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    Iname as One
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Wait, In My Next Life I'm WHAT?!? - 2. Wait, In My Next Life My Parents Did WHAT!?!

As I'm screaming I realize my voice is high and tinny, like a little kid, and it sets me off louder.

My door crashes open letting two adults into the room, a man, who starts looking around like he's looking for something dangerous, and a woman, who rushes over to me.

The lady gathers me in her arms,"Samriel, your safe. We won't let anyone take you from us." Her voice is soft and shaking like she's trying to not show how scared she is while attempting to calm me down.

Too bad she got my name wrong.

My name is SAMUEL, not SAMRIEL, what the hell is going on here!?

The man finally seems to realize there's no immediate threat and turns back to us, using the same soft shakey voice to ask "Did you have a nightmare, little one?"

Holy Hell Dad, I'm still having it. Wait, did I just call him DAD!

I'm now realizing that I'm thinking of both of these people as my parents.

Better believe that caused a new scream of panicked anguish.

And thats how the next hour went, my "Parents" try calming me down, and I panic harder as I seem to discover new memories and thoughts about this whole situation.

Eventually "Dad" left the room, leaving "Mom" to keep me from freaking out as bad, and holy shit my voice is TOAST. I doubt I can whisper at this point, let alone carrying on my campaign of screaming in bloody terror.

"That's okay, your fine now. Mother's here, Mother's here." Moms been repeating that one for a while, in a soft soothing voice, now that the panic is over.

Only, I'm still not so sure of that. I still have no idea how I got here, why I'm a little girl, or how I know these are my parents and this is my room.

Going through the memories I've been recovering, everything I did in this little girl body is something I would have done in that position, but I have no conscious thoughts of doing them.

Like the time I apparently was playing in the dirt outside and some other kids came over to play with me. I apologized to them and told them I had to go home, and left before they could ask why. I don't think there's any outcome I could picture where I actually would have stayed and played.

After a bit of thinking I realize two very important things. I'm starving, and I have to go to the bathroom.

Good thing I know where the toilet is? Or whatever we use as a toilet wherever I am.

Wiggling out of Moms arms, I croak" I have to go to the bathroom!" Hitting the rough floor with my bare feet, I patter off in the direction of relief, the sound of an amused chuckle following my path.

Rushing past Dad in what can only be a kitchen area, I catch the scent of food, making my mouth water.

"Good to see you calm now Samriel" Dad tosses over his shoulder " Breakfast should be done by the time you wash up."

It doesn't even feel weird thinking of them as my parents anymore, with a few years of memories bouncing around my skull now.

Just barely making it to the giant pot in a room off to the side of our house, I sigh in relief lifting my nightgown, steping on the small wood block obviously meant for me to comfortablely sit on the edge to do my buisness, turning around to sit when I finally notice something very important to my sense of self.

I have a penis.

I'm not a girl.

"THANK THE GODS!" I almost shout it out, but my voice still isn't working properly so it comes out as a hoarse whisper.

If I'm still a boy, then I can stop feeling so self conscious about my looks. I'm just going to be a pretty boy, instead of the sasquach I used to be. Attractive people always have more confidence, right?

Finishing up and cleaning up, I walk back to where I was sure we ate our meals. Turning the corner I see Mom and Dad sitting at the table, food already platted up.

"After all that ruckus, I hope you have an appetite" Dad jokes, before digging in himself.

"Definitely!" I clamor up onto my chair, the eggs, bacon and hashbrowns looking like a feast to my newfound child eyes.

"So dear, do you want to tell us what scared you so badly in your sleep?" Mom leans in to ask in concern, her food off to the side, for when she's sure I'm not going to relapse back into hysterics.

"Not really, just woke up confused thinking I'm a girl, but I remember I'm not now." I let out around a mouthful of eggs, spewing some of it back onto my plate.

My dad freezes with his fork halfway to his mouth, shooting a glance back at mom, who's staring back with barely contained fear in her eyes.

UH OH, that doesn't look good.

"Samriel, no matter what you do, or what you say, never let anyone outside of this house know you are a boy!" Dad barks out quietly, his voice cracking from some small amount of panic he couldn't restrain. "If anyone does find out they will take you from us when you get older and force you to do dangerous things, you don't want that to happen, do you?"

Mom's looking at me with fear and sadness in her eyes, holy crap they mean it. They've been deliberately raising me like a girl. What the hell is going on here.

"Okay dad, I won't." I mumble out, my appetite effectively gone.

"Good, just remember, this is for your safety."

This seems to reassure my parents, so they both get back to eating, while I've stopped to mull over what this means for me.

It looks like I have something new to keep me from trying to be a more confident assertive individual. I'm going to be panicking over this for a good long while.




A few hours after we finished eating and my parents cleaned up, I'm back in my room thinking about everything that's been dumped on me.

Climbing onto my bed, I shuffle around to get comfortable.

First, the dream I woke up from ended with me getting hit by some vehicle and dieing. That was probably my last memory from a past life. That means I'm now a walking breathing anime trope. GREAT!

Second, the world I reborn into has problems. I need to learn more about the country I'm in, and the political climate that makes parents hide their children's gender to keep them. If it's anything I can come up with its probably a mandatory draft for war

Third, I have to pretend to be a girl. That might be hard to do when puberty sets in, but I guess I'll have to deal with that when (if) I get there. The acting like a girl bit will be stressful enough as is for now.

Thankfully the reincarnation method this world seems to take gives me memories and basic knowledge up to my new age of awakening. I know my name is Samriel, my parents run a tavern in a small farming town, I'm around five years old and turning six in what this world calls three months time.

Getting off my bed I walk over to my mirror, the infernal thing that started this whole day off, and took a good look at myself. My hair is just past my shoulders in soft honey brown waves. My skin has a pale golden sheen to it and my eyes are the colour of dandelions in bloom. And my pupils are shaped like a cross.

Ah crap, trying to scream when you don't have a voice anymore sucks. Good thing I stopped quickly.

So now I have more to learn, if I'm not human, what am I.

And what else is there.

Well here we are again, a bit sooner than anticipated but hey my first chapter barely counts as a prologue so I figured I'd better do a longer one. Please continue to give feedback and criticism so I can deliver a better story for you guys.

Copyright © 2021 Iname as One; All Rights Reserved.
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Reincarnation? He has memories from his past and current life. But a girl with male genitalia? Alternate universe with cross shaped eyes? So many possibilities. Looking forward to future chapters. Thank you.

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13 hours ago, Leo622 said:

Reincarnation? He has memories from his past and current life. But a girl with male genitalia? Alternate universe with cross shaped eyes? So many possibilities. Looking forward to future chapters. Thank you.m

Yep reincarnation,  but this isnt a girl with male genitalia. im sorry for not being clear enough, im planning on explaining the situation in greater depth in Sams next chapter. While I might add a trans character in the furure for right now this is simply a very pretty boy in a massively complicated situation.

Edited by Iname as One
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Well...well...well, what have we stepped in??? Mysteries abound!!! 

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