care of his body. He has well-defined arms and a broad chest that shows off his fitness and possibly sexual agility. I've had a crush on him ever since I walked into the office building for an interview and saw him standing with one of the newest interns. She had her blouse buttoned low enough to reveal her very voluptuous assets but he turned and stared at me as I walked by. I barely remembered how to walk correctly that day. Shortly after that, I heard he was happily married and still had a bit of a reputation. Rumor had it that he'd slept with more than half of his female staff which I figured made him rather very heterosexual. But that didn't dissuade me. No, I had very big plans. All that yummy would soon be mine, I haven't failed at the art of seduction, not yet. So I flirted, wore the tightest jeans, bit my lips every chance I got and went through all of the seduction motions (cautiously of course) but Henry did not even budge. This turn of event slithered my ego down a notch. After that, I gave up my quest to have Henry push me against a wall and in perfect words whisper 'I want you - all of you!' *sighs*. We've been working without any more of my schemes for a couple of months since then. Henry places a file in front of me and I inwardly groan. It's 6:54pm and there's hardly anybody left at the office. But Henry chooses tonight to look over some documents with me before I head out for the week. He glances at me and I look at those sexy eyes through his glasses which make him even ten times sexier. "Excited for the weekend?" Henry asks "Not really. I'm planning to relax and maybe do something fun on Sunday" I say. "Something fun" He seems to chew the words in his mouth like he's trying to taste it. "Lke what?" He inquires, again. I stop working to answer, puzzled about the sudden interest in my personal life. Not that he's a bad kind of CEO. But he couldn't be bothered either. He's always been stern so I am genuinely amazed. "I don't know, maybe dinner somewhere nice." I say. "Cool. Alon--" As he's about to complete the words, someone walks into the office and says their goodbye. Which means that Henry and I are completely alone. I think about this for a moment but I dismiss it and turn my head back to the final pages. I can feel Henry's eyes on me as he says "I'll be right back." I pay him no attention as I try to finish up so I can finally go home. It's been a stressful week and I sigh. I hear a lock somewhere click and Henry comes back into my office. I hear another lock, mine. Henry facing the door, pauses for a second before turning back to look at me. By this time, many scenarios run through my head but my paranoia wants to freak out because what if he wants to murder me, right here!!! But Henry moves swiftly and pulls me off my chair and covers my lips with his. I squeal. Henry's lips are soft and tasty and absolutely chocolaty. I melt into his grasp, only my tongue and lips seem to be working. With my eyes still closed, I move my lips from his and I feel a shiver flush through me. "What's happening?" I say as I raise an eyebrow. "I've wanted to do that since the very first day I saw you" He laughs. "You've been torturing me James." He puts his hand beneath my chin and inches my face upward. My brain switches back on and I move my hips towards his. My erection bumps against his. "Oh. God." He moans and he grinds back against me, claiming my lips again. Our tongue dances against each other and we're gasping in quick breaths. He pushes me against the nearest wall, leaves fiery kisses on my neck and licks my skin. Henry trails his tongue all over me untill he reaches my ear, pauses and whispers so only I can hear "I want every inch of you". I take off his shirt, then every piece of clothing left. I take mine off slowly, watching him shake with desire. I stop thinking about going home, I stop thinking about where we are, I stop thinking about the fact that he's married and I hardly ever thought about the fact that he's my boss. I stop thinking about everything. All I want at this moment is to give him every single inch of me.
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