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  1. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 30

    This symbiotic element is so cool! Was not expecting the story to go in this direction. Also really enjoying the relationship with Garjah. So fun.
  2. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 45

    This is such an enjoyable ride through history. Very eager to see what we know will happen in under 2 weeks and how this will affect our protagonist's fortunes.
  3. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 28

    That was funny!
  4. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 26

    That sure was action packed!
  5. GanymedeRex


    Thanks for the enjoyable ride.
  6. This is quite enjoyable. Well written and it has a fresh perspective.
  7. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 26

    Pretty cool. Really liked the wound treatment part.
  8. GanymedeRex

    Present Day

    I thought the first chapter was trite and overwrought. Now, THIS chapter was interesting and different. The sanctuary issue provided the twist the story needed and the mate thing adds to it. Nice.
  9. GanymedeRex

    Day 6.

    He's learning a lot about the world very quickly! I'm interested in how he might be able to bootstrap himself out of this precarious situation. I guess that is the interesting element of the story so far.
  10. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 43

    After a binge of the entire Granger series, I'm finally starting to get these chapters in drips. How rich and enjoyable is the rich history (and pseudohistory) in these stories!
  11. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 48

    So Jakun has cat penis barbs? Interesting!!?
  12. After following this so far, I've decided that I don't really care for this story and am no longer following. It never clicked with me and I found no joy in it. I'm enjoying @Yeoldebard's other works quite a bit. Guess you can't please all the people all the time! Good luck.
  13. GanymedeRex


    Great dynamics going on here. Makes me want to keep reading.
  14. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 46

    Interesting. Let's see next chapter if the pistol correctly discharged.
  15. GanymedeRex


    This is such an enjoyable story. Talon is a great character who is at his best when he is being fun - it would be great to see that side of him again.
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