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30 Poems: Spirituality and Darkness - 2. Mist along the Prairie

I have written another ten poems. I wonder if they are hard for others to decipher.

I don't think so... not if you really break them down...

Either way you can enjoy them for their mellifluousness if nothing else.


I need no flowers nor gifts from you.
Quoth the raven, karma doesn’t exist but I do.
Your intentions were always visible,
Your depression is non-refundable.
I’ve had over a year, I’m shrewd.
The ache in your chest and the tears,
Your wounded wrist, distant storm at my shore.
You had the indiscriminate vindictiveness
Of an attacking insect.
I’m in your dreams evermore.


Two lovers found each other in nightly meets,
Told verses of old curses they had released.
Promising potential of partnership and an in-forked path.
Deviant dalliance in the dancers and an outright death.
One of tainted blood and one-sided loves,
Fled to the arms of others and met harm and bothers.
One of unkind mind, flecked with specters
Eager to enact his bidding and do his killing.
Opulent paradox, promised long though they did grossly cease.
Elegant nemesis; never did one undo his undertaker’s lease.


From my tall and truffled tower I saw,
A forlorn figure troubled and sour.
His grip slipping on his prized bitch saw all,
To an owner who had fed her better.
His fruitless rage exposed in an attempt
To break apart others like his lost wench.
He wrote to many so his prize stayed kept,
They all saw as he did – his captive left.
A shame that five long years had gone to waste,
He still haunts my streets and garners distaste.


I want to play a game of injuries and maladies,
By the past of your last year’s tragedies.
I was a love from afar, your desire to control.
Closed your heart and proud of being a psychopath.
You are more human with my intervention.
Forced mourning for your sadistic escapades.
So say to those you love nevermore,
As pieces connect like a frenetic jigsaw.
Limitless encryptions bypass your pneumatic system of thought.
De ja vu, you did unto others as I have now done to you?


Our similarities smelt sweetly like a poison flower,
Outlived me left to be destiny’s abandoned dowager.
Double-agent formula-made as my elaborate snare.
Dim evil twin, reprehensible reflection without care.
In my mind, pardoned and honoured while without need.
In measured by your deeds, a sorry sight indeed.
Pull back petals to see the dark centipedes and weeds.
Pluck black seeds, my modicum provision to supersede.
Sprouting fruit now without my devoted tending.
Sick garden that needed work and yielded nothing.


Whence did we love by sterling moonlight?
Wedded and moored to riverbank twilight.
Whereupon you deemed me worthy of a forever place,
Warm pristine gleam – one and only love or chased hate.
Walking up the winding turrets atop castle walls.
Witnessing no bearded barleys but plague and war.
We circle the same distance in our fight,
Waiting patience will win the counter-strike.
Wilted and waning by our wanton ways.
Wielded by webbing, you have doomed your days.


Can you restrain in chains my righteous vengeance with unrefined binding?
I am the red dragon with seven heads, ten horns and seven crowns.
Will you rebuke the abused with no excuse while I eat as the feasting beast?
Freed from my sea with ten crowns and blasphemous names upon my faces.
Should you escape your fate and retaliate with a panicked, frantic magic?
You who can’t meditate while my lamb face breaks with a dragon voice.
Unacceptable noise would be surprise in your dulcet cries,
Unexpected divorce and remorse is the due for your lies.
The lamentation of facing in the shadows one day the avenger of disgraces.
The expectation of damnation with two coffins buried in separate places.


Of my off-world suitors I’ve chosen you,
Offering two soul windows for our rosen view.
To bear your mark, to bear ghostly offspring,
Exchanging blood; interchanged cambions.
I am demanding of your company in seclusion,
You have submission and possession of our union.
To others I’m wicked, to you a worshipping spouse.
Nestled with the demonic, this vessel our share-house.
Closer than vines, deeper than time,
Further than mind, my darkest bind.


Take caution labelling anything “beyond comprehension”,
For in hiding is where true strategy avoids detection.
Divine will, strong obedience, powerful love – oxymorons advise.
These are the lies.
Obscuration, complicating, sanguine feelings and skills to use.
These are the tools.
Control, power, when the chips are down the ethereal is evil self-seeking.
This is everything.
The existence of spirit doesn’t contradict life as an accident.
That power is for you but be nobody’s fool – they’ll use, hurt and weaken you to keep you.


A first step on a new journey,
Your next best in your company.
And all these roads led to different homes.
My reward for my freedom fought,
The first night that the light was caught.
And all for one when all is said and done.
Our pleasure is at our discretion,
These measured words start these treasures.
And all’s well that ends well.
And alright may be right by you.

Copyright © 2020 Invnarcel; All Rights Reserved.

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