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  1. Yeah, the animation is really awesome! I love Everything about aquariu sand fish so I have my own big saltwater aquarium. I read once a very good article about aqauriums and to improve it I took some live rocks. I was very suprised when I found once some bobbit worms in the sand. I was shocked. Soon I found information that they eat small fish and decided to take them out because they would hunt my fish.
  2. I love Overwatch, but I spent much time to understand this. My situation is very similar to yours, my friends started playing it when I was playing lol and they started playing without me overwatch. So I remained alone plating lol while everyone was playing overwatch. so I decided to try it with my friends. For a pity as a beginner, I had a bronze rank and couldn't play with my friends who had gone already. So I ordered boosting from expertboosting.com. They boosted my account very fast and I could play with my friends. that is a really nice game!
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