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  1. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 39

    Such a delicious twist!
  2. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 17

    in this and other stories in the series, Mark does a masterful job of describing the national character of nations: Specifically Spain, France, Russia & the Ottomans. Much of what he describes about their behavior and habits still applies just as well today. That's amazing.
  3. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 64

    Winkler is easy to adore.
  4. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 61

    This story is called "The Odyssey" after all. It's not supposed to be easy.
  5. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 60

    I felt the same way at the end of Star Trek III. Oh, and very nice ending to Sir Tobias!
  6. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 50

    George is sluttier than Captain Kirk
  7. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 46

    George going as a woman? and risking the Egypt route near another enemy? I don't buy it. I think he'd go through Baghdad. It probably wouldn't be too much difference if the wait time for the guide were factored in.
  8. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 37

    That was an amazing conversation between George and Chartley. It was deep and introspective and gave us a lot of insight into the characters. Chartley sure had an important lesson to convey to George.
  9. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 13

    Chartley = Travis 2.0
  10. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 39

    This and the last chapter visited some of my favorite places in the world. Great story. Keep those midshipmen & cabin boys coming!
  11. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 38

    As a medical doctor, I can say you did a good job depicting Carlos!
  12. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 34

    Cadiz is an ancient Roman settlement. You can walk the streets there and feel it. For things to do, it's mostly a party/bar town like New Orleans though.
  13. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 19

    I wonder how many times the work "lanolin" is used in this series. At least 50 times!
  14. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 1

    I'm greatly appreciative of this whole series. There isn't a lot of bisexual content that mirrors real-life situations very well. Although the military adventures are exceptional, the dual life of a married man is quite common. Those of us who have traditional families, whether active with the same sex or not, are likely to appreciate the dynamics here.
  15. GanymedeRex

    Chapter 13

    Bout time
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