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  1. Puppilull


    My spirit animal! Though they look a bit different from our Swedish ones.
  2. Puppilull


    Not the point of the chapter, but I'm constructing a case for Nathan should he want to keep the bakery. Which he should be happy to be rid of, without any fault of his own. Win win. So with the money, he can follow Jaymes around the world and figure out what he really wants to do. Except Jaymes, that is.
  3. Puppilull


    They truly have a connection, these two. Just how long will this feeling last? Neither man is experienced in the field of relationships, so there's a high risk of misunderstandings. Also, Polly seems to not really know her cousin. Or she does and then I sort of worry for Nathan...
  4. Puppilull

    Chapter 36

    If Roku feels that strongly, I'd suggest they come up with a more long term plan than "I'll keep my distance". Or it'll explode in their faces. And not in a good way...
  5. Puppilull

    Chapter 79

    A little closer to a calmer life, hopefully. Though the ending words sound ominous... Maybe I'm just paranoid.
  6. Puppilull


    I hope they have fun in the bedroom, but also remember to talk. They have a great friendship growing and if either of them isn't looking for a more serious commitment, they should state that clearly. As the situation is now, they could be heading into a crash that could ruin everything.
  7. Just let the caffeine work its magic... I'll wait.
  8. Archimedes certainly knows how to shift his weight for effect...
  9. Puppilull


    Who might Kell-Bell be? Not obviously an ex or current. Especially since J started texting N as soon as he left. J seems to have his mind somewhere else and not on her. I was thinking Polly would know and have taddled if J was gay, but if he's had very few relationships he may not have mentioned any casual partners. As for the fete - they should remember it has turned rather dull, with even kids finding it boring. Why not let Arlene inject some new ideas? Of course, she shouldn't high jack the event, but why try to preserve something no one enjoys, tradition or not?
  10. Puppilull


    Well, some butterflies need to flutter on and be free, but to sever all contact is inexcusable. Interesting there's another branch to the family tree.
  11. My guess is they'll both go all in to reconcile. A few grand gestures and then they can get to talking for real. Just as long as they remember you can't really change a person. Sablo will probably not turn into a romance wiz kid no matter how much they talk. But I'm sure he shows his love in other ways. Like when my hubby never buys flowers but he builds me a wooden deck at our cabin.
  12. Puppilull


    So Jaymes is a relationship virgin? Interesting...
  13. Puppilull

    Chapter 20.1

    Just talk, you idiots! But I'm sure they can work it out. They have all day. Or until the next bad guy decides to cause trouble...
  14. Puppilull

    Chapter 78

    Freska! Yay! Smart one, always thinking ahead.
  15. Puppilull

    Chapter 35

    LOL Big kitty, nice kitty! Yeah, give Arad some TLC now!
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