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  1. Ultimate Magic: Over centuries wizards and witches have been slowly finding ways to advance in other branches of magic. The meaning of Ultimate magic, or the practice of making magic its strongest, started back in Egyptian times, when black magic wielders escaped. These wizards and witches who hated black magic band together to advance magic itself to overcome black magic. (Which was the strongest magic at the time.) How Black Magic Came About: Ultimate magic, has been an ongoing plan from long ago. When black magic was first created, it was used to fight in wars for the benefit o
  2. i totally agree. she could have chosen her child over a man. it is really sad.
  3. *Kato Tiltz* “Okay, class. Today in potions, we will be trying something new.” Professor Balum said, excitedly clapping his hands. That was his personality. He was always jumpy and peppy, despite his old age. Anyone who met him, knew he was young at heart. “On the cabinet in the back of the classroom, there are plenty of ingredients for the potion we will be making today.” He continued, pointing at the table behind us. On the black surface of the table laid glass potion bottles, leaves from odd plants, roots, honey, mushrooms, and a whole line of goopy liquids that bubbled stran
  4. flawlesss

    Admire Me 2

    its in the stories section where I have all the stories I wrote. its titled 'Admire Me'. its the very first one at the top of the list.
  5. thanks for the compliment, and I can understand if you don't want to read it anymore.
  6. OhMyGosh! OhMyGosh! OhMyGosh! I rushed through the house, getting dressed and pretty for school. I was trying to hurry because I was running late. My alarm clock didn’t go off. So here I was trying to beat the clock that never went off. My clock was set for 6pm instead of 6am. Luckily I was able to get up at 6:40am. It wasn’t good, but it was waaay better than waking up at 6:00pm. It’s never good to be in a rush in the mornings. There is always something you feel like you are forgetting when you walk out the door. I had to really get a move on it. I know Jade and Korbyn will be
  7. lol thanks for that... glad that you are liking the return of the snobs. lol love the feedback from you
  8. flawlesss

    Admire Me 2

    this picks up where the first book left off. Braylon is entering the second semester of the same school year. there will be new drama, new relationships, surprises, and new threats... through these upcoming things will the clique last? will Braylon reign over the school or will his clique be toppled?
  9. The Christmas and New Years break was over. Two holidays equal lots of food. Everyone knows lots of food means weight gain! One of the worst things an alpha like myself could deal with. In the history of popularity, cliques, and groups, there has never been a fat alpha. I am certainly not planning on being the first. Over the holiday break, Jade told me many times I had not gained any weight. Even though he could be telling the truth I had to take extra precaution. Jade was the right-hand man in my clique. He was the second in command. What alpha’s would call ‘beta’. His loyalt
  10. As a writier I always like to keep my readers guessing or wondering. it wouldn't be interesting if I didn't. lol i'm glad you stayed for the ride even though it was very bumpy for you. Thanks for saying'very well done'. I put much into this. As for Melissa when she broke up with Bram she started dating Trent. Shane Riley's best friend. its in one of the chapters. Brice is always going to be Brice.lol he isn't going to stop being vindictive, he just doesn't have a reason anymore right now since he has what he wanted. The squad doesn't really shun him anymore. They all think that Levi is a big l
  11. Before I could take two steps, there was an engine roaring down the street. I was just about to come from behind the apartment building when a car emitting intense light shined. I could only stand there, when the car lights shut out, and the door slammed. … I really didn’t feel like dealing with- “Stay right where you are.” Bram came rushing from the car like the wind. No need to rush now. He was late as ever, and he left me. I was caught. I folded my arms and leaned against the brick building. I hate that he popped up on me before I could figure out a way to deal wi
  12. Walking down the street, only wearing my cheer jacket to keep me from freezing. Every once in a while, I spotted cars driving pass me with their headlights super bright. Each time it happened, I kept hoping it was Bram, coming to pick me up. I had been walking for a long time, and I was ready to get off of these dark, unfamiliar streets. To my disappointment the cars driving by were only random drivers getting to their destinations with no worries. I thought the worst things. I kept thinking: Someone would kidnap me, strangle me, murder me and leave my body lying somewhere in the grass
  13. This week’s cheer practice we had a complicated routine to follow. I was having problems remembering the steps. Amber shouted at us for making the smallest mistakes. We just were not trying hard enough to her. Our Captain said, ‘if everybody didn’t have the steps down by Friday, we weren’t doing the routine.’ I wanted to ace this new routine to prove I belong on the squad. Especially after all of the rumors that were circling around about me being a liar. This week’s routine was far from our only pressing matters. Besides the routines, and cheers we were hard at work making new posters
  14. The weekend had come right in time. Friday was full of so much havoc and drama. Over the entire weekend I laid around in my bed constantly replaying Bram’s reaction to discovering my lies. The word ‘gay boy’ and ‘sissy’ kept hurting everytime my mind had to hear in memory. Kenton saved me but ‘faggot’ wasn’t necessary. I barely slept. My head was switching back and forth. Everything was getting to me. I tried watching a little TV. Flipping through a couple channels I passed by boring cartoons, the news, and some cooking channels. I randomly stopped on a channel which was showing a comm
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