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  1. M'kay...the system let me post now. So you can read it on the site whenever you like now. https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/gfd-children-of-sunset/ Ok, I'm gonna slow down now. Less posts. I'll spread them out a bit more. But its a good thing. More goodies for you guys! Hehehe! I'll put a few days between posts, k? And I'll seezya soon!
  2. "GFD: Children Of Sunset 7" I can't hardly sleep...thinking about Colby and how much I missed catching sight of him again. It was like trying to get some rest with a tummy ache...but it was in my heart. In my lungs. Heck, my whole soul felt empty from the very absence of him. I wish I knew what it was about him that has me all turned around the way that I was, but I sure wish that I could get a hold of it somehow. Tossin' and turnin'...feeling mighty bad... I could have done with a tiny dose of Colby's smile tonight. Something about seeing his eyes sparkling with the fire light...it brought me peace. Soothing grace. I ain't never been one for falling in love with somebody else...certainly not another fella, pretty to look at or not. But Colby had this...this incredible beauty within him that had a way of breaking me down. All the way down. I almost felt a bit ashamed of myself for letting him kiss me the way he done. Or...did I kiss him first. It's awful hard to remember. I just recall his lips being the softest thing I ever done pressed my own lips against. Slightly damp with a slow movement that enticed me to want more and more contact with him while we was sitting there. He sparked up every naughty part of me with his touch. Heck, with his look alone, to be honest. And I felt almost heartbroken that I didn't get to glide my fingers through that soft hair of his tonight. Something about not having him close to me made me feel...well...I don't know. Just all lopsided and hungry for something I probably ain't got no right to ask for. I never understood what would make a man give his sweetheart a handful of flowers before. But now...if I could get my hands on some...I feel like I'd want to pass some on to Colby. Just to let him know that I like how he makes me feel inside. Maybe even make him feel the same way for a little while. I wonder if this is what my daddy used to talk about all the time when it came to courting my mama back when they was young. They always sounded like tall tales to me when I was little. Stories...like we used to learn about at the schoolhouse. But...that kind of feeling is real, ain't it? I feel it now. And I find myself craving more. So much more. So much that I can't even find a way to drift off to sleep. I even got up a few times to keep checking the window to see if maybe Colby might be sitting out there...lookin' pretty...waiting on me. But it was too dark to see much of nothin', anyway. I just...I hope that wherever he is, he's looking up at the night sky, and the moon...and he's just as turned over about this as I am. It would make me feel better to know that he was thinking about me too. I reckon, there ain't nothing more lonesome than feeling this way all by myself. I don't remember when I was finally able to close my eyes, but the burn of the morning light seem to come right at me with a single blink. Not that I wasn't still tired from a lack of rest last night. Daddy got up to make us a quick breakfast, but Uncle Buster slept in way past the morning light, and just before my daddy left the house, he told me to finish off them chicken's eggs before they got good and cold. I figured Buster would probably eat them any way, but we ain't got no food to waste, so he's gonna have to scavenge the cupboards for something else to fill his belly this morning, I reckon. More his problem than mine. It still ain't quite like Mama's breakfast...but it's clear my daddy had picked up a couple of tricks from the taste of it. Then again, don't nothin' really taste right when I got my mind playing these silly games with me. You know...I swear that I could still feel Colby's lips on mine. Hard to keep from grinning like a freshly fed hound dog when I think about it. I think I'd trade all the coin in the world just to see him again. Those bright eyes. That soft hair. Slim and slender, like he ain't ate much in a good spell...but he wore it like a fine suit, regardless. It would give me so much glory and pleasure to think about Colby during my every waking moment if I didn't feel so dang cursed for doing so. I can't seem to work out what went wrong with my everyday steering, where I'd think of another fella the way I think about him. But the more I try to make sense of what I'm feeling in the pit of my own belly...the further I feel away from what I want most. And what I want most...? ...Is another kiss from Colby's lips. Soft as a midnight whisper, they was. Pressed up against mine. With me all turned backwards, hoping that my very first connection would come off right with another boy like me. My head just won't let it go. It pains me to think about him so much, but I can't seem to help myself. I'm just too possessed by the potential promise of getting another shot at it. Lord bless...if only I could get another chance! I'd kiss Colby so good, he'd be hankering for another and another and another, every chance he got! I'll do it better next time. Just you wait and see. I'll be ready for it. I'll...I'll do it SO much better on the next go 'round. If...if there is a next go 'round.... I had to tidy up the yard and get my chores done for the day while my daddy went to go meet with that 'Priest' fella and his band of outlaws. I probably shouldn't call them that, but they just don't seem too 'law worthy' to me. If anything, they seem like the type to cause more harm than good, no matter what town they come riding through. But as I was feeding the chickens and doing my best to sweep the extra pieces out of the front yard like my mama taught me too with the ol' stick broom...I got to thinkin' about Colby and his friends, living out there, just on the side of town. There's really no telling what these outlaws was looking for, or what they was expecting to find...but I had an inkling that Colby and his companions might be in the way of them findin' it. And I certainly wouldn't want him to get hurt. no way, no how. I got to thinking that maybe I should travel out towards the mountains he was pointing at on that first night, and taking a chance on finding his homestead so's I could at least give him a warning about this stupid dust storm that might be coming his way if he wasn't careful. People like Gideon Priest don't care much for common folk. Only for their own self serving issues, and whatever coin they can make from getting people to side up with them. I ain't never had that kind of itch, myself. Don't plan to, either. My mama taught me better than that. She always said..."Deacon...you reap what you sow. And everything you do when you think God ain't watching? Believe you, me...he's watching. And he's waiting for you to make the right decision." I keep that close to my heart. Always will. Dangit! Why didn't Colby show up last night??? I'm gettin' all restless and bothered, now! I wanna lay my eyes upon him again! I wanna look him over and press my lips against his the same way my Uncle Buster wants to press his lips against the next full mug of liquid they serve him at the town saloon! I don't mean to be so impatient, Lord, but...fevered memories of that boy's kiss got my belly all tied up knots now! Come on! Give me some PEACE! Couldn't quite keep myself from being restless. Couldn't half concentrate on much of nothin' to be true about it. I kept kicking myself for not spilling everything out to Colby the last time I got to look into those pretty eyes of his. I wasn't gonna cry about it none...but a part of me felt like it wanted to. I don't think I've ever had somebody make me feel so tangled up before. Once I got my morning chores done, I put on my hat and headed on into town to see if I could maybe get my mind back in order. I wasn't trying to come off as being so odd, but it seemed like thoughts of that boy haunted me every few ticks of the clock until I was dang near weary from it. I just wanted him to be close enough for me to tell him what was in my heart. It gave me an ache something awful to know that he was so far out of reach at that very moment. Or that he might be out there runnin' around with one of his other boys...way out in the woods where can't nobody see what they're getting up to. I wish I could be there with them. Or just...me and Colby, really. Imagine what we could get up to without somebody giving us a hawk's eye stare all the time. I want him to think about me. Life seems like it would be so unbalanced if he wasn't thinking about me right now. The only thing that took my mind off of my scrambled daydreams and awkward desires...was seeing Priest and his crew on the side of the road, just outside of the local telegraph office. They looked like they had unfolded a fresh map of the area 'round town, and was crowding around to take a gander at it while Priest used his finger to trace out a few choice paths for them to follow. I can't say that anything about him and his posse does anything good to settle my stomach when I walk past them. If anything, they look like a pit vipers whispering with a lone rabbit in the background. I just don't trust them, I tell you. I'm surprised my daddy even bothered to put them up for a few days, to be honest. He must have sniffed them out just as quickly as I did. Still...after what happened to sweet Ms. Samson...I suppose he's in a bit of a pickle. The townspeople want somebody to hang, and he's gonna have to give them a proper tribute eventually. It's a tough call, I reckon...but one that has to be made, no matter what. If anybody else in this town goes missing or comes up with a couple of pokes in the neck...he's gonna have a lot to answer for. At least with Gideon Priest, it looks like he's trying to find a solution. The only question now is...what will it cost the rest of us in the long run? I made sure to perk my ears up a bit as walked by, and I heard Priest telling his boys, "I'm thinkin' that they probably dug themselves in back 'here' in the mountain range. They don't like the light, and they never stay too close to their food source because they don't want the town folk to know who they are or recognize their faces. I reckon, we scout out this area here, and see if we can find their resting spots, come morning." His right hand man, Ford, said, "How far deep do you think we should go into the woods?" "Not too far." He said. "They wont be deep in the trees. They'll be looking for a place underground. A place where the sun can't get to 'em. Understand? We take our time looking out for their hiding spots, come back to town for a good night's rest, and I reckon we get up and start hunting them down, come sunrise. That'll give us plenty of time. They can't stay awake once the dawn comes. It's the best time for us to ride in and send them all to hell where they belong." I slowed my steps up a little bit, so I could hear a bit more of what they was planning for tomorrow morning. I didn't much look the in the eye, though. I just wanted to look like another boy in town, going on about his business. "We get up, bright and early, gentlemen. Let's go find ourselves a couple of creatures to hunt. We grab our coin, stay for a little while, and then we move on to the next town to see if they've migrated over to their area as well." Priest said. "They can't live without blood. Not for long. That's going to make tracking them down and killing them in their sleep a lot easier than they think it will. We stay vigilant, we stay righteous, and we slaughter these masked monsters before they do any more harm like they done us? Ya hear?" The men all agreed, and I turned my head to see Priest using his one good eye to give me quite an evil look as I walked by. The kind of look that only got more sinister as he accented it with a tilted smirk. "Good to see you out and about, 'Little sheriff'." He said, tilting his hat in my direction. It soured me to see him look at me in such a way, but I didn't pay him no mind. I just nodded my head and kept walking forward. Didn't even realize that I was staring back at him and his boys until I accidentally bumped into someone and had to face forward to give them an apology. "Apologies, Ma'am..." I said, but saw the bright blue eyes of Sarah Cutler staring back at me with a grin once I was able to focus, once again. Immediately, I felt a nervous tingle in my chest and reached up to take my hat off for her. "...I'm sorry, Sarah. Didn't you see you pass me by." "It's ok, Deacon. It's a right shame, me standing in the middle of the road like this." She said, blushing slightly while I fidgeted around to keep from doing the same. "I thought you might be coming back to the school house some time soon. I didn't catch sight of you this morning, so...I suppose you changed your mind." "No. I'm coming back." I smiled. "Just...my daddy was setting things up with those new fellas in town. I had my morning chores. A lot gets in the way, I reckon." I could see two of Sarah's friends whispering to one another while we were talking, and I felt myself getting even more nervous than I was before. Sarah said, "Well, you look all cleaned up today, Deacon. I figured you could have at least come by to say hello." She was flirting, something awful, with me today. And while it did give me a case of the jitters, it probably wasn't for the reason that she was expecting out of me. I mean...Sarah Cutler sure is pretty. Probably one of the prettiest girls in town, I reckon. But...when she looks at me...smiles at me...I don't feel that same hot bolt of lightning that I did whenever I thought about Colby. Dangit...I almost went a whole fifteen ticks without think about Colby again. "I'll probably be back tomorrow, Sarah. I just had a load on my mind lately is all." I said, fidgeting slightly with my hat in my hands. "I wouldn't want to disappoint you, now would I?" She giggled softly to herself. "You ain't never gonna disappoint me, Deacon Porter. You're everything I could ever expect you to be. All that and more." And then, without warning, Sarah looked both ways and then leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the cheek. Causing both of her girl friends to quietly squeal with laughter as I turned red in the face and smiled awkwardly in response. "I'll talk to you soon, perhaps?" She asked. She had me hopping from left foot to right foot, trying to keep myself together. And I giggled to myself as I looked down at the ground and softly replied with, "I reckon. Yes. I'll be running into you soon, no doubt." And that's when Sarah and her friends turned around to leave me there in the middle of the road, wondering what the heck I was supposed to do to myself. I don't know if anybody else was watching, but by the time I fixed my hat and put it back on, I felt embarrassed and on display. I just wanted to turn a corner somewhere in town and just be invisible for a spell. Don't get me wrong...a kiss on the cheek from Sarah Cutler was a treasured experience that tickled my heart and made me about as twitchy as I could have ever imagined that I would be. And yet...it was slightly humiliating to think that I didn't want her back. Not the way that she wanted me. It felt like I was taking one of the Lord's great blessings and tossing it into the fire to burn. It just didn't make much good sense. I should probably ask to court her. It's what a boy like me is supposed to do. Not hang out by late night trash fires and kiss boys with long hair. I should call on her, and claim her for my own. Get older, get some land, have some babies...do everything my daddy taught me to do from the very beginning. Just like he did with Mama. It's the way things are supposed to go. I feel ashamed to be throwing away the natural order of things for the thrill of running out to chase something that I don't right understand proper. It seems like such a waste. And...at the same time...I can't seem to shake myself free from the feeling. I picture Colby holding me in his arms and my guts start slithering like a bed of snakes. I can't get it to stop. I can't let it go. And, despite my better judgement...that gentle kiss from Sarah Cutler just made me want Colby even more than I did before. The craving was driving me to the point of insanity. I was drunk off of the prospect of being with him again...and I wasn't gonna get no rest at all until I found him again. I can't hide it no more. I wanted to strip myself down to wearing nothing at all and roll around with that boy until our kissing and gyrating caused me to spill over! I'm thinking about it right now! And I'm not gonna stop thinking about it either! Maybe it makes me an odd one, and maybe nobody else can make sense out of it...but if I can't have Colby to push against in private, then I just don't want anybody else. He's...he's everything I've ever dreamed about. And I need him to make me feel like I ain't as awkward as the rest of the town would make me feel if they ever found out what my heart was feeling right now. I can't take it no more. I'm going out there. My daddy warned me about going out past the edge of the town, especially after dark. And he might well take a strap to my hindquarters if he catches me taking one of his horses out there to do it. But I'd take twelve beatings, easy, if it meant seeing my beloved Colby's face again. His smile. Feeling his touch. Kissing his lips. I can't hardly see that not being worth a beating and a hollering at. I'm gonna do it. And I'm gonna do it tonight. Priest and his posse are probably gonna do something to scare my lovely boy away from this town. I ain't gonna let him run away from me before letting him know just how much he means to me. There's so much more that we've got to talk about. It may be reckless, but Lord bless it...if I don't take this chance right now, I won't rest peaceful another day in my life. That's for certain. I'll leave before my daddy comes home for dinner. By the time it gets dark, I should be out at the mountain range, entering the woods. I don't know how I'm gonna find him, but I remember the direction he pointed in when he told me that's where he resided. I'll start there and look around. I can't exist in the same way without Colby by my side. I feel like I've changed somehow. I need him to know how I feel so I can gauge how happy we can be together, once we get to be alone. I imagine that would be like Heaven on Earth. Just me...and Colby...the crickets and a full moon. Heh...yeah...I doubt I could dream up a better moment than that. I need to get back home. If I'm going to travel out to where he's at...I'm gonna need to make sure that I don't get caught ahead of time. I love you, Colby. And I'm coming... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SHACK FANS!!! IT'S BEEN QUITE A RIDE, HASN'T IT?
  3. Ok, so there is a brand new chapter up for "GFD: Children Of Sunset" right now, but the GA system won't let me post it here. Hehehe, my apologies for the inconvenience. I can only post one story every eight hours, but my last post was sixteen hours ago. So, I'm not sure what's going on with that. But whatever, I'm going to bed. Anyway, you wanna read a "Gone From Daylight" spinoff that takes place in the Wild Wild West? Then here ya go! Enjoy! Hehehe, and let me know what you think when you get a chance! I'll put it on the site some time tomorrow night. But, if you want to read it right NOW, you can see it in the Comicality Library! https://www.voy.com/17262/ You can also read all of the other GFD spinoffs at the link below if you're brand new to the series! Cool? https://gayauthors.org/stories/browse/world/gone-from-daylight/ Enjoy!
  4. That....would be AWESOME!!! Hehehe!
  5. Comicality

    Chapter 23

    Thank you, Sherye! ((Hugz)) I really appreciate it, and I'm glad that this story has helped to give you some perspective. Just hang in there, k? Gender and age and all that...it doesn't matter at all. It's all about self love. Once you find that, everything else becomes easy. I promise.
  6. My thoughts exactly! I think I added this to the youtube a while ago too. Because...CUTE!
  7. "Heyyyy! I'm scary, dammitt!!! I'm mean, and I'm angry, and I'm super intimidating! Fear me!" Don't LAUGH at me! Awww, now you went and hurt my feelings! LOL!
  8. A new chapter of "Picture Me And You" is up today! So jump in and let me know what you think when you get a moment of free time! This is one of the site's favorites! So I hope you'll enjoy it! Take care, and I'll seezya soon with more! We've got a lot of 'party' left to strut through! ::Giggles:: I hope you're having as much fun as I am! https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/picturemeandyou/
  9. "Picture You And Me 11" It's kind of hard for me to keep myself from grinning, ear to ear, like this. You know? It's like being possessed by this joyful demon that refuses to let me slip away from the total bliss in my heart for even a moment to selfishly keep it all to myself. Hehehe! It's sooooo euphoric, walking around like this all morning long. It really is. I wake up thinking about Rory's smile, I go to sleep trying to calm down enough to actually free myself from this blast of inexhaustible energy so I can get some rest. And I feel like I spend every waking moment in between trying to understand the physics of me suddenly being paired up with one of the most beautiful boys on the entire planet, all while doubting my own sanity at the same time. It just...it doesn't feel real. I'm trying to embrace the idea of it, but I can't without feeling as though I'm falling into some crazy pit of denial and delusion. I mean...does he really love me too? Is that possible? Having a boyfriend of Rory's caliber is just...it forces you to re-evaluate everything that you ever thought you understood about love and attraction in the first place. I mean...I KNOW why I feel so hard for him! I know why he caused my every sensual nerve to burn itself out at the very first sight of him. It makes total sense. But me? Ugh...why me? I know that I should probably just relax and enjoy this for whatever it is...but it isn't easy. Because I'm always afraid that he's going to 'wake up' out of whatever amateur love spell that I cast on him at any second, and he's going to wonder why he ever fell for that deceptive magic trick in the first place. I am SO much like the 'man behind the curtain' in the Wizard Of Oz right now! Still, I managed to slide out of bed this morning and hop in the shower to clean up without laying back on my pillow for another twenty minutes, sighing to myself and squirming at the idea of actually being able to maybe wrap my arms around Rory's waist again some time soon and kiss those exquisitely soft lips of his again...feeling him shiver slightly as he enjoyed every last moment of it. Omigod...I'm so in love! That's so weird to say to myself, but it's true. I'm, like...really REALLY in love with another boy right now! What the hell am I supposed to do with this feeling, you know? I was coming out of the shower, drying my hair off with a towel and standing around in nothing but a pair of my boxers...and I saw that I got a text on my phone while I was away. It was short and sweet and to the point. Just Rory saying good morning, sending me a kiss, and wishing me a 'happy happy day' today. Awwww...could he be any more adorable? He does so much to me with so little effort. If he ever turned his boyish charm up to a complete 'ten'...I'd be helpless to stop him from taking complete and total control of my heart and soul. Seriously...he drives me wild without even trying. I love it! I made sure to answer him back as soon as I got dressed, and he giggled in response, texting, "Love you, Kevin!" Ok, now I'm actually getting a bad case of the wiggles in the center of my stomach. Hehehe, they tickle! "Love you too, Rory!" I replied, and we agreed to talk some more a bit later on in the evening. I guess he was heading out somewhere with his parents or something, so he couldn't talk for too long. Or too candidly, for that matter. But that was cool. I was going over to Kyle's house for a bit today anyway. Not for anything in particular. Just to hang out. Heh...I hope he'll still be able to have time for me these days. Ever since he's been talking to this 'Gabriel' guy online, he's been a little bit more evolved than he was before. I can't put my finger on it, but it's like...parts of his casual conversation have changed. To be honest, I think we were beginning to relate to one another a lot better, and we were getting back in sync like we were when we were kids. You know, before this whole dating ten score boys became such a big part of Kyle's and Jason's life. I felt so much more relaxed just talking to him. About...well...everything. I won't hide from the fact that I spent a great deal of my time being jealous of the fact that they were getting laid almost every weekend. And not just from random hook ups, but by the kind of super sexy boys that I could only dream about. I hated being the third wheel in that whole situation, watching them have fun and bond over their shared interest of picking and choosing the cream of the crop when it came to cutest fucking boys in town. Yeah...it hurt. It felt like my best friends were maturing and moving on without me. I felt left behind. Then...Rory comes along... And you know what? I am SO glad that I waited! I mean, I'm still waiting for the big moment when we can be together and take things to the next level...but the truth is...I've been waiting my whole teenage life to find someone like Rory. So, waiting a little bit longer while still being able to date and smile and laugh together without committing to something before either one of us are truly ready for it? It's hardly an issue for me. Just having him randomly tell me that he loves me in a text with a giggle is almost too much for me to handle as it is. So...I guess building up to the main event is the way to go here. Because I doubt that I'd last more than thirty seconds with a boy that gorgeous. Hehehe! I'd try my best...but let's be real, dude. There's no WAY that I could ever even LOOK at Rory naked without cumming in my pants and fainting at his feet! Best to save that highly embarrassing moment for later...when I can maybe hold out for a full minute or two. I called Kyle to let him know that I was on my way over, and he was already deep into some game that he was chipping away at on his Playstation, so his attention was severely detached from anything that I was saying to him. "Yeah. Whatever. Come over. Back door's open..." He said, then grunting, "...ACKKK!!! You son of a BITCH! FUCK this game, man!" Giggling, I said, "Use the 'force', dude. It'll guide you through." "Fuck off!" He said. "Hahaha! Alright, be there in a few minutes." I hung up the phone, but I was tempted to send Rory another message to just...I don't know...let him know that I was thinking about him. Is that excessive? I don't want to come off as being too clingy. I just exchanged texts with him, like...fifteen minutes ago. I'll send him something a bit later. I need to have some kind of restraint, right? Anyway, I made sure to ring the doorbell before opening Kyle's back door and coming inside. Just in case he was in there scratching his nuts or something. All I could hear was him still cursing at his TV as I gave his bedroom door a light knock and wandered in. He was quick to pause the game and stand up to give me a proper 'bro hug'. "Whassup, Kev? You feeling good?" "Yeah, actually." I smiled. "Surprisingly good, to be honest." "You too? Hehehe, it's crazy, right? I've been feeling like this 24/7 ever since Gabe and I made plans for our first date. I can't even shake it. I feel like dancing. ALL the time!" He laughed. "Whoah whoah whoah...where did this come from? You guys made a date? Like, to meet up and stuff?" I asked, a bit shocked by the sudden development with his newest pursuit. "I didn't tell you about that? I guess we were just thinking about it the last time you and I talked, but...yeah. We're going to try out that deli that he was raving about. He even offered to pay for it all, but I'm probably gonna pay my own way anyway. I just want to spend some quality time with him." I wrinkled up my forehead, giving Kyle a sideways look, "Look at this...hehehe...you're actually being...a gentleman in all this. What's that about?" Kyle gave me a little shove. "I've always been a gentleman, asshole! I'm just...I doing things different this time." He said. "Gabe is like...he's worth it. You know?" Experiencing a blast of tingles and sparkles running through my deepest feels at that moment, I just grinned wide and put my arm over Kyle's shoulder. "You really like him, don't you?" "Honestly?" He said. "I don't think I've ever liked another boy more. It's like...I didn't even know what I was looking for in a boyf until Gabe showed it to me. He's really special to me, dude." Then he sighed and said, "I'll be honest, I really did think that you were all out of whack, talking about your feelings and searching for somebody special. It seemed so ridiculous at the time, but...I think that I'm kinda liking this new approach right now. Every time I just see his name in my messages...that alone feels like an orgasm. It's actually pretty awesome." "I KNOW, right???" I giggled. "Me too! I mean, we've never really done anything more than make out a few times, but I feel like we had sex a thousand times, just from a little eye contact and a smile. It's insane!" I was so happy to hear that Kyle could actually understand where I was coming from for once! You have no idea how happy it made me to feel like we fit together again like the two pieces of the puzzle that we used to be when we were kids. Then...the doorbell rang downstairs, and I heard the back door open again. "You expecting more company?" I asked. It was a brief hesitation, but a hesitation, nonetheless. "Jason was coming over to chill for a bit. I hope you don't mind." "I don't mind." I told him. "I just..." But, as Jason walked up the stairs and opened the door to Kyle's bedroom...he took one look at me and it was almost like his whole mood had suddenly changed. Like, he didn't expect me to be there today...and was kind of pissed off that I was. Really, dude? I mean...what could I have possibly done to make him so angry and standoffish every time he came within ten feet of me? I spoke up and said hello to him, trying to wipe the slate clean and pretend that I didn't see the instant disdain for my presence the second I entered the room. I've known Jason for a year or two now, and I know he can be stubborn about certain things...but he doesn't usually hold his grudges for very long. He gets upset, he lashes out, pouts for a day or two...and then it's back to business as usual. Or...at least, that was the routine that Kyle and I had both gotten used to at this point. But this time, as Jason looked away from me and mumbled, "Oh. Hey." And walked over to Kyle's desk to play around on his computer, it was easy to tell that something was seriously wrong with him this time around. He REALLY didn't want to talk to me all of a sudden. Or even look me in the eye. Seriously, what the fuck did I ever do to HIM to make him feel so sour when it came to addressing me like a rational human being? He didn't seem to have much of a problem grinning in my face when he thought he was so much better than me for racking up points on his 'cute boy scoreboard'. Now I get ONE boy of my very own...just ONE...and he acts like I had some kind of unfair advantage over him or something. Like I cheated, somehow, and don't deserve the warm feelings in my heart right now...simply because he didn't get to feel them first. It's like he's mad that he didn't give us permission to enjoy our lives too. Honestly, I refused to let Jason's bullshit attitude make me feel uncomfortable. Kyle and I are getting along just fine. He can either have fun with us, or he can sit there and sulk in a corner like a fucking BABY all by himself. Who really gives a shit anymore? "So when is this deli date of yours? Is it soon?" I asked Kyle, ignoring Jason's silent treatment as he picked up the video game controller and tried to bait us into begging him to tell us what the fuck his malfunction was. I refused to give him the satisfaction of ruining our good time. "Hehehe, tomorrow. Three O' Clock. I was thinking of getting up early and maybe getting him one of those frosted cupcakes from the lower level of the mall." "Oooh, the vanilla frosted ones with the sprinkles?" I grinned. "Omigod, YES! Those are the ones! I don't think Gabe's ever tried one of those before. I think he'll like it." Kyle said. "You don't think it's too sweet or anything, do you?" "Nah. No way. Those cupcakes are delicious dude! I'm sure he'll love it..." "FUCK!!!" Jason suddenly said out of nowhere. I thought it might have been him losing at the game at first, but he was just harboring this intense hatred for what Kyle and I were talking about. "What the fuck has happened to you two?" Kyle was like, "What happened to who? What are you talking about?" "Vanilla cupcakes, dude??? Seriously? When did you turn into a total BITCH on my, Kyle?" He growled. "Just because Kevin got lucky ONE time with some hottie, it doesn't mean that you have to totally lick his ass every time he comes over here with that puppy love bullshit!" "Nobody's licking anybody's ass, Jason. Kevin's in love. Why is that a bad thing?" "He's NOT in love! GOD! Stop saying that!" Jason grunted. "Just stop talking about your 'ten score' boyfriend already! It's obnoxious. He's not all that, you know?" "Jesus, Jason..." Kyle said, actually kind of offended by his little tirade. I was offended too, but I didn't say a word. "I'm just telling the truth. You haven't even fucked him yet, Kevin. If he hadn't lied about what he looked like, I could have taken him from you in a heartbeat. And we would have been screwing every weekend instead of holding hands at the lake like a couple of lames. It's pathetic. The hottest boy ever...and you're still a fucking virgin! What have you got to brag about?" There were times when an outburst like this would have really hurt my feelings. It would have destroyed me, inside and out...and I probably would have gone home and cried my eyes out from the shame of being so humiliated in this way. But...not anymore. No...not anymore. I narrowed my eyes for a moment, looking at Jason as he tried to vent his childish frustrations, and I saw his harsh words and aggressive feelings for what they really were. It was just this moment of true clarity that spared me from bearing the brunt of any of his comments at all. In fact, they all fell limp, right at my feet...and it only made me feel stronger. Not weaker. Kyle spoke up to say, "What is it with you and the backhanded comments, Jason! Chill out! What the fuck is WRONG with you? Did you really have to say all that? Or ANY of that?" But I put a hand out to keep Kyle from standing up for me. This was something that I wanted to do for myself this time. "Why are you so angry at me, Jason. Really. I want to know." I said. "Whatever. Fuck off." "No, I MEAN it! What is it about me being 'happy' and succeeding in something that I really care about that makes you want to suddenly pop up and try to downplay it and want so desperately for me to fail? Make little comments and fight to tear me down when all I want is to be left alone? Are you really that jealous? That petty?" I said, and Jason gave me the most lethal look that hes ever given me since I've known him. "You can yell and scream all the insults that you want, but you've got no control at all when it comes to me being happy. Just know that. I'm not ever going to make myself miserable or doubt myself ever again for your benefit. That's not how this works." Jason stood up and actually got in my face! "You are so FULL of yourself. You smug son of a bitch! Not only are you constantly going on and on about your goofy boyfriend bullshit, but now you've got Kyle doing that shit too. It's so stupid." He said. He was really agitated by us being happy. How sad is that. I mean, he's been harboring this inner conflict for days now. Maybe even longer. "Get laid ONE time! Just once! Then you can come and talk to me about love and giggles. Until then you're just a fake. I don't believe your bullshit at all. You and your internet 'pal' are destined to fail. Period. And I'm going to be right here when it happens to tell you that I told you so." At this point, Kyle just lowered his eyes to his bedroom floor and shook his head. "Dude...you know what? If you're gonna act like this, I need you to leave my house. For real, get your shit and go." "Fine! I don't care! You're being a faker too!" Jason said, tossing his controller across the room. "You got soft on my, Kyle! You're acting like just as much of a virgin as Kevin is..." But I told him, "You may not realize it right now, Jason...but until you actually allow yourself to stop being so fucking shallow and rating gay boys by their looks and nothing else...until you feel what I feel for Rory, or what Kyle feels for Gabe...YOUR the only 'virgin' here. Grow the fuck up!" "FUCK YOU BOTH!!!" Jason shouted, and he angrily stomped his way out of the house just as quickly as he came in. And I didn't want to bring the hammer down on him the way that I did, because, at the end of the day..Jason really has been like a little brother to Kyle and me over the years. It may not seem like it now, but despite a few tantrums, Jason has always been a lot easier to deal with. But we'll be damned if we let him step that far out of line without putting him back in check like a duo of big brothers are supposed to. Fuck that! "I'm sorry, Kev. I don't know what's going on with him. Jason's been a real asshole about this whole thing." Kyle told me. "It's ok. He'll either get over it, or he won't. I mean, every word that comes out of his mouth just exposes him for the jealous piece of shit that he is. He makes himself look worse and worse. He'd be better off if he said nothing at all." "Jason could actually FIND himself a hot boyfriend if he just learned from his mistakes and tried to make a genuine connection with somebody instead of always swiping through pictures on his cell phone to find some cute blond to pound for one night and never see again." "I know." I said, still feeling bad for running Jason out of the house like that. not that I SHOULD! He was being a fucking JERK! "Just...what kind of person gets upset over somebody else's good fortune, and then actively tries to ruin it for no other reason than they don't want you to have it? How psychotic is that? It's like...be happy for me, you know? What the hell?" "Don't sweat it, Kevin. Jason's got some maturing to do. But we can't let that be our problem. I've got a date to prepare for tomorrow. A real 'date'. Hehehe! And if this deli place is any good, I'll give you the goods on it, and maybe you can take Rory there too some time. Deal?" With a smile, I said, "Ummm, hehehe, ok! That would be cool!" Then I said, "Maybe, one of these days, all four of us can go together. That could be fun." But Kyle was quick to say, "No! That's not gonna happen." "No? Why not?" He looked me directly in the eye and said, "Really, dude? No way. I'm not bringing your boyf anywhere NEAR my boyf!!! Fuck that! Hehehe! Rory is the kind of boy that can distract satellites in space with the way he looks. You keep him away from my Gabe! I'll have to cut you, bro!" "Hahaha! Ok, ok...I can take a hint..." I said. "Fuck a 'hint'! You keep that hottie under wraps for as long as you can. THEN we can talk about hanging out together later on." He said. "MUCH later on!" "Alright. Deal." I said. And I felt that deep bond that Kyle and I used to have coming back in full force as he smiled at me and I smiled back at him. It's just...it's so cool to know that you've got a good friend in your corner again. It really is. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY SHACK FANS!!! IT'S BEEN QUITE A RIDE, HASN'T IT?
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  11. Chapter 21: "A Mistake's Weight" Five minutes. Maybe ten. And Preston and I figured that the coast was clear enough for us to escape and find our way back downstairs without getting caught. As much as I wish that I could say that things were getting better and that we were safe, that this whole 'zombie infection' thing was about to blow over any day now so that things could go back to normal... ...It sounded like things were actually about to get worse. Or, best case scenario, staying the same...as nightmarish as it is. And as Preston and I looked each other in the eye...neither one of us saw any comfort or hope reflected in our innocent stare. This must be a lot more tragic than we initially though it was. "We should get back downstairs..." I said. "Come on. I'll keep an eye out." "What is 'air toxicity'?" Preston whispered. "Well..." How do I say this? "...It means that the whole city of Chicago is full of dead people. Walking around, and...covered in blood and gore...and rotting on the inside. And the outside. The smell is going to be overpowering soon. We'll need to wear masks and stuff to keep from getting sick when we breathe." "Really? Ewww!" He said, frowning up his face. "That sounds gross." "Tell me about it." I said. "I think things are going to get a bit worse before they get better. But at least we're safe in this shelter for now. Well...until they figure out what to do about everything else." "There's an 'everything else'?" He asked. "Shhh...c'mon. Let's move." I said, not really wanting to answer that question. The last thing I needed right now was for Preston to start freaking out on me. We had to move and move fast while we had the opportunity. "This way!" We scurried across the hall and rushed back to the cafeteria as quickly as we could. I didn't want us to get caught. And I certainly didn't want any soldiers asking us any questions about what happened in that freezer. I've told quite a few lies in my lifetime, but I can't say that I'm very good at it. Especially when it comes to adults. I swear they get the power to read minds once they hit their twenty first birthday. Anything that I said to them that could possibly be seen as being 'off' or 'awkward', and little Spencer could end up getting hurt. Or, at the very least, shoved into the makeshift prison that we used to call a basement with all the others. For now, he seems just fine to me. A little on the weird side, but...life isn't what it used to be. I'd be more worried about anybody in this place that wasn't acting weird at this point. When we got close enough to the cafeteria, I stood up straight and just started walking normally again. But I could feel Preston lightly holding on to my waist as a couple of soldiers walked by. I whispered, "Stand up!" "But I'm hiding!" He whispered back just as fast. "Hiding from what??? We're not supposed to be drawing attention to..." I stopped talking, just as they passed us. And even though they sort of glanced over at our suspicious behavior, I just sort of nodded at them...and they just kept walking. Then, as soon as they turned the corner, I spun around to lift Preston back up to a normal standing position. "We're fine now. Just...be normal." "I thought I was." He said. I just shook my head and we went back to the cafeteria with everybody else. It only took a few short seconds for my heart to stop fluttering from the fear of getting caught sneaking around, and start fluttering as I saw Alex stand up from his mat against the wall and start approaching me with a smile. "Hey..." He said. I tried not to blush so hard, but sometimes I don't have much control over the situation. "S'up?" "Did you guys get everything all settled in there?" "Yeah, we cleaned it up as best as we could. I don't think anybody will catch on once the floor dries, which shouldn't take long." I said. "How is he? Is Spencer alright?" "I got him some blankets, gave him a bit of room to stretch out...and he practically passed out the second he shut his eyes." Alex nodded his head towards the corner of the room, and sure enough, Spencer was already fast asleep, as if nothing had happened at all. And I mean it was a deep sleep too. Not just a nap, or a little snooze from a bout of random fatigue...he almost looked like he was a few short breaths away from accidentally slipping into a friggin' coma. "I thought that maybe Donovan would maybe keep an eye on him for a while, but..." "...But Donovan's being Donovan. Yeah. Got it." I said. I could feel Preston's arm lightly resting onmy arm, just above the elbow, as he peeked around me to watch Spencer from a safe distance. He really was spooked by whatever it was that was going on with him, that's for sure. Then again...maybe I'm the one in the wrong for not being paranoid enough. When Alex saw how frightened he was, Alex made sure to say, "I'm sure the whole incident was just some kind of...post traumatic reaction to everything that's going on out there. I mean, I'm assuming he's been through a lot. We all have. The only difference is that we got rescued and brought to this sanctuary fairly early on...before the chaos really got out of hand. Now it's our turn to take care of each other. As much as we can, anyway." I turned my head to look back at Preston as his hand gripped my arm a bit tighter. "I dunno..." He said, quietly. "Maybe later. But for right now...trauma or not...he's giving me a bad feeling, you guys. A really bad feeling." It was only a moment later that I saw some of the staff from the high school start setting out plates and napkins and getting things set up for our next meal. Which means that everybody started grunting and grumbling and getting back up on their feet to get in line already before it got too long for the rest of us to get our fair share. I suppose we should probably get in line too. I mean, I' not really hungry, but I know that I hadn't eaten much today since the excitement this morning. And there's nothing worse than suddenly feeling your stomach rumbling when you know you've got to get to the back of the line and maybe wait a whole hour before you're able to fix yourself a plate. Everything's cold and picked down to scraps by the time you get anywhere close to eating again. "Maybe you should wake up Walker and Spencer and have them get in line with us." I said to Alex. "Yeah. I'm sure Donovan will meet us over here eventually. I don't even know where he wandered off to. That boy just likes to spend way too much time alone, if you ask me." "Tell me about it." I said, and we grabbed the other two boys to come join us. It took a good minute or two to shake Spencer awake, though. He was really sleeping hard, and it was almost like he didn't want to wake up. Where as Walker was the exact opposite. Alex touched his arm lightly and he immediately jumped with a gasp, his eyes popping wide open as he seemed to feel all around himself as if he were looking for some kind of 'weapon' or something. Jesus, that boy was jumpy! "Spencer? Come on, dude...I need you to wake up, ok?" "D-D-Dad...?" He sighed, his eyes still closed. "It's me, dude. It's Jake. They're getting ready to serve us some food. We should get in line, ok?" Finally, after a few more determined shakes of his shoulder, Spencer opened his eyes, and he softly whispered... "I see angels when I sleep..." At that moment, his eyes rolled back, and his whole body went into a series of convulsions. Spencer's waifish frame was spasming so hard that I thought I was going to have to scream out for a doctor! And then...just as quickly as it started...it stopped. Just...stopped. A tiny bit of foam had appeared in the corner of Spencer's mouth, and as he returned to 'normal', he wiped it away with the back of his hand, coughed a few times, and then sat up straight as though nothing had happened at all. I mean, I, at the very least, expected him to be somewhat disoriented as to what was going on or where he was...but it was like his brain had just become disjointed for about 45 seconds and then magically 'snapped' itself back into place. I hate to say it, or even think it... ...But I'm beginning to see why Preston is so terrified about Spencer's development since we've been in contact with him. "Are you feeling ok?" I asked him. "I...I think so." He said, his voice being delivered with a slightly helpless and uncertain whimper. Maybe it was just my bleeding heart that reached out for him, despite the creepy nature of all of this...but Spencer just had this quality about him that felt like it needed protecting, no matter what. "I need you to listen to me, Spencer, ok?" I said softly. "If you don't think you can make it and keep looking...'healthy', then just sit here in this corner and we'll all chip in and see if we can bring you some food back. It might not be much, but it'll be enough to keep you on your feet." "I'm ok now, Jake. I swear." He said. "I'll be fine. I've got a bit of a cough, but that's all. I'm just really, really, tired...ok? Don't you know what it's like to be soooo tired?" I did what I could to block out the pleading tone of his boyish voice, and I said, "Just stay right here by my side, and we'll get through this. Alright?" Looking around, Spencer asked, "Where's my dad? Did he go through the wash up and quarantine stuff, yet? I want my daddy..." "It's ok. From what I've heard, your dad is fine, ok?" I told him. "Just...take a moment to chill." I stood him up, attempting to give him as much comfort as I could, considering I didn't know much more about him than he was sick and possibly a deadly threat to everybody within 'biting' range. Spencer felt so weak. Frail. Light as a feather. But somewhat 'stable' from what I could tell. So I guided him forward and we made our way out into the hallway. However, just as the line had finished wrapping itself around the entire cafeteria...now leading out past the student lockers in the hallway...we stopped to see a few soldiers rush past us and come to an abrupt halt in front of one of their commanding officers. They stood at attention and saluted, but seemed to be a little breathless with their urgent news. "We've got incoming, Sir." Their officer looked confused. "Incoming? What do you mean? We haven't been able to make contact with any of the last two caravans of refugees for hours now." The other two soldiers exchanged a look, took a deep breath, and said, "They don't appear to be military, Sir. They're not a part of our rescue effort." "So where did they come from?" "No information on that as of yet. But they're just outside the gates. An 18-wheeler truck and a couple of mobile homes. Packed to capacity. They're asking for entry, Sir. They're looking for help." The soldier said. "They might just be a couple of well meaning citizens who were trying to help out the people in their communities. We don't know much more than that." "They're rescues could be contaminated." The officer said. "Have they all bee checked for bites and possible infections?" "We don't know, Sir." "Do they have any adolescents with them that might be triggered any time soon?" "We don't know that either, Sir." Frustrated, he said, "Well, what DO we know about this random group of civilians that figure that they can just pop up out of nowhere and integrate themselves with the rest of our shelter's healthy population?" Again...the soldiers exchanged a look between them. "We don't know much of anything, Sir." The other one said. "We only know that they're outside the gate. They claim to be legit. And...if I may speak candidly, Sir...it's only right that we, at least, attempt to offer them some kind of refuge. They may be some unexpected locals...but they're desperate, Sir." He said. "Are we really going to turn them away?" The other soldier beside him said, "We can inspect every last one of them as they come in. Just like we inspected the others. Anyone with a bite or even a scratch, can be detected by our doctors, and we can lock them down HARD. Put them under immediate quarantine away from the rest of the population, and maybe even study the unpredictable effects of the virus, first hand. Just to get a better sense of what we're dealing with here." Just then, Spencer began to cough and wheeze at my side, and I quickly thrust my hand up to cover his mouth. The soldiers turned to look at him, as well as a few people standing in line, but I did my best to avoid their eyes. Spencer is just...he needs a chance to get over whatever it was that made him sick in the first place. It doesn't mean that he's turning into a zombie like the rest of those things out there. He just needs some time to get well and maybe...lose his taste for raw meat out of the freezer. That's all. Yeah...that probably sounds like a few heaping spoons of self denial to you too. Trust me, it sounds that way to me too. But Spencer was so little. So vulnerable. He needs to be protected. I don't know...I guess my hidden 'big brother' instincts kicked in out of nowhere, and I felt the need to suddenly shield him from any and all harm while his dad was away. Hell, I can't say that I didn't feel the same way about Preston. Or even Walker, for that matter. In times of intense and continuous life 'turbulence'...humanity finds a way to bond with one another in ways that we never thought we could. Sometimes, I wish we could do that without the massive tragedy that it takes to get us into that frame of mind. You know? The first soldier said, "We need your order, Sir." Looking hopeful, but remaining professional when it came to his military stance. "Do we let them in? Or...do we turn them away?" There was a long hesitation on the officer's part. He almost didn't want to say the words out loud, for fear of making a fatal mistake that would end up getting the entire shelter infected within a matter of hours. It wouldn't take much...having us become another Hillside disaster. And yet...despite his duty to the safety of everyone inside the high school...I could see the officer struggling with his humanity. That natural moral compass that keeps us all from eating each other alive. His tough exterior was beginning to crack, and with some serious hesitation, he finally said..."Get medical ready for thorough examinations of every single civilian that passes through these doors. You hear me? Don't give them any word yet. I need to clear this with Sgt. Brower before anything gets set in stone. If he says 'no'...then the answer is 'no'. Point blank, period. You got me?" The soldiers agreed. "We can't afford to slip up with things like this. I mean it. Get our best doctors ready to inspect the incoming refugees, and have armed guards on the ready for anybody who think they can barge their way in here without permission. I'm going to need you to show some authority in this situation. If they give you any backlash at all, I need you to shut that shit down...HARD! You hear me? The second they think they can run all over us...that's the second we lose control. And control is the only thing keeping us alive right now." I could feel Spencer trembling at my side, and as his breathing got a bit more hazy, he coughed a few more times and had to press his hand to his chest to keep from collapsing. He seemed like he was really ill. Not like the average flu or anything...this was like...serious. Just hearing him cough was like listening to someone squeeze an accordion full of vanilla pudding. I think Spencer was a lot sicker than I thought he was. I mean...he was leaning on me for support, but...I began to turn my head and instinctively attempted to distance myself away from him. I could hear his stomach gurgling with a hunger that he hadn't satisfied with his raid on the high school freezer. He felt warm, his forehead moist with perspiration...and yet he was still trembling as if he was cold. I saw his bottom lips quivering, his eyes misting over with tears...and I just... I just didn't know if he was going to survive whatever it was that he was going through. Can I maintain any hope of saving him? Or is saving him going to create a threat for everyone in the shelter. I mean, they don't even trust the people outside the gates. How am I supposed to trust him?
  12. They are, seriously, one of the best families ever! They need a reality show. I'd watch that. They're so adorably goofy together!
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  14. "GFD: Bloodstained Duet 5" The boy still drinks too fast for his own good. I know he thinks that he's slowing down to keep his wits about him, but the alcohol has impaired his judgement. Still...it was best to keep him talking. Less time to concentrate on much of anything else. "So, how old are you kid?" I asked. "Sixteen? Seventeen?" "Right down the middle, man..." He said, bringing up another belch. With a wide grin, he said, "I crossed over right on my 17th birthday. Haven't looked back since. There wouldn't be much to see back there if I did." "And how long ago was that?" "I don't know, man. A couple of Winters...couple of Summers...it's hard to keep track. I figure, I ain't got no place to be. What am I watching the clock for?" "Must be nice." I told him. "To be real with you, Jack...it is. I don't miss the bullshit at all, if you get what I'm saying. I was never cut out to be one of those 'Leave It To Beaver' types. Couldn't see myself with a hat and a briefcase either. And you weren't ever gonna catch me joining up with army. But this that I've got now? Oh yeah...this is my bag, right here. I couldn't have found myself a better spot in the shade." "Funny thing...sitting here talking to a dead child in my living room." I said. "Did it ever occur to you that maybe giving life a few more tries to work itself before becoming...whatever it is that you are now...might be worth it? You were seventeen. I'm not saying that you can't have problems at that age, but I highly doubt that you were out of options when it came to turning things around. More options that I've got now." He gave me a lazy smile after taking another sip of his beer. "There you go again, man...trying to burn me down." "I stated that as a fact. Not as a sign of disrespect." "You think too much, Jack. Always thinking, thinking, thinking. Doesn't it get exhausting, man?" "I'm just saying that seventeen might be a bit too young to make such a big decision like that." "You and everyone else." He said. "You know...the people on my side of the sunrise? They call people like me a 'half-life'. Like we're all these brainless little snot nosed kids, running around town and trying to play with the big boys. They honestly think that we don't have feelings, or ambitions, or any common sense at all. It's a prejudice, is what it is. Looking down on us because we were able to figuring things out before our 21st birthday. Fuck 'em all, I say." I told him, "Things change when you get older. You learn how to work shit out with a more developed brain, and draw from a greater wealth of experience." "Lay off me, man." He said, rolling his eyes and drinking a bit more out of his can. "Trust me, in real time, I'm a lot closer to your age than you are to mine. The mindless sheep out there just have it stuck in their heads that everybody younger than an age where they can exploit them for modern day slave labor should be viewed as ignorant and in need of protection. Do I look like I need protecting, man?" Victor was slurring his words even more than he was before. The alcohol was definitely taking effect, but it was too soon for me to figure out whether or not that was going to be enough of an advantage for me to get past his speed and strength just yet. So, instead...I kept him talking. "You can't fault your parents for wanting to keep you safe from the very real demons in the woods. The boogeyman under the bed..." I smirked. "Me, being one of them." Sitting up, he said, "You know how you effectively cripple someone for life, Jack? By completely robbing them of their life experience. That's how." I watched Victor finish off his beer in record time, and actually get up from the couch to go back to the fridge for another one without me even offering it to him. "Kids get told all of these happy little fairy tales...and we get sheltered. We're forced to remain blissfully ignorant about the world we live in. Our parents and our teachers and every adult who struggled through the same shit we go through every day...the exhaust themselves trying to keep us away from the truth, man. And then...one day, you turn 18 and they tell you, 'Good luck, asshole! Have fun finding out about the rest of the world on your own. The rest of your life is your problem, now!'" "I take it that you feel cheated, then?" I asked, raising an eyebrow as he sat back down and popped open another can. "That's an understatement." He replied. "I think they like keeping us kids in the dark. No alcohol, no drugs, no sex, no nothin', man. They want to shield us from life itself until we're too damn old and frustrated to TAKE it anymore." Victor was beginning to vent now. I could hear the anger in his voice. Apparently, I had touched a nerve. "Adults shelter you from everything and refuse to let you grow the way you're supposed to grow. They want you stay their little baby in a pair of shitty diapers forever, and it's not fair! But reality comes for us all eventually, you know? And when it slammed into us like a runaway truck...we weren't ready for it. We weren't prepared. We were still wandering around believing in Santa Claus and rainbows and a sexless, virgin, society that they created with the bogus excuse of keeping us 'safe'. We weren't 'safe'. We were being fed to the wolves...with no knowledge of how to protect ourselves. Or regulate our own emotions. Or even look at our own reflection without seeing someone who was totally unprepared for the world he was about to become a part of." I remained quiet as Victor drank some more. Getting this emotional poison out of his system. "They didn't allow us to grow up when we were ready. They stalled and suppressed and stunted our growth to the point where we actually began to believe that life was all sunshine and candy. But they knew better. My parents had been my age before. They knew what it was like. But they filled me with shame and self loathing for feeling the same way that they did when they were my age. For being curious. For being horny. For wanting to explore the world around me in general. Man...my pops could be a real piece of work when it came to laying me out for having sticky sheets when I was only 12 years old. I wonder how HE handled it when HE was 12 years old...and all the feelings that came with it. Adults try so hard to forget their own lives in some weak attempt to give us youngsters a better one. If you ask me...that's just the wrong way to go, man. I'd much rather have someone to relate to than someone to hide from. Ya dig?" After a brief pause, coming to a moment of understanding...I asked, "So...I take it that this is the reason you turned into...a 'vampire', then?" "Again with the labels, Jack..." He said. "You're always thinking too much." "Answer the question." "Yes. I guess you could call that my big gamble on something better. Something that didn't involve me being a baby for the rest of my life." I told him, "For what it's worth...I think I can relate. If only just a little bit." I was almost finished with the beer in my can, and I stood up to walk over to him and hold it out to give him another friendly cheer for him being so honest. "To finally growing up on your own terms for once." I smiled. "Right on, man!" He said, and raised his can to bump with mine, but I was holding it loosely with my fingertips, and dropped it down to the floor at his feet. "Shit!" "Dammit..." I mumbled, picking the can up and seeing the beer spilled out on the floor. "Are you getting trashed on me, Jack?" He grinned with a drunken stagger. "Hardly." I said. "Just a bad case of butter fingers. Hold on...I've got an old rug in the closet that I can put down. I'll be right back." I walked over to the coat closet on the far end of the room and reached for a thick, rolled up, carpet that I've had in there for years now. I came back and laid it down over the spill. "Lift your feet..." I said, and he did as I spread the old rug out in front of him. "Now, don't you go making the same clumsy mistake that I did. I happen to like this rug." "You ain't got to worry about me, man. I'm riding high, but smooth." He smiled. "Good to hear..." I said, giving him a smirk of my own. Victor kept drinking, but then asked, "Say...when are we getting out of this joint? I've got a nasty little rumble in the gut, man. And the streets start emptying out 'round midnight. If we're gonna go get your foxy chick and do the deed, we should get moving." I made sure to clear my mind, as I was sure he would be shuffling through my private thoughts again any moment now. "How about you let me get one more for the road, huh? Something to loosen me up?" "Whatever blows your skirt up, chief. Just don't take too long and disappoint me tonight. I'm starting to loose my marbles over these hunger pains lately. And that ain't groovy." "Don't sweat it, kid. We're almost done here. Trust me." I said. "It won't take long. By the way...you really should cut that long hair of yours. Tidy up a bit." "I feel just as 'tidy' as I need to be, man." He said, dribbling a bit and wiping his mouth on the back of his wrist. "You look like a woman." I told him. "Somebody could grab a hold of it and make you their bitch in a minute or less. You realize that, right?" "Don't go sassin' my locks, Jack. They're, like...my legacy, man." "If you say so." I said, and came back to sit on the couch with a fresh cold one. "Don't you go sipping on that brew like a toddler, chief. I already told you, I'm not looking to put this off for one more day if I can help it. You take me out, get your little 'art project' over and done with, and then you let me get my juice to finish things off. You do whatever you need to do with the body afterward. That's none of my beeswax. Just keep it clean." Leaning forward, I asked him, "You really don't believe in my art, do you?" "It's whatever, man. Can't say that I care." Staring into his eyes as they began to gloss over a bit more, I got up to grab my six inch blade, unfolding it right in front of him. "Did I ever show you this? My...'tool' of choice?" I held it firmly in my hand, slightly watching the sharp blade glimmer in the light with a subtle turn of my wrist. "There's something truly intimate about using a knife. Something personal. The flesh yields to it so easily. The blood spills out so freely. There's a certain sex appeal to the feeling of the body your holding tense up with shock and horror...only to release that tension, and allowing themselves to go limp in your arms. It's like...melting butter on a hot bowl of popcorn. There's nothing else like it." "You're a sick fuck, man. But I like that about you." Victor smiled. "At least your honest about who and what you are? So many people lose themselves trying to pretend they're not animals. Predators. Creeps and maniacs and murderers that are just looking for their moment. Anxiously waiting for that one sucker to come along and push them into taking the mask off to show them who they really are. You're about as refreshing as a cold drink of water in a desert full of phonies, man. I dig that. I dig that, hard." Then, he looked down at the knife in my hand, and predictably asked, "Can I hold it, man?" "Of course..." I smiled. I handed him the knife and let him grip it tightly as he waved it around a few times with a boyish grin. "This is wild, man. How many girls did you slice up with this thing?" "Enough." "C'mon, Jack. Be straight with me. How many?" "Enough." I repeated, and took another swallow of my beer, getting the can to the halfway mark. "That blade is my Excalibur. I've done some of my finest work with it. I make sure to sharpen it at least twice a week. Keeping it clean is a routine part of my hobby." "Crazy." He said. "Is this what you had planned for your Aunt Cindy one day, Jack? When you felt the time was right?" Putting my beer can down on the table, I leaned back with a half grin. "Do you know what a 'proxy' is, kid?" "A what?" "Yeah...didn't think you would." I smiled. "I wasn't lying when I told you that I loved my Aunt Cindy. I really did. But I hated her at the same time. With every fiber of my being. The thing about true hatred...is it doesn't happen all at once. It festers. It spoils like curdled milk in the pit of your stomach over time...poisoning you from within...snowballing until it's just too big for you to handle anymore." "I hear you, man." He said, leaning back as I reached for the razor sharp blade and gently took it out of his grip by the handle. "There were many nights that I entertained thoughts about slitting her throat wide open, and having her take her last labored breaths while looking me in the eye...knowing that it was me that did it to her. Knowing that it was her own karma, guiding my hand. It would have been soooo very simple." "So...did you do it, Jack? Did you finally get your reward?" "No." I said, still holding the knife tight. "That's what a proxy is, kid. You see, my hatred had gone way beyond getting any satisfaction out of killing her. My pretty, blond haired, Aunt Cindy. No no no...cutting her open simply wouldn't be enough, you see?" I told him, just before finishing off my beer. "Now, my mother? Despite all of her issues and her fears...she was a good woman. With a good heart from what I remember. Her sister, on the other hand...was corrupted. By filth, and temptation, and vice. If only someone could have stepped in and saved her before she ruined her own life...and then ade it her mission to ruin mine. The monster in her...became the monster in me. And I'll never stop despising her for it. But my hatred transcends merely killing her, Victor." I began to feel my pulse race as my heartbeat sped up with a rush. "You see, if I gut her...if I watch her bleed for me...it would be a very mild relief, at best. I can only kill her 'once'. Now where's the fun in that?" "Seems like it would be a lot of fun to me, man. She sounds like a real bitch." Victor said with another belch. "That she was. But one simple drag of a blade across her throat wasn't going to make up for the years of torture she put me through as a child. Just a few horrific moments and it's over. No. I would get no joy out of only killing her once." I stood up from my chair, and turned off the television, turning the knob on my radio shortly afterward. Wild Cherry's 'Play That Funky Music' was on, and I turned up the volume to enjoy the tune to its fullest. Victor grinned and began to nod his head to the beat, and I grabbed my empty beer can off of the table to toss it into the trash...just as I began to circle around him. "But...if I could see my Aunt Cindy's curse in others...her wickedness, her lust, and the potential to lose her soul to the black cloud of madness and pain...if I could just paste that onto other women when I went out at night...then I could slash her to pieces...over...and over...and over again. She could die a thousand times by my hand...and I can always find her again in someone else. There will never be an end to her torture. Not until there's an end to mine." I walked around the couch, and Victor didn't bother to turn his head to see me standing almost directly behind him. I tossed my can in the trash, and stepped closer. "That's heavy, man." He said lazily. "I still think you should have poked her ass with your blade and called it a day though. Once again...you were thinking too much, chief." Feeling my head free from his constant 'scan and shuffle' techniques in that one moment...I released a soft breath, and gripped the open knife that he hadn't realized that I kept in my hand since I had first showed it to him, and I softly said, "Very true." And I stepped right up behind him and added, "But when you do what I do as many times as I have...you begin to realize that, sometimes...it's simply best...not to think at all." And, with that said, I used my left hand to grab a tight hold on his long brown hair to yank his head back, exposing his pretty young throat to me all at once. I used my other hand to jam the sharp blade into the left side of his jugular...and I viciously dragged it all the way to the right. The flesh was so weak. So yielding. I got goosebumps from the feel of cutting him so deeply. Victor had already been mortally wounded by the time the shock of what was happening wore off. All of his strength and speed was no match for the element of surprise. He tried to pull away from me, but his long hair was still tangled around my fingers, balled up into a tight fist. He wasn't going anywhere without leaving a giant handful of hair behind. The blood poured out of him, from just under his Adam's apple. In giant gushes at first, and then in a steady waterfall that cascaded down the front of his shirt. I leaned him forward to let him bleed out on the carpet that I strategically placed just under his feet earlier. He gurgled and sputtered, attempting to reach back and fight for his life, but the music was too loud for anyone outside to hear his pitiful cries for help. It was much too late for that now, kid. Just let it sweep over you. Let it take you away. "Shhhhh...it's ok. You're alright. Don't fight it. It's over. Quick and easy. Shhhh..." I said, softly rubbing his back as he continued to stain my rug with his young blood. I didn't think that I was going to get a rush out of killing this boy...but his obnoxious approach and arrogant attitude made this much more fulfilling than I ever could have expected. Victor's face turned so pale that it was almost blue, his eyes rolling back as his body got cold, and I allowed him to slump over until he fell helplessly to the floor. It really was his own fault, you know? You should really know who you're fucking with before you get involved in a situation like this. He's a vampire. He should know this stuff. Victor stopped breathing, and I allowed my heartbeat to calm itself down a bit before relaxing my grip on the knife. Great...now I've got a mess to clean up, and another body to dispose of. I'll get on it. But first... ...I think I've got one more ice cold beer left in the fridge...
  15. This is the second to last chapter of this series! So be sure to check it out, and let me know what you think in the comments section when you get a chance! K? https://gayauthors.org/story/comicality/give-it-to-me-straight/ And, of course...if you want to skip ahead to the end and read the whole completed story right now instead of having to wait for later, you can grab the ebook version in the Comicality Ebook Section and gobble it up whenever you want! Hehehe! Seezya soon! We've got more coming! https://imagine-magazine.org/store/comicality/
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