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  1. drsawzall

    Chapter 87

    In my state if you die before conviction, the criminal charges are dropped and legally presumed not guilty. Nor sure if you can institute a civil complaint!!
  2. @Mawgrim, @centexhairysub, sounds like a possible new series!!!
  3. drsawzall


    I had to chose 'sad' as my emoticon...Felicity is living on borrowed time, what's worse is that there are others who know the danger she is in, or at least have a good, reasonable understanding of her circumstances. Adam is turning out to be a disappointment of sorts, ignoring all the warning signs regarding his mother, knowing just what his father is like! Why do I feel that in a drunken rage, fueled by his own self-importance, his father will end up sending his wife either to the hospital or the grave. Adam strode in, frustration clear on his face. “Have you spoken with Ma recently?” “Ehm.” His eyes widened. “Now you mention it, no. I've been busy.” “And we've dealt with the wedding arrangements.” Adam stared at his phone. “Her number's coming up disconnected.” “What – phone turned off, you mean?” “No. As in, this number doesn't exist.” Andy turned back to the pan briefly, turning the heat down, glad he hadn't put the food on to cook. “Maybe the phone's lost or stolen?” A small knot formed in his guts. He didn't like to think of other possible reasons. “In which case, why hasn't she let us know the new number?” “It's only been a day or two?” He gave a half shrug. “I don't know. You could phone the landline.” “And risk getting him? Fuck that.” Adam scowled.
  4. drsawzall

    Chapter 87

    Bruce is going to be visited by the goddess of karma, and I have a sneaking suspicion that his end might/just may be by his own hand, after he realizes there is no way out in facing up to his sordid past!!
  5. Another fascinating glimpse into the world of Pern, giving us a better understanding of the larger world of the Dragonriders! Exceptionally well written it will grab your attention quickly and captivate your imagination. Be sure to read the prior stories in this series first!!
  6. Well done and eagerly awaiting for more!! This series has captivated me and has become a favorite!! Thank you for creating more of this world!!
  7. drsawzall

    Chapter 18

    A very informative chapter, much to ponder as to consequences of their actions??? I think the biggest danger for all concerned is the plethora of cliffhangers we are about to be inundated with, much like my neighborhood just south of Boston, where we are expecting 24 plus inches of snow!!! What are the odds that we have at least 2 cliffies in the next 4 chapters??? I've done my job....any takers, thoughts? What are the odds???? Ok then, I'm gonna go hide in a corner....
  8. drsawzall

    Naughty Boys

    Ryan's ancestors????
  9. drsawzall

    Chapter 4 - Damon

    I think the following sums up the way the boys feel about each other... He gave me a warm smile. “Yeah, I put it in the slow cooker this morning. Just in case you were still feeling like shit today.” He looked a little sheepish that he’d gone to the trouble just for me. “Kelly called this morning and told me you needed comfort food because you are diseased.” “Thanks, shithead,” I told my roommate, who barely acknowledged I was talking to him. Kelly lifted the bowl to his mouth, slirping the last of the soup down. “Fuck me, that’s good soup. It tastes homemade. Where’d you get it?” The ridiculous man asked Cole. My heart goes out to all of them for the tragic loss!!
  10. drsawzall


    Setting the hook....or so it seems... "I have only so much authority and influence here. And I am going to need to use all of that to prevent Leonmarkh's execution and ensure he has a fair and honest trial. That is the foundation upon which Mulia was founded and I will not compromise those standards. But Brathay, you need to let me take care of that alone. Do not struggle against them as I am sure you wish to. I need you to convince them that you will not object to a trial. Otherwise I fear Khallis may be inclined to make an example of Leonmarkh's remaining captains. And we cannot allow that to happen. Right now we need to create more time, to keep Leonmarkh safe until I have the ear of the Royal Palace adviser. Are you willing to help me with that?" Now we know... "Lord Leonmarkh," came Brennik's voice. "The young apprentice, Brathay Stonearm, has something he wishes to say to you." Brathay watched absently as Brennik clasped a bony hand around Leomarkh's chin and turned his face to him. The following words were barely audible, but Brathay heard each of them. "Best you pay attention, Leo, my little cirroccho."
  11. drsawzall

    Chapter 86

    I hear the pitter patter of tiny feet in Tim and Stephen's future once the Bruce situation is resolved!! Not to mention wedding bells???
  12. drsawzall


    Too much happening without any reasonable background in which to formulate an opinion, my psychotic, psychic powers of prognostication tell me to wait, nothing is as it seems...our author is hell bent on muddying the waters with false trails unimaginable! Zhorman is an enigma, Khraxwall is a duplicitous rat...I'm not completely sold on Zhorman's duplicity.. In fact...inquiring minds need potent libations whilst pondering this turn of events!
  13. drsawzall


    Khraxwall is not acting alone, someone close to Lord Leon must have sold out. Someone with knowledge about the keep and its defenses. Other that that...I can't add any more! Late to the party once again!
  14. drsawzall


    So well told and incredibly rich in detail and lore, kudos!! I eagerly await the next tale from you...Thanks!!
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