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Admire Me 2 - 8. Chapter 8 Playing For Keeps

The whole time we drove, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to guess what Jade wanted me to see.

I was going head first in a direction I didn’t know anything about. Lots of worry and anxiousness was present within me. Jade kept driving through the sparkles of city lights and colors of street lights. We got caught in traffic a few times on our way but there was no talking between us.

After a short time, Jade stopped the car. We were in a dark parking lot area, loaded with different cars. Cars that looked like they were crammed in spots without any order.

Jade killed his engine and said, “Braylon… however you decide to handle this, I’m with you all the way.”

That was all he said and we were getting out of his expedition and walking from the parking lot. As we moved around the jammed cars it started to get noisier.

I could hear shouts, loud talking, and techno music. When we step on a pavement, where there were trees planted in an organized fashion in a front yard, the setting became a lot more noisy.

From these trees hung pink ribbons and pink glowing lights. As Jade and I passed under the pink decorative trees keeping along the side walk, I noticed there was a house a few steps in front of us. From the edges of the large roof hung pink lanterns that threw pink light everywhere. Smearing it across the grass and the bricks along the house itself.

“Don’t tell me!” I closed my eyes trying to regulate my breathing. “Missy’s Party!” I guessed out loud. Jade nodded and we walked to her sliding glass door. Where all the chaotic rampant continued.

Why did Jade bring me here? That could only mean he was here. I specifically instructed him NOT to come here!

Jade’s eyes seemed to slant down ward as if he knew he did something wrong. Without a word he slid the door to one side…

“I thought I was clear to you about no one coming to this party!” I glared at him with my arms folded tightly. This wasn’t just because I didn’t like Missy. This had to do with Missy trying to bait us in and trap us, humiliate us. Trying to use us to get back in the public’s good graces.

Jade’s soft, light skin face, altered into a sad puppy’s. His brown eyes grew, almost seeming to water but not completely, “Bray, please I beg you…”

I ignored his plea and entered. I was expecting a trap to trigger. Something falling on my head maybe, or a dart coming out of the wall and jabbing into the side of my neck… but that didn’t happen.

Jade joined me at my side. He stopped and pointed at a sofa. Sitting there on the sofa, I saw the impossible! The most unlikely thing ever!

Jade began to explain in a flurry of quick sentences. “I thought it would be better for you to see. I didn’t know what else to do but come and get you. I’m still sorry I disobeyed your orders.” He fiddled with his palms nervously.

I heard him but I didn’t care. All I could see or focus on, was what was on the sofa. Sitting there on the sofa, I stared hard in disgust at Korbyn surrounded by the ‘girl plastics!’

It was betrayal!

It was disobedience!

It was wrong!

What was he thinking? What was he doing? We all swore not to come here! Was this the trap? Is Korbyn working with these girl plastics? Is that how Missy was always one move ahead?

“Ugh, Jade!” I started off on him since he was the one I thought would never disrespect my laws. “I can’t believe you. After all these years, you disobey my orders. You defied me! You challenged my authority!” I furiously hissed at him. He just looked down at his feet when I got in his face.

I had so many thoughts and ideas on ruining everybody. Everybody on the sofa, everybody in my clique, just everybody.

Hannah thinks her house was ruined, they haven’t seen me at my worst.

“I’m sorry Bray-“

“Don’t call me that.”

“I’m sorry, alpha.” Jade substituted in softness. He was very sincere with his apology. I could feel it even though he was scared to look up from his feet at me. “I would never intentionally disobey you. May I explain myself?”

I didn’t say anything back. Which gave him the okay to continue.

“Well I noticed Korbyn didn’t agree with your attack on Hannah. It was strange to me, so I thought I would keep a closer eye on him. I waited until tonight and followed his car and he ended up here.” Jade took a small heaving breath sounding intimidated, and sorry. “I didn’t react. I didn’t do anything because you weren’t here. I immediately came to you. To see how you would handle it.” He explained calmly. “I already was horrified I accidentally ended up here and I didn’t want to make any more problems because I had already did enough.”

“It’s okay and thank you.” I said residing my anger toward him and putting it away. “You did the right thing.” I realized his situation after he explained. It made more sense to me now than it did before. He did nothing wrong.

“Anything for you.” Jade’s face rose to meet mine in all seriousness. “Where do we go from here?”

I forced a smirk even though my face wanted to fall off. “Have my back, because things are about to twist at this party.” I warned him.

I stepped outside the sliding glass door into Missy’s front yard. Pacing along the side of the aqua pool water and the pink glinting lanterns that colored the grass and reflected in the waters.

I thought it would help to calm my extreme fury to walk back and forth getting fresh air. I needed a plan of action. I didn’t want to cause a big scene inside the house because I’m sure Missy would feed off of that. So I sent Jade in to get Korbyn. I stood by the pool waiting for him. Waiting to hear his explanation. I couldn’t wait for him to step away from those whores, to come and answer to me. There is not much of an explanation for his backstabbing behavior.

I decided before letting my wrath loose in full effect, I want to hear his side of the story.

I know when I feel like this, things get outrageous.

Jade came running out to meet me right then. I didn’t see Korbyn behind him so I guess he is on his way.

“Missy and Sarah are on their way out here.” Jade alerted me. “When I got Korbyn’s attention and told him what you said, they decided to come out here instead. They told him they will deal with you.” Jade said.

At that very instant I heard the sliding door and heels started from the house all the way to the pool side. They wore pink blouses. Their hair had pink bows and head bands. They both wore their usual pink skirts.

Missy and Sarah stood in front of Jade and I with hateful expressions on their faces. There wasn’t much said between the four of us. There was more evil eye contact that communicated for us. It was Alpha and Beta vs Alpha and Beta.

She had to pay for what she did: Bringing Korbyn here, trying to set him and Andrea up while I was with him…trying to steal him from the clique.

Coming here may have been a trap but whatever she did I will retaliate, hard heartily.

“Nice of you to come around,” Missy chirpy voice said. “After what you did to Hannah’s house.”

“Yeah, we are so going to get you busted.” Sarah added.

“Oh please.” I blew it off. “Whoever said, I did it? I’m innocent until proven guilty.” I countered. It was quite hilarious because Mitch in his ski mask kept popping into my head.

“Looks like you freak-osities want to get sued for false accusations.” Jade joined in.

“You have to give up. When are you going to see that I am the queen bee at school. I’m the most popular.” Missy pointed at her self rolling her eyes as she posed. “You are trying to ride my coat tails to get an awesome taste of popularity. I’m not going to let it happen.”

“It’s good to believe that you are most popular Missy, but it’s bad to see that your mental delusions haven’t worn off since middle school.” I told her. “I have a life and it is fabulous. Why would ‘I’ Braylon, ‘the top alpha at school’ want to ride the coat tails of a Z-list?” I brought to her attention. “Let me bring some of your flaws out: You have fashion sense that’s two season ago. Your hairline is uneven. You have a muffin top and you are undeniably jealous of me.” Then I posed in the glory of being me.

Missy seethed balling her pink nails into fists. “You aren’t even in the alpha league. I’m almost finished with my last plan to take your reputation off the maps anyway. Let’s see if you will brag about anything ever again.”

Sarah gave a smile at Missy’s words.

I wanted to know what that plan was. It couldn’t be good at all.

“Ha! Both of you must be on crack.” Jade retorted folding his arms. “How could you mislead yourself into thinking you can defeat Braylon? It isn’t possible.”

“Shut up Jade. Your beta communication skills suck.” Sarah’s gum smacked as she shouted. “If they hadn’t, you would have helped your alpha when Missy was ruining him.”

“Correction!” I interjected, “Missy didn’t ruin me, she is attempting to ruin me. Which is not going to work. In my opinion, Sarah you should be scheduling a meeting at weight watchers.” Both of their mouths dropped open. “This whole trying to be ‘beta’ has stressed you out and has you picking up weight in areas you wouldn’t believe.”

Sarah’s mouth was so wide I could see the gum in her mouth.

“And Missy, shouldn’t you be packing your bags for fat camp this summer?”

Jade joined in laughing at Missy’s flushed expression, “Let’s not forget that Missy is sleeping with a guy from a frat who doesn’t like her.”

At the mention of the frat guy Missy gave an astounding glare at Jade. She wanted to hit him, I could see it. Jade knew too much of her business. Then Sarah’s eyes widened at his remark.

“Oh my gosh, Jade.” Sarah stepped in. “I know you have better gossip than that. Your gossip is full of retarded lies.” She smirked for a little bit smacking the gum. “At least my gossip is real.”

“IS that so?” Jade said disbelievingly.

“Yes it is.” She said. “Your gossip sounds… sounds…” She reached for a word. “Your gossip sounds gay!”

“Shut it up Sarah!” I blurted before Jade could speak. I wanted to make her remember who she was. “Jade totally ruined you by himself alone in 7th grade. Let’s not forget that.”

That’s when I let Jade take the floor, “Or did you forget what I did, little miss Sarah?” Jade’s eyes lowered into a scowl. “The unbeautiful girl. The girl I put gum in her hair and she had to get the freak-hair-cut.”

Her face went blank. I rejoiced at her painful look. By this time people from the party slowly migrated out towards the showdown. I had no idea how long people had been standing around either.

Missy seemed to wake up when she noticed the crowd behind us. “No need to worry Sarah. These are simply two fags who has life screwed up!” They both laughed like it was something they joke about on a daily.

There was the crowd ‘Oooohing’ and laughing at her.

Just hearing how people respond to the word ‘fag’ sickened me. A wild fire of anger flooded me. I felt it break through my barriers. I couldn’t contain it any longer.

“Fags?? Oh, please. That is what a bull-dike lesbian like you would think right?” I yelled back. I didn’t even know if she was a lesbian or not but it will do. The crowd roared behind me laughing again.

Jade tried to move closer to get in her face but I stopped him. He had to regain his cool. “Jealous much, Missy?”

“Of what?” She put a hand on her hip flipping her hair behind her. “Two gay fags?”

Korbyn came out of the house. He was pulling my arm and telling me to calm down. I had no idea I was trying to charge at her.

Then again, why should I listen to Korbyn? He was partying with these hookers! Why is he even touching me?

He was a traitor! A backstabbing loser!

I snatched my arm away from him with a jerk. “Get away from me!”

When Korbyn tried pulling my arm again, Jade rounded on him pointing his finger in his face. “Back off!” Jade grabbed Korbyn’s arm to make him let me go. “You need to back up! Right now!”

Suddenly it looked like we were all in a tangled wrestling match. If this was the trap Missy wanted, she definitely got it.

When Jade finally undid Korbyn’s hands I seized the oppritunity to get near Missy. “Yes, your days are almost over. My wrath awaits you. Your darkest hours will be my best entertainment.”

Following behind me Jade said, ”If only you knew how bad we have already trapped you, you would be begging for mercy.”

“OH YEAH?” Sarah screamed pushing Jade. “Show us!” She pushed him again. It was odd that they were getting physical. I wasn’t expecting that.

I think we struck a nerve somewhere or were we getting to close to her alpha?

The crowd drew in closer making shouts and rambles about Jade getting pushed. Then they started yelling “Fight, Fight, Fight!”

Missy had lost control of Sarah. She couldn’t control her anymore. Sarah’s mind couldn’t handle the verbal assault we bashed her with.

Now look at her.

“You see this people?” I addressed the crowd. Using the situation to my advantage. “This is what people do when they lose their minds. She is an animal! She is a slutty primate. Her getting all violent just shows it.”

I had to cut the speech short because some of the people were enjoying the laugh so much they were on the ground with tears.

That’s when it started. Jade and Sarah began shoving each other back and forth by the pool, arguing nonstop. It was escalating quick. There were grunts, remarks, and shirt tugging.

Missy didn’t know whether to pull Sarah away from Jade or run away from her own party. This had really blown up in her face.

I wasn’t finished with Missy. I wanted her party to be the grave of her reputation. So I didn’t want her leaving too soon.

I walked over to Missy before she could try to leave. Without any signs of warning I gave her a dreadful, hateful smirk. In my eyes she saw her end. It was all over her face. All these devious thing she did to me. All the ways she tried to turn everybody against me. The way she messed with Korbyn and my relationship… the list goes on.

Everything she had done, she knew she was about to pay for it greatly.

My eyes flashed with a heat. She looked regretful but it was too late for ‘sorry’.

That’s when I pushed her!

In a sudden loud wet splash! Missy was in her pool and her make up as running down her face. “NOOOO!!” She cried from the water when her head resurfaced. “NOOO!!”

I took my phone from my pocket to snap a picture.

Sarah heard the cry of her alpha. The pain she let out in her screech said so many awful things. “Missyy! Oh no!” Sarah started reaching over the pool trying to get Missy’s hand.


There was a second splash soon after that. Then Sarah ended up in the pool right beside Missy. Jade came standing beside me with a full lipped smile. “Hey I’m only following your lead.”

Wow! It was then, I realized he pushed Sarah in the pool. Which was right on time. Things couldn’t have went better.

Missy and Sarah were screaming loudly. It wasn’t from their make-up melting or from pain of any sort. It was from pure embarrassment, which could be more fatal than any of them.

After a shocking minute, the party goers started to point and laugh. It was an unreal situation for the girl plastics. Missy swam in her pink skirt trying to stay afloat. “BRAYLON WINTERS you are dead! You hear me? DEAD!”

Missy shrewdly splashed the water as she yelled. “I’m going to blow you up! I’m going to blow everything you own up! The school will explode after I am done destroying you!”

I listened to her threats but I didn’t care. It was my turn to strike and I was going to make her eat those words literally. She will have to wait and see.

All I kept thinking was: ‘Make her miserable, make her miserable. Do unto her, what she did unto you.’

Another idea came to me. I found myself and Jade rummaging through Missy’s empty house for something. The idea was clear when I saw bags full of trash from the party. Jade picked up a heavy black bag and I grabbed one myself dragging it out the side door and propping it by the pool.

Sarah and Missy were still in the pool whispering to themselves. They had no idea what was coming next.

The trash bags were greasy. I had the most horrific time trying to tear a hole in it. I kept straining but with no success. When I glanced at Jade he was having the same issues.

“Braylon what are you doing, boo?” I heard a groggy voice.

When I turned my head half way around I was staring at Mitch. He was wearing his sleeping clothes, his face looked like he just woke up. I was so surprised to see him. I wasn’t expecting him at all.

“I’m ruining this slut.” I said fingers slipping along the side of the bag.

How did he know where I was? Why was he here?

Right behind Mitch was C.J. who also looked like he jumped out of the bed and threw anything on.

“Mitch, I know you have a knife.” I snapped with my hand out at my side.

“What are you going to…” He saw the look on my face and gave in. “Alright.” He reached in his clothes and pulled out a silver shiny blade. C.J. had just handed Jade his pocket knife before Jade could ask.

People headed around me to see what I was about to do. As the gathering made a shadow on my back and Jade’s, we used the knives to cut a slit in the black trash bags.

The smell was pungent. It was nasty mixture of sickening smells that would turn any human away.

I gave Jade a nod. He smiled back at me.

At the same time we lifted the bags and dumped trash into Missy’s pool while her and Sarah sat there in the toxic watery mess. I snapped more pictures. It was too hilarious, as I did I kept thinking of more plans to make her nothing.

Jade bounced on his feet gripping my shoulder “We need to wrap this up, I someone said something about calling the police.”

Before I could do anything, before I could even react to run, Mitch hurried over, took my hand without warning, and ran. He didn’t care that some of the people at the party may have seen us holding hands and running off. It was the last thing on his mind. My safety came first.

Next thing I knew I was in the dark parking lot. Mitch and C.J. were whispering for a moment in front of his Jaguar. Then I let go of Mitch’s hand in a panic seeing Jade open the driver’s door to his Expedition. I didn’t want him to leave me.

“Hey!” called a voice behind me when I started to move in Jade’s direction.

When I turned, I saw Mitch with his hands cupped around his mouth yelling. “Where are you going?”

“I’m getting out of here before the police comes.” I answered hastily about to turn around.

“Ride with me.” Mitch said.

“I can’t, I have to go with-“

“Please?” He said from the short distance. His tone was heartfelt and heavy even while he shouted. “I just want to make sure you get home safe.”

I looked at Jade who was firing up his engine. “Go ahead Braylon. I will let C.J. ride with me.” With that being said, we swapped passengers. I was riding with Mitch in his Jaguar, and C.j. was riding with Jade.

When I sat in the passenger’s seat, it was instant comfort. Like, his seat was reforming just to fit my body.

“I never thought I would get you in my car again.” His almond brown hair moved when he turned to look me in the eyes. He smiled, his lips moist. In the darkness of his car with only the dashboard lights showing, his indigo eyes were studying my very detail.

“I didn’t think I would either.” I announced. I was a little nervous but I didn’t want him to see that. “How did you know I was at the party?”

“Jade.” He said. “He called C.J. told him what was going on. C.J. called me and when I heard you were involved… I just jumped up. I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t splash water on my face, or anything. My main priority was to check on my boo.”

It shook me. To know someone would drop everything and put their life on the line for me. It was something not commonly found.

“Sorry if I dropped into the party looking a little rough.” Mitch didn’t need to apologize. I guess he thought I was going to criticize his sleeping ware. It wasn’t what he wore that I wonder about, it was his brave actions tonight, that set my mind for a spin. “I just care too much I think.”

Mitch hardly ever questioned my motives. His feelings were meaningful and simple. I knew he still cared for me. Even when he knew I sent wrath on my enemies. He didn’t judge that about me. He liked me for everything I did and everything I was.

He cared about me so much, he woke up from his sleep and drove to a party, just to check on me. I really like Mitch. I do. I always have…

…But Korbyn.

The face he wore when Mitch was dragging me out of the party by my hand.

A thing so public,

So visible,

So uncaring and selfless. I guess I wasn’t the only person playing for the keeping… Mitch was too. He wanted me, and he wanted only me. He wanted me for his own keeping.

Korbyn couldn’t help but look destroyed. I won’t ever forget the look on his face. He knew I was in someone else’s keep now.

His silent, stone large face, in the jeering crowd becoming smaller and smaller. His sunken eye brows, as Mitch instinctively grabbed my hand and pulled me away from him figuratively and literally.

It felt like our End…


I know it has been over two months but I am back. I will finish this story and also bring more material for those of you who were patient. sorry about the long wait.

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the Author. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the permission of the Author. 2013

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