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  1. Though I do remember one old saying that may play a part here. 'Fortune favors the foolish.' Let us just hope it holds true.
  2. Sorry to say I'd have decked Trevor and tied him up as soon as he came up with that plan for his own good. Sigh...If I were to ask him a question it would simply be "What is wrong with you?"
  3. and this is why cutters need torpedoes or missiles. Send in a real gunship like an apache or longbow hehe.
  4. No I don't think it would be irrelavent (at least towards Bridget). This list would cause irreparable damage to the cartel as a whole. So even if Bridget has an unfortunate accident with a propeller blade, or dies from lead poisoning (hehe), the list itself would bring Sanchez down (this has been noted in asides from Bridget when she was damning her dead husband). Its too bad one of the high endurance cutters wasn't the object of her desperate escape. They are built on a 60s destroyer hull. I'd have said let her hit....it would be rather funny to watch her pulverize her boat into the armor plating.
  5. Personally .... I'd have ordered all ahead flank and rammed her. After all an armored and reinforced hull cutter vs. a fiberglass boat = the cutter wins especially as the cutter is quite a bit larger. She is hostile after all. That's three helicopters taken care of, but ....the Jayhawk gunship is coming and she's completely unaware of that nor can she take it out as easily. It would be most entertaining to be able to paraphrase a quote from a movie I like, "She's going to make it to the Bahamas alright, she'll die with in sight of it." Edited for grammatical and spelling errors (fingers not typing what brain is thinking)
  6. Well looks like Ms. High and Mighty finally made a rather large mistake in her arrogance. A high ranking narcotics officer with many contacts in that division of Florida law enforcement goes missing (even though he's a bad guy) and she doesn't think anyone will notice? She thinks she's untouchable...well isn't she in for a wake up call? I also don't care how powerful Sanchez thinks he is...he's still human a gunshot to the head will kill him just as dead as one of his lackeys.
  7. True but Joel never said the name of the boat out loud which means unless they were using the land line Bridget didn't hear that part. Shane may have said it, but Joel did not.
  8. Ah Ha...I don't believe they know the name of the boat. Joel did let slip the name Carnavon however if memory serves in at least one other previous chapter I believe it was mentioned that Bridget and George can only hear the guest house side of the conversation. Since Joel never said the name of the boat I don't believe that Bridget or George will know her name. Actually at this point I'm rooting for the reporters. Since Joel has now informed the killers where Trevor is I believe Trevor will run if the story breaks. So go you evil bastage reporters go.
  9. I look forward to seeing Bridget and George hoisted on their own petard.
  10. Actually I don't think Bridget thought this part through. Most of us wouldn't carry anywhere near that much cash around especially to foreign countries where you have to declare it. I think that if Joel is smart and doesn't want to get robbed or detained, he'd wire the money through Western Union to a pick up spot near where Trevor is. That way Trevor can get his money and Joel doesn't have to worry about having that much cash on him. Even if Joel can't use Western Union himself I can see him asking his folks for help. He could even have it converted into traveler's checks at any bank that handles it. Most people would have seen the myriad of commercials advertising American Express traveler's checks at that time. If nothing else when he tells his folks he sold the car they most certainly won't let him travel abroad with that type of cash. They won't tell the PI anything about the sale of the car. Lisa doesn't trust him and therefore Joel doesn't trust him. She completely disregarded Trevor's thought processes about how his dad didn't do it, and Joel went right along. Lisa is blind to the fact that there are very few people who knew Trevor's route and that Bridget is one of them. Now the bad part.... Bridget has a car full of Trevor and Joel's finger prints. She could have it dropped somewhere and hide coke in it so that when the police find it all accounts would point back to Joel. She is evil enough to do something like that.
  11. No it wouldn't matter if Gonzalez gets Bridget and George. For Sanchez this is a matter of honor. He will see it through to the bitter end. He will deliver Trevor's head to Bridget even in jail (though afterwards she may end up with her head joining his on the same platter). The only way to stop this from happening is for Sanchez to die.
  12. I don't know if Shane will do it behind his back. He may go to Trevor and say look what I did. It seems to me he sees a kindred spirit in Trevor and probably doesn't want him to suffer as he did (this is all based on Shane actually being a good guy and not a con-artist of course). It also seems (though we only have this through Shane's point of view) that Shane isn't all that bad. Perhaps its some form of prejudice that the officers have against him. If what he says is true he has done nothing to garner the authorities wrath, but they obviously don't like him for some reason.
  13. It was. They ended up off the coast of the Philippines and were towed in. They had experience rudder damage and engine damage I believe.
  14. Speaking of Catamarans lost at sea and found: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20110124/ap_on_re_as/as_philippines_missing_sailboat
  15. I'm sure that Sanchez left out the part about the Atlantis being involved in a bombing in Egypt. Otherwise Ali wouldn't have touched her with a 10' pole. When they are spotted by a patrol and the patrol investigates their ship with all the contraband aboard. I'm sure Ali is in for a big shock and will probably roll over on someone. hehe
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