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All My Dreams Pass Before My Eyes

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Coming of age, coming out, sexual confusion, seduction. These themes and others are explored in the winding tale of Toby, Carey, and their friends, loves, and acquaintances.


Readers of this story may remember other short stories and chapters from the author’s previous work published on other platforms. Although some of this work is similar or even repeated verbatim, it has been revised to fit a new narrative.
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Leslie Lofton


"All My Dreams Pass Before My Eyes" follows the lives of a wide-ranging ensemble of characters. Each person is spaghettified through a wormhole of sex, sex, sex, sex, sex, ranging from the relatably accessible to the extravagantly bizarre. The settings are vivid and so incredibly hyperlocal that I shudder to think how much of it is based on the author's personal experience.

The "action" sequences are lucidly depicted. It's always helpful to know who's going where and how many knuckles are involved; if you appreciate that kind clarity, you will not be disappointed. Such a diverse array of "-ities", "-ations", and "-isms" are depicted that you may find yourself intrigued by something you hadn't suspected would pique your freak or sync with your kink. 

While a few characters do make it from one end of the ride to the other in basically one piece, the majority of them enter the stream obliquely and are flung off tangentially. For me, this was a disappointing aspect of the story. There were several points at which a few interesting characters and plot threads seemed poised to combine and make some narrative leap, only to be smashed apart, the leads swept away to another boudoir, sex island, or harem, and the supporting cast scattered.

What is undeniable is that @JLynch has an enviable and indefatigable talent for descriptive writing, and I look forward to seeing what further delights will come from that pen! 

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Lee Wilson


This is a very interesting story. The characters feel real. There are twists and turns all along the way. There is plenty of interaction and action between the characters. The only thing that prevented a fifth star from my perspective was the constant change of character focus from chapter to chapter. Maybe it's just me, but I tended to lose track of which characters previously did what three or four chapters back.

Regardless of that fact, it is still a good read. If your reading comprehension is better than mine, and I know mine is bad, so yours probably is, that won't be a roadblock for you. Perhaps a binge read would have worked better for me.

Read it!!


I was about to hate the author during the climax, but thankfully the direction changed.

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