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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Once In a Lifetime - 1. Chapter 1 - Over the Ridge and By the River

Welcome to the tale of Once In a Lifetime. The first 5 chapters will follow Ezra Davis in his acceptance of his sexuality.
Enjoy. :)

The sound of dirtbike engines roared through the trees as a couple of young boys bounced over jumps. Ezra Davis and Levi Cooper, both 14 years of age, sped through the course, ripping up the dirt behind them.


Ezra passed the 'finish line' first, laughing in his victory. Taking his helmet off, he smiled towards his friend. “LOSER!”


Ezra was the smaller of the two boys but only by a couple of inches. His blonde hair stayed short, which kept it out of his face and pale blue eyes. Ezra was not a weak boy; natural muscle from riding the bike had formed on his small frame.


Levi was not only a little taller but bigger as well. His baby fat had yet to leave him behind. His dark hair curled and was almost always a disaster. Levi's lightning blue eyes shined and attracted many girls.


“Whatever Ezra! You got off earlier than me.”


Continuing his laughter, Ezra hopped off his bike. “You're just jealous of my skills!”


Just then another rider came zooming by the two boys. Emmett, Levi's older brother by three years, took one of the biggest jumps on the track at full speed. Landing it, he turned around and came up to the two of them.


Raising his visor, he nodded towards the younger boys. “How was that?” The two boys remained speechless, mouths almost on the ground. “I know, I know, amazing right”?


“Dude that was awesome”! Levi dropped his bike and ran up to his brother. “Come on, why do you get to have all the fun!?”


“Because I know what I'm doing.” Emmett ruffled his little brother's hair.


Ezra could feel his cheeks warm as he watched the brothers interact. Ezra would tell you he has no feelings towards boys, and he would be right. Most of the time. There were only a couple boys that caught his attention, and Emmett was one of them.


Emmett was everything Ezra wanted to be, but couldn't. Ezra's body wouldn't let him grow as much muscle as the Cooper boys. Emmett worked out daily, and you could see the results.


Levi fixed his hair and growled at his brother. “Well today was fun, dad is probably waiting impatiently to take us home.”


“You go, little bro; I'm going to have one last lap around the track.” Emmett put his helmet back on and started his engine. He was off and out of sight in no time.


Levi gave Ezra a knowing look. “What!?” Ezra's face reddened.


“You were checking him out again, and you know it.” It was a jest among friends. Levi had noticed Ezra's infatuation with his older brother many months ago.


“Whatever Levi.” Ezra waved his friend off before hopping onto his bike and rode off to ride back home.



Ezra spent a limited amount of time at home. Between dirt biking, camping, and other activities, Ezra was rarely seen by his parents. At a young age, his father had taught him how to survive outdoors, and he used what he learned almost weekly.


When he got home, he returned his dirt-bike to the shed where it was kept. Once that the bike was put away, he grabbed a few things from the shed before heading inside briefly.


“Dad do you know where my rod is!?” Ezra was found by his father looking through a closet. “Well... do ya?”


His father laughed. “I was tinkering with it the other day. Now, where did I leave it?” Ezra rolled his eyes as he followed his father through the house. The two looked very similar. If you looked at pictures of his father at Ezra's age, you could very easily mistake who it was in the photo.


“What were you even doing with it?”


Still searching for the fishing rod, his father stopped. “I was giving it some fresh line. I did that while watching my shows...”


Ezra went and pushed the couch away from the wall a bit. “It's behind the couch... Like where it always ends up after you tinker with it.”


Messing up his son's hair, Mr. Davis laughed. “Just say thanks for the line and be on your way.” Ezra smiled and headed back to the main door of the house. “You going to be camping overnight?”


“Yes, sir!”


“Take Dawn with you, then.” His father instructed.


“Okay.” With Dawn, a pit bull mix, in tow Ezra walked his way down to a nearby river to camp. Finding his special spot down by the river, he set up camp and started fishing for his dinner. Within the hour, he had a few fish to cook over a fire.


Just as he was starting to cook the fish, Ezra's phone went off. Logan, an older jock at school, had sent him a message. Closeted, Ezra was the only one that knew Logan was gay. They had experimented in the past repetitively.


Logan – What you up to tonight?

Ezra – Camping out with Dawn, why?

Logan – At the normal spot???

Ezra – Yep. You gonna come hang out?

Logan – thinking about it. Might bring sum supplies to

Ezra – I have an extra fish I can cook come on down.

Logan – Be there in a bit ;)



Ezra quickly got more fish cooking over the fire. Dawn, forever on guard duty, told Ezra that Logan had arrived before he was even in sight. Logan looked at the outdoors boy in front of him and smiled his signature grin. “I'm blowing off Lyndsay for this.” Lyndsay was his beard.


Seeing Logan caused Ezra's groin to shift. Logan's dirty blonde hair was swept perfectly to the side around his gray eyes. A plain white tee covered by a light jacket. A pair of board shorts barely covered the obvious commando in front of him.


“Oh, so I get you instead of your girlfriend?” Ezra laughed as he checked the fish.


Logan threw his backpack into the tent and sat down by the fire. “Well, she doesn't like camping like you do.” He leaned in and pressed his lips to Ezra's. They started to make out, Logan slowly taking control.


Ezra backed off. “I should finish the fish before we get too serious.”


“Sounds good to me. Anything I can do to help?”


“Nope, it's almost done.” With just a couple more minutes to prepare the fish, Ezra and Logan had their dinner. Soon, marshmallows were cooked over the fire while the two boys joked around the flames.


As the sky grew darker, Logan started his advances. He pulled Ezra close and started his foreplay. Before long Logan was trying to get his lips on Ezra's. “You know I don't kiss.


Logan pushed him onto his back. “I swear you have to be gay. Just not wanting to commit.”


Ezra laughed. “I'm not, just find bottoming pleasuring. No guys really have my attraction.” He lied. “Just like the sex.”


“Sure Ezra, sure,” Logan spoke doubtfully. He didn't care, though he doubted Ezra's statements. Logan found the younger boy beyond attractive and thought, in the long run, he'd figure out his sexuality. In the future, Logan wants to call Ezra his boyfriend.


“Let's get in the tent!” Ezra smiled giddily. Leaving Dawn outside the thin walls, they entered the tent. Quickly the two boys stripped off their clothes and grinding against one another.


Logan's cock was clearly larger in every way. Thicker and longer, Ezra took one look at it and found himself in lust. The cut head of the penis was crimson in its wait for pleasure.


Ezra was caught in his lust by Logan. “Like what you see?” He awkwardly giggled. “Want it bad, don't you?”


“Give it to me.” Ezra quickly flipped onto his stomach sticking his ass up for penetration.


He did not receive the cock he wanted though. Logan's index finger, with a bit of lube, pushed its way inside. Playing inside and loosening Ezra's rear end. When a second finger went in, the younger boy couldn't help but let out a moan.


The fingers left, only to be replaced with the cock Ezra desperately wanted. Slowly, it pierced through and filled his rear. After a few minutes, Ezra was pulled back onto the whole cock, his ass pressed against his top's hips.


Hands on Ezra's hips, Logan started pounded the boy before him. Ezra didn't moan, he screamed in pleasure. The jock behind him knew exactly where to hit. Before long, Logan had caused an orgasm below him without a single touch.


Soon after, Logan filled Ezra with his own load of cum. Both boys collapsed in exhaustion on the loose bedding inside the tent. They spent a good portion of the remainder of the night inside the tent.



In the ridge overlooking Ezra's campsite sat a young boy around 13, watching and listening to the encounter. Kieran had come across them when they had almost kissed and had stuck around to listen.


Kieran was a larger boy; not fat, just had a bit of chub, though he still had much of his baby fat. His light brown hair flowed around his face and let his green eyes shine true. His lightly tanned skin made him quite the looker.


Kieran's hand inside his jeans playing with his hardened toy. He heard the screams and the slaps from skins making contact. The cock had enough and climaxed long before either boy in the tent had made it that far.


“Hey, Kieran!?” A voice pierced the woods.


Not wanting to get caught, Kieran quickly got up and ran to the voice. “Hey, keep it down!” He hushed them. “Come with me, Kaige. I gotta show you something!” Kaige, his cousin, followed.


Kaige was a bit older, having just turned 15 a month or so ago. His hair dark ginger was never tamed and ran wild, even after a brushing. It could commonly be found to be covering the brown eyes he held.


“What are you showing me, Kieran?” Then he heard the voices of Ezra and Logan. “Wait, people are having sex. We shouldn't be listening in that's rude Kieran.”


At the moment Kaige caught up with his younger cousin someone was coming out of the tent. Throwing himself on the ground so he wouldn't be seen, he watched the boy.


Ezra, only in his underwear came out of the tent and dumped water over the fire putting most of it out. When Dawn barked toward the cousins hiding, Ezra just hushed her. “Get in the tent.” She listened to her command.


Kaige watched as Ezra returned into the tent. Bending over to get in, he got a great look at the boy's butt. “Wow...” Kaige said to himself.


“See! Worth it wasn't it?” Kaige smacked his cousin. “Ow! What was that for?”


“We should get back to our site NOW!” But to Kaige it was worth it. He was going to have a fond jack off session later by himself. “If only I didn't live so far away...” He whispered to himself.


“What was that?” Kieran turned around to confront him.


Kaige simply pushed him back on track. “Just get back, it's almost pitch black out.”


Chapter End.

Emmett, Logan, Kieran or Kaige? Whom will Ezra find himself with by the end? I know the answer, but what do you all think?
Copyright © 2017 kuragari129; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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