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  1. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 8

    It's getting interesting!
  2. GanymedeRex

    UJ Chapter 4

    Okay interesting. I don't see why press would be following these people.
  3. I know a "IV" kid, who is called IV ("Eye Vee"). Its awful. This story is lively and interesting so far. My only advice, ditch the "rents" phrase. I work with and know a lot of kids. Nobody under 25 uses this term.
  4. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 8

    Interesting development. I am enjoying this so much. There is a richness to the storytelling - the dialogue, actions and internal monologue flow so easily and the transitions are not noticeable.
  5. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 3

    Agreed. Mike's writing craft is quite decent. I'm enjoying the slow pace.
  6. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 2

    Cultural perceptions are very different from UK-->US and US-->UK. It's interesting to see some of them play out in this chapter.
  7. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 1

    Ah nice times exploring nature. So far we've got a decent setup for an unwelcoming school environment.
  8. GanymedeRex

    That One Moment

    What a delightful moment. I think I remember experiencing something like this as a kid, but it didn't turn out so well. Oh, at least there is a possibility for wonderful things with this boy and his Crispen.
  9. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 25

    It is very difficult to reach someone like Zach you is in a mental prison. It's hard to do. The portrayal of Brody is pretty amazing - he's like a fantasy figure of the hero savior that someone in a desperate situation wishes for but believes doesn't think is possible. Being able to reach somebody like Zach on the part of someone like Brody doesn't work most of the time, which is part of what makes this story exciting, yet it still seems realistic. I see those "I've rescued and abused child" by an adult with a RV or cool farm (or lottery winner) on storylovers, but those are mostly pedo fantasies. Abused kids aren't fetish objects just clamoring for affection; they build a fortress of fear around themselves. Comicality depicted this very well - it is amazing to watch that fortress crumble.
  10. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 24

    I wonder about Mr. Raffe. I wonder if he represents a teacher Comicality could never please in his life and that this aspect of the story is a way to relive and engage in a victory over this antagonistic teacher. On the other hand, with regards to Zack, I wonder if Mr. Raffe could have helped him become a better writer and that the impression of unrelenting criticism from the teacher is a fair and objective assessment by Zack or not. Between the option of antagonist and misinterpreted but well intended teacher, I'm provisionally going with the first impression rather than believing something more elaborate until the evidence of the story indicates otherwise.
  11. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 8

    This is my second pass through this. What a beautiful chapter. I really like how he gets into the mind of a damaged, abused person and their thought process. To see Brody breaking through his defenses to 'catch him'. What amazing moment.
  12. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 2

    The story sure does capture some of the instant highs and lows of adolescence.
  13. GanymedeRex

    Alo Chapter 30

    Now that I think of it, look at the waste laid by Lloyd so far in the story. How many people are in jail or pending trial? How many people have lost their jobs? How many people have been fined or humiliated? I get that the people all did something wrong, but this is a hugely impactful track record surrounding just one guy, eh?
  14. GanymedeRex

    Alo Chapter 30

    Isn't evicting a family with 6 hours notice - who had been living on a property for 20 years kind of cruel? Doesn't the country have notification laws for these sorts of things? I can understand not wanting to lease or trying to recover damages to property, but really, I don't understand the reason for this. It seems heartless.
  15. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 1

    Second pass for this story - lots of smiles!
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