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Admire Me 2 - 5. Chapter 5 The Ex-Factor

Korbyn severed our emotional ties. It was hard to hear him say the words. It left me dizzy.

I thought maybe an apology would come to clean up my messy day. I only got the worst in the end… a break up.

I know we broke up, but I still hung on to his gifts. I reread the card he left me over a million times. My body had been so stretched to its limits. I was emotionally hurt, and physically tired, From all the heart breaking things I faced on Valentine’s day, I didn’t think I could feel anything anymore.

After Korbyn’s words, I lost connection with those emotions we shared. I know the pain had set in somewhere, it left me empty and blank.

The days carried on. I didn’t show any signs of distress. Jade would catch me alone and ask questions out of concern. Korbyn was being a good gamma in the group. He still contributed more of his thoughts and plans to the clique meetings.

That’s the only thing we talked about as a broken couple… clique business. There was nothing more than a friendship.

Ryan saw me and said ‘hi’. Keylan asked me: how was everyone in the clique? All I told him was, ‘Things couldn’t be better.’ I couldn’t believe he said he missed being in the clique. It was nice to hear.

Besides that, all the meetings that we held we weren’t able to predict Missy’s next move. My mind was blocked off by the break up that happened. It’s hard not to think about.


The bell rang for lunch. There was a herd of wild students who ran to lines like they’ve never seen food before.

What was the big rush?

I was one of the last students in my line to get a salad. I could take my sweet time getting my food, because when you are a social leader, you always have a spot reserved for yourself.

The other lunch lines had a few people in them, so I wasn’t that late.

Strutting to my table after getting my granola bar, I walked passed my fans. Giving all of the low rate students a look at what they could never become… ME.

I heard giggles coming from some of the tables. I walked passed them, knowing it was clearly jealousy. They were laughing but I knew it was only fake laughs.

The closer I walked to my table I heard students snickering like idiots. It wasn’t my fault I was born to be popular. Laugh about that.

I suddenly stopped walking.

It was like my legs were stuck in some glue. ‘This is only a dream I told myself.’ As I stared at my table, I kept telling myself it was only a dream over and over again.

This is real!

Standing inches away from my table, the problem was, I couldn’t sit anywhere at my own table. There was a reason why. Then out of nowhere it all started to make sense. This is why those low lives were snickering as I made my way to the table.

Sitting at my table, was Missy. She was accompanied by Sarah, Hannah, and Andrea. The four of them were having a good time, as if this was where they sat every single day. Seeing them taking my throne, made me want to hurl.

This was disrespectful!

This was an outrage!

How could they sit at my table carrying on a conversation like nothing was wrong?

The other problem was, these girls weren’t alone. It was others with them at our table. They invited company to my table. Which were the jocks.

These guys taking the other seats at the table were athletic and rough. They were all wearing lettermens and flirting with the girl plastics.

I saw boys who ran track, played basketball, and football. All of them gathered around Missy and her clique like she was the Queen Bee. These guys were so mesmerized by Missy, it was obvious she had them wrapped around her fingers.

This was her attack!

She had planned her attack all week, right under my nose. That’s why I kept seeing her with all these guys in the halls. At first I thought she hired security, but I see she was only getting enough bodies to take over the A-list table.

She isn’t getting away with this! She can’t!

There is no way I’m going to let this continue.

I had to take a few breaths before confronting Missy. I didn’t want her to think she was getting to me with her attack. I had to play it cool. This was what everyone was laughing about. This is what they were waiting to see.

Okay Missy. It’s show time!

I approached the table faking a smirk. Missy had her head turned talking to big puppy eyed, gum chewing Sarah. Hannah was sitting there with a glossy pink smile letting the jock boys touch her bleach blond hair. Something they obsessed over. She was loving it. Andrea being the new girl at school, and the newest member of their clique, was getting loads of attention too. The jocks couldn’t resist her.

I’m sure they thought they were pretty, but I am about to end their fun.

When Missy never turned to look at me, I grew a little impatient. “Ahem!” I coughed getting her attention. “Missy, you seem misguided today. I know you want my power and fame,” I nastily added, staring deviously at her, “but let’s be serious. You aren’t me. So get up!

Shaking her blonde hair, giving me a small laugh, “Braylon, what are you crying about?” She said earning a few deep laughs from the boys.

I was out numbered here. She did her math as well as her plan.

“Did you wake up in a new world today?” I asked her, ignoring the jocks. “You’re trespassing on my territory. Like I told you before, Get up!” this was insane. I couldn’t take this. That was my territory. No one ever dared sit at my table in the history of high school.

Missy tossed her hair to one side blocking me out. She acted like I wasn’t standing there anymore. She was completely ignoring me, and not taking my words seriously. She then resumed her conversation talking to her girls again.

What is this?

I will not be humiliated!

Missy was whispering, and Sarah’s big eyes were squinted from laughing. Hannah was leaning on this other guy holding her mouth trying hard not to laugh. While Andrea was so ugly, sitting there trying to whisper insults about me with Missy.

I could hear, you know.

“Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!” The boys were in fits of laughter. Nothing was that funny. The whole scene Missy created made me so embarrassed. She made sure to have the numbers on her side. So that no matter how lame her jokes were they packed a punch because her friends would laugh with her.

This was ridiculous. She takes over MY table and had people all around me, laughing at me.

I held my tray lowering it, waiting for the laughing to stop, so I could be heard.

Missy turned to face me, “Oh, you’re still there??” She acted so shocked. “That’s weird, I thought you ran off.”

By this time Jade and Korbyn had come to stand on both sides of me. They had finally got out of the lunch lines and saw that our table had been compromised.

They were exchanging confused looks at each other as to what was happening.

“Duh, I’m still here.” I harshly told Missy. Gaining energy from my guys. My team… my clique. “You are at my table. I’m not going anywhere until I get my seat.”

Sarah and Missy gave each other looks as if they were disagreeing with what I just said. Then at the same time they both looked at me.

“Oh, Missy lighten up. I think you are making Braylon cry…” Sarah smacked on her gum saying, “Maybe we should give him his table back.” It was a taunt.

The jocks at the table broke out in giggles, and my smirk was breaking into a frown. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I felt like I was losing control over everything!

“No Sarah I can’t do that.” Missy crudely said, “Braylon has to learn who wears the social crown at this school.” She chuckled at my frown. “Even if it means he has to cry.”

“Wow Sarah.” Jade said with boredom, “It makes you a true beta to follow in Missy’s footsteps. Even if you know she isn’t designed for a throne. She can think she wants Braylon’s crown, but sorry to say the crown isn’t a one size fits all.” Jade realized that I needed back up. I was so grateful for him saying something, instead of me standing in silence.

“You know what they say,” Korbyn decided to come in, “if the crown fits wear it.” He smiled a bit. “Looks like the crown was fitted only for Braylon. You tried it on, and it seems you can’t fit his crown. I suggest you step down and step away from the table.”

Thank you, Korbyn. It’s always good when your boyfriend comes in to the rescue… I mean when your best friend saves you. I have to get used to saying friend.

Missy remained. She was sitting there unmoved, and unbothered by Korbyn’s threat. She and her girl plastics didn’t seem the least bit affected by any of our remarks. “I’m not moving.” Missy stated in a chirp with her eyes closed.

Hearing her calm unfazed tone, I felt like she was challenging me. Trying to have a face off with me. If she wouldn’t move, I would have to move her. Getting physical is never an option, but this looks like a job for it.

I stepped closer to the table, thinking of all the ways I could snatch her out of my seat by her long blond hair.

“OOOh, Oooh Missy. Can I please do the honors?” Exclaimed Sarah on my nearing approach her eyes getting even bigger. For some reason she wasn’t threatened by my approach but more excited that I tried to do it.

What honors was this beta trash talking about? Was something else coming? Did I walk into a trap? What was happening?

“Sarah shut up!” I snapped rudely at her. “You keep drinking haterade, I hear it is loaded with vitamins like ‘F’ and ‘U’.”

“Don’t worry Sarah I can handle this.” Missy said quieting everybody, and stopping Sarah from saying something back. I could feel the entire cafeteria watching the scene. I knew all the eyes were on me, because the stares burned from my back, and on my sides.

“Braylon, I’m going to ask you to back away from the table, and not take another step forward.” Missy put it in a nice way. So nice that it was so disgusting. Like she meant no harm. “I’m just going to ask you to leave our table, or I will make you leave.” She said.

Jade followed behind me, “Humph.” He sighed disbelieving Missy could do anything to make us leave.

Korbyn from behind me spoke, “Make us leave?” he disagreed. “More like make us laugh.”

The three of us laughed at his response. I stared into Missy’s eyes challenging her now. Challenging her Alpha to do what she said. There was no way she was going to make us leave our own table. I wanted to show everyone how much of an empty threat she was.

We planted our feet where we stood.


“Missy the joke is on you.” I sneered at her. “Just get up. You already made yourself look enough of a fool for one day.”

She put her head down shaking it. As if we didn’t get something. Her shoulders jumped as she laughed to herself. She then gave me a nasty smile. “Sorry Braylon, I asked you to leave. I didn’t want to have to do this…”

“Do what?” I said, wishing she would get up and try something. I was sick of her.

Missy glanced around at each of the girl plastics in turn, and each of them giving her a nod as she met eyes with them. It was like they all had agreed on something.

Missy then put her elbow on the table, scowling with a slimy smirk, “BOYS.” She snapped her fingers. “Get this loser away from MY table… I meant throne.” Sarah, Hannah, and Andrea’s faces beamed with excitement. It was like they were watching an action movie.

What did she mean by, boys?

Suddenly all of the heavy muscular athletes sitting at the table rose slowly from their seats. They were taking off their lettermens. These guys were even bigger when they stood up. I felt like a mouse in the shadow of a thousand giants.

The biggest one of them who flirted with Missy a lot, rolled his neck around and a different guy rotated his shoulders. They were about to pound me.


The jocks were in full effect. They weren’t only at the table to take up our seats, they were there to make sure everything went according to Missy’s plan. They were her muscles. They were her guard dogs…

Their gestures made my alpha spirit deflate. I couldn’t stand there. These guys were really going to kill me! Missy had protection and force. She spent time rallying troops just to take over my throne.

Why didn’t I see it? I should have thought this up in the meetings.

The students in the cafeteria weren’t being a good audience. They could smell my fear. They were so entertained by my embarrassment. I could hear it all happening behind me as I stood face to face with these jocks.

I can’t take this.

I started sweating and heat began to rise in my face. I didn’t know what to do. If I stayed here I would be smashed by these guys no doubt but if I left it would be like I am a punk. A little punk who gave Missy what she wanted. It would prove all in one move that she was wearing the crown.

It was a trap.

“Braylon, what do we do?” Jade whispered staring at the boulder sized guys. I could hear that he was scared as well. Him being my beta, and not knowing what to do almost sent me into a frenzy.

“I…um…I…” Everything was switching off. I couldn’t think of what to do. I was out numbered, out muscled, and out maneuvered. Missy was embarrassing me at my own table… I could feel the crown slipping away...

She was way worse than she once was in middle school.

“Braylon?” Jade panicked.

Korbyn voluntarily grabbed Jade by the arm, whispering something to him. Whatever he was saying, I hope it would get me out of this mess. I had accused him of not being clique worthy, but if he had a plan, I would erase those words.

One of the biggest jocks took a step forward when he noticed I didn’t move. While Missy and her girls were dying with laughter. She sat there unscathed, giving me a smile and looking at me waving ‘Bye-bye’.

She knew the move she played only left me with two options. Either way it goes, I was going to go ‘bye-bye’.

I took a step back when the big guy came forward too close. Where the heck is my inner alpha? I always have told myself never back down from anyone. It was a sure sign of weakness… but this time I had no choice.

I took another step back hearing people laughing. Then another step, then another, and another until I finally turned away from the whole scene of the table heading for their old table.

If I could do nothing else I could take her table, right?

I didn’t know what else to do. I knew this was making me look weak on all counts.

Shockingly, when I got to the girl plastic’s table, I couldn’t sit there either. The geeky girl with the bad built body and her mix matched socks was there laughing at me with her dorky friends.

The cafeteria started to laugh louder when they saw I had nowhere to run. Missy had thought steps ahead of me in this plan. A blast of burning heat shot through me.

I tried finding a different place to sit. Moving through the ocean of laughing high schoolers. I was trying to hurry and find a nice sitting place. I didn’t want to sit by any losers, and I didn’t want to stand up getting laughed at either.

It was no use.

Every table I turned to wasn’t worth it.

I saw a table where David sat, but I ruined him too bad to sit there. (Not that he would let me). I saw Keylan and Ryan but the table they sat at wasn’t enough for three.

I had to get away!

While I ran around aimlessly, Korbyn was somewhere. He and Jade went off to make these losers give up their table. They both came over to rescue me from running around blindly.

I guess that was Korbyn’s plan he whispered earlier. He was a good Gamma. If it wasn’t for him I think my fall would have been a lot worse.

When I finally sat down, I felt like all of my blood was drained. Missy set this all up! She plotted everything so neatly and sneaky. I looked at Jade and Korbyn in defeat. I failed to come out of Missy’s first plan unscathed. If this was only the beginning of a war, what else did she have set up for me?

My clique had never seen me like this. Ever!

They both had sad faces too. It was very quiet at this new table. None of us could speak. I didn’t know what to say. I was… I was scrambling for anything to tell them.

Instead I tried to eat my salad. I had been standing all lunch period trying to get my table back and lost. Now I’m at an unknown location trying to fill my hungry stomach.

When I took the first bite of lettuce the bell rung.

My stomach growled letting me know, Missy had planned that too… No lunch!



My classes inched by. I was hungry, upset, and embarrassed.


The next few days my clique had to continue sitting at our new seating arrangement. It was uncomfortable. The lighting here was dull, and the tables that surrounded us were full of losers. While Missy was loving her new table. Her girls were having fun at my old table. It was a disgusting sight to see.

I wanted to blame Korbyn for all of this happening. He was the one Andrea liked. He was the one wearing her necklace despite what they did. He was the one who broke up with me, and made me lose focus.

All of that, is the reason I couldn’t see what was coming.

Things were hard. I knew my inner alpha was in me somewhere, but I couldn’t find it. After what happened a few days ago it seemed to evaporate. I had to reconnect myself with myself. I couldn’t live a popular life broken in two.

To regain myself I had to call an emergency meeting. Which is normally held at Jade’s house, but since he told me his mom was home, we had to meet at a new spot.

I decided to hold the meeting at Starbucks. I figured we could use a day out. To get away from the drama, and have talk time.

I was already seated. Jade entered Starbucks calmly. His tight skin looking freshly cleaned. His black hair brushed low and in place. He definitely was looking sexy, mature and suave. He took his seat across from me.

I thought it would be good for my nerves to sit at a table near a window. I wanted to chat, gossip, plot, and enjoy a view to clear my emotions. What I was dealing with was not easy.

The whole impression of the place put a whole new outlook on things for me. I was already starting to feel calm, and find my center.

Jade and I sat there as he ordered a latte. The both of us around a thick concentrated smell of coffee.

I ordered a vanilla Frappuccino. This was one of my favorite flavors served here. For a minute there was not a single word said. Jade watched me careful of what to say.

The only thing you could hear was us sipping our cold coffees without murmuring a sound. Watching people around us quietly eat muffins and drink hot coffee. It seemed they were enjoying the delightful setting as much as us.

Jade’s full lips connected with the tip of his black straw. He made eyes at me studying my mood. Trying to test and see when was the right time to speak… or if he had permission to speak. Not taking a chance at conversation, he stirred his coffee using his straw and looked out the window beside us.

I wanted him to talk first. I don’t know if he could see it on my face or not, but I couldn’t be the first to talk. I still feel like I let him down. I was busy sipping vanilla and trying to flip through my file of problems.

“Where is Korbyn?” Jade broke the silence taking his cell phone from his pocket. He looked at it checking the time.

“He said he would be here.” I informed him taking another sip. It was good Jade knew to start the conversation. He knew me so well.

Jade swallowed back, “It’s been ten minutes pass the time we scheduled to meet.”

“You do have a point.”

We waited for Korbyn to show up. We had to start the meeting soon. The importance of the meeting was vital. We had to get Missy back. Something had to be done about my throne, and I had to reconnect with my inner alpha.

Ten minutes later Korbyn never showed up. I was so irritated by him. He was causing too many things to happen. This is why I was so hard on him. Small slip-ups can throw us in a world of trouble.

There is no excuse for him to be missing a meeting. He lied to me. What is wrong with him lately?

We finished our drinks. Korbyn had shown no signs of coming. No calls, no text, no arrival, nothing.

I took the lead in starting the meeting without him. He will answer to me later for his failure to appear.

I started telling Jade how I felt. Pouring out to him about the break up with Korbyn, and the Missy mishap that happened. It was something that I needed to get off of my chest, and talking to Jade was relieving some of that pain I carried by myself.

Jade’s eyes were staring deeply at me as I went through my side of the story. He was entranced by everything I was saying. He was looking at me like it was only us in Starbucks.

When I finished, he had awaken from his long stare. Then he started to console and comfort me.

“You are Mr. America to me and everyone else.” That’s when the compliments started. Jade’s support was really what I needed. He was helping me.

“You are like, the male Barbie.”

“No worries about Missy. The crown still fits you, and only you.”

His words were sinking in. My inner alpha was making a connection with me again. It was weak, I could feel it, but jade was bringing it back with his beta spirit. Jade continued saying things until I could feel my inner alpha ascending.

Jade’s voice cut off.

It was like someone playing your favorite song and as soon as it got to your favorite part, they switch the song. I was puzzled as to why Jade stopped the inspiring words.

When I saw him looking out the window, I followed his eyes to see what it was that had stunned him.

“Oh no!” A sweet voice behind us chirped.

It couldn’t be!

I looked behind me to see Missy!

How did she find us here? What was she doing now? Wasn’t lunch enough?

“Is that your car Jade?” Missy she pointed out the window, faking her concern. Sarah was right behind Missy, along with Hannah and Andrea. They all laughed as Jade dropped everything and ran out of Starbucks chasing after his expedition.

“I hope you have a way home.” Missy called to me still using that yucky sweet voice. “I guess we will see you lat… I mean at school.” She laughed at her little joke, leaving Starbucks drinking a coffee.

Jade came rushing back in moments later flustered. His suave yellow skin had tints of red. His fist hit the table, “My car got towed away!” He gritted his teeth.

We were stuck at Starbucks now. Korbyn had not showed up, and Missy had struck again.



My brother Jason, drove to Starbucks to get Jade and I. I had never been so glad to see my brother in my life. I was so excited to see Jason that I hadn’t realized he was meeting Jade. Something I wasn’t expecting.

Of course he knew of Jade, but never met him. This was something I wanted to avoid.

When Jade met Jason, it wasn’t something I intended; surprisingly, Jason was nice to Jade. He was so nice to Jade that he started a small conversation with him. Trying to see where he lived, and what kind of person he was.

It was so weird to me.

Jason dropped Jade off at his house. When Jade left that’s when my brother snapped into big brother mode, being over protective of me like always. He started asking question.

“Why were you stranded at Starbucks?”

After answering one of his questions I had to answer another one. Soon, Jason knew everything that happened at school. The only thing he had to say was, “I told you, you were deceitful. Looks like you’ve finally met your match.”

His last words echoed in my head.

Finally met your match.’ ‘Finally met your match.’ ‘Finally met your match.

Jade’s mom yelled at him. She was so angry because she had to retrieve the car for a price. All night on the phone Jade and I couldn’t say a word to each other. We were dealing with everything on our plates.

What made us madder than anything Korbyn wasn’t answering our phone calls or text messages. Jade told me he thinks Korbyn quit on us. The cafeteria was too much for him.

It made sense. When things get bad people leave you. Only the strong ones stick around.

I felt something inside of me descending once again. My world had caved in.

Things were coming at me so fast. I didn’t know what to do. Korbyn had given up on us… How could he?

I was worrying myself at night. Wondering what Missy was going to do? I laid there in the dark hugging the bear Korbyn gave me. I can’t lose. I can’t give up. I can’t keep letting my clique… well Jade, take damage with me.

The next day, I barley woke up. I felt like I was dying. School was a place I didn’t want to go. I had to see the girl plastics with the jocks, and the embarrassment of eating lunch at a lame table.

Once again, Korbyn failed to show his face. I was really counting on him being at school today. So we can hold a meeting. My plans were cancelled though. If Korbyn would do something right, we wouldn’t be open for all these attacks. UGH!

I went through my classes lagging in a dull sense. I wasn’t paying attention to my work. Instead, I was in deep thought praying I wouldn’t be caught off guard.

When the lunch bell rang. I felt dread hit me in the chest. I had to live through another day of eating lunch away from my original table.


“Bzzz, Bzzz, Bzzz.”


I looked at my phone vibrating phone. Waiting to see if Jade was giving me a heads up, or telling me he was being attacked.

I need help! I know it’s lunch time but I need you guys to stop by. I’m sick and my dad left two hours go.


Korbyn text me!

The message sounding frightening. I knew he wasn’t at school. I found Jade as soon as I could. Since it was only Jade and myself at school, we had already made plans to skip lunch. Which was a lucky move, because Korbyn needed us.

If we help him, maybe he will come back and we could hit Missy hard.



We drove off campus to a nearby store, getting weird looks from older couples and adults alike. They were probably thinking ‘shouldn’t you be at school?’ but we didn’t care. Our mission was to help Korbyn.

I bought a few items and we rushed back to the road. It took us about ten minutes to get from the store to Korbyn’s house. When we arrived, I happen to notice this was my first time at his house.

The house had luxury written all over it. There was a pool in his front yard that glittered with blue water. The grass was trimmed low. There was a curved cement walk-way leading to dark green hedges.

Jade was awe struck by the scenery around Korbyn’s house. I was amazed too. Walking down the cement walk-way, we were faced with two French doors waiting for us to enter.

At our knock. We heard feet moving towards the doors. Then the door swung open, and Korbyn stood before us… well I don’t know if I could call this guy Korbyn.

Under his eyes were dark sagging bags. It made him look odd. He lost his model look.

He let us inside. My eyes went from wall to wall checking out his dad’s taste in decoration. The picture frames, and vases matched each other. The tables were neatly adding to the quality of the home.

Is Korbyn rich?

Korbyn’s arms and legs were pale white. They lost a lot of color due to his sickness. He was even moving like an old man to the couch were he laid down.

He was sick for real! I was so angry for him not coming to the meeting, or to school. Seeing him in this awful condition changed my mind about things.

Barley moving his head, his low lidded eyes found me, “I haven’t eaten anything all day. I need a bath because I have been sweating from my fever.” He was complaining in mumbles. His voice wasn’t the same either. “I have been so uncomfortable laying on this couch. I have been dealing with migraines… everytime I try to do something on my own, I feel dizzy.” When he finished he let out a cough that made me feel sorry for him. He tried to cover his mouth but he seemed too weak to do that.

I couldn’t take the sight of him down like this. I went straight into business mode. I had to take care of my members. After all, he did call me for help. He knew I would come no matter the case.

“Where is the kitchen?”

“Where is the bathroom?”

Korbyn pale thin arm pointed down the halls telling us where. I told Jade to warm the chicken and rice soup we bought him from the store. (I’m glad I made the stop by the store.) When Jade was finished I sent him to run a warm bubble bath. While Jade was handling those things, I stayed by the couch next to Korbyn keeping a close eye on him. I didn’t want to leave him unattended. He didn’t look like he was going to live and that scared me.

I kept him talking, and made sure to talk to him in a quiet low voice. His migraine had to be killing him. I didn’t want to make anything worse but I had to talk with him to be sure he was still with us.

His green eyes were unfocused, staring at me. “I’m sorry… I haven’t answered your phone calls. I’ve been feeling sick.” He told me.

He grabbed my hand. I had not realized his hand slipping into mine. He then squeezed my hand pretty tightly to be in the bad shape he was.

“It’s okay, It’s okay.” I whispered to him, while holding his hand. “We are in this together. If you are sick, then we all are. I have to take care of you.” I petted his blond hair with my other hand as I spoke softly to him. “I’m glad you called.”

He closed his dark ringed eyes, as if he was sleepy as I rubbed his hair “I didn’t want you guys to think I quit on you…” he said in a stuffy voice.

“We didn’t think that.” I smiled at him lying.

Soon Jade came in the living room carrying a warm bowl of soup. I reached for the bowl as Jade handed it off to me. I kneeled next to the couch sticking the spoon in the soup. I scooped some out and put it to Korbyn’s lips.

He started to eat. The first two bites he was very slow and shaky when he ate. His throat was so dry from coughing he could not swallow. I was happy to see him eating every bite with ease now.

Jade smiled at me for some reason. I guess he loved how I would do anything to make sure my clique guys were in top shape.

Korbyn ate all of his soup like a big boy. I was so proud of him. This was a special moment to me. It really made me put the break-up behind me. Korbyn was my ex, but he knew who to call when he was in trouble no matter if we didn’t resolve our problems. It was quite funny thinking about how I was his ex but still helping him as he suffers. I don’t think that is a common thing for most people.

Shortly after eating, Jade and I braced Korbyn as he stood up from the couch. He leaned on us heavily.

We walked him to the bathroom where a bubble bath was awaiting him. I respected his privacy by turning round while he undressed himself and stepped into the warm suds.

When I saw he was safely in the bathtub I stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door behind me. Jade was standing in the hall outside the bathroom. He was happy for some reason.

“O-M-G. That was so cute.” Jade chanted excitedly, “but most importantly, Korbyn didn’t quit the clique.” I was excited too but I still wondered how I was going to get Missy back.

“Braylon!” Korbyn’s voice gave a shriek behind the door.

Opening the door, I walked in to check on him.

All he wanted was for me to wash his back. I didn’t mind doing it for him, only because I thought he was special. I voluntarily washed his arms and hair. I thought he would stop me before I got too carried away but he just closed his eyes. Letting me do as I wished, letting me care for him in my own way.

When I finished he gave me a solid, “Thanks.”

He dried himself off putting on a fresh new pair of clothes. We helped him back to the couch were we gave him a pillow to prop himself upright and threw a new blanket over his body.

I hope he was feeling better. If not, I hope he gets well soon. We needed him.

“Okay,” Jade said looking at his phone. “We have to leave, like now.”

When we were saying our good-byes Korbyn wouldn’t stop staring at me. It was like he didn’t want me to leave his house or leave him. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking or feeling by the stare he gave.

One thing I do know is: When he called I came. I did my part as an alpha.

We made it to school in time. We didn’t get to eat lunch but I really didn’t want to eat. The way things were going in the cafeteria made me hate lunch. Plus Korbyn’s health mattered more than anything.

Jade kept asking me did I see Korbyn’s privates when I was bathing him. For the hundredth time I told him ‘I couldn’t see past the bubbles.’ I wanted to see his privates I really did but I figured it would have to be a time when he wasn’t sick.

It dawned on me that Korbyn trusted me. He trusted me a lot more than I thought. I see why, the cupcake ordeal got him upset. He put more into his trust than I gave him credit for.

Late that night a weird feeling crept over me. I lay in my bed cuddled with the white bear Korbyn sent me on Valentine’s day. For some reason when I hugged the bear, I could feel it hugging me back this time. Trying to make me remember something I forgot… but I didn’t know what.




There is more coming your way soon. :)

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the Author. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the permission of the Author. 2013

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