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  1. Abel’s POV It’s been a couple of days since Cairo’s court case; we’ve been hanging out at school a lot more. Kyler has been making fun of me more about us flirting. It’s all in good fun but telling my parents about him still stresses me out. Sure, they are fine with me now but what about after? “Hey mom, this is a boy I’d like to bang,” I told myself in the mirror. Yea, that is NOT how I’m introducing Cairo to my parents. “How am I going to do this?" “Do what?” Jude was passing by and must have heard me. “What are you trying to figure out little brother?” I took a big breath and turned to him. “How do I tell mom and dad about a boy I like?” Jude’s smile made me relax almost instantly. “Luckily for you, my room is right beside mom and dads. They just so happened to have this exact conversation. Their reaction was ‘we should just treat it like if Jude was coming up to us about a girl he liked.’” He mimicked mom’s voice to the best of his ability, which made me laugh. “You sound funny when you try and talk like mom.” Jude just rolled his eyes. “Keep yourself on track, kid.” I continued my chuckle to myself. “They don’t care; it would be the same thing if I brought home a girl.” “It still makes me nervous about it all.” He nods. “I feel you, bringing home a girl, would have caused the same amount of craziness. My bringing home my first girlfriend was the worst.” I blinked at my brother. “How is that helpful? You’re telling me a normal thing was the worst; a gay thing will be worse.” Jude took a moment to think about his train of thought. “My point is, no matter who you bring home mom and dad are going to act stupid. So bring the guy home and get it over with.” “You’re not helpful Jude.” I glared at him and walked up to my door. “And any future advice on this topic is not welcome here.” He laughed as I closed the door in his face. I grumbled over to my bed and threw myself onto it. I stayed there for almost an hour thinking about how to approach this whole situation. I want to hang out with Cairo more, but mom will want to meet him… That is when my phone went off. Cairo – Hey Abel Me – Heyyo Cairo – Have you figured out when we can hang out? Me – Not yet, mom will want to meet you first… Cairo – What’s wrong with that? Me – My mom can be a lot to take in… Cairo – Try me. Me – You asked for it. With all that I got up and made my way downstairs. Mom was busy cleaning up the living room that I’m sure she thoroughly cleaned this morning. “Mom, can I hang out with my friend Cairo?” She looked up and smiled at me after she saw my face. I couldn’t look at her, and I’m sure my face was crimson. “Of course, when is he coming over?” “I don’t know… any time better for you?” “Let’s have him for dinner. He can even stay the night if he’d like.” I didn’t think I could get more anxious, but mom managed. “You two can sleep here in the living room.” Yea, she knows exactly who Cairo is to me. “Okay, I’ll ask him, thank you.” I quickly made my way out of the living room and upstairs. Jude was waiting for me at the foot of the stairs, holding back laughter as he saw my face. “Did you rip the band-aid off?” “Shut up.” I quickly retorted before going up the stairs two steps at a time. I sent Cairo the news. Me – You’re welcome to come over for dinner and a sleepover if you’d like. We’d be sleeping in the living room. Cairo – Okay, give me a sec to ask. Me – kk Cairo – Judi says it’ll be fine if she talks with your mom. Me – You’re calling her something that isn’t Mrs. Craven!? That’s awesome Cairo – She’s starting to get mad when I call her ‘Mrs. Craven’ so I’m forcing myself to say her name. We good on her talking to your mom? Me – Yea, mom like to talk to everyone’s parents. She will be more than happy. Cairo – Okay see you in a little bit then Oh god… what am I getting myself into? Cairo’s POV “I’ve got everything ready, so I’m good to go!” I dropped my backpack of stuff by the front door. I skipped back towards Mr. and Mrs. Craven. “When are we going?” I asked with a huge smile on my face. “You look very excited Cairo.” I nodded furiously towards Judi. “Just remember, you can be walked in on, being in the living room and all.” I was a tad embarrassed by that comment. “I don’t plan on doing anything we can get in trouble for.” I couldn’t keep eye contact with them knowing what they had on their mind. “Can we head over soon.” “In a moment.” Judith repositioned herself on the couch. “We wanted to ask you something.” I stared at them, unsure what they would be asking me. “Okay… what is it?” “How would you feel if we applied to adopt you?” Mr. Craven spoke crystal clear, but the words still didn’t seem real. “You're the first kid Judi, and I care for deeply.” Judi took over for him. “We care for all our foster kids, but you’ve made your way into a special place in our hearts. So, if this is something you'd like we intend on pushing forward with it.” She got a little teary eyed. “We lost our son just over ten years ago now. After coming out to us, he told his friends. They and the school weren't as accepting as people are nowadays. “We lost him and soon after started fostering kids. Your life, while very different has similarities to his. Which is why we'd love it if would give us your blessing to adopt you.” “Of course, you guys are the best.” I smiled at them before we all came together for a group hug. Imagine me, being a Craven… It wasn’t long after that we left to go to Abel's. The drive wasn’t that long, small town and all. When we arrived, Mr. Yeager was outside working on his truck. “Good afternoon Mr. Yeager, I’m Cairo.” He looked up at me and then smiled, with black marks on his face. “It's nice to meet you Cairo; I assume you’re Abel's friend who’s sleeping over?” “Yes, sir!” I spoke louder than intended. It sounds almost like he doesn’t know the whole thing between Abel and me. Or maybe he's just playing it cool. “Well, my wife Faith is inside. I’m sure she's expecting you, no need to have too long of a conversation with this grease monkey.” Mr. Craven decided to stay outside because he was a car junky too. Abel met us at the door, and he opened the door for us. He showed me around his place while parents conversed. Jude gave us this knowing smile as we passed by his room. It made both of us blush. Once we got into Abel's room, we could have a more private conversation. “I’m surprised we got okays from both sets!” Abel said excitedly. “Yeah, I would never have thought your parent would say yes,” I replied in agreement. “But they did, and here we are.” We stood in silence for a moment. “Yea…” Abel blushed. “Would you like to play some PlayStation?” “Okay.” Noah's POV “He cannot be in charge, Noah!” One of the student council executives commanded me. “You have to convince Ms. Payne to take him off prom.” Yes, we have a teacher with the same last name as Greyson, no relation though. “You nominated him, and now you want to take it away. Shouldn’t have opened your mouth Lacey, he’s in charge of prom.” She stomped off upset at my answer. “Oh well,” I said to myself as I shrugged it off and went on my way. Skylar was on my mind before Lacey showed up, I found him with Greyson nearby like usual. “Hey Greyson, could I steal Skylar for a moment?” “Sure, just make sure to bring him back in one piece.” He chuckled. I took Skylar over out of earshot of Greyson. “So, I have a weird proposition for you two…” “And Greyson couldn’t hear this why?” I let out a sigh. “Because it comes from Kayde.” Skylar gave me a very unimpressed face. “I know it’s not the best way to start this off, but it is what it is.” “This explains why we’re out of Greyson’s earshot. What does Kayde want?” Skylar’s voice continued to show how unimpressed he was. “He wants to apologize by paying for you two to go on a date.” I could tell Sky had some problems with it already. The scowl on his face was enough. “Greyson isn’t going to just agree with this you know?” At least he sounds like he’s on board. “Actually, who knows he’s been rebellious lately. His mom would be totally against it, that may cause Greyson to be okay with it.” “Yea, what’s up with Greyson lately. He seems irritated all the time.” Sky groaned. “He’s going on about ‘needing to do things by himself’ and doesn’t quite understand that you can’t do everything by yourself.” This makes sense; I have overheard Skylar complaining about Greyson lately. “No matter how I word it I can’t get the message through to him.” “He’ll figure it out in time. Think you can convince him for that date though?” Sky shrugged. “I don’t know; I’ll let you know the results. Talk to you later Noah.” “Good luck, Sky.” He gave a wave before returning to his boyfriend and continuing their day. Who knows maybe Kayde’s apology will be accepted. Skylar’s POV How do I approach Greyson about Kayde paying for a date for us? If I don’t let him know and he finds out he’d be pissed. There’s got to be a way to talk to him about this that isn’t going to get me shot. “Have you seen my phone?” Greyson was feeling around his bedside table. “I swear I put it down on my table.” It wasn’t it was on his dresser, over five feet away from him. I grabbed it and touched his hand with it. “You had it on your dresser.” He smiled at me. “Thank you.” Was that really that hard to say? I guess it’s only when he wants to do something on his own. “You almost ready Sky?” Greyson’s voice took me back to reality. “Yea, one second.” We were heading over to my place for a bit; his dad was giving us a ride. I grabbed my coat and started following him out. The ride felt shorter than usual, even though there was minimum talking. Usually, that sort of environment causes this to take longer. Greyson and I went inside, and I remembered what mom had said to me this morning. “Don’t forget to tell Greyson we're getting new furniture today, so things won't be how he remembers them.” I completely forgot to tell him… “Greyson!” I called to him as he was heading straight for some boxes. I didn’t catch him in time though. “Boxes…” He had a really grumbly face. “Thanks.” His sarcasm wasn’t hidden. Mom came from the kitchen. “Sorry Greyson, Mr. Scott hasn’t gotten home to get rid of the boxes yet.” “What did you get?” he felt the boxes. “These are pretty big boxes." Mom gave me a look; I looked away from her. A dead giveaway that I forgot to mention it to him. “We got some new furniture today. Things are mostly the same but differently shaped. Where you could once walk may not be accessible now.” “I guess Sky must have forgotten to tell me about it.” I could hear the irritation in Greyson’s voice. “Oh well, hope the new stuff is just as comfy.” Greyson then went through his usual routes throughout the house and found a few spots he’s going to have to look out for. Once he had finished that he joined me in breaking in the new couches. “Sorry I forgot to tell you about the new furniture.” “It’s fine, just have to be a little more cautious for a bit.” Greyson was still a little grumbly about it. I decided to try and change the mood. “Remember your first few times here? You made me hold your hand the entire time to make sure you didn’t bump into anything.” I giggled thinking about how far he's come. He didn’t take what I said as a joke though. “It wasn’t for you to guide me, I liked you, and your hand was nice to hold.” He scowled at me. “I didn’t need help from someone.” The words felt like a knife almost. It felt like he just told me I’m useless to him and expected that to be okay. I glared at him. “I get you want to be independent, but you don’t need to be like this.” I got up and went straight down to my room. I even made sure to move something to be in his way, just to be like that. I heard Greyson bump into the side table I moved. It took him a moment longer to get into my room. “What was that all about?” “You told me that I was useless to you.” “No, I didn't? You're very important to me.” I shook my head, knowing he couldn’t see me. “How important I am to you isn’t my point. You’ve been on this tirade of independence but fail to realize there are things you just can't do! Sometimes its fine to ask for help or accept it!” I was letting out all my frustrations out right now… this can't end well. “All my life someone has held my hand made sure I was alright if I was doing something that usually requires sight. I’m sorry, but I’m tired of people taking care of me. I’m 15, let me start to figure things out. All I want is for people to let me become an adult who doesn’t have to depend on everyone else.” Greyson was just as upset as I was. I stood up from my bed. “That doesn’t mean you can't accept help from others!!” “If I keep accepting the help I’ll never become independent. That just how my life works, Skylar!” We were both frustrated with each other and were breathing heavy. I was close to tears honestly. I hated that we were fighting, but I didn’t know what else to do right now. “I’m going to go home,” Greyson said softly. I reached for him, but he had already gotten out of my reach. “Grey…” and like that he was out of my sight too. I was immobilized, something wasn’t letting me go. I watched him leave and did nothing… Chapter End.
  2. Carter's POV Why did I ever agree to this? Here I am staring at myself in the mirror to make sure I look good, all for ‘giving a guy a chance’… Cupid seems alright, but I don’t know about dating him. “He's here Carter!” Tre called from outside my door. Moments later there was the knock. “Hello, Cupid, how are you tonight?” I continued to hear Tre. He was talking louder than normal so that I could hear. Of course, Cupid would speak just soft enough that I couldn’t hear him. I didn’t want their conversation to go on too long, so I made my way out to them and grabbed Cupid’s hand. “Okay, see you later. I’ll be hone before midnight.” Then I closed the door behind us. “You cute when you’re embarrassed, you know that?” I just rolled my eyes at him. “Ready for the date?” “Sure, let's go.” The restaurant Cupid picked out wasn’t too far away, so we just walked there. We did so in an awkward silence. We would look at each other and then suddenly turn away when we caught one another. “This has started… better than I thought honestly.” Cupid shared. “I thought you'd not answer the door and leave me outside.” “I have a wall, but I’m not that cold,” I admitted to him. “I said I'd go, therefore will go at least once.” He smiled at my comment. “So, there's a chance this will happen again!” I couldn’t help but grin at his enthusiasm. “Yes Cupid, I could very well go on a second date with you.” He seemed very happy by what I said. “if this turns out good, maybe I’ll plan the next one.” “That would be amazing!” Our way to the restaurant went by smoothly. We chatted about school and our classes. It was actually a lot better then I expected it to be. The way we talked, we really clicked together. That all changed in an instant though. When we got to the restaurant, coming out was one of the guys who I had spent the night at a few times. He was one who loved to dominate me completely, and I immediately shut down when I saw him. I stopped right in the middle of the parking lot. “We can’t eat here.” My words went out before I could even think of them. “What, why?” Cupid turned to me. “You can't stop here; we're in the middle of the road. There's even a car coming.” He went to grab my hand, but I pulled it away. “No.” The car honked moment later, and the guy turned to us. “We have to go.” I turned with the intention to make haste. “What’s going on Carter?” Cupid tried to pull me back around to look at him. “Talk to me!” He spoke with more aggression this time. “Is that my little bitch Carter?” The guy's booming voice echoed through my body. “Where do you think you’re going? You still owe me a little something.” He was talking about sex, without a doubt. Cupid's grip loosened, I pulled my arm away. “Who are you?” he spoke to the man. “Doesn’t matter who I am, he's a thief!” He pointed at me. “Where the hell's my cell phone and money you little faggot!” He spat at me, though it didn’t go far enough. “Go away, leave us alone.” Cupid barked at him. He didn’t listen, only continued his March towards us. I Finally regained control of myself. “Or I'll call the cops and tell them everything!” The look on his face was enough. He looked around and saw a few people with their cell phones out. If he continued and they came, I would tell them everything, and he'd go through endless court time. He growls and rejoined his group before they drove off, causing more ruckus then they should have. Cupid took me to sit down on a nearby bench before going and grabbing water from the restaurant. Once I drank all of it. I looked up at him shyly. “Do you want to know what just happened?” “Well I know what happened, but not what caused it.” Fair enough, he is right. “You stole from him?” I nodded. “Multiple times actually. He only realized on the last one, I guess.” I chuckled, Cupid didn’t find it funny. “It’s a long story and will probably take the entire date to tell you.” “I'm listening,” I told him my life before the summer and the start of the school year. When I skimmed over something, he would ask for more details. He would listen to every word I told him. “So the trial is this weekend?” “Yeah and I’m scared for Cairo.” My body shook, a chill going down my spine. “Does this change anything for us?” Cupid smiled. “Only that I want your journey from now on to be a better one. One that I’d like to be around for.” This date wasn’t what I thought it would be at all. It was a million times better. Every time I release that pressure I feel like a zillion bucks. This was one of those times, but it was more like a zillion and one this time. Noah's POV “That’s my plan.” I had just gone over everyone’s duties for the upcoming semester. Some of the faces on student council were less than satisfied. “There is still some I’m doing, but with everything in my life at the moment I’ve been told to disperse my duties a bit.” Edea had this grin on her face as I ended the meeting. She came up to me as most of the student council left the room. “You already seem more like yourself. You’ve been really stressed out recently.” “Everyone says that, but I don’t see it.” I shrug. “Oh well, if I’m doing better now that’s what matters.” “Indeed!” Edea agreed with me. “Oh, looks like the horndog is approaching.” Kayde rolled his eyes at her. “Yes, I get it, but I want to make it up to Greyson somehow.” “You could never speak to him again?” Edea suggested. I smacked her. “You go make sure Tiz isn’t doing something stupid.” She walked off giving me the finger as she went. “I don’t know how you can make it up to him, sorry.” “I’d like to set up an all expenses paid date for Skylar and Greyson.” He was being honest at least. “Doubt they will accept it from me though.” “You want me to take credit for your idea?” I raised an eyebrow. Kayde shook his head. “Only at the beginning, I’d have a note or something telling them it was me.” I can’t wrap my head around this kid, let alone this idea. “Please Noah, coming from you they would do it.” “And if they don’t want anything to do with you, I’ve just ruined my relationship with them.” He shrunk back a bit. “I get it; you just want to apologize but going through someone else isn’t going to help their view of you. You got to ask them yourself.” He lowered his head in defeat. “Yea, I guess you’re right. Could you help me talk to them?” “Don’t you still have that restraining order in the school?” “Yeah, which is half the reason I was asking you. There's not much I can do until that is lifted.” He shrugged and started to walk off. “Thanks anyway, Noah.” “If you need help,” I called to him as he ventured off. “With the planning of the date, just ask. I know the two fairly well.” Kayde had a little grin as he walked off with a little more relief with his step. I was just happy I could give a little help where I could. Cairo’s POV “Are you ready?” Mrs. Craven looked over at me. I nodded. “I think so, not an option not to be.” It’s all or nothing here… and Carter still hasn’t shown up. “When did Carter say he would be here?” Mr. Craven came around the corner. “Tre and Carter should be here soon. I just got off the phone with them.” Mr. Carter was dressed just like a lawyer, briefcase and all. “He’s very important to our case.” “I’m going to need him for support too,” I said, mostly to myself. “Don’t worry; we’ve got your back!” Noah, Aidyn, and Abel came from around the corner. “I hope you don’t mind these two coming. I was scheduled to tutor Abel and Aidyn, my boyfriend, wanted to be here for you.” Aidyn grinned at me. “We will be here for you the whole time, promise.” “Thanks, guys; I do really need my brother though.” And like that Tre and Carter came around the corner. “Carter!!” I bolted to Carter, hugging him. “Sorry for being a little late. We’re here now.” He ruffled my hair. “We got this now.” “Okay,” the Lawyer came up to the group. “I need Cairo, Mr. and Mrs. Craven, and any witnesses to come with me. The rest of you can go into the courtroom whenever you’re ready.” I gave them a small wave before going into the side room. The lawyer explained the ‘game plan’ for trial, and told us to remain calm if any curve balls are thrown. “Remember, we have Carter as a witness, which should be more than enough.” Soon we were called into the courtroom; Carter stayed behind as our ‘secret witness’. It had been a few months since I last seen my father, there he was though. Handcuffed to his seat and wearing prison garb, I didn’t feel safe even with him like that. Carter’s mom was near him, with her lawyer beside her. I saw Noah, Aidyn, and Abel in the back corner and felt much safer with them. The bailiff caught my attention though, he swore everyone in and handed things to the Judge. “Cairo, could you come here a moment?” I turned to our Lawyer, who nodded. “Yes, sir.” I came up to the front of his seat. “Come around.” He waved me around, and I obeyed. He spoke in a hushed voice to me. “Before I hear the grown-ups talk about what’s best for you, why don’t you tell me? Where would you want to call home?” “With the Cravens, without a doubt,” I spoke without a second thought. He had a curious look on his face. “Why is that?” “My big brother, Carter, was kicked out for being gay. Not only do I want to see him still, but I think I may be like him in that way.” I spoke in the same hush tone he did. Making sure no one heard me. This wouldn’t hinder our case; it’s a major part of it. “I do not want to live with Carter’s ‘mom’ without him there.” “Thank you, Cairo. You may go back to your seat.” I smiled and did as he asked. When I returned to my seat, he addressed the court. “For transparency sake, I asked the young man for his opinion on the question being asked today.” Dad didn’t look too happy with that. Neither did their lawyer. “Sir, respectfully, he does not have a say in where he lives.” The judge shook his head. “He may be young, but I always ask the children who walk through my court’s doors this question. It’s not against the laws to ask for their opinion, sir.” He spoke clearly and loudly. There was nothing to argue, only if you wanted to lose. “I have only a couple of questions, based on what I’ve read on the case and looked into.” He took out a folder and lightly tapped his desk with it. “Mrs. Reynolds, do you have any children?” “Yes, I do.” She replied, confusion in her voice. The judge nodded. “And where does he live now?” She crossed her arms. “Not at home.” “Uncross your arms, ma’am.” The judge commanded. “He lives in Tre Edwards’ home, does he not?” “Yes.” She growled. “Is Tre here today?” The judge asked the courtroom in general. “Yes, sir.” Our lawyer spoke. “I can go get him if that is what you want.” “Thank you, please.” Our lawyer went into the room we came out of to fetch Tre. When they came out the Judge gestured for Trey to come up to the witness stand. The Bailiff swore him in. “What is your name?” “Tre Edwards.” “What relevance do you have to this case?” “I am the legal guardian of Cario’s Step-brother, Carter.” “Could you tell us, only from what you’ve seen or heard from someone in the court, how Carter came into your custody.” Tre then told the judge everything he could say about Carter's life over the summer. There was stuff I didn’t know and honestly didn’t want to know. Tre finished up with, “Carter's guardianship was given over to me without so much of a second thought.” The judge looked over at Carter's mom, who refused to make eye contact. “He's been living with me ever since.” “Thank you, Tre, you may be seated. Anything you'd like you dispute from Tre's testimony, Mrs. Reynolds?” Tre came and sat down beside me. Carter’s mom shook her head and turned to dad; they exchanged some words quietly. “Why was Carter removed from your home, Mr. Reynolds?” “He didn’t behave; he's ran away from places he's called home more than once.” My father grumbled out. “When are we going to get to state our case? He’s my son and should live where I’d like him to.” The judge takes a breath. “I ask the questions here Mr. Reynolds, and I am gathering the information I deem necessary for the case. I have read the arguments on both sides, and this is a custody case above all else. Your household once held two growing boys and now holds none.” I could see dad getting angrier as the judge went on. “Why, Mr. Reynolds, would your step-son run away from your home?” “He didn’t respect the rules of my home.” Not entirely a lie but way too loose in my opinion. The judge sighed. “What rules did he not respect?” My father continued to get irritated. “What does it matter?” He shot back. The judge turned to our side. “If I’m not mistaken, Carter is waiting to be brought out?” “Yes, sir.” Mr. Craven spoke. The judge waved for us to bring Carter out. The Lawyer once again goes into the room. Out came him and Carter, who then got sworn in and went to the witness stand. “Carter why were you removed from your mother and step-father’s home.” “I was no longer welcome in it after they found out I was gay.” He spoke clearly and confidently. Almost like he was saying ‘fuck you’ to the opposition. “I was at my aunt's when Mr. Reynolds first came to their home and invaded.” “What happened?” “I didn’t hear much of it. He stormed into the house, without knocking, screaming at the top of his lungs. I believe he said something about how being gay is a sin according to the bible.” The judge nodded. “I believe that is why we see you in your current state, Mr. Reynolds? Alongside another break and entering of the same household.” Dad said nothing. “Thank you, Carter. You may go sit down.” “Thank you, sir,” Carter replied before crossing the courtroom. “I think I’m pretty much ready to rule.” The judge cleared his throat. “Cairo, could you please stand for me.” I joined Mr. and Mrs. Craven at the stand. “Could you repeat what you told me at the beginning of this case?” I looked around the courtroom. First to my father, who had a face red in anger. Then to Carter who had an encouraging smile to show me. I turned around to see Noah, Aidyn and Abel. Each of them offered me a nod of approval. I finished my look around by looking at the judge straight in the eyes. “I have developing feelings for another boy.” My father immediately started swearing at Carter. “You’ve god damn corrupted my son you faggot! I’ll fucking kill you, Carter!” “Get this man out of my courtroom!” The judge spoke over him to the security. My father continued screaming on his way out of the courtroom. “I cannot allow a child to enter a household with that environment. Mr. and Mrs. Craven will continue their fostering of Cairo, for now. “This session is over, with that as my ruling. The possibility for the adoption of Cairo will remain open to being looked at another day.” The judge nodded. “I think we’ve had enough anxiety for one day. Dismissed.” And he got up and to leave, taking his files with him. Carter’s mother said nothing to anyone. She just left immediately, her lawyer in tow. The judge took note of this before going back into his chambers. Noah came up to me with a very proud expression on his face. “You did it, Cairo! I’m so happy for you.” Aidyn and Abel were just behind him. “Could I talk to Abel for a moment?” Everyone around us looked at me, and then started heading out of the courtroom. “What did you want to talk to me about?” Abel questioned. “When I said I had feelings for another boy…” I started but couldn’t finish. Abel grinned from ear to ear. “I feel the same way about you, Cairo.” He held out his hand and took in instantly. We walked out of the courtroom holding hands without anyone batting an eye. Chapter End.
  3. Thank you for your kind words :) I will continue to do the best I can to continue the realism you read this chapter.
  4. Lucas Bear – Age 13 Dad and his fiance were busy doing wedding planning. They insisted that it be a family affair. This meant Blake, and I were stuck entertaining our future step-sister Rita, who is a great person. She's the worst. “You two look stupid in those suits.” She sat there with a sucker in her mouth. “You should just be removed from the wedding entirely.” I glared at her. “You're stupid.” Dad smacked me. “Be nice.” “She's the one who started it.” I scowled. “I'm ending it,” Dad spoke clearly. “Now get along.” “Yes, sir.” All three of us spoke together. The rest of the time spent at the shop seemed uneventful. We just didn't talk to each other. Dad judged the various tuxes we were trying on. I think we tried on five full suits before dad decided on what we would be wearing. Once we finally made our way to the car Riley, dad's fiance and dad had a not so quiet conversation. “I don't like who was helping Blake straighten up his suit.” “Why is that dear?” Dad asked. Riley shook her head. “Something about him seemed off. Like he was gay or something.” Dad nodded. “Oh yes, I see it now. That's not something that should be around our children.” My eyes went wide. “That kind of thing should be sheltered from kids; boys shouldn't be with boys, they should be with girls.” My mind went in a rush, but I did my best to remain calm on the surface. Acting out now would only show them that I may be gay... so I did my best to act normal. It was the best thing to do at the time... Shane Hearing – Age 13 After our date, Lucas had a bunch of wedding stuff to do with his family. So we didn't have much time to hang out. Now its school though so now was the perfect time to catch up and hang out! I waited by our usual spot where we meet up, but no Lucas. I walked around the school, but there wasn't any sign of him. All throughout the day I didn't see him anywhere, even the classes we share. “Hmmm.” I sat down in English and zoned out looking at my phone and wondering why he hasn't answered any of the texts I sent him. “Hey, Shane!” Came a voice. I turned to see our friend Chester. “Oh hey, Chester, what's up?” “Nothing really? Where's Lucas?” I shrug. “No idea, Lucas hasn't been here all day. He hasn't sent me a text or anything yet either.” I let out another huff and rest my head on the desk. “I'm sure he's probably just sick or something Shane. He'll message back in no time!” Chester tried reassuring me. This went on into the night though. No messages or anything. Everything I could check if he were on, he wasn't. It was just weird, spending a day not talking to Lucas even once. When I got to school the next day, I saw Lucas go inside. So I thought it would be awesome and I would be able to hang out with him today. Then he wasn't in our spot. I found him talking to someone, likely catching up on classes he missed. Before I could reach him, he walked off, and class started. That left me heading in the complete opposite direction. Chester was in this class, so I decided to sit beside him today. “Lucas is here today, but it feels like he's avoiding me.” “Did you do something to upset him?” I shook my head. “I don't think so at least.” “Weird maybe he's just having an off day?” Chester shrugged, and then the class began. At recess, I found Lucas and walked up to him. “Hey.” He turned to see me, clearly upset. “Why have you been ignoring me?” “I'll see you later Lucas.” The person he was talking to walked off. Lucas turned to me. “Shane, really? I can't talk right now.” “Sure you can.” I cut him off. “There's fifteen minutes to talk actually. So why have you been ignoring me?” His eyes darted away. “Follow me.” Lucas led us to a hallway that didn't have many students in it. “Shane... I'm not sure we can be boyfriends.” “Okay, then we can just be friends then. If the date weirded you out that much then we won't do it again.” “I meant that... I'm not sure if we can be like we were before that either.” I stopped for a moment. “Wait, what? Why?” Lucas didn't say anything. “What happened? What aren't you telling me, Lucas?” He shook his head, tears coming from his eyes. “I'm sorry Shane, I can't.” And he took off out of the school. I stood there stunned at what had just happened. “What did I do...?” I broke down and cried too. I made my way under the stairs nearby; some privacy is nice at this time. Since I moved here, Lucas had been my only friend. Now suddenly we can't be friends after we went on a single date? I don't get it. In the midst of my sob, a group of older kids walked down and saw me. “What a loser.” One of them said. “Yeah probably got dumped by his first girlfriend.” They all laughed. “Or maybe got a boy to turn him down!” The group erupted into laughter as they continued their way down the hall. I wiped my tears and stood up. My nose was still runny, and I'm sure my eyes were red, but I didn't feel as stressed about it all. “Hey...” A guy looked over the railing. “Everything okay?” I gently nodded my head. “Yeah.” He quickly came down and walked up to me. His grey eyes filled with concern. “You hurt?” I shook my head. “Why are you crying then?” I grabbed my arm. “My only real friend just told me they didn't want to hang out anymore.” “That doesn't make them a real friend then does it?” He looked at me dead in the eyes. “My name is Sam, yours?” “Shane.” “Need a hug?” I nodded and began crying again while we hug. It felt so stupid crying into this boy's shoulder, but it was helping me. Once I had stopped again, he looked at me. “Well, class is way past starting, want to come to my mom's spare?” “What do you mean?” “My mom is a teacher here; she teaches cooking mostly. Come on.” He grabbed my hand and led me to her room. “Hey, mom. Shane here needs a space to clear his head.” “Oh!” Mrs. Small!? This guy is her son! All I hear about her is how nice she is. “What class should you be in right now?” “Mrs. Holmes' social's class.” “I'll let her know you're here, take all the time you need Shane.” “Thank you.” I stayed in the classroom for the entire next block. And then again during lunch. Sam came back and ate with me, bringing his friend Gage along. They did their best to cheer me up, and it worked a little, enough that I went to my next class at least. It was the next day I saw Lucas again. This time it was in the cafeteria we both walked into the line at the same time, and he ignored me like before. We almost made it through the line when I had to speak up. “I don't understand Lucas...” “There's nothing to understand other then what's been said.” I stomped my foot. “Yes, there is Lucas! Something you're not telling me.” “Just drop it, Shane.” “No, not until you tell me what's going on.” I glared at the back of his head. There was this awkward tension between us in the line. The cafeteria seemed quieter than usual, almost like they were listening to us. Lucas refused even to turn around and look at me. “Why do you not want to be my friend anymore?” It was a flash. He turned on his heel, took in a big breath and yelled at me. “I don't want to be friends with people like you!” His words were like venom to my ears. To anyone else who heard him, it could mean anything, but to me, it meant one thing. That I was gay... “Lucas...” I took a step back in shock. He left the cafeteria, running out of the room. Everyone just stared at me, and I couldn't take it. So I went to Mrs. Smalls cooking room. I didn't say anything while I was in there, just sat there emotionless. What just happened? Lucas Bear – Age 13 What did I just do? I basically outed Shane in front of half the school. How could I do that to him? “Dude, what's going on?” Chester stopped in front of me. “I heard you yell something and saw you book it here. What's up?” “Can you keep a secret?” I just really need to talk about all this right now. He squatted down with me. “Yeah of course.” “Shane and I like each other,” I spoke low so that if anyone were near, they wouldn't hear me. To my fear, two people walked by right after I said it. “Do you think they heard me?” Chester shook his head. “No, you were to quiet. So you two like... like each other?” I nod. “So then why did you yell at him?” “Cause I do not want to continue that, he is.” Chester looked at me. “That didn't sound like that kind of yell. To me, I may not have heard it exactly; it sounded like it was you ending your friendship with him.” I nod. “So your solution to your interest in Shane is to cut him out?” “Yea... I couldn't think of anything else.” “Not even, oh I don't know... talk to him?” Chester spoke sarcastically. I didn't look up at him. “Seriously, go try talking to him!” “What am I going to say now? I basically outed him!” I spoke louder then I intended. “I've done enough damage... Shane and I won't ever be friends again...” And it's my entire fault for being such a dumbass. Gage Bells – Age 14 “So that Shane kid has been hanging out in your mom's room at lunch?” Sam nodded. “Yeah, he's been there for a couple of days now. He seems like a chill dude.” I stopped right in the middle of the hallway, grabbing Sam's shoulder. “Yeah... is that Shane's locker?” I point to a locker with one word painted onto it. 'faggot.' Sam's eyes went as wide as mine did. “I don't know...” We both looked at each other and went off in different directions. It was like we both knew what the other was doing; finding Shane. Had he seen it already or maybe we could warn him. I rushed around the school looking for the kid I'd only seen a couple of times. I looked down every hallway and even crossed Sam's path a few times. Hearing a commotion in the lunch room, I went there. “...us, you faggot?” I saw a few grade elevens surrounding Shane. “We don't need people like you fucking up our small town.” Shane was clearly uncomfortable with everything happening and trying to find a way out. They kept throwing insults at him, some not even making sense. They had gathered a small crowd around them by the time I gathered myself. I took a deep breath and stepped forward. “You seriously going to beat down a kid?” “Yeah!” Their leader barked at me. “You going to defend this gay boy? You gay too?” “It doesn't matter if I'm gay or not, I'm defending someone who has done nothing wrong. You know a common reason people bully is to put their insecurities onto others.” I gave the guy a sly smirk seeing that my remark went right over his head. “I'm implying you're gay too.” He flipped. A chair went flying away from him, and he marched right to me. “What was that you little prick?” I decided not to take the set up I was given. “Maybe take a good look at yourself before you make fun of others. Shane has done nothing to you, so leave him alone.” Our eyes were super close to shooting lasers; we were glaring hard at each other. “Who the fuck you think you are kid?” “Gage Bells, a bisexual grade 9, and you?” I just outed myself to this bully... smart idea? Maybe... but I didn't really care at the moment. “Adam Bruce, your new worst nightmare.” He shoved past me, almost knocking me on my ass. “Come on; let's get out of here.” The whole group followed him like the betas they were. Shane didn't move at all. I didn't realize how many more people showed up to watch my interaction. My cheeks warmed slightly before turning to Shane. “You okay?” “You outed yourself...” I laughed and scratched the back of my head. “Guess I did, oh well. How are you doing?” “I didn't plan on coming out today... but I guess I don't have much of a choice.” Shane looked down at the floor. “And then I dragged you into it.” “That was my choice; you didn't drag me into anything.” I reaffirmed Shane. Sam bolted into the cafeteria out of breath. “What the hell did you do!?” “The school knows I'm bi now I guess.” “Your mom is going to know by the end of the day; you know that right?” “Wait!” Shane's eyes lit up. “You said Bells... as in Mrs. Bells?” “That's my mom!” I smiled proudly. “No wonder you're friends. Your moms are friends.” Shane gave us a small smile. Sam gave off his signature glowing smile. “You're welcome to come hang out with us anytime Shane.” “Yep!” I pulled him in for a squeeze; he seemed to like it but said nothing. I think he was just happy in the moment he had someone to turn to. If my theory is true, that's good enough for me. ??? - Age 14 “Okay, it's finally time for you to get off.” The stewardess came to me as the last passenger got off the plane. “Lizzy here will bring you inside. Have a good stay.” I said nothing to her or this Lizzy person as we made our way into the airport. Flying as an unaccompanied minor sucks, you can barely do anything. Luckily that was all to be over soon. Lizzy seemed to take the hint that I didn't want to talk. My headphones did come back on as soon as they were allowed. It was a longish walk to where I would finally see my Aunt. When we got to her, she and Lizzy spoke for a little bit and finished filling out the necessary paperwork. I stood there listening to my music watching the conveyor belt. It started moving, and my bag actually was the first one to come along the track. Returning from grabbing my bag, Lizzy was gone, and there stood my Aunt just looking at me impatiently. I removed my headphones. “About time.” “Hello how's it here?” My aunt rolled her eyes. “It's been fine, how have you been?” I shrug. “Bored I guess. Glad school is over for me.” I should be going to school for another two or three weeks, but that's two flights away from here. “You're going to be bored all summer, and I won't hear the end of it.” She wasn't wrong; I was going to be bored and am going to complain. “At least I'll have company now.” “Sure, but I'm listening to music on the way home.” She swatted my hands away from my headphones. “Like hell you are Zacharius. You're going to spend some quality time with your Aunt.” “Oh god, the horrors!” I faked my fear as we made our way to the car. Well, I'm here now, might as well enjoy it. Chapter End.
  5. Cairo's POV Since the trial is coming up so soon, Carter decided he was taking me out for a fun day to get my mind off things. We went hiking down a trail to a calm part of the river. He made sure we had brought swimming trucks so we could go in. But ended up going to the swimming pool in town anyways. It was fun; we splashed each other and did races from one side to the other. The entire time I wasn't even thinking about the trial. My mind was just on Carter and I being brothers. Once we grew tired of the water, Carter pulled out stuff for sandwiches from his bag and a picnic blanket. “Here, you grab yours first.” “Okay, thanks!” I quickly made myself something to eat before handing everything back to Carter. With a bite in my mouth, I looked at Carter. “Why boys?” He just looked at me. “What do you mean?” I quickly swallowed my bite and clarified myself. “What made you first want to do stuff with other boys?” He shrugged. “I don't know, just kinda liked the idea of it. Why is that Abel kid really catching your eye?” My eyes went wide. “I'll take that as a yes.” “Kind of...” I could feel my face heat up. “I think he's really cute and would like to see more of him.” “It's good to have a crush. And you know the kid is gay too, so that's even better.” Carter looked at me inquisitively. “What if we brought him swimming? You'd be able to see him change.” I sunk my face into the water in an attempt to hide. Shaking my head, I disagreed with him. “That would be weird. What if he saw me watching him change!?” Carter giggled. “You have to be sneaky about it, that's all. Plus I'm sure Abel wouldn't mind you peaking.” He gave me a wink before splashing me. “Come on; let's go to the hot tub before swimming is over.” “Okay!” I followed Carter to the hot tub just behind him. “Carter...” My brother turned to me. “Yea?” “You're the best.” Carter's face lit up, even if he only slightly smiled. “Thanks, Cairo, you're the best little brother a guy could ask for.” There wasn't much time to relax in the hot tub. The lifeguards came about asking everyone under 18 to leave before the adult swim started. We made our way to the change room and decided to test my peaking skills on Carter. Where we were, there weren't any mirrors, so I couldn't use that. So I looked at Carter from the corner or my eyes. I could tell his equipment was much larger than mine. Couldn't imagine how big he is erect. Once Carter got his underwear on he walked over to me and whispered, “See you can spy, no problem.” I blushed before putting on my shirt and turning away from him. I guess he expected me to spy on him. Maybe I can do this with Abel... only one way to find out, right? Greyson's POV “What do you mean we're getting Cairo with Abel from across the street?” Skylar asked me. I nodded. “Yes, it's clear to me, a blind man, that they like each other. Plus Kyler, Abel's friend agrees.” “At least someone else thinks so.” I cross my arms. “Is my opinion not good enough?” “No, no, no.” Skylar back peddled. “It's just we barely know either of them, so it could have been them being very friendly to each other. Plus body language has a lot to do with it and reading that is not your strong suit.” I giggled. “I get it; I can't see and in turn pick up on the little things. But I have to do something about these two! They don't want to make the first move, so someone else has to!” I became very serious. “How do we do it?” “We would have to get Abel and Cairo together more often so they can get to know each other.” Skylar thought out loud. “But how do we go about doing that?” “GREYSON!” Mom called from downstairs. Skylar and I both get up and make our way downstairs. “Do you know anyone who does tutoring?” Skylar spoke to fast for me to say anything. “Noah!” He seemed very excited about this. “Noah tutors Cairo, who went from Cs to As.” “Oh...” That voice... Abel's mom! “Do you think he would be willing to take another boy under his wing?” I reach for my phone. “We could call Noah now.” Dialing Noah's number I put him on speakerphone. The ringing stopped, and before Noah could speak, I did. “Noah!” Noah sounded like he was taken back. “Hello Greyson, how are you?” “I have a question for you, and you have to say yes,” Noah said nothing, just waited for my question. “Would you be willing to take on another kid to tutor?” “Why do I have to say yes to this?” “Don't ask questions, just say yes!” I couldn't really hold back my excitement. “His name is Abel, and he's one of the two new kids from the Christian school.” Noah took a moment, humming and hawing. “I think I could manage it. I assume I'm on speakerphone and his mother is nearby?” “Yes, I am.” Mrs. Yeager spoke. “I would greatly appreciate it; we live right across from Greyson. If you could come by sometime, I would love to meet you.” “Yep, I'm on speaker phone.” Noah's voice changed, sounding more professional. “Hello, my name is Noah. I have been tutoring another boy for most of the first semester. When we meet, we can talk about what classes he needs help in. Until then, you live across from Greyson?” “Yes, I do.” Mrs. Yeager replied. “Okay!” Noah took a moment before he continued. “If I need help finding the place I know who to go to! Does tomorrow after school work for you?” “5:30 does.” “Sounds good! See you then.” Noah hung up the phone. I stood there feeling proud of myself that this situation had fallen into my lap and it looked to be working out. Mom's voice knocked me out of my trance. “Well, hopefully, that can get Abel better grades. Thank you, boys.” “No problem!” I grab Skylar's arm and bring him back to my room. I was giggling with excitement. “See that was easy!” “That's if you're theory is correct that they like each other,” Skylar said a-matter-of-factually. “I do hope it works out though.” He kissed me before we went on to hang out and enjoy each other's company. God, I love this boy. Noah's POV “Why did I just agree to that...” I looked at my list of stuff that needed to be done for Student Council. “I really shouldn't have agreed to tutor another kid.” I shook my head and leaned back in my chair. Aaron walked into my room and sat down on the bed. “What did you do this time Noah?” “I just agreed to tutor another kid. When I have all of this that needs to be done too.” I handed her the notes of the upcoming Student Council events. “I have no idea how I'm going to do get all this done.” “When was the last time you had a Noah day?” Aaron briefly looked over the list before looking up at me. “Seriously? When was the last time you put you first and just had a relaxing day?” I shrug. “I don't know honestly.” “Get on it then. Have a date night with Aidyn or something and just let yourself go.” Aaron gave me a really serious stare. “Seriously, I'm not joking.” “I know you're not but then how will all this get done?” She rolled her eyes. “Delegate the tasks out. There are other kids on student council that are at least partially in charge of these things, right? Let them take more of the reins and set back a bit.” I went to grab the list back, but she retracted it, putting it out of my reach. “Seriously Noah.” I scooted towards her. “Fine, I will.” I snatched the paper from her hands and returned to my desk. “Why do you have to be such a jerk about it?” “To get the point across.” I rolled my eyes. “Thanks, Aaron.” Next Day at School “Wait really!?” Cairo ran in front of me after telling him the news. “Can I come with you!?” “You know we're probably going to be studying...” Cairo nodded. “You want to do an extra study session?” “YES!” His excitement was still there for some reason. “Well, not exactly but I want to come with you!” I'm not dumb; he wants to hang out with Abel. Since Abel and Kyler came to our school, Abel has done his damnedest to hang out with those two. It's pretty clear he has a major crush on Abel. “You can come with, but we stay strictly on studying.” He nodded, his face red as a tomato. The two of us made our way to the Yeager household. I had to stay after school for a little bit, or I probably would have walked with Abel. I knew where Greyson lives though, so should be fairly easy to get there. Cairo stayed just a step or two behind me the entire time. I think I even noticed him shifting himself a few times. Once I got to Greyson's house, Mrs. Payne opened up the window. “It's that house there Noah!” “Thank you!” I waved to her before crossing the street. Going straight to the front door, I knocked a little louder than I would have liked. “Whoops.” Cairo snickered. “Don't be so nervous.” There were a few sets of footsteps behind the door. Two seemed to dart off in different directions while one came straight to us. The door opened, and there stood Mrs. Yeager. “You must be Noah, and this is..?” “Yes, I am Noah Wesley. This is Cairo Reynolds; he's the student I am currently tutoring.” I step out of the way so he could be seen. “He wanted to join our study session, today if that's alright?” “Of course!” She moved out of the way and let us into her house. It was pretty clearly home to a Christian family. Which is a little weird considering my sexual orientation. “We've set up the dining room table for you.” Sure enough, there were textbooks and binders on the table, alongside snacks and a few options for drinks. That may make studying easier. “I assume Abel is getting ready?” “He should be here soon.” “I'm here!” He came dashing around the corner, with a little girl right behind her. “Mom, Zina is crazy.” Abel hadn't looked our way yet. “What is she doing?” Abel rolled his eyes. “She's chasing me saying...” “Abel likes someone!” Zina interrupted him. Mrs. Yeager pointed out of the room. “Zina leave them alone, they are going to study, and they don't need you interfering.” With a huff, the young girl left the room. “Okay, now go study.” “Yes, mo...” Abel looked over at us and froze. It only took a moment for his mom to have this look of realization. I think me being there was enough to comfort her though, that studying would be the main focus. “Hi, Noah... Cairo.” I heard Cairo gasp behind me. “Hey.” His shy voice came from behind me. “Okay, let's get started!” We studied for a little bit. Abel, for the most part, just needed everything explained in another way. Just like that, he was doing his work no problem. It was nice to see the two sharing little glances at each other as they worked hard on their homework. They'd make a cute couple. Chapter End.
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  7. I'm very happy you enjoyed the story I have seen all your comments, though have not read through them yet, on the chapters. It's clear by the size of the comments that you enjoyed the story. Aidyn, Noah, Skylar and Greyson's story continues in My Life Started After High School. Check it out! It's got 24/30 chapters posted. Working on getting the rest up when I can! Again glad you enjoyed it!
  8. Shane Hearing – Age 13 High School started with a bang! Lucas is in most of my classes, Noah always looking out for me, and I made a couple of new friends. Chester is one; he's a member of student council and the tech crew. Hanging out with Lucas is lots of fun, more so now than when we first met. We've gotten to know each other a bit more and bug each other constantly. It makes for some hilarious moments. But I think it's more than just friendship now, for me at least. There are times when I look at Lucas, and I get a reaction from down below. When I do my business, Lucas is usually the one that's on my mind. I don't know about him though, but I decided to ask him about it. What's the worse that can happen? “Lucas...” We were sitting in my room, just the two of us. Paula was out in the kitchen preparing dinner, Scott hadn't gotten home from work yet, and Noah was out with some girl. This left me with the perfect opportunity to talk to Lucas. “I have a question for you.” “Yeah? What is it?” Lucas didn't even look at me as he fiddled with his Gameboy. I swallowed nervously. “I think I might like you a bit more than just friends.” He looked up at me from his game. “Here I am trying to beat this stupid flying gym in Pokémon,” I braced myself for his rejection, “and you tell me that you've got a hard-on for me. Clearly, I can't continue my game in good conscience now.” “Sorry...” My head lowered, as I stared into my lap. Lucas lifted my head. “I think I feel the same Shane, so don't feel so bad about it.” We had a moment that we looked each other in the eyes. I had a really big desire to kiss him right then but didn't. I just confessed my feelings to the guy, kissing him seems like too much. “So what now?” My eyes darted away from his. Lucas giggled. “I don't know what would you like to do?” “Maybe we go on a date?” Again I braced for rejection. His smile calmed me down. “Can I beat this gym first?” I rolled my eyes and smacked him. “Of course! We're not going to go right now!” God Lucas is so adorably cute at times. “We can go Friday night and spend all night together.” “Sounds good to me!” Lucas picked up his Gameboy again and restarted his battle to get his next gym badge. He didn't win and saved the game before turning it off. We have a date planned now... I didn't think it would go over this well, but it has. What am I going to wear? Where are we going to go!? Oh god, what did I get myself into? Lucas Bear – Age 13 How am I going to explain this date I have with Shane to my dad? Dad doesn't need to know I'm interested in other guys, not yet at least. Who knows how he would even react. It's not something he needs to know. “What you doing?” My little brother Blake peaked into my room. I was lying on my bed thinking of a way to explain what I was going to be doing Friday night. “Wanna play a game with me?” I shook my head. “No, not right now Blake.” He sighed. “You're pouting will not convince me otherwise.” “Fine!” Blake marched off somewhere leaving me alone. Thinking was all I did for the next hour and a half. Dad would be getting home soon, and I think I sorted out exactly what I'm going to say to him. I heard dad's truck pull up, so I in much excitement got up and rushed downstairs. I sat at the kitchen table waiting for dad to come inside. That was a mistake. The moment I heard the car door slam and him yelling, I knew he wasn't in a good mood. He came walking inside swearing to himself. “...fucking faggot can go home and rape his son, for all I care. That faggot doesn't have the position to send me the fuck home!” Dad kept swearing, saying stuff under his breath after he noticed me. “Bad day at work?” I regretfully asked him. “That's none of your business.” He started taking out stuff for dinner. “How was your day?” He asked still frustrated. “Not bad.” Should I wait to ask him about the date stuff... or? He snapped his fingers getting my attention. “Eh, what's on your mind?” I sat up in my chair. “Shane and a few other friends want to go out for dinner and a show on Friday.” “You need money don't you?” He rolled his eyes, continuing dinner preparations. “Have you asked your mother?” “No...” I shook my head. “I don't need money, just permission to go.” He stopped and turned to me. “What money do you have?” His face was very serious. “I haven't spent all my allowance for a couple of weeks. Nothing I've wanted recently.” This was true. I had $40 in my wallet waiting for Friday. “Is it okay that I go?” He waved me off. “Sure, whatever.” “Thank you. Do you need help with dinner?” He just grunted, which I took as a quick no. “Okay. I'll go tell Blake to wash up.” Okay, not telling dad anything about Shane and me right now. SOOO not a good idea. Friday Knock, knock, knock; I knocked on Shane's door. I could hear him hushing his brother, as they horsed around. Then the noise stopped, and the door opened. There stood Shane in a nice dress shirt, tucked into his dress pants. Both of us were speechless staring at each other. All my clothes were not nearly as fancy as his. I had a hoodie over a button up that was not tucked in at all. Since dad thinks it's just friends hanging out, my best jeans were the fanciest I could wear. “You look much better than me,” I told him. Shane smiled. “You look just fine Lucas.” His words cause me to blush a bit. “We're getting a ride from Noah to the restaurant, but not to the theatre. There was no talking him out of it, he strongly insisted on it.” I giggled. “It's fine; I'd probably do the same for Blake.” Shane smiled and let me come inside. “Are we almost ready to go?” “Yeah, just like two minutes.” He blushed. “Scott and Paula want a picture of us... well it's mostly Paula.” I felt the blood drain from my face. Paula came around the corner and saw this. “No need to be nervous Lucas, just one photo.” “If it's okay with you, I'd rather not.” I look at Shane, in hopes he also decides not to take the picture. He nods. “Yeah, I don't really want a picture either. Sorry, Paula.” He gives a cheeky grin as Noah comes around from his room. “Time to go!” and like that he was out the door before Paula could tell him otherwise. Noah laughed as we went to the car and set off. The ride there was a little awkward since it was mostly Shane talking. I think he was as anxious as me, but his anxiety causes him to talk and talk and talk, while mine made me silent. Once we arrived, Shane got out of the car quickly. “Come on, let's go!” He turned back to me before closing the door. I undid my seatbelt before I got out Noah turned around and looked at me. “I know you're a good kid, so I feel like I don't need to say this. But treat my brother well, there are still things you don't know about him.” “I will, promise Noah.” With a quick smile, a hopped out of the car and caught up with Shane. “Noah being the big brother he always is?” He giggled as I nodded. “Hope he wasn't too hard on you.” “He just told me that I don't know things about you, and to treat you well.” I smiled while continuing into the restaurant. Shane grabbed my shoulder though and stopped me. “What?” He wasn't looking at me; his head was down looking at the dirt. “I haven't told you everything about me... Because I'm scared to.” “What's there to be scared of Shane?” Shane looked up at me, his eyes watery. “There's lots to be scared of, Lucas.” I stood there in silence. I didn't know what to say to him. There was nothing I could think of that could help soothe him. He was quite right though; there were lots to be afraid of. If my dad caught wind of this date, I would be screwed. My only play would be that our other friends canceled on us. And I don't know how well that would work out. I don't know how I'd react to my dad finding out. We sat through dinner doing small talk for most of it. It seemed like his mind was somewhere else. It wasn't a bad dinner just not as great as I expected it to be. Sure I smiled and had a good time, but Shane is looking so distant. After dinner, we walked to the movies joking and smiling the whole way here. The movie was action packed and awesome! Shane and I were in awe at the screen. Our hands were interlocked the entire movie while we sat in the very back of the theatre. It was decided that we would walk around town before heading home. “How long have you lived here, Lucas?” “My entire life, you've only been here since grade 6 though, right?” Shane nodded. “Yeah, I moved here with Noah and moved in with Scott and Paula.” I stopped and looked at him. “You've never told me where you lived before you came here.” Shane stopped a few steps ahead of me. “Are you okay with telling me?” He turned to me. “Some things are too painful for me to talk about, that is one of them, Lucas. I'm sorry I can't tell you.” Shane fiddled with his thumbs. “I think I want to go home now...” “Okay, let's go.” I took him home handed him to Noah. I told Noah about Shane's distractedness. Noah told me everything was fine and he'd handle it. Whatever that means... Nick Bells – Age 12 Today wasn't going to be a good day... Tanis didn't show up to school this morning, and I don't know why. I assume it's because he's sick, but I have no way to confirm this. It just meant that I was left alone to handle Jake... Before class began was fine, I didn't see him at all. I was left to entertain myself, which I liked. I imagined two people sword fighting in the field, one good, one bad. They were, of course, fighting for the fate of the world. Soon that was interrupted by the school bell going off. While I was making my way to class Jake saw me and gave me this huge smirk. “Someone's all alone today, aren't they?” I said nothing; just lowered my head and walked passed him. Class passed by without much of an incident. When recess came around, I thought I had a decent plan. After the bell went, I walked up to my teacher. “Can I stay in during recess to get some help with math?” I did need a little bit of help, it wasn't anything mom or dad couldn't help with but if it kept me inside for break... “I'm sorry Nick, there's a staff meeting during the break. We could do it after school.” I lowered my head. “No, it's okay.” Defeated I got on my jacket and made my way outside. Jake was sitting right by the door I chose to come out off. I let out a sigh and tried to walk past him. He grabbed my shoulder. “Where does the little loner think he's going?” I didn't answer. “What's the matter Tanis take your tongue when he left you for dead?” I shook him off my shoulder and continued to walk away. “Leave me alone Jake.” Which apparently was the wrong thing to do. I felt a shove come from behind me. My face almost hit the cement as I fell. I could feel a couple of cuts on my hands and shins. “What's wrong with you today? Trying to act tough for yourself?” “What's happened?” A supervisor came over to us. Jake, of course, got the first word in. “He tripped and scrapped himself up a bit. Probably needs a little bit of a cleanup.” I picked myself up and looked at my hands. My right hand had a pretty good cut in it. Seeing it made me realize how much pain it was in, and my eyes started to water. “Let's go get you cleaned up.” I was brought inside and bandaged up. My right hand got a wrap around it. This made writing a little more difficult for the rest of the day. Lunch I was allowed to stay inside as mom was stopping by to see my hand. So the rest of the school day went without incident. After school, I saw Colby and Trevor. Colby is my babysitter; Trevor is his best friend and Jake's brother. They were standing in front of Jake, talking to him about something. “Why should I care about that good for nothing?” Trevor looked as frustrated as he usually is when he's talking to his little brother. “Because if you don't stop, I'm telling dad everything.” “That's not fair!” Jake yelled at his brother. Colby noticed me walking up to them. “And how is the way you treat Nick fair?” Jake was silent. “Exactly, so don't be such an asshole to him. How's your hand?” Colby looked at me when he asked that. “Doing better. Mom changed the bandages at lunch, and it's looking a little better.” Colby smiled. Jake wouldn't look at me. Trevor glared at him. “Apologize.” “I'm sorry,” Jake spoke deadpan. “Sorry for what?” Trevor continues glaring at his brother. Jake rolled his eyes. “Seriously!?” Trevor intensified his glare. “I'm sorry I pushed you down, and your hand got scrapped.” I said nothing. “Okay, let's go, Jake.” Trevor started walking away. “You're seriously not going to say 'you're forgiven' or something like that!?” Jake was getting frustrated over this. I shook my head. “Why not?” “Because you're not forgiven,” I told him bluntly. “You bully me day in and day out, and you expect me to forgive you after one 'I'm sorry'? No. When I stop being scared of coming to school that's when you'll be forgiven.” Jake didn't have any reaction to me. He didn't know how to take what I said. “Let's go, Jake,” Trevor called to his brother. Jake did so without any resistance. He seemed to be in the middle of processing what I've said. I guess he didn't know how to take it. The rest of my day went quite well. It stung a bit to have a shower but other than that I had a pretty decent time. I stood up for myself, and it made me feel great! Leo Penner – Age 13 Mom had some 'entertainment' over tonight, which means they were up in her room fucking. Which left my brother and me to handle the kid he brought over. I was sitting on the floor of the room, while the other two sat on chairs. My name is Leo Penner, and I'm in the eighth grade. My short hair was blonde in color, didn't quite get to my brown eyes. My brother, Mark, looks like a four year older version of me. He was in grade 12 and graduating this year. Mark looked over at me and then the kid. “You know what's happening don't you?” The guy nodded. He looked a little younger than my brother but still older than me. “Yeah, my dad is cheating on my mom with yours. But I'm 'not suppose to know.' We're out 'bonding' at the moment as far as mom knows.” His black hair was just long enough “What's your name?” I asked him. “Robby.” He said it simply not wanting to say more. “What do you guys do when you're mom is doing this?” Mark smirked. “Her usual has a kid who comes over and loves being fucked.” “What do you mean fucked?” I ask my brother. Robby laughed. “He's a little bitch, is what he means. The guy likes cock up his ass, and he gets off on it.” Oh... that's what he means. “I don't get why anyone likes to have their asshole played with.” “You ever done it?” Mark quizzed him. “Fuck that!” I looked at him, my head crocked. “I've always thought it could be interesting.” Both Mark and Robby look over at me. “What? I'm serious.” Robby got a half smirk before it quickly left his face. Mark noticed it too. “I'm going to go out; I'll leave you two alone.” He brought out condoms and lube, put them on a side table and left the room. “The fuck you mean you're leaving us alone?” Robby tried to get up and go after him, but there was a crash upstairs, and it scared him. “I guess he expects us to fuck...” I nodded. “Pretty sure that's what Mark was implying.” I remained sitting on the floor. Robby rolled his eyes and came over to me. “Whatever.” His hand went straight to grabbing my crotch. “You want to experiment?” “Honestly, yeah...” He glared at me. “No one else knows, got it!” I nod furiously. His hand tightened grip on my crotch causing it to grow. “I would like to take your virginity, Leo...” “You seemed so against it before though.” “I'm a jock dude.” He told me as if I should have already known. “There's no way I could let people know I'm interested in boys.” His other hand went up my shirt to my nipple, and he started to pinch it. A moan escaped me as Robby positioned himself over me. I was being dominated and liked it. I heard the pop of the button of my jeans, and then my zipper came down. Robby wasted no time in getting into my underwear. “Robby...” I moaned as he grabbed my cock. “You're gonna be my little bitch right?” I nodded. “You want my cock in you?” I started lifting my shirt. “Yes!” Robby got off of me and threw his hoodie across the room. I pushed my pants and underwear off, making me naked. He quickly joined in on my state of dress. His hands quickly explored my body. Making me grow even harder. “Roll over boy, ass up high.” I did as he asked my ass up and into position, I had seen so many times online. Robby didn't care about how it felt for me. His fingers played with my ass for only a couple of minutes before he lubed up his cock and pushed it in. Robby did wait for me to tell him it was okay to fuck me. When he started fucking me, Robby got right over me. I was pinned down there was no way I could even get away if I wanted to. I didn't; I loved his cock pushing deep into me. I loved him being on top of me forcing me there. I loved everything about this and wanted more of it. “Fuck, I'm gonna cum!” Robby pushed his cock as deep as he could into me. Before I could yell, he covered my mouth. “God yes!” He grabbed my cock and pumped me only a couple of times before I came all over the carpet below me. I felt his cock exit me and I fell to my side exhausted. Looking back at Robby sitting on the floor, I saw no condom on him. “You fucked me bareback?” He looked confused between his huffs. “Without a condom.” “Yeah, we're both virgins.” I was about to get mad at him, but I was interrupted. “Robby get up here, we're going!” His dad called him. “Enjoy the cleanup.” He winked at me before quickly cleaning himself up and getting dressed. I didn't move off the floor, just exhausted from getting fucked. I could feel his cum leaking out a bit. Mark came back down into the room. “I guess you got a good fucking.” “Yeah...” I nodded smiling. “I want to do this more.” Mark smiled. “I got quite the idea for you then.” Chapter End.
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    Chapter 13

    I understand you're frustration and I sincerely apologize for the amount of time it has taken between recent chapters.(I say recent but lets be real here, it's been going on for a while.) There was certainly a time where I could write three stories at once, and release new chapters for those stories regularly. That time has passed, and since I have 4 active stories(one on the side so more like 3.5) I had to make a decision one which story to put on a hiatus. LUS is the story that I have to invest more time into than I have, honestly I've been neglecting it. It will only go on hiatus until "My Life Started After High School" finishes and with only 8 chapters left it shouldn't be long. I know this hiatus will hurt the story. Many readers will forget about it and move on. With more focus on LUS after this hiatus, it will get the attention it deserves and become a better story as a result. That is my belief. Again I understand the frustration and apologize, not just to you, to every reader of LUS. Kuragari129
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    Chapter 13

    I'm sorry everyone, the contents of the chapter does not want to be posted for some reason. I am working on getting it up! promise
  11. Vega Simon and Evie apparently have been talking to my mother about the talent show. My mother took it upon herself to tell them that I can sing and play. They would like me to play with them in the talent show coming up. “You three together?” Our student body president asked us. “You sure? Regal is going to be taking part.” “Yes!” Evie was the clear leader of this ship. “We will give him a run for his money.” I've heard the guy sing; he's killer. If Evie thinks we can give him a challenge she's got high hopes. “Okay...” The president took down our names. “You've got ten to fifteen minutes of stage time, with a maximum of three songs in that time. We will cut you off if you extend over that time.” Three songs, fifteen minutes, seems pretty straightforward. “Is someone allowed to perform outside of a group as well?” I ask her. Evie and Simon look over at me. “You want to perform yourself?” “I do...” I could tell I was blushing a little. “But if that isn't allowed then I will perform with you two. I already agreed to do that, and won't go back on my word.” Simon came over and hugged me. “Awww you're so nice to mostly strangers.” That caused Evie and me to giggle a little. “But I would love to hear you perform yourself.” The president was looking over a booklet, which I assume was the rules. “There is a ruling specifically about that.” All three of us took an anxious gulp. “You are allowed to perform by yourself. You cannot perform with other members of your group though. So if Evie and Simon wanted to perform without you as well, they would not be allowed.” “That makes sense.” Evie agreed with the ruling. “Glad you can do your thing, Vega.” I smiled. “Yeah me too.” We left the student council office, and my mind went wild. What songs will I do? What instruments will I need to bring on stage? Can I even do it? Simon shook me out of my thoughts. “You look nervous... what's up?” “I just made it so I would perform in front of strangers. I haven't done that since...” I stopped myself mid-sentence. “I haven't done it in a while.” Both of them noticed my change in attitude. “Well, I think you'd do great.” Evie tried to cheer me up. “What songs should we do guys?” “7 Years,” I said instantly. “I can prepare a video to go on in the background as we play.” Evie's eyes lit up instantly. “Simon can do drums, and I can play the violin. We've got just over two weeks to practice. What other songs? I'd like to do a duet with you, Vega. Simon can't sing very well, but he's an excellent drummer.” “Oh, thanks.” Simon rolled his eyes. “She's right though, can't sing worth dick. Rap I could do though.” I smirked at his comment. “We could do Bruises by Train featuring Ashley Monroe.” Both Evie and Simon nodded at the song choice. “You guys really agree with my song choices?” “Yeah, they are great picks.” Evie pats me on my shoulder. “What songs are you going to be performing?” Without even thinking about the answer I spoke. “'21 days' by Scott Helman, 'Hero of War' by Rise Against, and Matt Anderson's rendition of 'I'm on Fire'” I was straight face the entire time like it was nothing. I knew what I wanted to perform; I'd been thinking about it for a while. Simon's jaw dropped “You seriously already know exactly what you're going to perform.” I nod. “You're crazy. You probably already have been practicing, haven't you?” “They are my favorite songs to play, so yeah kinda.” I dropped my head, embarrassed. Evie lifted my head up. “We will figure out our songs. We're practicing every other day at Simon's since he has the drum set. Agreed?” “Sure.” Both Simon and I speak together. Guess I'm in a makeshift band now. This seems kinda cool. Hopefully, the performance goes well. Quinn I couldn't go over to Elijah's today. His parents had to do something, so I'm at the restaurant with Elijah and Breston. Vega is working, but not doing his usual. Dad thought it would be great to have him practice his guitar songs for the talent show for the guests. They seemed to be enjoying it. He was even taking requests from the people in the restaurant. Vega seemed nervous the whole time, but he was doing fine. I liked listening to his music over Elijah and Breston talking about Blades, as I did my homework. “Koiji is gonna kick Kizane's ass! He did it before, and it's only been a few months since their last fight!” Elijah was talking about the main character fighting his cousin I think. “Kizane might have gotten some training, but Koiji is too badass to lose.” “Badass doesn't equal the winner always.” Breston scolded his step-brother. “The training could put him over the edge.” “Koiji didn't use everything last time, just Kirin the untouchable and his pulses.” I have no idea what that all means. “Now he's not holding back. Kizane is screwed.” “Enjoying Vega's music?” Dad spoke behind me, causing me to jump. Elijah and Breston stopped their conversation. “Oh, sorry Quinn. How is homework coming boys?” “Done!” Elijah beamed. “Breston still has Math to do.” Elijah got a smack before Breston took out his math books. “Homework is almost done, and Vega is very good.” “Yeah, he is.” Breston took a second and absorbed the music that was being played. I turned to my father. “Could I get some food?” “Course, what would you like?” I lowered my eyes. “I thought maybe I could make it myself.” My father didn't say anything. “If not that's fine...” He chuckled. “G0 get ready like everyone else in my kitchen, and you're more than welcome to use it under my supervision.” My smile grew from ear to ear. “Be back soon guys.” I made my way to the kitchen sinks. Dad's rules are strict, but it's all to keep his kitchen clean. You have to wash your hands until the timer goes off. After you've got on your apron and hairnet, you're ready to cook. I did all this and walked into the back. The other staff all had this proud look on their faces looking back at me. Dad's was the most prominent though. “Where do we start?” Dad shook his head. “How about what you'd like to eat?” “Oh...” I hadn't realized I hadn't decided what I wanted to eat. “I'd like some... chicken tenders and onion rings.” It was probably the easiest thing for me to make. I don't want to screw up things on the first try. “Okay, come with me.” Dad manages to show me how to cook my food and maintain the kitchen. His voice is clear as he speaks above everyone else. Dishes are still sent out at a reasonable pace with me crowding up the kitchen. My food doesn't take very long to make, and dad even put more in so that the three of us boys could enjoy the food together. I walked out of the kitchen, went and grabbed the food from the window. “Thanks, dad.” Dad stopped what he was doing and turned to look at me. “No problem, you were good for your first time,” which means I need improvement. “You're welcome in my kitchen anytime.” I walked passed Linda, with the two plates in hand, with a huge smile on my face. “Did you make those?” She asked me. “I helped.” She took a fry as I walked by. “They are excellent Quinn.” My face heated up as I blushed. Elijah and Breston were still going on about Blades. “Bon appétit!” I say as I put the food down on the table. The two of them start devouring the fries. I take one of the mini plates I brought for us and take enough food for me. They can fight like savages over the rest. “You made this Quinn?” Breston asked between bites. I nodded. “I got lots of help from my dad, but yeah.” Elijah swallowed what was in his mouth. “It's great! Thanks.” I shrunk in my seat, taking a bite of chicken so I didn't have to say anything in return. Maybe... I should help out some more in the kitchen... Dominique I'm still not used to this silence in my house. Last year my older siblings and their chaotic schedule always had some noise going through in the house. Either my Sister was blasting her dance music, or my brother was practicing with his band. They are my half-siblings, I'm the product of two broken homes coming together. My mom is my brother's mom, but not my sister's. My dad is my sister's father, but not my brother's. In the odd time they would be at their other parent's home I was never here. Dad's ex-wife had a mid-life crisis and started going to church. He calls her 'bible humper' when Mia, my sister, isn't around. Both parents are good at not insulting their ex around their kids. Mom called her ex a man whore. I was busy playing video games, the latest Monster Hunter to be exact, in the gaming room. “Shit! Come on, let me hit you!” “Oh really?” Mom's voice came from behind me. I turned to see her signature stare of disapproval. “Sorry.” “What are you playing?” Here's the thing about mom and dad, they spend time with all of us. They take an interest in us, and that's why we sit down for dinner every day. We sit down as a family and tell each other all about our days. I like it, but I don't like sitting at the table. “It's called Monster Hunter, and it is exactly what it sounds like. You hunt monsters to make better weapons and armor so you can hunt better.” I was using a bow gun at the moment, which I was not very good with. “I'm trying a new weapon, and I'm not very good with it.” Mom sat down beside me. “When did you pick this game up?” “When dad and I went to the mall last week.” I gave up hunting one monster and started looking for a new one. “I paid for half of it, dad paid the other half, guess that would make you also paid half.” “Sort of yes.” Mom nodded. “How was school today?” “Mostly boring, but English was fun.” Mom smiled. “Why cause Tax was there?” I could feel my face warm up. “Why don't you ask the boy out already?” “Cause I'm not gay mom!” I raised my voice to her. Probably shouldn't have but I'm tired of hearing this from mom and dad. I know Tax has gotten my attention in a sexual way, but there's a part of me that doesn't want them to be right. “Sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you.” Mom got up from the couch. “It's fine; we have been pestering you about it. Just be yourself, and I'm sure Tax will ask you out in no time.” She smirked as I grabbed a pillow from the couch and threw it at her. I missed but whatever, time to go back to the hunt. Regal “That was amazing Addison.” I lay next to my naked boyfriend under his blankets. He had just given me a beautiful pounding, and I was on cloud nine. No one was home, so I got to scream for him to really give it to me and boy, did he. Addison was lying on his side watching me pant. “I'm glad you liked it.” He had his deep breaths too, but nothing compared to mine. “I love it when you scream like that.” I laughed. “Then we need to take advantage of being home alone more often.” Addison rubbed my chest and kissed my cheek. “Seriously though, we totally need to.” He rolled his eyes. “You think you could handle that pounding every time we do?” After just a moment of thought made me rethink this. “Yeah, maybe not. You do get rough.” “You love it.” He's not wrong. We laid in bed, me snuggling into him. Out snuggle session was interrupted by a phone going off. “It's yours...” “Who is it?” Addison remained silent, so I moved so I could see who it was. “My dad...?” “It's weird right?” I shrug. “You going to answer it?” “I guess so.” Grabbing my phone, I swiped the green button and put the phone to my ear. “Hey... dad.” “He... hey buddy, how are you?” My dad sounded awkward as always over the phone. I sat up crossing my legs. “I'm fine, what’s up?” “Oh, I'm in town now.” Of course, he is. “And I don't have a place to stay. I was wondering if you knew anyone who could host me for a bit.” I rolled my eyes. “No, I don't know anyone with an extra room.” Addison tapped my shoulder. “We have enough room.” Dad kept talking, but I was barely paying attention. “Okay... bud... Anyways. When's.... show?” Shaking my head, I covered the mic. “You are not having my dad stay here, and that's final.” Addison nodded in agreement. I uncovered the mic. “Sorry, what was that?” “When is your talent show?” “It's Friday next week.” Why am I having this conversation? “Okay, I'll see you there then. Talk to you later.” “See ya...” He hung up the phone. I sat there not moving. “Arroh's going to hate me...” “Tell your dad not to come,” Addison replied pretty quickly. “It's as simple as that.” “It's not that simple...” I want him to see my performance, but he's a terrible person... Taxon My clothes were almost all packed, minus a couple of outfits for the next couple days. All our stuff was being packed over to the new place today, toiletries aside. It was kinda sad saying goodbye to Uncle Isaac and Antoine's place. “You look a little sad Tax.” Uncle Isaac said from my doorway. “Is moving out bugging you?” “Little bit, I like it here.” I sat down on 'my bed' “I like visiting you guys and sneaking into your study.” My grin only made my Uncle's scowl even better. “That comment aside, I enjoy having you and your sister here too. Antoine feels the same, I'm sure.” Uncle Isaac came and sat down beside me on the bed. “You're welcome here anytime to visit or a sleepover if you'd like.” He gave my hair a ruffle. “Hey, I spent twenty minutes on my hair this morning. Now I'm going to have to spend forty minutes fixing it.” I rolled my eyes and got up to head to the bathroom. I could hear Uncle Isaac chuckle as I left the room. “Oh Tax, you're very much a drama king, especially about your hair.” “Oh, keep your opinions to yourself, old man!” I tried to grab my brush and get to the stairs before Uncle Isaac could make it out of my room. The keyword is tried; I was grabbed and picked up by my Uncle. “Put me down! Put me down!” “Only once you apologize.” He started to tickle me. I squirmed in his arms, legs flailing in the air. “I'm sorry, I'm sorry!” I was finally set down, that didn't stop me from giggling. “I'm gonna miss hanging out with you here.” “I agree we will miss having you and your sister here.” He went off on a train of thought. “Maybe it's time to have the talk with Antoine...” “I think Uncle Antoine is a little old for the talk.” I joked with him. Uncle shook his head. “Not that one, a different one.” What talk is he talking about? “Anyways, don't mind me. Just finish getting everything together and then you can be as lazy as you'd like.” “SOUNDS GOOD!!” It's going to suck not living with Uncle Isaac and Antoine, but I do look forward to having a room to call mine again. I can get my room all Taxed up! Only a matter of time. Chapter End.
  12. Ezra has a garenteed return in chapter 11!!
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