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  1. Ok, so did I ever get an education in the last few weeks. Kind of ironic since this world apparently doesn't have schools. Kind of. I'm getting ahead of myself. So after I examined myself in the mirror, I decided that being a kid is the perfect excuse to ask all the questions I need, so I went to bug Mom. Leaving my room, I found her at the front door, about to head outside. "Hey Mom, why do my eyes have a funny shape in them?" I asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible
  2. Thank you so much! Personally I think this is probably my worst written chapter yet. Im probably going to edit the heck out of it over time to better get my vision of this across.
  3. Sadly it's going to be a few chapters till we come back to this character, as I'm planning on using him to explore and build on lore, but he does have a powerful alli in the priestess. I'll give you guys a small spoiler for the next black eyed boys chapter, I explain why his parents are against him wanting to join the war, and why the contract he made with the spirit is normally not advised.
  4. Yep reincarnation, but this isnt a girl with male genitalia. im sorry for not being clear enough, im planning on explaining the situation in greater depth in Sams next chapter. While I might add a trans character in the furure for right now this is simply a very pretty boy in a massively complicated situation.
  5. The ocean wind blows through the spring flowers, as they turn to summer fruit. The sun lowwering itself into the shimmering horizon. The moon hangs overhead, full, as a reminder of what's to come. Today, children learn what it means to be an adult in the Crescent Isles. The large town nearest the water has been bustling with activity for the last week as parents teach their children who are to take part in the ceremony to come what they are to do., as well as making sure they
  6. As I'm screaming I realize my voice is high and tinny, like a little kid, and it sets me off louder. My door crashes open letting two adults into the room, a man, who starts looking around like he's looking for something dangerous, and a woman, who rushes over to me. The lady gathers me in her arms,"Samriel, your safe. We won't let anyone take you from us." Her voice is soft and shaking like she's trying to not show how scared she is while attempting to calm me down. Too bad she g
  7. Today has been So Much FUN! Any more fun and I might have to start a kickstarter for bail money. Seriously, why can't some people just fuck off and take their baggage with them. And why is it always me people unload their frustrations on. Walking down the street, I'm quietly fuming, trying my best not to let anyone see just how angry I am. No, seriously, with all my heart, fuck today specifically! First I wake up late because my alarm didn't go off, because my phone died. Note to
  8. Samuel is a quiet guy just barely living his life when a massive traffic jam turns into a huge accident. As he blacks out he makes a wish that reflects his biggest regret in life. When he wakes up, he vows to himself he's going to change his outlook on life till he looks around a strange room and sees a little girl copying his every move.
  9. Iname as One

    Chapter 27

    Oh gods it's HER again, isn't it!
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