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  1. Such a brilliant story. Can't wait for more chapters
  2. Please let there be more to this story. It's like a rollercoaster ride. It is totally awesome.
  3. Sergio

    Chapter 25

    Love this book Comsie. Please please post more chapters to this story. I need to know how Zack dealt with his father after this. You see, I have been in the same abusive relationship with my father, and unfortunately, never had the chance to talk to someone about it. I had friends and all, but I had a huge barrier between them to not see what I was going through. I absolutely love this book, it has bought a lot of tears reading through the chapters, and maybe some sort of closure since I left home. Please don't let the story end here.
  4. Sergio

    Chapter 1

    I know what you mean Stevie. But I was in the same relationship with my parents. My mother worked long hours, and my dad was (still is) an alcoholic. The abuse I had to endure from him was unbearable, and I was too ashamed and terrified to tell my mother about it. I ended up alone in life as I was too scared to make the first move and afraid of things to come to go into a relationship with someone. The story may be fiction, but it happens a lot more than anyone can hope for
  5. PLEASE PLEASE carry on with this series. I am so hooked that I am sad when I do't see any new chapters. Love all your stories Comsie
  6. Sergio

    Chapter 35

    Seriously cannot wait for the next chapter. All the books are kick ass !!
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