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  1. Ok, so did I ever get an education in the last few weeks. Kind of ironic since this world apparently doesn't have schools. Kind of. I'm getting ahead of myself. So after I examined myself in the mirror, I decided that being a kid is the perfect excuse to ask all the questions I need, so I went to bug Mom. Leaving my room, I found her at the front door, about to head outside. "Hey Mom, why do my eyes have a funny shape in them?" I asked, trying to sound as innocent as possible. Mom looked at me funny, "What do you mean? All Deus have eyes like ours." Now that she mentions it, her eyes have crossed pupils too, and I'm pretty sure Dad has the same thing. Ah wait she said a new word! "What's a Deus?" Mom seems to realize that I'm in full inquisitive kid mode now. "Well why dont you come with me to the turkhen coop and I will explain as we go?" She gestures for me to join her, and honestly I figure it's probably the best way for my questions to get answered. Also, turkhen? I just have to know what that is. I run to the door, following Mom outside, and for the first time I'm seeing what this world lookes like with my own eyes. Well my first time while I have My memories. Cause I apparently have lots of memories of being outside before I woke up here. Looking around I'm slightly disappointed. No wierd coloured sky, green grass, one sun. This could be earth. Oh well. Turkhen doesn't sownd like it exits on earth, so off we go. Following slightly behind Mom, she starts responding to my question. "Deus are the people who reside in the southern lands of Ersta, where we live. We all have the similar eyes and marks on our backs, and before you ask they look like small wings folded up on our shoulder blades. Our rulers, the Sacred Cannon of Seven, say we are special in our simple looks that resemble the sun, and because of it we are tasked with guiding the other nations." Huh, wings on my back? Guess I need to look in the mirror again, without my dress on. Welp, next question. "Who are the Sacred Cannon?" Mom gives a little laugh as we reach the back of the house. "Their our leaders, the ones who make the rules we have to live by. They are also in charge with organizing the people who fight to keep us safe, and who go to other places to help others realize we have better ways of living." Mom sounds a little nervous mentioning what have to be soldiers. We reach a large enclosure just as I'm about to ask my next question, and I look inside before I even start to form a sentence. What the bloody hell are those! I'm looking at the biggest, ugliest birds I've ever seen, about two feet tall, with the saddest mud brown feathers on them. They also have the most toxic looking green for their beaks. So these are turkhens huh.its just a big ugly chicken. Wait what was I going to say? Oh right! "So who are the other people; humans, elves, dwarves?" Mom stops just before opening the gate leading into the coop, looking at me confused. "You have the oddest imagination. I'm not even sure what people like those would look like. No the other nations are the Nerideis at the far north sea, the Draglong in the western mountains, and the Shade from the crescent isles to the east. The Faewil don't have a nation, or even permanent towns or cities." Opening the gate she slips in quickly, shutting the dor before I can follow. Not that I mind. Some of those birds are bigger than me. While Mom gathers eggs that apparently these birds just leave laying around, I go over what she said. So there are four other groups of people that live in this world. And all the normal fantasy races dont exist here, well not the words for them at least. As Mom quickly slips back out of the coop, I gather every ounce of nerve I have to ask what will possibly be my most important question yet. "Why don't you and Dad want people to know I'm a boy?" I almost think Mom didn't hear me, I whisper it so sofly. She looks at me with fear and sorrow in her eyes, "lets go inside first." she manages back. Quickly getting back inside, I follow her into the kitchen, the tense silence starting to get to me. Placing the basket on a counter she waves me toward the table, settling into a chair herself. Once I'm seated she starts. "When your father and I got married, we tried for a long time to have a child. We both wanted to have a large family, and we held on to that dream for a long time. Till we couldn't hold on to that dream anymore." Moms face was quietly sad as she goes on. "Then the war truly got started. With the Cannons' doctrine of mission, the other nations started to fight against their control, leading the Cannon to send more soldiers to subdue the fighting, only that made things worse. In order to keep up, the Cannon created the doctrine of service, forcing families to hand over any boy who was of the age of ten or over to the military, training them to be the next generation of soldiers. Around that time, my sister was visiting, she is the midwife in Porsown and she was trying to help us conceive. And she did, you were born almost a year later." Remembering this put a small smile on Moms face, "My sister, who helped in your birth, knew that it would kill us to have you taken from us, after everything it took for us to have you. She suggested that we tell everyone that instead of a son, we had a daughter, and we agreed. We hoped you wouldn't realize what we had done, but I guess that's something we should have planned for anyway." Mom suddenly leans over, getting out of her chair, hugging me like I'm the most important thing she can't let go of. "Please promise me you won't tell anyone, you would be taken from us to go die in this stupid war, and we would be killed for lying to the Cannon." I'm not gonna lie, this kind of sucks. Either I let everyone know I'm a boy and get sent to my slaughter, killing my family in the process, or I pretend to be a girl, however thats suppost to work, and live with the fear of basicly the same thing happening. No matter what I lose. Taking a deep breath, I say the only thing I feel I can, if I want to have some control over this situation. "Okay Mom, I promise." ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? After that, the rest of the week felt tame by comparison. I helped with household chores, ate, whent to bed then started the whole thing over again till we hit what can only be the equivalent of sunday. Cause we went to church. Which is apparently mandatory. Wearing what can only be my nicest dress, a faded pink gown with red flowers all over it, we approached the intimidating structure. "Remember to be on your best behavior, Samriel." Dad warns me as we climb the steps. "Yes dad." Trust me, I'm going to do my damnest not to be noticed. I have a lot of practice, after all, in my past life I made it through all of high school without anyone even remembering I was there. Even the teachers had a hard time realizing that the kid with o.k. grades was in their class. I hate how I'm proud of that now, but still a useful skill to exploit. As we enter, a man stands off to the side, waving at me to go to him. Looking at Dad for confirmation, who nods his head toward the guy, I head over. "Hello, Samriel. I'm Aria Haite, in charge of children studies." His voice rings out pleasantly, leading me to a room off to the side of the hall. "Nice to meet you sir." I let out quietly, hoping that he thinks I'm shy so I won't have to talk too much. Entering the room, I realize probably a bit too late that I'm going to be around other kids for the first time, and I take a quick look around. Huh, I expected more kids. And more boys. Or any boys. The room had about twenty desks in it, with about sixteen of them filled with girls around the five to ten range. And they're all looking at me. So this body Can sweat. Great. Motioning me to take a seat, Aria Haite mves to the front of the room. "It's a pleasure to see you all. As we have a new girl joining us, I believe it would be proper to go over our letters. You older ones help the younger ones out if they get stuck." Turning around to face the wall, he starts tracing letters on the wall. With light. From his finger. Holy fucking finger guns, this world has MAGIC! I immediately raise my hand, exitement all over my face. "Pardon me sir, but how are you writing on the wall like that?" Suprised to hear someone asking a question, he turns around, " Oh miss Samriel. I am using the grace of the sun to form these images." He goes back to continue what he was doing. Well that explained shit. Guess I'll have to have Mom explain it back home. Looking around, I see everyone writing on small slates with chalk, so I figured it was best to get to it. I'm standing out enough after that question, I don't want my classmates to think I'm going to be the lazy troublemaker. Grabing my slate, I look at the wall to get started and I'm shocked to see how similar the letters are like to the english alphabet. As we work on our letters, Haite starts going around pointing out what someone did wrong, or commenting on how much better they had gotten. As he gets to me , he freezes over my shoulder. Looking back at him, I realize he's looking at my slate with shock. "Miss Samriel, I should congragulate your parents for teaching you while they work at home. For your first time in my class, you appear to have little need of my desplay." His compliment causes a few of the girls to look my way. Crap. Now I'm going to be the overachiever. There's not much anonymity in that role. After making sure we all have some kind of grasp on our letters, he moves on to reading from a book. Turns out the book he's reading from is a bunch of rules for how women in this society should behave. Gues girls are not expected to be in charge a lot. Most of what he goes though are basic girl is to be subservient to guy, but can still hold some jobs, but under the directions of a man. You know, the really misogynistic crap that lead to the suffragette movement. After a while of lecturing us on how to be "proper" young ladies, he moves on to going over some of the laws the Cannon expects us to follow. I kind of keep up with what's being said, but not enough to remember fully. The letters from the begining of the class are still shining on the wall, distracting me a bit. After that, he dismisses us back to our families. As my parents get me he calls out to them, "Garm, Lynette, you've done a good job of teaching your daughter her letters, I basicly didn't need to teach her a thing." "Well thank you, Aria, for your kind words." Mom replies quietly, " But we have not had the time to do so yet." "You dont say?" He looks at me, a thoughtful expression on his face. "See you later sir." I quietly say to him as I leave with my parents. Once outside, Dad gives me a pointed look, "When did you start learning letters? We haven't had the time to go over them yet." Scouring my memories of this life, I remember a book that we have in the house. "I just looked at the book in the gathering room. I traced the letters on the floor, and I put it back carefully. I didn't want to get in trouble." I give him my best 'I'm sorry I didn't think I was doing anything wrong face'. "Well, if thats all then I guess it's not too bad" he looks back to the road as we walk home. Over the next few weeks, we followed the same routine. During the week, I help around the house, often getting to things before Mom askes me to do anything, then on the last day of the week, which I learned was called Faithday after the first of the cannon, I would have what basicly ammounted to a religous focused class. Where I would accidentally do better than intended, leading to the Aria (Which is Haites' title not his first name by the way, another thing I learned) giving me an uncomfortable amount of compliments. At least for the actual school bit. The rest of the time was lectures on how to behave, and what was good in the eyes of the Cannon, which were turning into my nightmare. Turns out the Cannon would fit right in with religous extremists back home. Anyone found taking a lover of the same gender they had will effectively be tortured untill the "sickness" leaves their body, or they die. Also anyone found to masquerade as the opposite gender will simply be put to death, as they're far to sick to be recoverable from. And one important thing I brought over to this life with me is a very well established attraction to men. Which I'm expected to be into as a girl, but if I let anyone get close enough to enjoy will trigger my death sentence. I'm really starting to hate this world and all the ways its forcing me back into my shell of quiet complacency. And if thats not bad enough, today I just met the bane of my existence. A handsome seven year old boy who who just declared in front of everyone outside the church that he would become my husband. Please, gods! Just give me a break!
  2. Thank you so much! Personally I think this is probably my worst written chapter yet. Im probably going to edit the heck out of it over time to better get my vision of this across.
  3. Sadly it's going to be a few chapters till we come back to this character, as I'm planning on using him to explore and build on lore, but he does have a powerful alli in the priestess. I'll give you guys a small spoiler for the next black eyed boys chapter, I explain why his parents are against him wanting to join the war, and why the contract he made with the spirit is normally not advised.
  4. Yep reincarnation, but this isnt a girl with male genitalia. im sorry for not being clear enough, im planning on explaining the situation in greater depth in Sams next chapter. While I might add a trans character in the furure for right now this is simply a very pretty boy in a massively complicated situation.
  5. The ocean wind blows through the spring flowers, as they turn to summer fruit. The sun lowwering itself into the shimmering horizon. The moon hangs overhead, full, as a reminder of what's to come. Today, children learn what it means to be an adult in the Crescent Isles. The large town nearest the water has been bustling with activity for the last week as parents teach their children who are to take part in the ceremony to come what they are to do., as well as making sure they have the proper attire to enter the temple for this solemn time. The childs very standing depends on how this one night in their life turns out. As the last rays of light sink into the depths of the ocean, each family makes its way to the center of town; each child with excitement, each parent with reservations. As they gather only one family appears to shake this dynamic. The child, a boy in his tenth year, appears quiet and thoughtful, his parents exited and over zealous. Once the last family arrives, all eyes turn to the temple door, a large wooden thing conected to the outer wall that surrounds the building proper. The carvings upon it depicting the spirits these people call for in aide and need in almost everyday life. As the boy looks at the carvings critically, the doors slowly creak open, and the temples priestess walks outside. A tall, statuesque woman, she holds herself with power and athority, her ashen skin pale under her raven black hair. Her eyes, black with a white iris, roam over the gathered people. "Tonight the children of the Shade take the first step in understanding the role of adults. I sincerely hope you have all expressed how important this night will be to your children, because the spirits are not a forgiving force!" With her warning made, the priestess stands to the side of the doors, gesturing for a nearby family to enter. "Remember that once inside, to follow my directions exactly, and please no chatering from the family. We lost a child one year because the parents distracted her at a crusial part in the ceremony." The family that was motioned to enter hesitates at this, but the child soon leads the way in, bouncing toward the doors. As the last member passes by, the doors start closing, to await the end of this ceremony, before it will open again to call the next group in. As they wait, the boy takes to examining the door again. His eyes seeming, to carve out every detail of the etchings before he nods his head, as thou he mde up his mind. Looking around he figures that their are probably seven other children taking part this season, the smallest this past year, and grimaces upon reflecting why. This town has lost many people in the last few years, the war claiming its strong as soldiers. The doors start creeking open again, letting the family inside leave, the child, a girl, with a look of wonder, her parents with relief. Before the priestes can even approach the door to signal a new family in, the boy is already moving. His parents following a step late as their suprise keeps them from acting at first. As they enter the priestess looks at the boy, concern evident in her eyes. She knew that look, it was the same look she wore when she herself had taken the ceremony many years before. The doors already closing, she leads them into the main building, a large cerimonial bonfire taking up the center of the room. "We shall begin. Please kneel before the flame." She gestures to a cushion and the boy moves toward it. After everyone gets seated, the priestess looks up to the parents "Remember you are not to interfere, for your sons safety, as well as your own." This warning suprises the boys parents, who look to each other, when has the parents ever been in danger before. Turning her attention back to the boy "Now, as you advance, remember that what you do is not a game, you do not call a pet, but a being of power who can kill you if your thoughts so much as waver for an instant. Take this warning to heart, and when ready pick up the blade." Almost as soon as she finished speaking the boy grabed the knife, all ready for the next part. "Very well, I shall call to the spirits, when you feel their presence, cut your finger so some blood covers the blade then place it into the flames. This shall manifest a sprit who will then try and forge a contract with you. If at any point after it manifests you lose sight of what your doing the spirit will kill and devour you. Now I shall begin." At that last warning, the priestess begins to pray chanting words that make little sense. Nothing apears to happen for a little while, until the boy realizes it's getting colder despite the raging flames before him. Griping the knife in hand , he pricks his finger letting blood cover the blade before plunging it into the flame. The effect is imediate, with the blaze gaining intensity and size. Colours form from the flames, gathering into a frightening image. In mear seconds, a large foxlike monstrosity, made of raging fire, stands before the boy, sevral tails lashing about behind it. "Tell me, who are you who thinks to bind me?" The beast growls, its voice sounding of a multitude of peoples, man and woman, young and old. "I am hardly willing to lower myself to the whims of mortals, and you are but a child. Realese me and call again one who can be tamed." The priestess sitting behind the beast is stunned, this boy called an elder spirit? Even the head priest in the capital cannot do that. She looks at the boy, wonder and fear in her eyes, if he can do this now, what can he do when trained? The boy looks up to the spirit, respect and determination flashing across his face "Forgive me, but I seek more than a servant who carries out instructions, I require a teacher, adviser and friend who can help me become strong enough to end the war our world is under. I cannot wait to become a man in the eyes of my people to learn how to fight, nor can I just accept the life of blindly following orders of those who never see the bloodshed. I need your wisdom to revolutionize the people and stop the Deus from conquering us all!" The boys words carried a heavy weight, his parents suprised again, atempt to rise starting to speak before the priestess silences them with a motion. The spirit glances at the adults around him and begins to chuckle "You are a curious child. Thoughtful of others, you ask for aide to help them, despite the influence of those who would have you look for personal gain. You do not wish to subdue me, but ask for an equal partnership, it seems I only gain from this, while you acquire more than any other. I guess I shall accept, for one such as you can only live an interesting life." The fox raises a paw to the boys still bleeding hand and rests it on his palm, the boy never feeling the heat, before pressing into him. The form the spirit holds warping, flowing into the boys hand, the heat searing a mark onto the back of it in the shape of an eye. "It is done!" The priestess whispers, awe still present in her voice. Almost immediately the boys parents rush him. "What have you Done!" The man cries in rage, "Allowing a spirit to act as your equal will cause people to think you weak! Do you want to shame our family so badly." The woman cries, her face red from embarrassment, "To think our son wishes to be a warrior, and I thought we had raised him better!" The priestess look on in shock, the boy appering to adjust to the change his body and mind are going through, undisturbed by his parents reactions as they rant and carry on around him. Do they not realize what he's done, what he is so much more capable of doing in the future? Making her decision quickly, the priestess rose from her possition. "Your son shall stay hear and be taught by myself directly. Consider this the highest honor I can grant at this time, but for now I must ask you to leave, so I might finish my duties. Your son shall help me." Dismissing them with a wave, the priestess already moving the boy to an empty room where he can rest, to begin his studies when he finishes his rest. "You will be a force for change in this world. I will never dout that!" She whispers as she lays him down, the events finally catching up to him, his body relaxing as he falls asleep. Making sure he's comfortable, the priestess leave. Her duty not done, she quickly hopes no other children feel the need to bear such burdens. "This night cannot end soon enough!" She sighs reluctantly.
  6. As I'm screaming I realize my voice is high and tinny, like a little kid, and it sets me off louder. My door crashes open letting two adults into the room, a man, who starts looking around like he's looking for something dangerous, and a woman, who rushes over to me. The lady gathers me in her arms,"Samriel, your safe. We won't let anyone take you from us." Her voice is soft and shaking like she's trying to not show how scared she is while attempting to calm me down. Too bad she got my name wrong. My name is SAMUEL, not SAMRIEL, what the hell is going on here!? The man finally seems to realize there's no immediate threat and turns back to us, using the same soft shakey voice to ask "Did you have a nightmare, little one?" Holy Hell Dad, I'm still having it. Wait, did I just call him DAD! I'm now realizing that I'm thinking of both of these people as my parents. Better believe that caused a new scream of panicked anguish. And thats how the next hour went, my "Parents" try calming me down, and I panic harder as I seem to discover new memories and thoughts about this whole situation. Eventually "Dad" left the room, leaving "Mom" to keep me from freaking out as bad, and holy shit my voice is TOAST. I doubt I can whisper at this point, let alone carrying on my campaign of screaming in bloody terror. "That's okay, your fine now. Mother's here, Mother's here." Moms been repeating that one for a while, in a soft soothing voice, now that the panic is over. Only, I'm still not so sure of that. I still have no idea how I got here, why I'm a little girl, or how I know these are my parents and this is my room. Going through the memories I've been recovering, everything I did in this little girl body is something I would have done in that position, but I have no conscious thoughts of doing them. Like the time I apparently was playing in the dirt outside and some other kids came over to play with me. I apologized to them and told them I had to go home, and left before they could ask why. I don't think there's any outcome I could picture where I actually would have stayed and played. After a bit of thinking I realize two very important things. I'm starving, and I have to go to the bathroom. Good thing I know where the toilet is? Or whatever we use as a toilet wherever I am. Wiggling out of Moms arms, I croak" I have to go to the bathroom!" Hitting the rough floor with my bare feet, I patter off in the direction of relief, the sound of an amused chuckle following my path. Rushing past Dad in what can only be a kitchen area, I catch the scent of food, making my mouth water. "Good to see you calm now Samriel" Dad tosses over his shoulder " Breakfast should be done by the time you wash up." It doesn't even feel weird thinking of them as my parents anymore, with a few years of memories bouncing around my skull now. Just barely making it to the giant pot in a room off to the side of our house, I sigh in relief lifting my nightgown, steping on the small wood block obviously meant for me to comfortablely sit on the edge to do my buisness, turning around to sit when I finally notice something very important to my sense of self. I have a penis. I'm not a girl. "THANK THE GODS!" I almost shout it out, but my voice still isn't working properly so it comes out as a hoarse whisper. If I'm still a boy, then I can stop feeling so self conscious about my looks. I'm just going to be a pretty boy, instead of the sasquach I used to be. Attractive people always have more confidence, right? Finishing up and cleaning up, I walk back to where I was sure we ate our meals. Turning the corner I see Mom and Dad sitting at the table, food already platted up. "After all that ruckus, I hope you have an appetite" Dad jokes, before digging in himself. "Definitely!" I clamor up onto my chair, the eggs, bacon and hashbrowns looking like a feast to my newfound child eyes. "So dear, do you want to tell us what scared you so badly in your sleep?" Mom leans in to ask in concern, her food off to the side, for when she's sure I'm not going to relapse back into hysterics. "Not really, just woke up confused thinking I'm a girl, but I remember I'm not now." I let out around a mouthful of eggs, spewing some of it back onto my plate. My dad freezes with his fork halfway to his mouth, shooting a glance back at mom, who's staring back with barely contained fear in her eyes. UH OH, that doesn't look good. "Samriel, no matter what you do, or what you say, never let anyone outside of this house know you are a boy!" Dad barks out quietly, his voice cracking from some small amount of panic he couldn't restrain. "If anyone does find out they will take you from us when you get older and force you to do dangerous things, you don't want that to happen, do you?" Mom's looking at me with fear and sadness in her eyes, holy crap they mean it. They've been deliberately raising me like a girl. What the hell is going on here. "Okay dad, I won't." I mumble out, my appetite effectively gone. "Good, just remember, this is for your safety." This seems to reassure my parents, so they both get back to eating, while I've stopped to mull over what this means for me. It looks like I have something new to keep me from trying to be a more confident assertive individual. I'm going to be panicking over this for a good long while. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? A few hours after we finished eating and my parents cleaned up, I'm back in my room thinking about everything that's been dumped on me. Climbing onto my bed, I shuffle around to get comfortable. First, the dream I woke up from ended with me getting hit by some vehicle and dieing. That was probably my last memory from a past life. That means I'm now a walking breathing anime trope. GREAT! Second, the world I reborn into has problems. I need to learn more about the country I'm in, and the political climate that makes parents hide their children's gender to keep them. If it's anything I can come up with its probably a mandatory draft for war Third, I have to pretend to be a girl. That might be hard to do when puberty sets in, but I guess I'll have to deal with that when (if) I get there. The acting like a girl bit will be stressful enough as is for now. Thankfully the reincarnation method this world seems to take gives me memories and basic knowledge up to my new age of awakening. I know my name is Samriel, my parents run a tavern in a small farming town, I'm around five years old and turning six in what this world calls three months time. Getting off my bed I walk over to my mirror, the infernal thing that started this whole day off, and took a good look at myself. My hair is just past my shoulders in soft honey brown waves. My skin has a pale golden sheen to it and my eyes are the colour of dandelions in bloom. And my pupils are shaped like a cross. Ah crap, trying to scream when you don't have a voice anymore sucks. Good thing I stopped quickly. So now I have more to learn, if I'm not human, what am I. And what else is there.
  7. Today has been So Much FUN! Any more fun and I might have to start a kickstarter for bail money. Seriously, why can't some people just fuck off and take their baggage with them. And why is it always me people unload their frustrations on. Walking down the street, I'm quietly fuming, trying my best not to let anyone see just how angry I am. No, seriously, with all my heart, fuck today specifically! First I wake up late because my alarm didn't go off, because my phone died. Note to self, get a new charge cord. Then I find out my roommate "borrowed" my car, because he really needed to go get "groceries". Despite having totaled his car and having his licence revoked. Hope he knows I'm flushing his weed stash when I get home. Then I have to scrounge up money for bus fare, and guess what's Not in my wallet. No cash, no bus. Looking at the traffic congested road I give myself a sarcastic chuckle thinking I might get home sooner today Because I'm walking. So by the time I actually get to work I find out several people are out sick and just my luck I get to work till's. And the people waiting for their checkout are not happy. So they let me know how impressed they are with how the store deals with customers. Normaly working at a grocery store is fine, discounted groceries, but having to deal with angry people, and their expired coupons, makes for a long day. After a few hours of this special hell on earth, I finally get to go on break, where I realize I didn't bring lunch with me in my panic to get here on time. So twenty minutes of self - deprecating reflection later and back to hell on an empty stomach. Oh, Gods No, I just remembered that I made chicken parm and penne to take with me today! It had better still be in the fridge or I might just have to kill my roommate. Knowing Ryan "the Stone" Ried, it's probably already gone. And this is why you don't room with a massive stoner. He spends more on weed than food. End the workday with a lecture on proper employee behavior and back to the adventure of walking across the city for home. All with no verbal complaint out of me. Passing a car wash, I can't help but think that my boss is signaling me out as the cause of most of these problems, when I'm barely even involved. But wait, I hear a little inner voice cry, why do I let everyone walk all over me. Elementary my dear inner critic, cause any potential conflict makes me so massively uncomfortable I agree to anything to make it go away. Stoping in front of a cross walk, I let out a massive sigh of frustration. How am I so timid? I'm a big tall guy who could crush most people by falling on them and I can't maintain basic eye contact? This is ridiculous and I've got to do something about it. Looking at the vehicles zooming by, I make up my mind. "I'm almost thirty, time to stop acting like a scared kid." The cross light signals to walk and as I begin crossing, I make a small wish, deep in my heart. Please give me a chance to change, even if it's for a little while. Then all I can hear is a car horn before the world around me fades away, bathed in red and pain. ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Tossing around in my bed, slowly waking up, all I can think is how much that dream sucked. Please don't let today suck. I promise to be more assertive if only today goes well, so please unnamed lords of murphy, DON'T LET TODAY SUCK. Sitting up, I rub my eyes with the back of my hand, casually looking around for some jeans to put on that I tend to leave on the floor. Only this isn't my room. In fact I doubt this room belongs in any city in an industrial area. There's a candle on a nightstand dresser, no electrical fixtures in sight, and the walls and floor look like they were made without power tools. Or a sander. Then I see some kid sitting on a bed across from me, frozen in place, looking like she just got up too. She looks like she's probably five, and has long honey brown hair with dandelion yellow eyes. She's kinda thin and frail looking, but in a antique china doll way. The nightgown she's wearing would fit right in on little house on the prairie. As I start to ask her whats going on, i realise she's making all the same moves I do. Then I notice its just a mirror, and I just start screaming.
  8. Samuel is a quiet guy just barely living his life when a massive traffic jam turns into a huge accident. As he blacks out he makes a wish that reflects his biggest regret in life. When he wakes up, he vows to himself he's going to change his outlook on life till he looks around a strange room and sees a little girl copying his every move.
  9. Iname as One

    Chapter 27

    Oh gods it's HER again, isn't it!
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