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  1. Puppilull


    That's life. Trick is to share it openly and honestly. Not always pretty, but if you can see past that it can bring you closer together.
  2. Puppilull

    Salix Babylonica - 12 - 11:31 am

    Oh my... I hope Clay hasn't taken his snooping too far...
  3. Puppilull

    Salix Babylonica - 11 - The Last Day

    Clay wants to helpbut doesn't realize his best help would be to stay home and perhaps make dinner... Not play detective. And I agree, Nat is suddenly looking highly suspect, but why? Doesn't make sense. Steve could be the intended victim and Jake a trial run? Grim...
  4. Puppilull

    Chapter 17.2

    Kids keeping secrets is generally a bad idea. A kid like Fran doing it can be very bad news...
  5. Puppilull

    Chapter 66

    Clearing the air is good, since they approach the end game. Or...?
  6. Puppilull

    Chapter 23

    Well... Quite a unique way of saying hello... 😂
  7. Puppilull


    This chapter brings me back to the early 90s, when I worked at university in the computer rooms for law students. I had to teach people (young ones!) how to doubleclick. These days, my 2 yo standsin front of the TV and tries to swipe images and change programs... Eric has taken a big leap and I think he will like this new world. If he can just ignore the trolls...
  8. @Thorn Wilde Saw this and thought Wade has finally corrupted Peter... ;) #Holdingback 



    1. Thorn Wilde

      Thorn Wilde

      Man, I hope so! ❤️😂

    2. Thorn Wilde

      Thorn Wilde

      (Though tbf at the end of Holding Back he totally had...)

  9. Puppilull


    LOL I read that too and he seemed to know his stuff. I thought "Someone who looks that cute has to be right..."
  10. Puppilull

    Salix Bablyonica - 10 - The Plan

    Cindy doesn't even seem to connect Jake and Steve in her mind at all. So, were they super discrete or is it not him in the blog? Could it be someone else at the bar, and whoever is the killer tries to make a connection that isn't there? I guess I'll have to keep reading.
  11. Puppilull


    I think Tony is right. Joy will not live up to her name and the feeling of loneliness will grow. Question is: Will it be too late? Never too late is the other one... Strangely enough, I lay pondering the origin of the word "quid" just a few nights ago (as one does, instead of sleeping...). My guess was it had something to do with quid pro quo. Research showed no conclusive answer, but my guess seemed in the lead on most bloggs. Funny to see it here as well.
  12. Puppilull

    niece time

    Lovely picture of a special bond forming.
  13. Puppilull

    Chapter 65

    Yes, Kohen. Talk first, alter course later! But ok, the Captain is a difficult guy to get through to, when he's so convinced Kohen needs to be coddled every minute of the day. Give some space and listen, instead.
  14. Puppilull

    Chapter 22

    Arad's already on the plus side for doing something. Far too many do nothing, for fear of making a mistake. So it's always better to do something rather than nothing.
  15. Puppilull

    Chapter 22

    So the games begin...? How will Roku react when he is fully awake? I imagine they can be a handful, these guys... (And a little tip to Arad for future "unveilings" and others who might need to do CPR: it's 30 compressions to two breaths. And go fast. Up to 120 bpm.)

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