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  1. I've gotta work a super long shift tomorrow at work, plus I'm trying to spend some quality time with my family when I can. But more stories/chapters are coming on Wednesday! Cool? Promise! Hope you guys have been enjoying the new updates! Below is a long list of what's been posted since before Christmas, just in case you've missed something! Enjoy!
  2. Thanks so much for the flood of new readers to Imagine Magazine this month! Lots of love goes out to you all! 2000 views since it's release on the 15th! That's crazy! Take care! And March's issue is on the way! Thanks again! Mwah!
  3. Hehehe, it's beginning already. What was my prediction? Did I say six months? June/July? I'm moving it up. I'll say, end of April! Keep your eyes open, folks! I'm rarely wrong about these things...
  4. Ok...soooo... Just so ya know, there is a new 'Clubhouse' forum with all of the posts and all that existed on this forum just a few hours ago. Hehehe! I'm constantly trying my HARDEST to keep up with constant changes online, but I often get blindsided by stuff when I don't really have time to study and fiure out what's going on! So I'll try to force myself to put in some extra time this week and figure out how everything works and learn it all over again from scratch. Sighhh...bear with me, k? I'm stretched pretty thin as it is, so stuff like this REALLY throws me off balance! Anyway, a brand new chapter of "My Only Escape" was just posted on the site. Ummm...I think. I hope. I think that part is still working like it always does. So, go check it out, and let me know what you think! I'll get you guys a new link as soon as I can. Cool? https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/myonlyescape/ Also...the "My Only Escape" ebook series is coming SOON! T/he whole series, told in its entirety! Don't miss out! It'll be in the Comicality ebook section!
  5. Comicality

    Chapter 32

    "My Only Escape 32" "So...I mean, what do we do from here?" Adam asked, a little aggravated about the fact that I was here asking him for help, but had basically cut off half of the tools he had to work with in order to do so. I mean, I really DID want help! I just...I can't do certain things. And I can't tell him certain things. And I can't...ugh! I don't know what I want, or how to go about it. I'm, just sort of sinking in emotional quicksand right now, and even though he's trying to help me climb out of it by offering me a rope or a tree branch...I can't help but to be super picky about what I'm willing to let him use to save me. I'm trying though. I'm sure that I'm being silly about a lot of this stuff, but...if I thought, for one moment, that I'd be strong enough to do this on my own, then I would have done it by now. I've been training myself to survive for so long that it's hard to believe that I could expect anybody else to save me at this point. I don't have the luxury of putting that level of faith in somebody else. What if I end up becoming dependent on somebody and they decide to let me fall? What if they're not there for me when I need them most? I can't let that happen. I just...I can't, ok? I have to maintain some level of control over my situation at all times. I have to depend on myself, and ONLY on myself. Getting help is an awesome bonus, and I appreciate it...but this isn't their 'problem'. It's MY problem. They can back away from it all. They can get tired and stop caring for a day or two. They can make a mistake and not have to suffer through the severity of the consequences that are sure to follow. For them, it's a matter of charity. For me? It's a life or death struggle, where one slip up means the end of everything. Like...literally...everything. "You're a really good friend, Adam. I mean that." I said. "I don't want to hear that shit." He said. "What are we going to do with this? How do we fix it? I'm not just going to send you back home and wait for you to get hurt again. So what's our Plan B?" Shaking a bit, I sat down on his bed and I said, "I don't know yet. I had to sneak out of the house to come over here. I don't even know if I can go back home right now." I sulked a bit, looking down at the floor. "It was a mistake, just running out the way I did. I'm probably going to be in more trouble than ever for not letting him know that I was going out. No matter what I do, I always end up making things worse." "You see? You're doing it again! STOP with that bullshit, Zack! Who thinks like that?" "I do..." "Well, knock it the fuck off! This is sick!" He demanded. I felt myself tearing up again. "I'm sorry..." "There's nothing for you to be sorry about. Just stop it. Ok?" "It's not like I didn't know that there would be a punishment waiting for me when I got back. That's why he hurts me. I should have just stayed in my room and done my homework. And now he's got to hit me to make me behave. I knew what the consequences were going to be, but I panicked. Now look at what I've done. I just made things more difficult by being stupid." Adam seemed so confused. So helpless. It was clear that he had no way to even respond to what I was telling him. Years of friendship...and I'm probably ruining it by being so weak and lame about all this. "Zack...dude..." He sighed. "...Please let me know what to say right now. Because I just, I don't understand any of this at all." "I know." I said. "Sometimes, I don't think I understand it either." "You always seemed like such an everyday kid before. I mean...was all of that just a lie?" Feeling ashamed for my deception, I felt more tears run out of my eyes, and I said, "Some of it. Yeah. I guess. I don't know." I'm doing it again. I'm pushing the people I love most away from me. DO SOMETHING, Zack!!! Don't lose Adam too! "It wasn't meant to be a bunch of lies, ok? You really are my best friend. I could never fake that!" "I don't think it's 'fake', dude, I just...I can't understand how you could allow yourself to get to be...like this, you know? I mean...what the hell happened?" To be honest, it was difficult for me to remember when it started, or how it escalated. I had a few hazy memories of my father actually 'liking' me for a brief period growing up. I remembered him taking me bowling, or getting me to ride a roller coaster for the first time at a theme park...even though I was terrified of doing so. I remember watching TV in the dark with him...old slasher flicks and action movies. I even remember him trying to get me to watch sports with him on occasion, which I wasn't really into...but being able to cuddle up next to my Dad and just have him want to spend time with me was a blessing. It seems like ancient history now...but there was a time when I found just as much love and comfort in my father's arms as I did in my mom's. And then...something changed. I'm not exactly sure where I screwed up...what I did or what I said...but the way he looked at me changed after a while. The way he treated me changed after a while. I began to notice a certain level of anger in his heart whenever he was around me. He started to avoid me. Started to talk down to me. And, as time went on...I remember getting compliments from my mom's co-workers and friends during one of her company baseball games. My dad was there, and he had recently lost his job. But that never mattered to me. He was my dad, you know? I loved him. Loving him was so simple. So effortless. I mean, what more could I possibly want from him than to have him be my dad, right? But my mom's friends kept giving me hugs, and buying me hot dogs and cotton candy and stuff. They kept saying how cute I was, and well mannered, and they smothered me with hugs and kisses every chance they got. I think I was maybe six or seven years old at the time. I have to be honest and say that I really loved the extra attention. It wasn't often that I had adults falling all over themselves to snuggle with me and lift me in the air and give me praise the way they did. Hehehe, a couple of times, my mom had to actually tell them to leave me alone. But I didn't want them to. I thought it was fun. But my father didn't like that at all. Drinking beer and sort of being distant from the rest of us, I remember that being the first time he every pushed me away and called me a 'pretty boy'. I wasn't really sure what he meant by that at the time, but he just seemed like he didn't want to be around me anymore after he said that. And....that hurt. It just...it hurt, you know?" What did I do? People kept giving me hugs, some of the ladies kept kissing my cheeks, some of the guys kept wanting to show me how to throw a baseball or would pick me up to hug me close. 'Omigod, he's so adorable!' and 'Say that again! You guys, come here and listen to what he said!' and 'Look at his eyes! Awww, he's a little heartbreaker, this one!' And it felt really cool at first, but now...everything had changed. They'd give me a compliment, and I'd see my dad sitting at the top of the bleachers, drinking beer all by himself...and I felt ashamed. Super humiliated. I don't think I'll ever forget that feeling. I made him hate me. I disgusted him by soaking up the kind of praise and worship that I, obviously, didn't and never would deserve. Maybe I was being a brat. Maybe my ego was taking over, and I was making a complete fool out of myself in front of all of my mom's friends and co-workers. I should have backed away from them. I should have known my place and just been a kid, having fun, and not soaking up compliments like some kind of horrible narcissist. I don't know...if I was my dad... ...I guess I probably would have hated me too. "Zack?" Adam said, waiting for me to come back down to Earth after staring off into space over the memory. "I don't know, ok?" I relied. "One day, he just decided that he didn't like me anymore. There's really nothing all that complex about it. It happens. Everybody is like that." "What? NOBODY is like that. What are you talking about?" "It's true. Don't you think I worry about it? Like...all the time?" "Worry about what?" "Worry that...the people I love, the people I care about...even my best friends...they're just going to get bored with me someday." I said. "They're gonna get bored, or they're gonna get mad at me, or they're just going to find somebody better than me...and that'll be it. They'll move on. They'll abandon me, never talk to me again, and they won't look back. Why would they? If they don't care, then they just don't care. Who am I to demand to be a priority in their lives when they've got other things to worry about? That wouldn't be fair to them at all. So...I let them go. I don't want to be a pest or bother them or make them feel guilty about leaving me behind. I barely gave them a reason to stick around for as long as they did. And I'm cool with that." I told him. "I enjoy the time I got to spend with some really cool people...and once they get tired of me, or too busy to care anymore...then I back off and let them live their lives the way they always wanted to. What else am I gonna do? Hold them back? Make them end up hating me for trying to force them to be close to me? I don't want that. That's selfish. And I don't want to be selfish." Shaking his head, Adam looked at me with a bewildered expression that I had never seen before. "Everything that you just said to me is absolutely senseless, dude." "It makes perfect sense to me." "Then your idea of 'perfect sense' is about as fucked up as it possibly could be without you actually being committed to an asylum somewhere with little paper cups full of heavy medication." "Fine. I'm crazy then. I don't care." I said, feeling the shame of my faulty perspective seeping in through the cracks again. "Did you ever feel that way about ME?" He asked. "About Sam? Or Brody?" I hesitated. The pause lasted until the silence was almost deafening. And I looked down at my feet again, mumbling, "It's not because of you. Ok?" "Answer the question." He insisted. When I peeked up, Adam was looking directly into my eyes...waiting for me to say something. "Did you think that I was just going to get bored and stop talking to you one day? Did you really think that any of us would stop caring about you?" Struggling for a reply that wouldn't sound insulting, I said, "Everybody has their own lives to lead. It's cool. It doesn't bother me." Adam looked really hurt by that answer. "Sometimes...we get caught up in other things. That's all. Who's to say that you won't get yourself a girlfriend, or get overwhelmed with homework, or maybe you get an after school job or try out for the school's baseball team or something? You don't have to come talk to me every day. Or even every week. Or every month. I'd understand. It doesn't mean we're not friends anymore. It just means...you've got better stuff to do with your time. That's all. And I get it. Hell, maybe I have better stuff to do with my time too, you know? So, it's only fair that I just...leave you alone." Trembling slightly, Adam whispered to himself, "Leave me alone..." Then he came to sit next to me, putting his arm around my shoulder. "Let me tell you something, right now, ok?" He said. "Whether I'm busy or not, whether I'm caught up in other things or not, whether I'm working 150 hours a week or banging the hottest girl in school on a daily basis...if I EVER catch you 'leaving me the fuck alone' I'm going to find you, no matter WHERE you hide...and I'm gonna pound my fists on your door, day and night, until you pay me some goddamn attention! You hear me?" "Adam...I didn't mean to..." "No! Whatever you were about to say, FUCK that!" He said, turning my head to look at him. "We don't leave each other alone. Because that's not what friends do. And you don't ever have to worry about me getting 'bored' with you one day and leaving my best friend all alone in this world to fend for himself. I would NEVER do that to you! Ok?" "I'm sorry." I sniffled. "I always make everything sound worse than it really is." Adam gave me a stern look, and after a brief pause, he stood up and he said, "I need to go get a soda or something out of the fridge. Do you want anything?" I wiped my eyes, and said, "No thank you. You can go on ahead." But he asked again, "Zack...seriously...do you want something to drink?" It should have been an easy question to answer for most people, but things are different when you already feel like a total burden to everyone you come into contact with. "Ummm...yeah. I guess. Just some water would be fine." I said. "Soda, it is!" He smirked, and he walked out of the room to leave me with my thoughts for a short while. I don't think that he was trying to put any kind of serious pressure on me or anything, but I could feel my emotions putting pressure on me anyway, whether his questioning had inspired it or not. I just...I felt like I was screwing this up somehow. I didn't even have a reason as to WHY I felt that way...but it was there, like stomping my foot down on a nail and having it stab me to the point of getting stuck in the soft flesh underneath. It really wasn't all that different from how I usually feel about myself, or my life in general...but...it almost felt like I was beginning to wake up out of my trance. It felt like...I was evolving beyond the misery and daily torment of a life that I didn't understand, but had submitted to for the sake of being comfortable. It was a scary idea to me...trying to prepare myself for a life without that...hair trigger bundle of chaotic wiggles in the pit of my stomach. That angry voice in my head...possibly vanishing, and leaving me without a guide as to how to govern myself or moderate my emotions. How am I going to know who I am or how to be around other people without that voice to tell me what I'm doing wrong? All I knew was that I didn't want to hurt anymore. I didn't want to worry about being abandoned by the people I cared about the most in this life. I don't want to have to worry about my mom, or my friends, or...or my 'boyfriend', Brody. My EX-boyfriend, Brody. I should get used to saying that. Or...or maybe not even that much. He was just like all the others. Beautiful, and funny, and amazing in more ways than I could ever hope to count...but he got bored. They always get bored. And once that happens...they find something else more important to do with their day. They forget all about me, and they just...vanish into thin air. I always think that I'm going to be prepared for their sudden departure from my life...but I never am. I'm always left with tears in my eyes, and a giant hole in my heart where their love and joy used to dwell. But I guess it's all for the best, you know? I doubt that I would know what to do with true love if I had it in the palm of my hand. Like...what would it look like, me being swept up in some big romance with the cutest boy on the planet...getting together to kiss and cuddle and make love whenever we found the opportunity to be alone. How ridiculous is that? I mean, it's just plain SILLY, right? Psh! Wishing for Brody's love on lightning bolts in the middle of a rain storm. Stupid. I should be soooo embarrassed. And what's taking Adam so long to come back with those sodas? It's too quiet in his room without him standing here talking to me. I can't stand it. I need some background noise or something. I don't want to think too much. It's driving me crazy, right now. A minute or two later, I could hear Adam's footsteps coming back up the stairs to his bedroom, and he actually did bring me a glass of water with some ice in it, but he put it on his desk out of my reach, and handed me a cold Sprite instead. I welcomed the carbonated gift with a smile, as it was what I really wanted, but I would have just taken the water if that was all he came back with. I guess Adam knows me better than I thought. He did seem to just settle in and turn on his video game system, handing me a controller to play along with him for a while. I thought it was weird, because I was half expecting to exhaust myself trying to get him to possibly ease off of the idea of me going back home again tonight, especially since I knew my father was probably going to be furious with me for creeping out on him in the first place. But, instead, Adam seemed to instantly go back to what would seem like a 'normal' interaction between us. And while that would normally be a comforting change of events for me...I couldn't help but to be suspicious about his sudden change in attitude. Maybe I know Adam better than he thought I did as well. Was this a distraction? What was he doing? "Adam...?" I asked, pausing the game. "What is it? What's up?" "Are we just...I mean, are we playing games here? Or...what is going on here?" "Nothing." He said abruptly. "Just chill for a while. We can hang out for a little bit, right?" Ok...not THAT was weird. That's not Adam's usual approach to, well...anything. "Adam? Dude, what did you do?" I asked. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring from downstairs. Adam hopped up to a standing position, and hollered down to his mom, "I GOT IT!!!" And he hurried out of the room before I could question him on what the fuck he was up to! Please tell me that he didn't do what I think he did! My breath got short, and a turbulent series of tremors began to vibrate wildly in my gut. It might have only be a total of ninety seconds that Adam was gone, but I experienced every last one of those seconds as though it was an eternity in itself. And I got even more frightened as I heard two sets of footsteps traveling up to the top of the stairs. But Adam was the only one to appear in the doorway first. I felt like I wanted to CRY...but I held it in. Please, Adam...not him. Not now. "Come on! Dude..." Adam whispered aggressively to the other 'person' just outside of the door. There was a hesitant banter between the two of them, and then, just as I feared...Brody slowly walked into my view. And despite my bravest attempts to hold it together, tears began to run out of my eyes as if I had suddenly broken the handle on a sink faucet. Oh God....WHY??? I'm so fucking...ASHAMED of myself... https://imagine-magazine.org/
  6. <p> To reply to this, I want to start off with a short experience that I had growing up. My best friend, Mike, and I have been buds since we were 14 years old. And I was CRAZY about him! Oh God, I had it so bad. Hehehe! Looking back on it, I must have looked so crazy to him at times. However, I didn't say anything. I was way too scared. And we would hang out all the time, and we were so close, and had so much in common...but as far as me being head over heels for him for years, it was just sort of understood (in my mind at least) that i was just going to have to suck it up and remain a tortured soul for the rest of my life. Sad, but true. Then...came Mike's 21st birthday. Now we were only born a week and a half apart, and he actually waited for me to catch up so I could come visit him in college and we could celebrate together. And BOY did we celebrate! Ahem...the alcohol was pouring pretty freely that night! Hahaha! Here's the thing...anybody getting sick and throwing up...NOPE! Couldn't do it! I will run screaming from that sort of thing. Can't stand it. Blecchhh! But that night? Mike got really sick. Multiple times. And while most of his college friends were cringing pretty much the same way that I usually did...I went into the bathroom to check on him. And something that normally would have had me turning tail and heading for the hills, it just didn't mean more to me than he did at that moment. And I stood right there with him. Even rubbing his back to keep him somewhat comfortable through it all. I had to practically 'carry' him home and put him to bed that night, but it just made me think about things differently. I'm sure that it started out with me thinking he was super cute, and later it turned into a serious crush, and then we started hanging out together and laughing and sharing a lot of good times together...and things got worse. But, the honest truth is...I don't think I realized just how much I loved him until I was willing to push aside my own comfort and best interests just to make sure he was ok. I thought back to sleepovers and times when we went to the movies and times when we laughed until our bellies hurt...and things just kind of 'clicked' from there. I really was in love. And to this day, Mike is still one of my very best friends. And I'd still do anything for him and vice versa. We're there for one another, we tell each other off when we think the other person needs to hear it, and there's no such thing as a 'favor' when it comes to asking for help. You want it, you've got it. Just give me some time to put it together. I think that's the test when it comes to love. I think that's how you know. When you're more concerned with what you're willing to do for them, instead of worrying about what they're doing for you. Sex is GREAT! And beauty is exciting. Common interests and deep conversations are truly satisfying. But when you can actually trust someone to be there for you when you fall, when you know that you'll move heaven and earth to keep them safe, when you can lose a bunch of your secrets and gain a confidant...that's when you know that true love is possible. Not obsession, but love. I've made some mistakes in my past, and thought that I was in love when I wasn't. But I can say that I've truly had some mind-blowing experiences that let me know what true love feels like. You know? It's not as common as we may make it out to be. But I've had a few people that I was willing to give my whole heart to, and I made sure to tell them as often as I possibly could, just to let them know. What can I say, I'll always be a big romantic at heart. Hehehe! But I make no apologies for it. I'm proud to have lived through those moments, and going to bed with a smile at night, just knowing that I could share my true self with those who left me so breathless. That love never went away. Some of the objects of my affection have moved on, and I wish them well. But the love is still there. I hold on to it, and it makes me feel good to know I gave it my all when I had the chance. That, to me, is how you know when it's love. When you're willing to give yourself to them to the point of exhaustion...and have faith in knowing that you'll get it back. It makes you fearless in a way, you know? When I love you...I'll let you know. Believe me. I mean, I mighthave to shake out those nervous jitters first, hehehe...but if I tell you I love you, it's real. It's not something I take lightly. not anymore.
  7. Love. It can be wild and it can be sudden and it can truly overwhelm you, no matter your age. It's just an amazing feeling to love and be loved by another person. It's like an overdose of candy, and I wish everybody could feel like that every second of every day! How awesome would that be? But...we've all been young once. We've all been taken hostage by the love bug. And we've probably made a few mistakes along the way. Nothing to be ashamed of. It happens. The question, this time around, is...how do you 'KNOW' when what you're feeling is really love? I mean...how do you know that it's not just a heavy infatuation? Maybe he's extremely HOT. Maybe you like his body, or his sex appeal, or his sense of humor. Maybe you share some common interests and a few passions that create a bond between you. And, of course, it might just be that you're super horny and attracted to one another. But how do you know when you can call it 'love'? We live in an era where you can easily find companionship if you want to. You can put an app on your phone and swipe right or left to hook up with someone in your area if you really want to. But isn't love the ultimate goal? Someone that you can embrace and be yourself with? Not just sex, not just a pretty face, not just a couple of laughs and a close proximity...but true love. When do you know for sure that what you're feeling is the real thing? If you dive in too early, it might just be a heavy crush that's destined to end in heartbreak. But if you wait too long, then you might be holding back on any type of real commitment...and you might end up missing out on something special. So where is the line? When and how do you know that what you're feeling for the guy or girl you're craving is actual 'love', or something else? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this! Of course, you guys can post anonymous answers here on the board, or send them to me at Comicality@shackoutback.net if you want to put in your two cents that way. But yeah, reply down below and let us know what you have to say on this topic! And be honest. There might be someone out there who needs to hear exactly what it is that you have to say! Thanks in advance! And I hope to hear from you soon!
  8. The newest issue of imagine Magazine is now available for you guys to read whenever you get the chance! And that means new chapters from your favorite stories and authors in the Imagine family! The Story Lover, MrM, Juju, Julian Taylor, Ruwen Rouhs, and more! Also, new chapters from Talo Segura, and our new featured author for the month, Hai Tran, who has written a "Gone From Daylight" series of his own, adding another exceptional goodie to the "30 Days Of Night" updates for February! So be sure to check everything out, along with a new chapter of "Shelter", and your usual basket of gifts with every new release! Cool? Enjoy! And be sure to let the authors know that you love them by sending a note or a comment to say thanks! You guys are the greatest inspiration that we have! So keep giving us your love and support, and we'll keep giving you the stories that you've come to know and love! Seezya soon! And look for more to come soon! https://imagine-magazine.org/
  9. Newest single from Stefan. Ehhh, not bad. Not sure what I expected though. Keep going though.
  10. The fourth chapter of "Bloodstained Duet" is up! And I've smoothed a few things out here and there, with a new fifth chapter coming soon as this expanded conversation continues. But enjoy this new offering! And come back soon for more! Let me know what you think when you get a chance! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/gfd-bloodstained-duet/ And don't forget to read the main "Gone From Daylight" story if you haven't had the opportunity to dive into it yet! Don't miss out being stubborn! It is the number ONE story on the Shack Out Back website for a reason!
  11. "GFD: Bloodstained Duet 4" "So..." Victor asked. "...Seems you've got something rockin' your brain matter. Spill it, man. Whatchya got for me?" Taking a heavy gulp from my beer, I sat up to lean forward a bit myself. I didn't allow my intense eye contact waiver from his. Not one bit. For once, I wanted to look into those eyes and try to decode what was going on in there. "I'm curious...what are you, exactly?" I asked. "I'm an unsigned rock star, man. The unknown soldier. The boogie man in the bushes." He grinned, taking a sip of his own beer. "You know what I mean." I said. "You're obviously not human." "Not anymore, I'm not." He replied. "I'm not too big on labels. I live long, I live good...and on occasion I find myself a decent supply of blood to keep me looking good." I stared at him for a moment. "So, for all intents and purposes...you're telling me that you're a vampire. Do I have that right?" His grin widened considerably. "Well, I ain't quite the pimp that Christopher Lee was with the cape and all, but...if the term vampire is what you want to go with, I can dig it, man. Whatever curls the hair on your chin, chief." Another mental note that I made sure to remember. That might explain why I never see him out during the day, why he was so fast...so strong...and why his fangs were so sharp when he decided to reveal them in anger. Vampire. Interesting. If that's what he identifies with...then I wonder how closely related his 'kind' were to the myths of legend. "And this is why you need blood?" "Every now and then." He said. "I get my fill, but the old gas tank runs low from time to time. I've gotta dash out and get me a refill before the well runs dry." "And what happens then?" I asked. "When the 'well runs dry'?" I think Victor could tell that I was picking his brain at this point, and I decided to pull it back a bit, hoping to have him write it off as random curiosity. "You tryin' to burn me down, man?" "I said that I wanted to get to know who I'm dealing with. I need to know whether or not to watch my back when your tank's getting low." I said, still not breaking eye contact. He gazed at me for a moment, and I actually began to feel something happening to me. Almost as if...my thoughts were being scrambled somehow. As if he was shifting through them, bringing certain ones to the surface. Keep him out of your head, Jack. Concentrate. Victor leaned back and said, "Let's just say that it hasn't happened yet. And I doubt it will any time soon." "Doesn't give me a whole lot of comfort." I told him. "Tough cookies, man." He was getting defensive now. Not what I wanted. I wanted to keep him talking. I raised my can of beer up to my lips and took a few more exaggerated gulps, sighing out loud when I lowered it again to let him see how much I enjoyed the cold, bubbly, liquid. It was a subtle manipulation on my part, but it always has the desired effect. Victor predictably raised the can to his lips as well, mimicking my motions in the hopes to feel the same rush from the alcohol that I was. But I was certain that his tolerance was nowhere near as high as mine was. At only seventeen years old, he was still guzzling his drink, unrestricted, like it was apple juice...unaware of the sudden crash of drunkeness that was sure to come his way from his lack of restraint. It was going to hit him hard, and I'd notice it right away, once his eyes glazed over and his head leaned back. Drink on, kid. Drink on. "So...I take it that you've been around for a while now, am I right?" I asked. "A while. Yeah. You could say that." "That means that you've been getting your 'sauce' from people in the streets long before I came along. So, what did you do before finding me outside of that diner a few days back?" Victor took another long sip of his beer. Almost emptying the can already, as if he was in competition with me to race to the bottom. With a little belch, he said, "I find what I can, when I can. I stayed on the outskirts before...didn't have much fuss. Moving to the city has been a whole different ballgame though." He seemed to be opening up a bit more. Faster than I could have predicted. Good. "There's a lot of people like me out in those streets, Jack. Trust me, there are things out there in the shadows that you would never want to know about, Buddy Boy. Bad things. A heck of a lot worse than me." "And here I thought I was something 'special'." I said, causing him to smile at me again. "You're special in your own way, Jack." "That may be..." I told him, "...But if you've been getting along just fine without me for all this time...why the sudden knock on my car window? I can't imagine that I could build on your supposed perfection. Exactly what is it that you think you need from me?" "It ain't the killing, Jack. That part is easy. It's getting away with the killing that's the hard part. Once somebody like me starts putting up some serious points on the scoreboard...it begins to be a problem. I need a 'cleaner'. I need to pair up with somebody that's going to satisfy my needs and keep me from getting pinned down by the pigs in the process." "What's wrong with you cleaning up your own messes?" I asked him. "It can't be all that difficult. Smart little punk like you? I would have thought that you'd be more of an entrepreneur about this." With a slight cough, and another sip of his beer to finish off the can, Victor grinned, "Do I look like the type of guy to be held down by that kind of hassle, man? I'm more of a freebird, if you know what I mean." I stood up from my chair and walked past him to go over to the fridge, grabbing two more cold cans of beer to bring back to the table and keep us drinking before he was able to take a break from it. But as I left his line of sight...I felt that strange sensation again, my head swimming with a slight dizziness as certain thoughts and details from my day came back to me in vivid color...seemingly for no reason. I paid more attention to the effect it had on me this time. Another mental note...to hold on to for later. I came back to sit down, handing him the cold beer and watching him open it right away to keep his thirst going strong. "Well...if there are as many 'vampires' in the city of Chicago as you say...I'm thinking that you are all going to have to get together and come up with some kind of plan, aren't you?" "Now that's where things get wild, man!" He said. "Apparently, we ain't gotta do shit. I've heard whispers, man. Little rumors, here and there...about how this whole growing population thing is being turned over to the feds to handle. People like me? We've just got to sit back and wait for them to work this shit out for us." Intrigued, I asked, "You're saying that the Chicago police department knows that there are vampires running around...feeding on people? Heh!" I scoffed, but Victor only got more animated. "Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Rio, London, Dublin, Tokyo...even the fuckin' Vatican, man! There's nowhere on the planet where you won't find us. We're too deeply embeded in your history to get rid of us now. I'm guessing the higher ups felt it was better to work with us than against us." He said, still drinking. "Folks keep talking about them putting some sort of 'slag hunter protocol' together i the next couple of years, but I don't think they've figured out how to do that just yet. Then again...if they can put a man on the moon, they can do just about anything, right?" I can't say that I was buying that part of his story. We've definitely had our fair share of liars, thieves, and scoundrels, in the White House...but I'm thinking that there's a limit to what the American people will let them get away with. And there always will be. With another muffled belch, Victor leaned forward again and said, "Alright, Jack...tit for tat." Sometimes, his smile seemed more offensive than welcoming. I found myself being annoyed by it, as he only flashed it when he was being somewhat obnoxious. "You mind if I ask you a question or two? Since we're here...being all friendly." I nodded gently, and he asked, "What I'm most curious about when it comes to you, Jack...is...what was it that finally broke you?" Calmly, I responded with, "Funny thing...I didn't realize that I was broken." "Ohhhh, you most certainly are. And that's not a criticism. I just want to know how you found a way to set your true nature free." "My 'true' nature, huh?" "Not just you. But all of human kind. We hide it from the rest of the world ninety-nine percent of the time...but every now and then, somebody touches that particular nerve, man. They push that button, they pull that string...and you get to see what somebody's really about when the gloves come off." He said. "Some people snap like a twig for a couple of moments, and then they go back to their original program. Everybody falls out of line every now and then when you put the screws to 'em, man. But then...there are the others. The ones that step out of line and find true freedom just outside of society's formal parade. They don't bend, they don't stretch...they 'break'. And YOU, my friend, have definitely been broken." "I'm not sure I know what to tell you, kid." I said, using my tactic to drink more and get him to drink more to follow me. "I've already given you my confession about why I do what I do, and what it means to me. There's nothing all that complex about it." "Hehehe, you mean that jive you told me about your 'art' and preserving the goodness within last night? Come on now, Jack. You can do better than that." "What about you? Your hands are just as dirty as mine from what you're telling me. Maybe the answer you're looking for is closer to your heart than it is to mine." Victor gave me a wink. "Are you pulling the old switcheroo on me, man?" He giggled to himself, but his expression changed rather quickly. "You're not gonna con me, Jack. I was honest with you, I want you to be honest with me too. I want to know what caused your life to take such a dark detour." "So you're saying there's no comparison between you and me." "None at all. I kill to keep living. You live to keep killing. There's a difference. You got yourself a crazy fever for slicing those girls up the way you do. You feel it in your bones. It's like a symphony in your head, manifested through the most murderous acts. And that ain't just a mental defect, man. You weren't born with it. You practiced it, cultivated it, grew your methods and watched them blossom like roses in a personal garden in your back yard. A talent like that had to come from somewhere. It doesn't just pop up at random." He said. "So...I'll ask you again, Jack...what was it that finally 'broke' you?" I didn't answer. Instead, I just went back to drinking my beer, and rubbing my stomach as I allowed myself to relax back in my chair. And again...I could feel my thoughts being shifted. Rearranged. Shuffled like cards in a high stakes game of poker. "It couldn't have been parent abandonment issues. You never knew your father. And your mother gave you up to her sister when you were only seven years old. Do I have that right?" There was that cocky smirk of his again. I gritted my teeth as I found him scrolling through my most intimate memories without permission. Using them against me. Knowing more about my life than he had any right to know. But...after our last brief meetings...I had prepared myself for this. And now I knew exactly what it felt like when he was prying his way into my thoughts. Another mental note. Clearly received. "Now...how would you know something like that about me?" I asked, keeping my rage in check while staring into his eyes with a menacing glare. "I know a lot of things about a lot of things, Jack." He smiled. "You never saw your dear sweet mom ever again, did you? I'm sure that must have torn you up inside." I fought the urge to let my fists ball up in my lap, but it wasn't easy. In fact, I could hear the crinkling of the beer can in my hand as the aluminum was crushed in slightly from the added pressure. I took another healthy gulp to conceal my negative reaction, but I was sure that he could feel it anyway. "Your aunt, Cindy, wasn't the nicest of gals, was she?" "She kept food on the table, made sure that I stayed in school...I'd say she did a pretty decent job of raising me." I told him. "Bullshit." He said. "You hated that woman with a passion." "She took me in. I was a guest in her home..." "You were a prisoner in her dungeon. That's what you were. A ragdoll for her to smack around and talk down to whenever she was feeling down on herself. Isn't that right?" "I loved my Aunt Cindy..." I growled. "No, Jack. You didn't." He answered. "You say that you did, because that's what you're supposed to say...but I can feel the truth within you, scratching to get out." Victor gulped down what was left in his second can, and this time, he got up from the couch to walk over to the fridge to grab two more for us to share, putting it down on the table in front of me. "It's alright to say that you hated her, man. I'm not gonna bash you for it, Jack. It's honest. That woman took pleasure out of torturing you the way that she did. You know that, right?" As he continued to piece through the veil of my conscious thoughts, I could feel some of those long forgotten emotions being dragged back up to the surface along with them. Even the ones that I had bottled up and pushed aside for the sake of building a mask of normality in my every day life. Whatever special ability he had to read minds and decipher my innermost feelings and desires...he had honed it to a tee. I had never felt so 'invaded'. "Is that a part of why you do what you do? Because of her? I'm willing to bet that it's a BIG part of who you are and how you feel. Isn't it?" "I think you need to learn a little something about boundaries." I said. "Did she?" He replied. "You remember it, don't you? Aunt Cindy bringing all of those men over to the house when you were younger. Gentlemen callers. Hehehe! She had some sense of decency, telling her to send you to bed early. But those walls...those walls were awfully thin, weren't they?" He was deliberately trying to get a rise out of me, and I had to admit that it was working. I didn't let it show on my face, but my eye contact wasn't as prevalent as it was before. I'm sure he noticed. As I said...a true predator can sense these things. "What she did in that house was none of my business." Was my only verbal defense. "It turned you on...didn't it? Sure, she was family...but I know that you could picture it as it was happening. Her moaning, her high pitched whimpers, the feeling of some faceless trick sticking the beef to your ol' lady just on the other side of that bedroom wall. You may not want to admit it...but it turned you on, didn't it? Deep down, you wanted it to be you in that room, getting your Aunt's hot candy while somebody else was forced to block it out while putting a pillow over their heads. It made you feel dirty. Sick in the head. But it aroused you anyway. Yeah, I hear you, man. Stuff like that changes a person inside. Even when they're too young to know it." I finished the beer that I was drinking, and was quick to open the next one that he had sat down on the table in front of me. The drinking really had become a competition, and now I was locked in as this conversational power struggle continued. "Perhaps. What has that got to do with me now?" "Everything, man." He smiled. "Listen...the world is a fucked up place. I mean, most people go on and on about it for the sake of sounding wise about that shit, but things are MUCH worse than you could ever imagine. If you could look into the minds of the people you meet on the street, if you could see what I see...you'd know just how wild the world really is, man. There's no innocence left. I'm pretty convinced that there never was any to begin with. It was just easier to brazenly lie to a naive population that didn't know any better." "No innocence left, huh?" I smirked. "Not the kind of purity that you claim to be looking for. Not as far as your 'art' is concerned. I've seen people bang on each other over a parking space. I see these tatooed suckas bash each other's heads in just to get a rep on their block. Politicians sending people overseas to kill people they've never met, and not give a damn about whether they come home or not. Bigots keeping kids from going to school, or getting jobs...burning down churches...and then turning around to say that they don't add anything significant to society when THEY were the ones kicking them when they were down in the first place. People strung out on drugs because it's the only escape they have from the life that's crushing them every second of every day. And people just don't CARE anymore, Jack! We've all accepted that this is how things are, and this is how they should stay. It's a goddamn tragedy." As the intoxication began to take hold of him, I noticed Victor becoming a little more vulnerable with what he was saying to me. And I made sure to silently document it all in the back of mind for later. "Sounds like a bunch of 'hippie' talk to me, kid." I said. "I don't think anybody is going to leave it up to a bloodsucking vampire to go out there and change the world for the rest of us. You might be 'killing to live', as you so eloquently put it...but I'm sure that you push aside the horror and the guilt of the 'killing' part when you need to get your own needs met. Just like everybody else. You're right here in the mud with the rest of us, just trying to pay attention to what you can handle, and trying to avoid what you can't." "Hehehe, touche, man." He said. "Don't get me wrong...I really tried to care. I just found it exhausting. Soooo many people have given up on what's right. What's sane. At least I can appreciate you for having a fucking purpose, man. You don't do your thing for the sake of being accepted. You do what you do because it's you. It's raw. Primal. It shows that you are striving to stand for something real." He said. "I look at these people and the secrets they hide, usually to their own detriment...and it's disgusting. Pointless. They lie and live a phony life until they run out of breath. And what did it accomplish? Nothing. You say that you're trying to preserve the goodness in these people...but it doesn't exist, Jack. It's just a hangover cocktail of rampant ignorance, mixed with deliberate hypocrisy, and garnished with a self induced sense of denial about who they really are inside. Most of these entitled, two-faced, piglets couldn't STAND to look themselves in the mirror for more than a few seconds for fear that they wouldn't be able to tolerate the image staring back at them. And I'm supposed to cry for them when you slash these pieces of human trash to ribbons? I should feel bad for draining their life essence, when they serve no other purpose outside of being a late night snack for a superior lifeform? I feel nothing for them. Absolutely nothing. They're weak and misguided and make NO efforts to evolve into anything better. And yet, they want to call US the monsters." Already, Victor was beginning to slur his words. It made me wonder if the moment of truth was near. Best to play it safe for the time being though. "So...I hear your complaints. What's your answer?" I asked. "I assume you have a solution for ridding the world of humanity's wickedness." "Not at all, man." He said. "I don't want to 'fix it'...I just want the world to see it for what it is. Recognize it. Embrace it. And stop trying to pretend that we're any better than the junkyard dogs we work so hard to look down upon. If you ask me...a human life is no more special or more important than the hogs we send to slaughter for our morning bacon. We've simply created this dark fairy tale to protect ourselves from feeling bad about it. I thought someone like you would understand that better than anyone, Jack. It was a crazy part of what I admired about you, man." I began to wonder if Victor was losing his faculties faster than I had expected, but as I saw him tilting his beer can back, further and further, I decided to guzzle down what I had left, and got up to grab two more from the fridge. At first, Victor refused another drink, but I told, "Just one more. One for you, one for me...and then we'll go out and see what we can do about...getting you 'fed'. How's that?" I could see Victor roll his eyes slowly, and this time...even though he seemed to be scrolling through my thoughts and memories with ease...I found it easier to hide what I needed to hide from him this time. Either he was getting sloppy due to his growing intoxication...or I was strengthening my ability to focus on keeping his penetrating senses at bay. "You know...even if you fuck me up with the brewskis...I'm still going to be stronger and faster than you'll ever be, Daddy-O. So don't think you're putting anything over on me." He said. "You're too paranoid, Victor. That's not a good trait in a partner." I said, this time opening the beer for him and reaching out to put it in his hand. "I'm gonna need you to relax if we're going to do this tonight." "Riiiiight on, man." He smiled. "Relaxed. I hear you." "Enjoy." I said, lightly bumping my can against his to continue our celebration. It's almost time. Don't want to miss my window of opportunity. But I don't want to jump the gun either. My darkest instincts have taught me patience. Control. Balance. All things that Victor was losing with his every sip. It wouldn't be long now. Everything is going even better than I had planned. https://imagine-magazine.org/
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  14. Comicality

    Chapter 2

    "GFD: Awakening 2" I was stuck in that one room...with no way out. Nothing to do but read, nervously pace the floor, and sleep whenever the next morning's sun had risen. Another day or two had passed and still no word. Where was Glenn? Where was my lovely Glenn? Is he awake yet? Is he scared? Is he alone? The growing hysteria of it all made me suddenly rush the door again and pound on it with my fists until the bones felt like they were going to crack against the metal surface. "LET ME OUT OF HERE!!! PLEASE!!! I'M NOT HERE TO HURT ANYBODY!!!" But there was no answer except for my own echo, bouncing off of those lonely walls aligning the dark hallway outside. I doubt that I was anywhere near the other inhabitants. Probably too far to have my cries for help noticed at all. But after my charred fists got too sore to continue, a few stray tears fell from my eye, and I slid down to the floor...wallowing in the hopelessness of my current situation. Why did Kazuhiko send me here? What is this evil place? I eventually stopped fighting it and surrendered. What other choice did I have, but to sit there and await my release? I just hope it will be soon. I was staring up at the ceiling, my hands folded across my chest, preoccupying my troubled mind with golden memories that Glenn and I had spent together on the streets of Chicago...just before he was ready to be turned. I remember him feeling a little bit nervous about nearing the point where he would finally take the plunge and leave the rest of the world behind. I know that it must have been weighing heavy on his mind, but I never pressured him. In fact, I never even brought it up unless he decided to ask me a few more questions about it. "So...you're saying, like...forever, right? We get to live forever. Like...forever ever?" He asked as we were walking along the edge of the lake, his boyish smile always warming my heart whenever he flashed it in my direction. "Well...forever is a long time. Hehehe!" I replied. "We can be hurt, obviously. And we always have to keep our hearts protected at all times. And, I mean...if your mind isn't sharp, it starts to sort of fall apart after a century or so..." "Unh unh! You said forever. That's what you told me." He giggled. "Well, technically...I suppose we're built for it." "So it's possible then?" He raised an eyebrow in the cutest way, making me laugh. "I think it's possible. You just don't wanna tell me." That's when I looked into his eyes and I told him, "You make me feel like everything is possible, Glenn. So, if you say it can happen...I've got no choice but to believe you." "Good!" He smirked. "Because that's exactly what I'm saying. 'Forever', it is." Yeah...forever... Three more days pass. The unending quiet was killing me, and I had taken to humming soft melodies to myself just to keep from being surrounded by such a deafening silence. It's hard to believe that this was even happening to me at this point, but my mind had become numb to thoughts of trying to get anybody's attention. After a few hours of banging and screaming, I gave up entirely. Not even little Jason came to rescue me from the stillness of that room with one of his sneaky late night visits. And so, my soft humming continued, as I watched the door with impatient eyes, counting my breaths to pass the time. Then...I heard footsteps approaching my door one night, shortly after waking up out of my sleep cycle. I was instantly broken out of my trance. I sat up immediately, and felt my heart jump as a key was inserted into the lock outside my door. In walked the angry dwarf, Jeremiah, and another tall man that I had never seen before. They all gave me a look of concern, and my first thought was that they had finally found out that I wasn't some plotting terrorist, and were now going to have to beg me for forgiveness. Or at least provide me with the apology that they promised. My pride would want me to punish them for leaving me to rot in here for over a week, but I swear that I'd forgive them anything if they would just let me out of here to see my Glenn again, safe and sound. This time, Jeremiah stood directly in front of the other two men and asked me, "Your friend that you brought in here...how much longer do you think he has left before his crossover is complete?" The mere mention of that question caused my nerves to tighten up with fear. "What do you mean? WHY??? What's wrong???" "Please, just answer the question." The other tall man said. Trying to calm down, but hearing the quivering of my voice when I answered, "I dunno. I've been here for so long. I haven't been watching him. So...maybe a couple of days, I guess? I'm not really sure. He's my first turn. I've never actually done one before." They looked at one another, and then back at me. "Would one of you mind telling me what the fuck is going on???" Jeremiah looked almost sympathetic in that moment. It was a look that I had never seen in his eyes. "Mr. Lomax....'Julian'...it appears that there may have been some...complications involved in your boyfriend's crossover." My eyes widened and my mouth went dry. What was he saying? What was he telling me? "WHAT HAPPENED??? WHAT COMPLICATIONS???" I hopped up from the mattress and was prepared to bite and claw my way through all three of them to get out of this room if I had to. But this time, he didn't try to stop me from leaving. He simply gave the other two men a nod to tell them to step aside, and he said, "You may want to come with us." He pointed me in the right direction, and we began our long journey down the empty corridor to figure out what was happening here. I was shaking, worried to the point of tears, but I hurried forward to get to my love before they changed their mind. Jeremiah led me around a few dark corners and downstairs into a basement network of rooms. We walked in silence all the way to the back, where he used another key to open the lock and guide me inside. At the far end of the room, I saw a body covered up with a blanket, turned away from me and facing the wall while curled up in the fetal position. Without thinking, I instantly burst forward to be at his side again, and the others had no time to stop me. I hurried over to the bed and gave the lump a hug, warm tears pouring out of my eyes as I finally reconnected with my only light in the darkness. But then, I noticed something 'off' about the feel of him. A lump or two that felt large, stiff, and out of place. He seemed to be shivering and sweating profusely at the same time. Something about his body felt...misshapen and wrong. And as I lifted my head from his shoulder, taking a hold of his shoulder to slowly roll him over on his back...what I saw caused me to jump back with a gasp of utter horror! Glenn's hair was falling out, even his eyebrows. It was almost gone completely. His skin had become extremely pale, riddled with dark purple, red, and blue, veins and arteries, that seemed to crawl all over his arms, neck, and chest. His teeth had become long, twisted, pointy, and sharp. The eyes, now half open while he slept, were a permanent shade of deep crimson, bloodshot with black capillaries, cursed with a demonic glare. What was this? Why was Glen changing like this? In anger, I turned around to look at my three wardens. "What did you DO to him?!?!?! WHY does he look like this????" "We haven't done anything to him, Mr. Lomax." Jeremiah said. "I'm afraid...that this is your doing. Not ours." "What the fuck are you TALKING about?!!?" The tall man stepped forward and said, "Julian...do you know what a 'Nosferatu' is?" I wiped some tears away with a sniffle, and looked back at him. "It's a....it's an old monster movie or something, right?" "I'm afraid that it's much more than that. It's a highly abnormal condition that sometimes occurs during a vampire's crossover. You said that this was your first sire attempt, correct?" "Yes..." I couldn't take my eyes off of Glenn, his face deformed and mutated into such a monstrous image. "...I was always scared to do it before now. i wanted my first to be with someone I really loved. Someone I trusted." "And you've never had anyone teach you about crossover bites and how they work?" The tall man asked. "Who sired you?" "I...I found a bloodsmith up North. He bit me, took care of me until my change was complete...then he gave me some info that he got from The Long Dark Foundation...but that was it." I said. "Can you tell me what any of this has to do with what's happening to my Glenn?" "Well...sometimes...and it's very rare...but sometimes, when a vampire bites their crossover target, the emotional attachment is so great that the chemical transfer that takes place between sire and host is delivered in an overabundance. The transformative toxins flood the system like a venom, and it becomes too much for the human body to handle. Resulting in a defective offspring." He told me. "Did you two share a long courtship before your decision to turn him?" "Um...yeah. Two years, I think." I sniffled. "He was 13 when we met, but he was determined for us to be together. He wanted to grow a little more...he wanted to be the same age as me when his body became permanently locked into that form." I said, still trying to keep from bawling helplessly at the sickening image in front of me. His eyes used to be so green. His hair, so perfect, and so golden. How could my baby change so much in such a short amount of time? "That might be why the attachment was so strong. Your eternity bands seemed to work, but...his transformation is rapidly spinning out of control." The man said. "Ok...so...what do I do now?" I asked. "How do I fix this?" The three men looked at one another again, and Jeremiah said, "I'm afraid...there's no known way for any vampire to reverse the process once it has begun. He will continue to change into a Nosferatu vampire, and there isn't anything we can do to cure it. I'm very sorry." Just then, I heard a scuffle happening outside of the door to the room, and loud shouting during some sort of struggle. I looked back as an older man came bursting through the doorway in a panic. "That's it! That's the fucking beast right there! It's right THERE!!!" He screamed. Two guards rushed in to twist his arms behind his back and hold him still. "Leave me alone!!! You don't know what it is! You have no IDEA!!! I've seen it before! I've seen what these things can do!!! You don't understand...it'll kill us all!!! It'll kill us all!!! KILL US ALL!!!!" They dragged the man out of the room, kicking and screaming, as his frenzied babbling continued all the way down the hall. And it was then that Jeremiah approached me again. "Julian...we are going to have to make some very difficult decisions from here on out. And we're going to have to do it quickly. Time is of the essence." "What? What do you mean?" The tall man added, "Your boyfriend here....he is definitely going to be a Nosferatu when he awakens. There is no question of that. And Nosferatus can be a very dangerous breed of vampire indeed." He said. "Their thirst is instantaneous once being born into darkness, and it is insatiable. The mind shuts down and becomes forever lost in the perpetual haze of an intense bloodlust like you wouldn't believe...permanently. They not only drink all the blood that they can find upon awakening, whether it be human or vampire, but they have been known to cannibalize their victims' flesh as well. Even though it causes them great pain to do so, they will be absolutely merciless in their acts of carnage." "What are you telling me?" I cried. "There's no easy way to put this, Mr. Lomax, so I'm just going to say it." Jeremiah said. "What we have here is a ticking time bomb. A destructive force that is a danger to every living thing in this sanctuary and beyond. Including you. When that 'thing' opens its eyes, its first objective is going to be to feed and feed on every random source of blood and sustenance that it can find until its belly is too full to digest anything more. And a few hours later, it will get up and do it again. And again. And again...until there's no one left. We can't have that." I turned to shoot daggers in their direction with my eyes. "YOU STAY AWAY FROM HIM!!!" "I'm sorry, Julian. I understand that this is an extremely hard experience for any vampire to go through. Believe me, I once had to endure the guilt of such an unforgivable task myself once before. But you have to understand....we cannot allow this creature to live. We cannot allow it to fully crossover to term so it can run through this sanctuary, ripping us apart, one at a time. Nosferatus are strong. Unnaturally strong. And savage beyond all comprehension. We don't have any locks that will hold him for very long. We don't have any weapons that could possibly stop him from slaughtering everything in his path. We are all at risk here." "You're asking me to murder my fucking boyfriend in his sleep??? Is that what you're asking me?" There was a silence in the room. But Jeremiah, always the straight shooter, no matter what the consequence, told me flat out, "That thing...is no longer your boyfriend. There is no doubt that this creature is going to wake up any day now, and it is going to cause a lot of damage before it leaves this place and runs out into the streets looking for more. We have no choice but to put an end to this issue while we still have a fighting chance." He took a long 17 inch metal shiv out of his belt and tossed it down on the floor at my feet. "We're going to allow you to stay here with your boyfriend for the rest of tonight and tomorrow. But that's all the time we can give you. Say your goodbyes...and then take the appropriate action. Tomorrow night, we're going to bleed him in his sleep and put him out for the daylight to take care of the remains." He stopped for a moment as I sobbed softly on Glenn's shoulder, running my fingertips over the eternity band symbol on his arm. Forever...that's what he wanted. He told me it was possible...and I assured him that it would be. So how did everything go so wrong? Jeremiah was remorseful, I could tell...but there was no way that it was gonna stop him from doing what he had to do in order to protect his precious sanctuary and its inhabitants. "I'm sorry, Julian. I truly am. I wish we could give you more time. "GET OUT!!!!" I suddenly shouted at the top of my lungs! "GET THE FUCK OUT!!! I DON'T WANT ANYBODY IN HERE!!! YOU'RE NOT GONNA TOUCH HIM!!! NOT MY GLENN!!!" I screamed until my throat began to burn, and they all bowed out gracefully to walk out of the door. But before closing it behind them, Jeremiah told me..."You have until midnight tomorrow. And not a minute longer. Again....I am sorry." And he left me alone with my beauty. My Glenn. His body shaking and shivering slightly, turning from cold to feverish and back to cold, as his poor, helpless, teenage frame went through the hideous changes that I was seeing in him go through. I heard the heavy metal door lock behind me, and I was a prisoner all over again. But, at least this time I had Glenn by my side. I ran my fingers through his hair...as clumps of it fell to the mattress, or got wrapped up in my fingertips. Oh God....not my love. Not him. As the next few minutes ticked by...I laid at my lover's side, and held him tight to my chest. Hoping that my love could somehow bring him back. That somehow, our promise to be together forever would reverse the horrible damage that I've done. He didn't ask for this. It's my fault! ALL of it! I should have been more careful! I should have learned more about this stuff before I bit him! I should've... But there was nothing I could do. At least, not at the moment. One thing I did know, was that those bastards weren't going to lay a hand on him. Not if I have anything to say about it. Even if I have to break out of this place and find a way to take him elsewhere...I have no plans of letting someone harm the only love of my life. We've been through too much to give up on each other now. https://imagine-magazine.org/
  15. A brand new chapter of the popular "Fanfic" series is up today for your enjoyment! I hope you guys like it! Hehehe, and yes, there is still much more to come! So enjoy! And if you get a chance, let me know what you think! K? Seezya soon! And I love you lots! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/fanfic/
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