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  1. Ultimate Magic: Over centuries wizards and witches have been slowly finding ways to advance in other branches of magic. The meaning of Ultimate magic, or the practice of making magic its strongest, started back in Egyptian times, when black magic wielders escaped. These wizards and witches who hated black magic band together to advance magic itself to overcome black magic. (Which was the strongest magic at the time.) How Black Magic Came About: Ultimate magic, has been an ongoing plan from long ago. When black magic was first created, it was used to fight in wars for the benefit o
  2. i totally agree. she could have chosen her child over a man. it is really sad.
  3. *Kato Tiltz* “Okay, class. Today in potions, we will be trying something new.” Professor Balum said, excitedly clapping his hands. That was his personality. He was always jumpy and peppy, despite his old age. Anyone who met him, knew he was young at heart. “On the cabinet in the back of the classroom, there are plenty of ingredients for the potion we will be making today.” He continued, pointing at the table behind us. On the black surface of the table laid glass potion bottles, leaves from odd plants, roots, honey, mushrooms, and a whole line of goopy liquids that bubbled stran
  4. flawlesss

    Dark Legacy

    After mysterious visit from a powerful someone, as a child, life turns in a new direction. A road of darkness, corruption, and bitterness will pave the road to a journey no one has ever seen.
  5. The days were counting down. School was almost over. It was really ending. This was it. It was the month of May. People were saying their goodbyes. Seniors were sharing stories with each other about their early years in high school. Under classmen were busy talking about what they were doing this summer. Some people were moving away to another school, some people didn’t want this year to end. It had been a year to remember. We all wanted an encore. There was crying, and signing of shirts for memories, scrap books, pictures being taken, everyone was preparing for the end. The whole
  6. I played my role. I did what I said I was going to do. Monday I went to the principal’s office pretending to be frightened and threatened by Missy. The principal listened to my side of the story and seemed convinced, but that wasn’t enough for me. I took my cell phone out of my pocket. Then I played the recording from it, letting the principal hear what Missy said when she was thrown into the pool. Recording: [You’re dead, you hear me, dead! I’m going to blow you up! The school will explode when I’m done with you!] The principal’s face dropped. Suddenly the principal
  7. The whole time we drove, I couldn’t stop myself from trying to guess what Jade wanted me to see. I was going head first in a direction I didn’t know anything about. Lots of worry and anxiousness was present within me. Jade kept driving through the sparkles of city lights and colors of street lights. We got caught in traffic a few times on our way but there was no talking between us. After a short time, Jade stopped the car. We were in a dark parking lot area, loaded with different cars. Cars that looked like they were crammed in spots without any order. Jade killed his engine and s
  8. Mitch would not let me go. I could not believe I almost forgot about him. There had been so much craziness going on this semester. As we held each other, I could feel in his presence, that something was different about Mitch. I guess not seeing or touching him in forever is what made the difference in my heart. When I stopped dealing with Mitch last semester I was trying to leave off on a friendly note. I didn’t want him erased from my life for good. That’s what it felt like right now. My mind was totally oblivious, not thinking or caring where Mitch was, but my heart kept feeling
  9. flawlesss

    Admire Me 2

    its in the stories section where I have all the stories I wrote. its titled 'Admire Me'. its the very first one at the top of the list.
  10. The soup, the bath, and our friendship was the cure to get Korbyn back into full swing. We were finally holding a meeting. It wasn’t at our favorite table, but would do. We had to get Korbyn caught up on what he missed. Then we could start plotting for revenge. “Korbyn, did you ever get in touch with your cousin? The one that is in the fraternity.” I eagerly asked him, feeling a plan coming on. “Uh, yeah, he’s agreed to help.” Korbyn notified. “Good.” I was aiming the conversation for the next plan when I was abruptly interrupted. I didn’t see it coming… Once again.
  11. thanks for the compliment, and I can understand if you don't want to read it anymore.
  12. Korbyn severed our emotional ties. It was hard to hear him say the words. It left me dizzy. I thought maybe an apology would come to clean up my messy day. I only got the worst in the end… a break up. I know we broke up, but I still hung on to his gifts. I reread the card he left me over a million times. My body had been so stretched to its limits. I was emotionally hurt, and physically tired, From all the heart breaking things I faced on Valentine’s day, I didn’t think I could feel anything anymore. After Korbyn’s words, I lost connection with those emotions we shared. I know the
  13. Korbyn grabbed the string of the balloon Andrea gave him. He wasted no time to open the envelope tied to the end of the white designed balloon’s string. Andrea stood over his shoulder, like Jade and I wasn’t there. Inside the envelope a necklace fell out. Korbyn was ecstatic to receive this piece of jewelry. His entire mood was shifted. He was enjoying the gift. I could see it in his eyes and in his smile. “Thanks, I really like it.” Korbyn exclaimed to Andrea. When his thanks was given, that was all Andrea needed. How is this happening? Someone flirting with my boyfriend right in
  14. Weeks went soaring by. Andrea made no attempts on Korbyn. Everything was back to normal. I was able to finally let go of that vindictive desire to humiliate her. I guess Missy had proven herself to deliver my message loyally. She told Andrea what I said, and left it at that. The last thing Missy probably wanted was one of her girls dating one of my boys. The last think I wanted was her girl dating ‘My Boyfriend.’ I was so not cool with that. Jade’s mom wasn’t home a lot, so he was letting us hold our meetings at his house. We discussed my new ideas for the A-list. One of my ideas
  15. OhMyGosh! OhMyGosh! OhMyGosh! I rushed through the house, getting dressed and pretty for school. I was trying to hurry because I was running late. My alarm clock didn’t go off. So here I was trying to beat the clock that never went off. My clock was set for 6pm instead of 6am. Luckily I was able to get up at 6:40am. It wasn’t good, but it was waaay better than waking up at 6:00pm. It’s never good to be in a rush in the mornings. There is always something you feel like you are forgetting when you walk out the door. I had to really get a move on it. I know Jade and Korbyn will be
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