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Community Answers

  1. Now that was Serendipity working hard! I didn't even know. Or maybe I subconsciously did... Happy birthday!
  2. Who could those demons be...? Very young? Or just severely pranked by Nassau...? @Sasha Distan


    1. Slytherin


      A true Black  Slytherin cat :P 

  3. Daughters have got a sudden craze for anime. Hearing intense dialogue in Japanese beats the usual yelling youtubers they tend to watch. 

  4. Nice number!


    1. northie


      Only it's spoilt already...  ;)  :lol:

    2. Puppilull


      I know, @northie. Fleeting joy of symmetry... 

    3. Slytherin


      Spongebob Squarepants Ok GIF
      Cool ! :funny:

  5. Puppilull

    Chapter 7

    Hmm... I'll keep my shipping to myself from now on, to avoid more characters getting dispatched (?) like Mikhail. Yago has a way of revealing even more crazy when you think the man has reached the absolute bottom. He needs a spectacularly painful ending, filled with humiliation.
  6. Puppilull

    Chapter 6

    He he... Kade will prove a challenge for Adrian. How to woo a thief? Stealing his heart? 😉 Sounds to me like Jared indeed is a better diplomat than assassin. They will have to show trust and faith to get anywhere. Not easy given their history.
  7. Puppilull

    Chapter 5

    Kade is a Di Couteau? Interesting! I can understand Marion's confusion. She holds a lot of hatred towards Alexandre and justly so. Can a man change? And does that make up for his cruel past?
  8. Puppilull

    Chapter 4

    Talia must be feeling so useless locked up like that. Difficult to take action without help, though it seems hopeless at the moment. Maybe if Mikhail shows up...
  9. Puppilull

    Chapter 3

    Jezebel will fall of her own pride. She'd do well learning the phrase Memento mori. Maybe that's the point of keeping old portraits? Jared and Marion have some thinking to do. The world is changing and they should change with it.
  10. Puppilull

    Chapter 2

    Strange to see Ysabel almost human and so aware of her demon. She needs to regain full control not to be used as a mere weapon. Talia sure is up against a true challenge. She'll have to prove what she learned from all her training. I'm happy Luca followed his heart. Though Adrian deserves an equally fine a spouse.
  11. It's the amazing outdoors museum and zoo in Stockholm adapting to the corona virus. They are suffering from heavy loss of profit due to no tourists, but we are trying to raise money for them.
  12. Puppilull


    Random pictures from my life...
  13. Puppilull

    Taking a Hit

    Dust yourself off and try again... Isn't that how the song goes? He'll get there, if he keeps at it.
  14. Ok, anyone with time over for a language question? 

    Would you say:

    1) change of behavior of a firm

    2) change of behavior in a firm, or

    3) change of behavior by a firm?

    Random text snippet, I know, but just tell me what you see as most common. I want to go with 3, but that is not what is written in the text I'm proofing... 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Headstall


      Three for sure! :) 

    3. Lux Apollo

      Lux Apollo

      Probably 3?

    4. ancientrichard


      I'd use either (2) or (3)

      I'd say 'in a firm' if employees changed their behaviour while at work, I'd say 'by a firm' if the firm itself changed the way it dealt with other entities, such as its customers or the tax authorities, so I think (3) would usually be the right phraseology

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