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  1. drsawzall


    Do I sense Tyler will be caught, was there security video on the house across the street.... Will Tyler's penance be rebuilding Eric's garden and then doing the work on the gardens across the street at Eric's supervision? What to make of this snippet??? He hadn't been careful enough the last time. Tagging along with his mum for once, he'd sat ignoring their conversation, which was mostly muttered insults, complaints, and threats. So he'd looked around him? What the actual fuck? Three months later, when his dad had been released – only temporarily, as it turned out – he'd taken his revenge. The price for such 'filthy perversion' had been one arm bent until it felt as though it would pop out of its socket.
  2. drsawzall


    I had forgotten about Adam's father, he deserves the same treatment those malicious teens deserve, only I'd see his bollocks were removed first!. Quite frankly, that man should be locked up and the key tossed in the bin... I believe Eric just may have landed a gardening consultant's job...humm? There goes the diet.... https://www.bettys.co.uk/cakes/fat-rascals
  3. drsawzall


    I'm a bit worried for Eric, I don't think, (hope I am wrong), we have seen the last of 'those teens'. They should be caught, suspended by their ballocks till they see the error of their ways. What I like best about this story, is that we get a glimpse of the unvarnished reality that exists for so many of those around us. Too often when confronted with this sort of reality, when it becomes newsworthy, the spotlight's glare quickly fades. A&A deserve more than simple credit, they are honorable young men who have seen the need and opened their hearts, understanding the struggles that define Eric's life. Much of the same can be said for Brian and Susan, they are a fresh cup of friendship! As the letters point out, that while somewhere along the line, many souls have lost their humanity and we are comforted by those who haven't. The new neighbors are well meaning, clueless perhaps...but is that all they are?
  4. drsawzall

    In Demand

    Like Eric, I'm a bit late to the party and agree with the others...welcome back and hoping for only the best for Eric, everyone's, loveable cranky uncle!!!
  5. drsawzall

    Chapter 8

    It will be interesting to see what he scrolls will add to history.
  6. drsawzall

    Chapter 1

    What a great beginning, as a history buff I can't wait for the next chapter(s)!!
  7. drsawzall


    Well, that answered a whole lotta questions to say the least...I think Jake and Ethan deserve a nice vacation. An amazing adventure and one hell of a ride, to which I say...well done Sir!! I do believe I found your pic on the net!!!!
  8. What a sad but necessary chapter. At times like this words can only mean so much and say so little. D'gar needs to remember what he is an why he fights. As we all know the near future will be gruesome, D'gar needs to pull up his bootstraps!
  9. drsawzall

    Chapter 1

    Wow....a vignette that makes one ponder...
  10. drsawzall

    Chapter 7

    I suspect there's more to be found, history will be augmented, possibly changed!!
  11. drsawzall

    In the end

    Well done, I thought the construction of the story was spot on. What you have allowed us to see are fragments in a day consisting in a comedy of errors. Disparate vignettes that somehow coalesce and leave us wondering how all, well most all, will turn out!
  12. drsawzall

    Chapter 7

    Glad to hear there's more coming. You are missed on these pages! The following is what bothered me, she is starting brushfires without truly anticipating/understanding the consequences!!! Too bad he didn't make her promise not to drop a little hint as well.
  13. drsawzall

    Chapter 47

    The good Dr Morgan needs to be hung by the nads...
  14. This just in...Dinosaurs have been seen wandering the grounds of Balmoral Castle.
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