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  1. Hmmmm...I would say that everyone should probably read the "Gone From Daylight" series first, simply because there are a lot of vague references to that 'world' in particular. But if you're up to date on the original series, then you can read all of the others in any order you want. No chance of spoilers then. But, yes...no matter how subtle...all the stories are connected. Easter eggs are everywhere. You'd have to be a true fanboy to catch them all! LOL!
  2. Awesome idea! And thank you! I'm honored to be in such good company up there! And it reminds me that I've got a LOT more reading to do!
  3. The vampire saga is coming back with a brand new chapter next Friday night, so be sure to stop by and check it out! And if you've been a long time fan of the vampire series, you've GOT to read the other stories attached to it! You'll be missing out if you don't! Taking place in many different eras and time periods throughout human history, you may just be surprised how the stories and characters are connected in one way of another! All of these stories have now been collected here on GayAuthors under the "GFD: Worlds" label! So absorb all you can, let me know what you think...and I'll see ya next weekend! https://gayauthors.org/stories/browse/world/gone-from-daylight/
  4. Ahhh...if only we could all be forever young. Well done! ::Applauds::
  5. Gah!!! Wait...did Ruel drop an entire ALBUM??? How did I miss this??? 😮 And there's more! It's like Ruel Christmas! XD
  6. And MORE!!! More more more!!! MWAH!!! I Love you, Ruel! MWAH!!! Hehehe!
  7. Okie dokie! The story is up now! And the mailing list is working again. So...you know...magic! LOL! Give it a read, and let me know what you think! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/jessie-101onlinecelebrity/
  8. "Jesse-101" Online Celebrity "In A Perfect World..." Did I dream about him when I went to sleep that night? I don't remember, exactly...but it seems rather unrealistic that sexy thoughts of my dear beloved Jesse Kyler wouldn't have flooded my subconscious while I was sleeping. Hell, they probably nearly flooded my boxer shorts after spending another romantic date night with him like we did last night. Maybe that's why I woke up with an erection capable of shattering diamonds this morning. I mean...Jesus! Being that hard is probably what woke me up in the first place. I hope it wasn't one of those mornings where my mom peeked in on me, because she would have seen me pitching a tent big enough for an entire circus to fit under! Omigod...I rolled over on my stomach, hoping to relieve some of the pressure, but I think that only made things worse. Not only did I start, involuntarily, humping the mattress...but it felt like my 'naughty hole' was twitching and begging for instant stimulation. I could, literally, feel a rapid pulse running through it as thoughts of Jesse carefully sliding into me crossed my mind. I wanted to hear him whimper softly over my shoulder as he sank deep into my eager tunnel, and relish in the feel of his slender body against me. On top of me. Giving him pleasure like he was giving me. A union that brought us both to the heights of ecstasy. Heavy breathing, lustful moans, and an impending climax that was sure to crack us wide open at our very core once we reached the point of no return. UGH!!! God!!! I WANTED him so badly!!! Not that I wasn't already overwhelmed with his super cute giggles, his witty sense of humor, his seductive kisses...and the bashful way he combines all of his best attributes into the most sensually delightful full package ever created in a gay teen boy! Because I was. Jesse had an uncanny ability to just...hold me still and appreciate the moment, you know? He just...he gave me 'life'. And he didn't even have to try. But there was another part of me.... That just...I just... Ok, I'll say it... I just want Jesse to fuck the ever lovin' SHIT out of me!!!! Sorry for having a cliche teen moment, but it's TRUE! I'd give almost anything to have him on top of me right now, pumping away like his life depended on it. Assaulting my willing hole until it was red and exhausted from the power of his excited thrusting. I mean...I know that I'm still a virgin in that particular sense, and I don't really have any ideas about how that sort of thing would work out just yet...but... I want to discover everything that sex has to offer. All of it. And I want Jesse to be the one I trusted enough to make it the life altering experience that I always dreamed it should be. You know? There was this intense yearning within me that was SO ready to throw all of our giddy infatuations out the window for a few reckless moments of resistless LUST, where the only thing that mattered was sharing an epic race to one of the most explosive orgasms ever recorded. My body was actually trembling with the need for release. I began to kiss my pillow passionately as I pushed my hips into the mattress at a rhythmic pace. I was lightheaded with the sensations surging through me, and when I rolled over to take a hold of myself to calm down a bit...my erection throbbed to the point of nearly bursting. I made sure to look at my bedroom door to make sure that it was closed all the way, and listened to hear my mother rummaging around in the kitchen somewhere. I wasn't going to be able to hold this one in. I had to rub one out. There was no turning back now. I was still a bit groggy from just waking up, but my sheets were so warm and soft at that moment...it was almost like having Jesse hold me in a loving embrace. I sighed out loud, spreading my legs a bit more but making certain that I was still covered up in case of a random 'Mom intrusion'. I wish I could spend all day spilling my seed over thoughts of my celebrity boyfriend...but I think I was going to have to make this one quick. I pulled open the front of my boxers and gripped my protruding inches tightly, giving them a few strokes while my fantasies set up the scenario. A dreamy, sunlit, haze of an image...Jesse leaning down to kiss me with those unbelievably soft lips of his. I sped up my stroking pace as thoughts of his tongue sliding between my lips and winding around my own got me even hotter than before. I could almost taste him. Smell his boyish fragrance. Feel the stands of blond silk as they swept over my cheeks. God...it's only been seconds, but I'm already so close. My breathing increased, my body heat dampening my sheets as I bent my knees and slammed my eyes shut to provide myself with a fully immersive, slightly desperate, experience. Mmmm...oh wow. I love you Jesse. I love you sooooo much... I was already reaching the point of no return when I realized that something was missing. I just...I had to feel that little bit extra. I needed it so bad. God, I hope Jesse never realizes how much of a perv I am when it comes to me jacking off to his crazy beautiful face. I reached up to deeply suck my middle finger into my mouth, getting it nice a wet, and then raised my hips to pull the back of my undies off...widening the space between my knees so I could slide the slickened digit inside of my highly resistant hole. I was sooooo excited, but the pulsating spasms in my rigid shaft kept making my hole even tighter, and thus...harder to penetrate. I was determined to get it in there, though. I slowed down my stroking. I didn't want to cum before I got the full effect. I was trying my best to relax, but every time I thought about Jesse's smile...my hardness would jump and my hole would clamp down again. What? Give me a break here! YOU try having a teenage boyfriend this hot and sweet and famous and let's see how good YOU are at trying to relax! Hehehe! I kept my eyes closed, licking my lips as I concentrated on pushing my finger in without hurting myself. I had to wiggle my bottom a bit, and ultimately had to turn slightly on my side to raise my leg a bit and open my narrow cleft a bit more before I was finally able to insert myself through my protective ring. Oh wow...yeah...there it is. That initial push that drives my most sensitive nerve endings wild. I started to stroke again, my hole quivering around my finger as I forced it deeper within me...all the while, dreaming that it was Jesse becoming one with my heated body...whispering words of love in my ear. I got all the way in until my knuckles refused to let me go any further...and then I timed my slow and steady, in and out, thrusting with the affectionate grip on my twitching shaft. It was the best feeling in the world. My eyes nearly rolled back in my head as I pictured Jesse really pumping himself into me. Wow...I wish I had more time to enjoy this surreal fantasy. Or...even better...make it a reality! My stomach muscles began to tighten, my body begsn to thrash slightly as I felt my lower half increasing in heat and pressure. I closed my eyes tight, biting my bottom lip as my heavy breathing began to come out in soft whimpers and gasps. Closer. Closer. Oh God...closer. And then I reached the point of no return and wondered if I should hurry up and reach for some tissues to catch the approaching mess. But everything felt too good for me to stop now. One finger lodged deep in my gripping tunnel, the other clutching my throbbing shaft with a furious pounding...I had to keep going. Mess, be damned. My legs squirmed, my ring crushing in on my finger, my balls drawing up tight in my sack...and then I held my breath as the fireworks began. I felt copious amounts of heated liquid as it splashed across my chest and heaving stomach, my hips raising slightly off of the bed as I felt the warm nectar pour over the back of my hand, the shaft jumping with every powerful pulse. All while thoughts of sucking on Jesse's tongue filled my thoughts, his sexy weight pressing me down into the mattress. I swear...that was the hottest part of all. It took a full minute or two for my body to relax again. My heart thumping loudly in my ears, my lungs desperately chasing breath...my body covered in sticky puddles of seed. Wow...huff huff...that was one of the best explosions that I've ever had. That was seriously intense. Wow. My legs relaxed a bit, a bit sore from being in such a widespread position for the past few minutes straight. I let out a long sigh as my fingers slowly withdrew from my warm confines, and I just laid there in bed with my arm over my eyes, bathing in the afterglow of, yet another, sensual Jesse-101 fantasy. I swear, the second I get a chance to get that boy alone, I'm going to let him ravage me from head to toe. I need that. It's actually pretty scary how much I need that. I love you, Jesse Kyler... I could feel the cooling sperm sticking to me and began to wonder if any of it got on my sheets as my brain settled back into some level of normalcy again. I sat up, and reached for my robe to lightly wrap around myself as I walked over to my underwear drawer and grabbed a pair of red boxer briefs. I didn't tie my robe up, seeing as I was sure to get that all sticky too if I wasn't careful...and I peeked out into the hallway to make sure that the coast was clear before padding my way, barefoot, to the bathroom for a long hot shower. Awesome way to start the day, isn't it? Hehehe! After cleaning up, I came back to my room to find a message from Lori on my phone. It said, quite simply, "You have until noon to give me some damn details, mister! So get your act together, slacker!" She always says these things as though I had any way of keeping this to myself. Of course I'm going to tell her about my date last night. Who else could I possibly have to share my infinite joy with? "Good morning, honey." My mom smiled as she saw me come into the kitchen for a glass of orange juice. "Breakfast is just about ready. Do you want some toast and jelly?" A little suspicious, I softly replied, "No thanks. Ummm..." I wasn't quite sure what to say to her. Or what not to say to her. I mean, it's not like I came out to her or anything last night...but I did say a little bit more than I normally would have said. I mean...I was just soaring on this post-date Jesse high when I came home, and I might have accidentally dropped a few breadcrumbs that I probably shouldn't have. It's not like I'm NEVER going to share this part of my life with her, or anything. I just...I'm trying to navigate around my mom's overzealous reaction to things like this. It's a very thin line between giving me space and time to figure things out, and her handing me gay sex pamphlets, telling all of her co-workers she's the parent of a queer son, and dressing up in cringe worthy rainbow outfits and going to Pride parades with decorated poster board signs and a megaphone. I mean, I'm gay...but I'm not quite THAT gay! At least not right now. I think she took notice of my silence, and she wrinkled her forehead a bit. "You have something on your mind?" She asked. I slowly shook my head. "No. Nothing." I looked at her sideways as she walked back to the stove to finish scrambling some eggs. My eyes narrowed slightly. What the heck is she up to NOW? She's being too normal. "You?" I asked. "What's that?" "Do you have, like...anything on your mind?" I said. "No. Nothing." She replied, not even looking back at me. Then adding, "Put some socks on, Tristan. The floor is cold." She's up to something. I just KNOW it! 'Put some socks on'? What does she mean by that? Huh? Is that a gay thing, or...? UGH!!! What the HELL, Mom! Why are you making this so awkward? She's so WEIRD! I turned around and walked out of the kitchen, not knowing whether to be confused by this behavior or not. Parents ruin everything during adolescence! I texted Lori to let her know that I'd give her a call in a little bit, but I had to eat breakfast first. With my mom being so casual about things this morning, I feel like I have to keep myself super vigilant today. God forbid, I were to fall into one of her 'out and proud' traps when I least expect it. She's UP to something, I tell you! I've got a sixth sense about these things, you know? I got dressed in a pair of shorts and a pullover, tie-dyed, t-shirt and I turned on the TV in the living room before walking out the front door to go to the mailbox. I'm sure there's nothing in there but junkmail and grocery store sale papers for the upcoming weekend, but what else did I have to do, you know? I found exactly what I expected to find out there in terms of the mail, but...when I heard the sound of wheels on concrete, I looked further down the street to see Scotty Lynch riding his skateboard in front of his driveway, wearing a backwards cap and a pair of jean shorts. He was all by himself, working to get up some speed and and attempting the same jump from the street up on the curb, over and over, again. Never nailed the landing. Not once. But he was definitely determined to make it happen, from the looks of it. There was a slight hesitation within me. The art of procrastination yanking on my shirt tail, telling me to go back in the house before Scotty spotted me and came racing over to take some of my attention hostage for the next few minutes or so. It had become a bit of an unbreakable habit at this point. But...if I was ever going to take a chance on getting him and Artie to meet face to face any time soon...I mean, now is as good a time as any, right? Sighhhh...what are you doing, Tristan? Don't end up doing something that you're going to regret later. I saw Scotty trying to flip his board over and nail the landing, but it only slid away from him and crashed into a nearby tree. Luckily, he didn't hurt himself...but he looked as if he was just going to keep going until he did...or until he got the trick right. I started to pick up the pace a bit, for fear that he'd fall down and break a bone or something right in front of me. I don't do bone shards poking through skin or arms that bend the wrong way backwards! Yuck! Then, just as I was about half way between his house and mine, Scotty caught sight of my approach, and I noticed his eyes widening briefly as he turned his back to me in a panic. All of a sudden, he yanked his cap off and started manically smoothing his blond mop out with both hands, brushing himself off and making sure that he was 'presentable', I suppose...even patting his pockets down to reach for a small stick of gum and popping it into his mouth, frantically chewing it up and swishing it around to freshen his breath in a matter of seconds. Geez! I mean...it's cute and all...but Scotty knows that I can actually SEE him, right? I'm, literally standing right there. Whatever. Not the point. Stay focused. When I got close enough to him, he spun around and tried to do some sort of cool 'kick up' thing to try to stomp down on his board and get it to pop up into his hand. It didn't work. The wheels banged into his fingers, and he tried to hide his wince of pain as the board fell, awkwardly, back to the concrete. He did blush a little, but fought it back with every ounce of boyish energy that he could muster. He tried to stand there looking casual as the board slowly rolled away from him...and in my direction. Hehehe, he tried not to look at it, and it was almost like he didn't want me to notice it crawling towards me either...but I eventually stopped it with my foot, and bent down to pick it up and carry it back to him. "Hey, Scotty..." I smiled. His embarrassment was adorable, but he played it off well. "Hi, Tristan." He mumbled, and he took the skateboard back from me. "Thanks." "Trying out some new tricks, I see." "Ummm...yeah..." He kept his eyes down, mentally kicking himself for potentially looking silly in front of me. I think it helped to ease his pain when I said, "You almost looked like you had it that last time. Pretty rad, man." The smile that spread out on that boy's face when I said that was so bright that I could swear the Sun itself actually pulled some clouds in front of it to take a ten minute break for the day. I sometimes forget how much weight my compliments can have with him some times. "Soooo...what are you doing?" I asked, hoping to calm him down a little. You know how you sometimes see a puppy get so excited that the turbulent wagging of his tail is almost enough to cause them to fall over? Well, if Scotty Lynch had a tail...that'd be him right now. Rolling over on his back and kicking his legs up in the air. "Oh! Ummm, nothing, really. Just...just hangin'. Chillin'. Hangin' and chillin'...you know?" He said, trying to figure out what to do with his hands. "What about you?" I grinned, "Just...hangin' and chillin'." "Wow...cool..." He said. Almost as if he didn't mean for me to hear it. "My mom is making me breakfast, so I can't really stay for too long, but I thought I'd come over and say hello." Again, Scotty seemed completely bowled over by the sentiment. "You did?" His voice was considerably higher as the surprise of it all clamped down on his boyish vocal chords, but then he cleared his throat and tried to quickly recover. "I mean, yeah...you did. Of course. That's cool. I probably would have come over later just to hang out and stuff anyway, so...I'm glad you came to see me. Saves me a trip, right?" Hehehe, he is obsessed with impressing me. He really is. Seems exhausting. I wish that I could be nice to Scotty for a few minutes without him treating it like a marriage proposal...but seeing as I've now been on the opposite end of a hopeless crush myself for a while...I think I can understand him a little bit better than I did before. And, yes...maybe I've been a little dismissive and mean to him in the past, but...if Scotty really does like boys, and he's on the lookout for someone to love and call his very own...I hope that introducing him to Artie will make up for some of the torture I put him through since he first came sniffing around. It's the least I could do. "Say...do you remember me asking you if you wanted to hang out this weekend?" I said, causing him to shake nervously almost immediately. He seemed stuck for words at first, but with a hard swallow, he said, "Yes. I mean...yeah. I...I remember..." "Are you still down for that? I think it'll be fun." "You really want me to hang out with you and your friends?" He asked. "Sure. Why not?" "Well, because...you usually just..." He stopped himself, and simply told me, "Yeah. I'll come hang out. Do you...wanna call me, or...?" "I'll be sure to come get you. We'll have to take a bus to get out there and back, but I think it'll be a good time." He tried to hold back his infatuated smile, but it brazenly spread out across his face anyway. "Ok! Sure!" He giggled. Then he added, "I'd...I'd go anywhere with you, Tristan. Like...anywhere." Uh oh! He's getting that lovey dovey glaze in his eyes again. Time to go. "Alright, well, I've gotta run. I'll give you a holler when I get a chance." I started to walk away, telling him, "Good luck on sticking the landing on your skateboard trick." I think he had forgotten that he even had a skateboard until I mentioned it again. "Ok! Thanks! Thank you, Tristan! Bye, Tristan!" He called out, but I didn't look back. I'd only get him more hyped up than he already is. God, I hope this works. Because, if it doesn't, I may have just accidentally extended Scotty Lynch's unbearable crush on me for another five to ten years, easy!
  9. Hmmmm...okaaay... I'm not sure what's going on right now, but I'm having some weird difficulties with the GA system all of a sudden. I have no idea why, but the show must go on! A brand new chapter of "Jesse-101" is up and ready to go! But I can't post it to the site right now. So...sorry guys, you have to wait. I keep getting a message that says that I can only post two stories a day, and they have to be 8 hours apart. But...I've only posted ONE story, and that was "The Plateau". And that was on MONDAY, so that was a few days ago. I dunno...I'm so sick of technology right now! LOL! Haven't I been through enough already? Anyway, the new chapter IS posted up on the Comicality Library right now if you want to check it out! K? Otherwise, you'll have to wait until the site allows me to post again. https://www.voy.com/17262/ It will also be up on Nifty later on tonight! K? If you get a few seconds, let me know what you think! Also...I can't gain access to my mailing list either at the moment. So...spread the word if you can. I'm trying to navigate around some obstacles right now and it takes time, so my apologies for the inconvenience. But I'm here! Promise! Seezya soon! Enjoy the new chapter! And thanks in advance! Also...look for a brand new issue of Imagine Magazine this Sunday on the 15th! ((HUGZ))
  10. Yeah, well Ruel called me up and told me he was posting it! And then he gave me a kiss and asked if we were still getting together this weekend for...ice cream.
  11. He never ceases to make me happy! Sighhhh...
  12. I often wonder about this sort of thing... Because I really DO think of myself as a good and moral person, and that's not really based on anything other than the fact that I haven't done anything that has gone beyond my conscience or my sense of humanity. I won't lie, I am an empath of the highest degree! I HURT for other people, because I know what it's like to be hurt. Or lonely. Or struggling to find yourself when the whole world seems to be working against you. I FEEL that! And it's in my nature to want to help wherever and whenever I can. Even when people are obviously trying to take advantage of me...I only see that as a deeper problem and a louder cry for help. You know? But...where does that craving come from? I think that's the big question for me. I govern myself and my actions by thinking about the positive or negative impact that my actions may have on other people. What happens if I just stopped caring about those consequences? If they didn't exist? What if I could get rich by taking advantage of other people and I never had to feel any guilt about it? What if I could see a 14 year old boy that was gorgeous and sweet and funny and I could date him without worrying about going to jail? What if I could eat whatever I wanted, drink alcohol, or do drugs, and not have to worry about dying of a heart attack before the age of 50? I mean...would I do it? Sometimes, in all honesty...I think I would. I think my curiosity alone would cause me to bang up against every boundary that was set for me, and I'd be tempted to see just how far I could take things until actual consequences became a reality for me. And that would be a BAD thing! I have values, and morals, and line that I don't think I would ever cross (murder, rape, etc)...but I've always based those ideas on the concept of future consequences and punishments to come. If they were to 'vanish' tomorrow...then I'd still be the same moral person that I am today. But...if I had grown up without any accountability for my actions at all? I think I'd be a completely different individual for who I am right now. And not in a good way. Thank God for a balanced perspective in these matters. Right?
  13. Thanks go out to you guys for being sooooo patient with me as I've been recovering from an apocalyptic issue with my laptop! I was able to retrieve most of my lost material, including this chapter of "The Plateau" and half of the NEXT chapter as well! So, we're back in business, people! I hope you guys like the new chapter! And stick around, because a LOT of new stuff is headed your way, as soon as I find it! Cool? Love you lots! And I'll seezya soon! Let me know what ya think! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/the-plateau/
  14. Chapter 3: "Fortune's Favor" "Orrin, come on, already! I'm hungry." Tionna grimaced, heading out towards the next corner street of the market. I still don't exactly remember inviting her over for dinner in the first place...but it's not like me or my father to say no if she asked to stay. I've gotten used to her semi-forced company at this point. In fact, it's become a pretty endearing part of her charm. However, as we walked back out among the rest of the shopping crowd in town...I couldn't help but to let my mind linger on thoughts of the beautiful boy that I had sheepishly run away from earlier. The thought of those hauntingly beautiful, dark brown, eyes just...burning a hole right through the center of my heart...it made me squirm like a greased piglet inside. Not in a bad way, but just uncomfortable enough to let me know that I had been seriously affected by the very knowledge of his existence, and the sensation had no plans of releasing me from my love stricken burden any time soon. Love. Can I even call it that? I don't know that boy. I don't know anything about him. And yet, the entirety of my being suddenly feels as though it has been turned upside down just from the few moments that I spent nervously peeking at him from a distance. As though knowing anything and everything about him had become my life's sole purpose. He was *SO* very beautiful. I can't say that I've ever been so involved in a feeling like this before...so I have nothing to compare to this weird fascination as of yet. But, with the way my heart seems to be vibrating warmly with every labored beat of its quickened pace...I can honestly say that I wouldn't know what to do with actual feelings of love if they hit me any harder than they were right now. I wish I hadn't been such a coward. Now that I have missed my golden moment, I truly regret not at least taking a chance to smile in his direction. It wouldn't have been much...but it would have been something. I could have walked closer to him...inhaled his boyish fragrance...possibly even gotten the courage to lightly brush against his shoulder. Something to create a few infatuated moments worth keeping. Something to warrant this adrenaline filled rush of 'wiggles' coursing through my veins. Now I just feel...empty. Longing for something that I never had. Praying for something that I couldn't define. Maybe Tionna's right...I'm really not any good at this sort of thing at all. We both walked around the shops for a bit longer, with me constantly glancing around and peeking over my shoulder...just in case the odds were in my favor and I caught sight of my beautiful stranger again. But alas...no such luck. I wasn't going to pretend that my fear of him would be any more under control if we crossed paths a second time, or that the outcome would be at all different than it was the first time...but I still craved the opportunity to stare at his radiance for just a little bit longer. Just ONE more peek to satisfy my emotional appetite, and drink in as many details as I could for later...in case I found the privacy to pleasure myself to thoughts of holding him close. What a powerful series of dreams that boy would leave behind in my troubled thoughts. He makes loving other boys so shameless. "They're coming in for another pass." Tionna said, pointing upwards as the swarm of sentinels came racing over the market in another furious pass. They certainly seemed to be quite flustered today. "Is any of this really necessary? Those winged monstrosities aren't scaring anybody, even in numbers. I could handle half of their disgusting swarm with my dual lashes alone. It's such a weak display of so-called strength." "I don't know, Tionna. I think they might actually be on patrol for a purpose this time." I said. "Whatever." She scoffed. "I say that it's just our so-called king's way of pretending to flex a bit of muscle that he doesn't have." We both watched the cloud of black creatures soared overhead, and she added, "My father says that anybody who has to go out of his way to prove his strength to the people, doesn't have any...and never did. If you ask me, anybody who claims to be scared of Lord Versis and his horde of lackeys should be ashamed of themselves. They'd see how weak he truly was if they ever had the guts to challenge him on anything significant. I guess it's more comfortable for them to act like mindless livestock instead." With a grin, I said, "You know, my father tells me that I should stop listening to your royal conspiracies and straighten up." "He WHAT?" She looked genuinely shocked, which made me laugh out loud. With a pout, Tionna replied, "This is no conspiracy nonsense. It's the truth. Those in power can only maintain that power by making the rest of us believe that they have any. That's a fact." She said. "Lord Versis can get punched in his smug face just like anybody else in the realm, were he ever brave enough to walk through the Dermian market himself. Where did we get the notion that he couldn't? We got it from HIM! And the people who support him. At the end of the day, hand to hand, he'd probably drop to his knees and beg for mercy quicker than most. The only thing protecting him is the outright lie that he's something more." I will admit to getting a bit of a kick out of seeing Tionna get so riled up at times. It's entertaining, to say the least. But I gave her a poke in the side with my elbow to let her know that I was merely trying to get a rise out of her. It's a practice that fools her every time, but I think she appreciates it. I suppose it appeals to her naturally combative Ferran nature. As we were turning one of the many, maze-like, corners of the Dermian market...I noticed a large group of people quickly dispersing from a small stage in the middle of the many booths set up outside. They seemed distressed. Some of them even scared. One mother was even covering the eyes of her two young sons as she led them away from the display, looking highly concerned and offended as some of the market security soldiers charged in to remove a performer from his platform. Tionna and I looked on as they grabbed him by both arms and kicked over his table of tools and props. "What are you doing??? You don't understand! I'm just an entertainer!" The main pleaded, his little girl crying as she stood, helplessly, by his side. "What type of sorcery is this?" One of the soldiers growled. "What sorcery??? There is no sorcery here!" The man wailed, but couldn't help but to watch his small stage and booth get torn apart as the remaining soldiers ravaged it in front of the public eye. "PLEASE stop! You are mistaken!" "Are you a magic user? You dare to bring actual magic to an open market???" The soldier grilled him, his accomplices holding both of his arms tight in case he attempted to fight back. "It's a TRICK, sir! I swear! Merely slight of hand!" The man said. "There was no real magic used here today! It is simply a series of movements designed to deceive and give the mere illusion of magic. We travel from market to market, our name is known in multiple places around the realm. You can verify our acts with them if only you would..." "Magic users are unwelcome here! Mystic arts are illegal!" The soldier snarled. "We will investigate this further. Come with us." He turned to his fellow security officers and said, "Take the girl as well. We'll get to the bottom of this...'slight of hand' he speaks of. But if we find any evidence at all of you being a practitioner of the craft...you can expect to spend a lengthy amount of time in PRISON, wanderer!" And without much of a resistance from anybody else in the area...the team of soldiers closed down the man's shop and marched him and his daughter off to be examined and interrogated for an alleged misuse of magic. A social offense that is very difficult to dispute once you've been accused of it outright. My mother would know that better than anyone. That's why she has to stay so far away. "THIS way!" Tionna smiled, grabbing a hold of my hand and leading me over to a string of food vendors on the Western end of the street. "Oh my...it smells absolutely divine, doesn't it? How much can we purchase? How much has Terion given you for food? Everything looks so delicious!" I have to admit that it did smell good. Good enough to get my stomach to rumble in anticipation of getting a taste. We were getting ready to cross over to the other side of the street, but a small army of foot soldiers paraded by to block our movements. Three by three, all in step...weapons displayed in full view. Everyone was used to simply staying out of their way until they passed, but I could already see Tionna getting impatient with their disturbance, and I put a hand on her shoulder to keep her from making any unnecessary trouble. She has a knack for letting her temper guide her much faster than any sense of logic and grace would allow. We waited for the soldiers to pass, all wearing the signature marks of Lord Versis on their minimal armor, and then continued on our way to the few smokehouses before us. "How many pieces of silver do you have, Orrin?" She asked me. Reaching into my carry pouch, I counted, "Five...seven...ten...fifteen..." "Wow. That's a lot." "Well, I think my father did it mostly out of pity...over me failing my training today." "You didn't fail, Orrin. Geez, you're so sensitive." Tionna said, walking by the various stands and examining the delectable treats that they all had to offer. "Making mistakes is all about you reaching your better self. That's not a failure, it's a vital part of the process." "Well, if mistakes are a part of reaching my better self, then I'm going to end up being one of the most legendary warriors that has ever been born." "You're so pessimistic. Brighten up, will you?" She said. "Ooh...look at the sear on that cut of meat! Well done for any cook that can pull that off with such exquisite skill. It's a work of art." Tionna continued to drag me from one stand to the next, pretty much taking over the selection process. Then I heard a bit of a ruckus coming from behind us as one of the vendors tried to chase away a beggar from his shop. "Get out of here! Go on! Filthy vermin! You'll get no free meals from me! OFF with you!" He snarled. The other man was rather tall, wrapped in tattered cloth, with long, severely tangled, fiery red hair, and a matted beard that reached down to the center of his chest. His eyes were sunken in, as if he hadn't slept in days. He had broad shoulders and a stocky build, possibly from loads of farm work or heavy hauls from one town to the next. He seemed much too able bodied to have to beg for much of anything, but I suppose the dark cloud of misfortune flies over all of our heads without warning from time to time. While Tionna didn't pay much attention to the situation at hand, I found myself looking on, feeling a pinch of sympathy for the poor scavenger. The merchant began to push and shove him away from his booth, eventually taking a wooden stick to his backside in an attempt to chase him off. The beggar didn't put up a fight. Not in the least. In fact, he seemed to almost sadly appreciate his abuse, as he moved from the front of the merchant's shop and crossed the street to lean against one of the market's walls, and slide down to sit on the side of the road. There was such pain in his eyes. I could almost feel it. Dirty, alone, shamed to bare bones...the vagrant surrendered himself to his fate, and chose to remain hungry, instead of inviting any further floggings from a cruel and dismissive crowd. It got to me. It truly did. And as I looked at the ample amount of silver in my pouch, a yearning to do something to help this stranger in his time of need began to overwhelm me. I didn't have a wealthy man's stash of silver, but I had enough to spare a few coins for a fellow townsman in dire need. I did have a moment of hesitation, but it was brief. My heart wouldn't let me rest if I didn't do something good today. Besides...after losing my chance to speak to the most beautiful boy in all of the realm...I was compelled to make amends through this one small act of kindness. I pulled three pieces of silver out of my pouch, and I started to walk over to where the beggar was sitting. Tionna asked me, "Wait...what are you doing? Where are you going?" I didn't answer, I just kept walking until I was standing in front of him. The smell of him was slightly repugnant, but that was to be expected, so I made sure to breathe with a shallow respire. I simply held the three coins out on my hand in front of him, and he looked up at my eyes to see what was going on. I told him, "It's not much...but it should get you some bread, or perhaps some fruit. Hopefully it will carry you to your next bit of good fortune." There was a long pause between us. He almost looked as though I was trying to trick or deceive him in some way. But I reached down for his wrist and turned his hand over to accept my donation. However...when I looked down at his wrist, I saw that his flesh had been badly burned in that particular area. The skin...twisted and damaged, blackened and blistered. I tried not to stare, as I felt it might be rude to do so...but a scar like that definitely has a tragic story behind it. Scars like that always do. I dropped the silver pieces into his hand, and nodded with a subtle grin. "I wish you well." I said. Tionna came over only seconds later, giving me a scowl as she said, quite openly..."What are you DOING??? You're giving your silver away? To this...stranger?" "We have more than enough for a full meal, Tionna. I was only trying to help..." "Your father gave you that for dinner. Not to support the self destructive behaviors of beggars and cheats in the market." She hissed, her tail becoming more active with her displeasure of my actions. "Look at him! Ugh...he smells like the innards of a rotting beast!" "Tionna, STOP it!" I said, knowing that he could hear every word. "He's no different than any of the rest of us. What if it was YOU sitting there in his place?" "It wouldn't BE me, because I would keep my life together and avoid such misfortunes." She said. "I swear, your bleeding heart is a wound that never heals." "Maybe I feel good about helping other people." I said. "You're not helping anybody." She replied. "This piece of transient trash is just going to use your silver to buy himself a jug of wine or some other opiate. Probably the same vice that turned him into a street urchin in the first place. It's filthy, Orrin. So filthy." I said, "If he chooses to use one of his vices to escape the horrors of a life that has taken a dark turn...then I say let him have it. No man deserves to go hungry. And no one should be treated as though they are any less than the rest of us, no matter their social status. People deserve kindness. Compassion. And an opportunity to be seen and heard without judgement." I was happy to have the stranger hear that part, and he held the silver pieces in his hand, nodding to me with gratitude and a tear in his eye. "He draws breath from the realm just like the rest of us, Tionna. There's no need to pretend that he's beneath us when we've been blessed with such abundance." "I couldn't agree with you more." Came a sweet voice from over my shoulder. I didn't recognize it, but when I turned around to see who was speaking...my whole body seemed to lock itself up as if encased in a block of ice! It was the boy from the market! The stunningly gorgeous vision of absolute perfection that I had been fleeing from since I first laid eyes upon him. Oh my! Standing this close to him proved to be an almost terrifying exercise in infinite courage. I didn't think that he could be any more beautiful than he was at a distance...but he WAS! He truly was! "I...ummm...hi..." I stumbled over words, an instant blush rushing up into my cheeks as my Quidarian eyes became tinted with a deep shade of dark pink. I made sure to lower my gaze to the ground, hiding my intense infatuation with the boy and trying to 'will' the feelings away so I could make eye contact again. So very pretty. Wow! "Greetings." The boy said, his fingers lightly brushing some of his golden locks back to see me more clearly. Those eyes were much more addictive than I ever could have expected before seeing them up close. Light brown...with sprinkles of Summer green meadows thrown in. The effect was mind-blowing. I then watched as he reached into his own pouch of silver, and matched my donation with three pieces of silver of his own. He placed it in the open palm of the stranger, and smiled warmly at him as his expression changed from one of loneliness and despair, to one of hope and gratitude. Then the boy grinned at me, and said, "They say that silver can bring fortune to one man...but a sincere act of kindness can bring good fortune to many. Anything you give, willingly, to others...is sure to come back to you, two fold. If not more. I believe it's the realm's way of returning to a sense of balance, by paying back what it owes...whether it be good fortune or bad." Then he smiled again. "I prefer the good." I was struck still. Not only by the vision of beauty before me, but the sound of his voice, and the fact that a boy this amazing was talking to me at all. I could, honestly, feel myself shaking in his presence. "I prefer...the...yeah. I mean, YES! Good is...ummm...good." What am I saying? I'm making a fool of myself. And hide your EYES, stupid!!! Look down! This is getting out of hand VERY quickly. Tionna narrowed her eyes and stepped in between us. "Balance? Fortune? Kindness? Psh....sounds like a bunch of Kalo Temple nonsense if you ask me." I tried to hold in a gasp as she said it, immediately shoving her to the side. "TIONNA!!! Your manners!" I turned to the boy and I said, "I am SO sorry! She doesn't mean to be so abrasive. She can't help it sometimes." I heard Tionna growl angrily behind me, but the boy simply chuckled to himself in response. "No need to apologize. I've read many books and heard many tales about Ferrans and their razor sharp tongues. Don't worry, I actually find it quite fascinating. At least it's honest." He said. Tionna, even though she gave him a suspicious, sideways, look at first...replied, "Hmmph...well, ok then. Maybe this preacher's son isn't so stupid and deluded after all." Omigod, she is SO embarrassing! Thank the stars, he's being such a good sport about all of this. "My name is Cerian." The boy said, and extended his hand to me in friendship. And even though the thought of touching his hand...skin to skin...was almost too much excitement for me to handle without urinating myself, I forced myself to extend my hand in return. "Orrin. Orrin Zenn..." His palm was so unfathomably soft. Warm. With a touch of moisture that felt almost 'intimate' to me when I noticed it. I could feel the air in my lungs rush out of me all at once, a tingle in my loins as my legs went weak. And as I found the courage to look him in the eyes again...I couldn't help but to think.... ...When the creator invented the all encompassing power of love...this is surely what was intended.
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