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  1. That dress stunt is kind of a shitty move...
  2. Puppilull

    Chapter 3

    Time in hell works so differently, it could be any day now, right? 😉
  3. Love how he goes "And now a little slower" and says it just as fast. 😂
  4. Puppilull

    Chapter 8

    Jahke is adorable with his hooves and horns! I'm happy for him and Sitka. Also, I think Tobias' uncompromising and slightly brutal honesty paired with Jahke's naive but invincible optimism are working wonders for Nassau's mood. Just what he needed. The demons really did choose wisely.
  5. Puppilull

    Chapter 3

    I don't think Kiorl needs to love someone else, but rather find a way to love himself. So confident but such low self esteem. And he's figured out why. The King and the Prince will never be his. Not in the way he wants or perhaps more needs someone to be. Let's see if his pride will let him act upon his realisation.
  6. Puppilull

    RD: Chapter 2

    Interesting to meet Sathriel a bit more in person. He struck me as a little worried, wanting to ensure Kiorl's loyalty. Hell is restless, even the king himself isn't totally safe. Gruesome task to get rid of dissidents. Feels like Kiorl is more protecting Nassau, even if he is loyal to Sathriel.
  7. Puppilull

    RD: Chapter 1

    It's fascinating to see how the demons and Nassau are capable of utmost cruelty and yet are so caring towards Tobias and Jahke. Nas didn't have to send a crow, but he did. Kiorl didn't have to get an atlas, but he did. I think I've said it before, but I'm pleased they get to be demons but still multidimensional.
  8. I pronounce that in German in my head... 😂
  9. Since I'm married to a half Spaniard, I was excitedly muttering "Córdoba!". Etymology is fun!
  10. Funny you should say that. My husband and I wanted to try IHOP when we were in the US 2005. We went in and promtly turned to leave. The whole place smelled like an old, very used mop. Yuck! Since then, I've been to an IHOP in a different place and it's much better. But I was a bit hesitant to go when my friend suggested it. Since he's quite particular with his food, I however deemed it safe to try.
  11. Puppilull

    Chapter 79

    Oh no... What a terrible surprise! Will there be no end to their misfortune? They need to get to the safe place.
  12. Puppilull

    Chapter 78

    Intense! Arad is so clever, taking out the enemy while escaping. I just don't buy he'd kill them all...
  13. I'm thinking my gif from yesterday would be fitting today as well... 😁
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