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  1. drsawzall

    Chapter 52

    An interesting chapter to say the least. If memory serves me correctly, French Letters are a euphemism for early forms of condoms, now I am wondering just what sort of game General Duroc may be playing???😄 That Granger may be in hot water with the Admiralty but wonder if the Mongol may provide information that alleviates those hard feelings. Another great chapter...Thanks!
  2. drsawzall

    Chapter 152

    I hate to be that person, a nudge but...We need to get past the concept that the girls who will populate the new school are there as future wives for the boys in the academy, how demeaning it is to them. More to the point, how many of those young ladies have the potential to be exceptional leaders and the boys from the academy to serve them as husbands? Richard relaxed; he was back to himself. “Richard, there is an ulterior motive. I will provide the future wives for the boys who are enrolled here.”
  3. drsawzall

    Chapter 8

    I think Derry's mother has some underlying issues, what part of not going to Bumf%$k North Carolina or wherever does she not understand???
  4. drsawzall

    Chapter 2

    I think that Hunter has a cold, hard sobering dose of reality, just waiting to slap hisself upside the noggin, a bit too self absorbed for me. Like a moth to a flame, I am not sure he realizes the real world won't care. I hope he quickly comes to terms with his immaturity.
  5. drsawzall

    Chapter 3

    As we get deeper into the story my respect for Patrick is waning, I am sensing a bit of Kathy Bates in him, straight out of the movie Misery. He is not coming across any longer as the jilted lover, rather a spoiled rotten psychopath.
  6. drsawzall

    Chapter 151

    Looks like Adam forgot one of his important lessons!!!
  7. drsawzall

    Bed and Breakfast

    To me, the removal of the 70's monstrosity of a fireplace is a metaphor for changes occurring to Craig, some he can see, others working from his sub-conscious, as the early dusky nights of winter set the mood, they will also give way to the early...heady days of spring and longer days! Memo to Craig...Take another look at the life you lead, it is not too late to change, and for the better. The following is so telling... Craig had to smile. James thought the same as he did. As a projectionist did. ‘The trouble is, the company’s priority is making a profit. ~~~~ James raised his eyebrows. ‘So that’s why the popcorn’s so over-priced?’ ‘Exactly. Cinemas bring in far more revenue from selling sweets and fizzy pop than film tickets. It’s led to a skewed outlook by the people at head office. They treat retail as more important than what’s showing on screen.’ ‘But people are only there to buy the sweets because they’ve come to see a film. That’s easy enough to figure out.’ ‘You’d think so. But recently, for example, managers have been instructed replace film posters with food and drink combo offers. And they’re under far greater pressure to reach their retail spend targets than to concern themselves with a focus issue in one of the screens.’ Talking about it felt like unburdening himself, so he continued. ‘When I do my regular checks - as I will be this week - I often find problems no-one’s reported. If a customer hasn’t complained, they assume everything’s fine.’ ‘I can see why you get depressed about it all. Do you think it’ll stay the same?’Craig s hrugged. ‘To be honest, I can only see it getting worse. Our workload has increased year on year. There’ve been rumours of even more changes in the future, but the cinema business has always thrived on speculation. There are times I feel like chucking it in and others when it still feels worth while.’
  8. drsawzall

    Chapter 150

    Another interesting chapter, Adam will be very busy. Not sure I agree with his comment below when I think of women of achievement through the centuries. “I want to divorce the reasons for the two, the Academy and College are designed to educate the leaders of tomorrow, the girls’ academy will be to create the leaders but not at the same level as the boys. The girls will lead in education, medical, administrative positions. It will be a different emphasis, but the teaching methods will be the same. And while you are thinking about that, expand your thinking as we may want to build a small college as well, again with a different emphasis.” Think of Elizabeth 1 and 2, Madam Curie, Princess Diana, Clara Barton, Amelia Earhart, Florence Nightingale, Althea Gibson, Indira Gandhi, Catherine the Great, Sally Ride, Angela Merkel, Heddy Lamarr, Edith Wilson and so many that could be mentioned. Given the chance to develop their abilities, women can stand proudly alongside men as equals!
  9. drsawzall

    Chapter 28

    Opps, looks like a correction is in order!!!!😬
  10. drsawzall

    Chapter 15

    IBEX, thank you for your comment, it is deeply appreciated! Many moons ago, Boston Children's saved the life of my young niece. She was born with kidney and bladder issues and they were able to do, what it took to see she had the chance to live a normal, happy life. Just a month ago, she welcomed her first grandchild. I have nothing but the greatest respect for that hospital and those who tirelessly work there, doing what they can to help the children in need!
  11. drsawzall

    Chapter 38

    Nice to Cyn believes he's found a herd and can feel relaxed knowing they are all looking out for him. Loved the following! Beverly meager smiled, "We understand. I thought it was something bad when you said there wasn't a need for competition. Enforce—" She cleared her throat and readjusted her position, "That bastard made his choices, and hopefully, he'll sleep with them when he's hunted down." Despite the drastic change in tone, Jim could only laugh, "Beverly! I can't remember the last time you said such a thing!" She harrumphed, "It was when you accidentally bought that boat without my say-so!" "That was seventeen years ago…" "And I'll remember it for another seventeen, just to make sure you don't do it again."
  12. drsawzall

    Chapter 1

    Welcome back, I predict some adventures ahead for the boys!
  13. drsawzall


    Go team Nate!!
  14. drsawzall

    Chapter 149

    Good news travels fast, the idea of a new school is fantastic!
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