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    AC Benus
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June, 2020 – Hell in a Handbasket - 11. Not Included


Not Included


[January 20th, 2021 –

12:51 PM (East Coast Time)]



– Jan. 20, 2021



Inaugural Day, and no mention of us

Not from the one who gave the Address, president;

Not from the one who gave the Invocation, priest;

Not from the one who gave the Benediction, reverend . . .

unless, we, a strong, persecuted

minority who’ve faced burning at

the stake; we who’ve been enslaved

by iron bands of hateful conformity;

we who’ve been spat upon by minister

and priest alike in this so-called

“free” country – jailed, castrated

institutionalized over and over and over and

over again based on their false

authority to ‘speak’ for God in tongues

of fire that damn us with each and

every malicious thought in their

sex-addled brains . . . unless, we

accept the Benediction reverend’s LABEL

of people with a “preference” . . .

Then, I was not mentioned at

Inaugural, January 20th, 2021 . . .




Copyright © 2020 AC Benus; All Rights Reserved.

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