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  1. drsawzall

    Chapter 28

    Another incredible installment, one of many...many more to come, of the Rothenia saga. Simply well written, paced with layers of complex and vivid word images that are second to none. The interconnections that run through this tale with the other Rothenian tales are staggering, if you know what to look for. As an example, we first hear of Yuli and Roman of Starcrossed in this tale and then they feature in their own much later on. Lets not forget Jonas/Lance as well. these are but a couple of examples of a rich tapestry that continuously enthralls and inspires. Well done...now get back to pounding the keyboard!!!! PS: Can you only imagine what shenanigans the Mendamero Men will get up to as they grow up?😁
  2. drsawzall

    Chapter 1

    Thanks, looking forward to a hole bunch more!!!!😁
  3. drsawzall

    Chapter 9

    Well done, looking forward to more!!!👍
  4. Fantastic, well paced, written and superbly portrayed! Well worth the time to read...do so NOW!!
  5. drsawzall

    Chapter 11

    Imagine the brownie points Henry gets for 'doing' the right thing and turning down sex with the Big Guy aka Tobias!!!!😆
  6. drsawzall

    Any Day

    Very well done, hooked me instantly, well written, well paced and looking forward to more!!👍
  7. This tale has great beginnings, can't wait to see how the story progresses, one and only one criticism...longer chapters would be wonderful!😁
  8. drsawzall

    Chapter 3

    Superbly done and well paced, a terrific example of a writer excelling at his craft!!!👍
  9. drsawzall

    Chapter 1

    Fasten your seat belts boyos...we're in for one heck of a bumpy ride!!! I contend, like a fine aged wine, that this will be better the second time around. 😉
  10. drsawzall

    Hill of Candles

    Well done a great piece of writing, thoughtful, controlled chaos, a realistic portrayal of rich emotions and physical settings. Superb wordsmithing. I'd like to think there's more to this tale as many doors remain open for further discovery.👍
  11. Great story but you need an editor, and I really like where you are going with this. But...it needs tightening up in terms of how the main characters think and the word structure they use. It can be very confusing at times.
  12. drsawzall

    Chapter 52

    By all means you should polish and publish...once you have finished the tale. There are soooo many lose ends and I for one would like to see the gang all end up back in the elven realms once their 'human' existence runs it's course....😁
  13. drsawzall

    Chapter 22

    Well done, a fine example of a writers craft at it's peak...😉
  14. drsawzall

    Chapter 21

    There appear to be many lose ends to wrap up, leading me to hopefully believe there is a sequel, a great work, exceptionally well done and a clear example the illustrates that the brain isn't fully formed till your mid-20's!!!😁
  15. drsawzall

    Chapter 20

    Then the shower rod fell down....Freaking brilliant!!!!! Apologies, life has a bad habit of interrupting....
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