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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

MetaViews - 3. MetaView 3: White Wolf Pack Chief Enforcer Burt A. Thunder

This interview takes place before chapter 1 of MetaWolf 1 (MW1 “Meta”). Inspired by LitLover.

Burt felt like a teenage girl waiting to meet her boyband crush show up in the hotel, so many butterflies were swirling around in his stomach. He had already eaten three pieces of plum pie and emptied his jug of ice-tea, checking his black Luminox watch every 30 seconds it seemed. ‘Get in control of yourself, damn it,’ he swore at himself.

“Sorry I’m late. The Colonel surely likes listening to his own voice,” a deep voice apologized.

Burt coughed. Some iced tea had gone down the wrong pipe. He quickly jumped up. He suppressed the need to salute at the last second – after all, both he and his future Alpha were in civvies – before he took the offered hand and shook it tightly. He dropped his head for a second to acknowledge the higher rank of the red-haired wolf sitting down opposite to him in this diner in Escondido. “No problem.”

“I see that,” Prime teased pointing at the three plates with barely crumbs left on them.

“I …,” Burt stuttered.

“You have sweet tooth, CE …” Prime lifted his arm to call for the waitress.

Burt was silent for a second until he realized Prime had called him already with the name he had given him nearly a year ago before he had shipped out.

The waitress seemed to purr at Prime’s attention when he ordered a burger, another pie slice for Burt – well, CE – and iced tea for both of them. It was obvious she wouldn’t have minded taking that cute hunk with those amazing green eyes home with her to discover other burgers; though her age and her unruly hair potentially hiding all the evidence about who killed Kennedy, put that out of question. When Prime dismissed her coldly – making her confirm her beliefs: ‘All the cute ones are gay’ – she went off to place the order with the kitchen.

“You okay, Alpha?”

“Yes. No physical injuries. Mind a bit screwed up, but less than average. Looking forward to getting out, though. Not sure what we are trying to achieve over there. They’ll never become like us …” Despite Prime’s disappointment in the progress in Iraq, he looked full of energy and optimism.

CE shrugged. “Shifted recently?”

“No. This evening hopefully.”


“And you? Many marines to arrest?”

“A murder case with a sailor in San Diego. Otherwise just the usual. Not that I have lots of trouble with them anyway,” CE bragged a bit.

“I remember.” Prime grinned at the comment and the fact his burger was arriving. When he had taken his first bite, he asked: “So tell me what happened with your folks? Not a happy childhood?”

CE stopped sucking on the straw, realizing how kidlike that made him. It seemed the pleasant introduction conversation was over and this had become a ‘job interview.’ Of course, the Alpha wanted to know more about his future chief enforcer.

“Actually, I had a great childhood. My father is chief enforcer of the Mt. Patterson pack; at the border to Nevada. He was firm, but quite supportive, until …” He hesitated for a second; and for some reason he felt Prime understood, so he continued. “My mother is very traditional; she does what my father says, but she always took great care of us two.”


“My younger brother Will. Just one year younger, nearly like me. He’ll be a great enforcer one day. We always challenged each other, we did everything together. I miss him.”

“I also have a younger brother. Seb. He was barely 10 when I left home for the Corps …”

CE nodded. He felt connection, he felt understanding. Warmth touched his heart. “We have a great pack land, hills, forests everywhere; the hills painting shadows on the lake – they call it ShadowLands. And the lake, perfect for swimming. Well, for those wolves who like it. Quite secluded, so we’re pretty undisturbed … and the clean air … we’ve been there for centuries …” A glow fell over CE’s deep brown eyes.

Prime took another big bite. “You miss it.”

CE sighed. He didn’t have to answer.

“What happened?”

“I graduated, and suddenly I learned I was supposed to marry a girl, Samantha, because I’m the future chief enforcer and need to sire offspring.”

“Not very traditional.”

“Who is nowadays?”

Prime nodded in agreement.

CE continued. “I refused, arguing that she wasn’t my mate and I would wait … but I felt they knew why …” He couldn’t say it.

“Sounds familiar.”

“So I packed and ran; lived here and there before I started boot camp in September in Pendleton. I was a shadow of myself. I missed my parents, the land, the other wolves … I felt like a rogue wolf. I missed my mother’s cooking, I missed Will’s pranks … I was alone.”

“And now? What do you miss? Care about?”

CE had finished his pie, his fourth piece, stacking the plate with the other three. “A pack. Caring for my pack. Protecting them. Sometimes I feel useless. And I’m afraid I will never achieve what I thought I would have in my future life: a strong warm pack I can protect; a wise and strong Alpha, I can follow; a mate I can love …”

“You’re afraid to be alone for the rest of your life,” Prime summarized quite dryly. “And only because you’re not straight.”

CE nodded. And he felt the Alpha not only understood, but the wolf literally felt his fear; as it was also the Alpha’s fear. But how could that hunk of red-haired Alpha wolf fear he would be alone? Everyone was gravitating towards him … well, everyone meant women.

“I hold on to some of my best memories, but sometimes I wonder whether they really happened …”


“My first shift, with my father. I felt so strong, I felt so elevated, I felt complete. I saw the whole valley. Afterwards, everyone treated me differently, I wasn’t a pup anymore, but the future chief enforcer …,” he continued.

Prime smiled.

“But I also remember the moments I nearly lost it, to finally lose it completely.”


“When I was 16, a truck barely missed me. I wouldn’t have survived that collision. Fate was generous with me. But I learned my lesson that life could be over quickly. Sometimes I wonder whether Fate wanted me to experience this to prepare me for what happened when I turned 18.” Suddenly CE stopped. “I’m babbling like a woman.”

Prime shook his head firmly. “I’m conducting an interview here, so you are supposed to talk.”

“Yes, Sir,” CE answered straightening his back.

“You sound like you have always been the good guy. Nothing embarrassing ever happened to you?”

CE frowned. “Not really. Only at the end of boot camp. We were out drinking … some easy girls surrounded us in Oceanside. All of us were drunk; Trevor didn’t like that one of those gals was flirting with me and trying to sit on my lap to ‘entice me.’ He shouted: ‘No need, girl. Not a lot to make grow there.’” Had he just told his future Alpha that as much as he was overdeveloped in the human body department as much was he underdeveloped in the dick department? “I was blushing, but the girl was faster than me and answered: ‘I’ll take his teddy bear eyes any time over your bug-infested donkey dick.’”

Prime grinned.

“Given Trevor was from the super-blue city of Boulder, Colorado, it made her comment even more intelligent,” CE added.

“Any other secrets?”

“Beyond size, gay, sweet tooth and the dislike of interviews?” CE asked teasingly.


“No, Sir. I’m a strong wolf, Sir. I’m loyal and obedient. I will follow you to the end of the world, whatever our destiny is. I have low expectations in upkeep: a dry clean place to sleep and basic food will be sufficient. I hope you will never have to use silver handcuffs on me. And I promise I will always be honest. No secrets anymore. They hurt. Me and others.”

“Trevor in Oceanside? How would he describe you to his friends?”

CE frowned. That was an odd question. He thought about it. “He was just drunk; and he wanted that girl. He didn’t know what he said and he apologized afterwards. I couldn’t tell the girl or him I was gay, DADT and all, but he would say: ‘A buff, silent marine with teddy bear looks and heart; always honorable and loyal, kind and protective of his friends; ruthless and fearless towards those who threaten his friends. You can’t have a better friend.’”

“And regrets in your life?”

CE took a deep breath.

“What is it?”

“I always felt I’ve done right with everyone …”

“… but?”

“Talking about that accident reminded me of that poor kid selling juice. He looked like needing help; but I never did anything about it …”

“I can’t believe that,” Prime challenged.

“I gave him my jacket; was growing out of it anyway … and a tip, but I feel today I could have done more … he looked like he needed a friend …”

Prime bit his lip. “You can’t save them all, CE.”

Burt swallowed. “You’re right.”

Prime emptied his iced tea. He checked the bill and put the 20ies on the plastic plate next to it.

CE bit his lip. Had he screwed up?

“Do you have a problem serving a gay Alpha?” Prime suddenly asked.

“No, Sir.”

“Even when I have a mate?”

“No, Sir.”

“And just to make sure we don’t get into each other’s territory: What would your mate be like?”

CE’s eyes widened. His breathing accelerated, before he uttered: “I don’t really know. I just feel it’ll be somebody very strong, very powerful, somebody who is worth to give everything to him.”

Prime smirked. “Okay, we shall be safe then. – Not sure I’ll go for the strong and powerful type.”

CE tilted his head as if saying: ‘Be my guest!’

“Any questions?”

“No, Sir. Awaiting your orders.”

Prime chuckled. “That’s where the problem starts. I have no clue how to form a pack officially.”

“I guess we need a beta.”

Prime looked up – and lit up. “Good idea, CE. Let’s hunt for one. Really smart.”

CE giggled. “Not sure he would like that expression if he’s really smart.”

“Join me for a run tonight?”

“Tell me when and where and I will be there, Alpha!”

And with that both men left the diner, leaving a sighing waitress behind.

“Finally,” she whispered while texting Salt Lake City. Some more pain was in order.

For the fiercest CE fan and an unrelenting optimist.

JohnAR (MetaWolf@gmx.com)

Copyright © 2017 JohnAR; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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:wub::wub::wub::wub::wub: I do love CE. His answers were what I expected out of someone such a strong sense of duty.

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I so like to read about the early days of the pack. They are all so happy to find each other, to find a purpose, a home. Too bad it has to come from pain and suffering...

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